Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 580

Chapter 580: Ghost Spirit: Im Dying Im Dying Im Dying
Chapter 580: Ghost spirit: I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying!
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What the hell is happening? Why has the secret appraisal technique activated on its own?! Song Shuhang was unable to understand what was going on.

At this time, he was wearing the gloves of passion of Swordsman Wooden Ox, as well as a thick spacesuit! But more importantly, his hands didn't touch anything!

Although he unconsciously raised his hands to ward off the layer of light wrapped in flames coming toward him, he had yet to touch it!

In addition, even if he had initially raised his hands, his second reaction was to move to one side to dodge the incoming object!

Not to mention that Senior Sister Ye was still next to him, and she surely wouldn't let the layer of light wrapped in flames bump into Song Shuhang!

As such, there was still some distance between Song Shuhang and the ball of fire heading toward him! And more importantly, even if Song Shuhang couldn't dodge the attack, Senior Sister Ye would block it for him!

But regardless of what was going on, Song Shuhang's secret appraisal technique still decided to activate.

What a low blow!

Seventy or so wounds opened on his body, and blood crazily spurted out. As if that wasn't enough, the wounds were particularly deep this time, and the pain made Song Shuhang shrink into a small ball.

He immediately activated the healing technique on his ancient bronze ring. The radiance of the healing technique fell onto his body and lessened the stabbing pain he was feeling.

Senior Sister Ye, who was currently trying to intercept the twelve balls of fire, noticed that Song Shuhang had curled up into a small ball. "Shuhang, did your appraisal technique activate again?

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said via secret sound transmission, "Yes! It activated without any reason. It seems that not even these gloves can thoroughly stop the appraisal technique from activating!"

"Try to endure. I'll take care of these twelve balls and heal your wounds," Senior Sister Ye said.

Her Tome of Never-Ending Tears was a rather eccentric technique. With that, she managed to stop the twelve Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors of the Limitless Demon Sect that were fleeing with an 'escape technique' all alone!

The 'escape technique' that the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall had provided for the Peak Leaders under his commands was enough to let them escape from a Sixth Stage True Monarch! These 'escape techniques' could either increase their speed, making them reach the same speed as a Sixth Stage True Monarch riding a flying sword, allow them to gain strange properties as the Blood Evasion Technique, or allow them to temporarily make their body disappear as the Ying Yang Escape Technique.

However, the twelve Peak Leaders of the Limitless Demon Sect were intercepted even though they were using all sorts of escape techniques. The Peak Leaders started to cry, and tears streamed down their faces. Their bodies became heavier and heavier, and they started to lose their spiritual energy as well.

At the same time, Senior Sister Ye placed her two fingers in the place between her eyebrows and swept the twelve Peak Leaders with her eyes which had purple eyeshadow around them.

In the next moment, a strange technique was released from Senior Sister Ye's eyes.

It wasn't a magical technique, but a type of innate skill!

In an instant, the twelve Peak Leaders felt that their consciousness had been overtaken. Their minds became blank, and two eyes with purple eyeshadow around them were coldly staring at them.

When the two eyes with purple eyeshadow stared at them, they felt as though they were frogs being stared at by a snake, completely unable to move.

They stood in their original position, and the phoenix fire gobbled up their bodies.

At this time, runes gushed out of Song Shuhang's eyes like running water, falling onto that layer of light wrapped in flames before his body.

Soon after, the runes formed the picture of a clock that turned counterclockwise.

After a short while, the runes returned to Shuhang's eyes.

It's the phoenix fire produced with the slash of the primordial treasure 'Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber'. It's one of the prototype versions of the flames of tribulation. It's the embodiment of destruction and will burn the enemy until nothing is left. However, there is also a small chance of survival hidden amidst the destruction.

I paid that huge price because the appraisal technique appraised the 'phoenix fire'?

Apparently, it's one of the prototype versions of the flames of tribulation... in other words, the flames of tribulation are the result of a mixture between the phoenix fire and other types of special flames?

Perhaps this was the very reason the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber could allow its owner to live even if they had failed to transcend the tribulation. Due to the special properties of the saber, the owner could pay a certain 'price' and conceal themselves from the eyes of the Wielder of the Will after the failure, allowing them to keep living through a special method.

But that wasn't all! They also had the possibility to reverse their condition and return to their previous state!

"Too bad that this information is completely useless to me!" Song Shuhang's eyes had started to tear up.

He paid such a huge price just to get this piece of information. Seventy deep wounds had now opened on his body. Just what was the origin of the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber?

After Song Shuhang thought up to this point, a strange feeling welled up in this heart.

The strange appraisal technique seemed to have triggered again, going one step further. After appraising the 'phoenix fire', it followed the trails and reached the root, the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber.

"Shiet! What kind of joke is this! Stop immediately! I'll die!" Song Shuhang got a scare.

However, it was too late!

Another piece of information appeared in his mind.

It's the primordial treasure 'Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, something the third Wielder of the Will left behind before going missing.

It was a very simple piece of information.

But the content was anything but simple.

After all, it was related to the Wielder of the Heavens' Will!

The Wielder of the Will was supposed to be eternal and everlasting. But since the ancient times up until now, the person in charge of the Will of the Heavens had changed several times.

The Wielder of the Will was eternal and everlasting, and after they had carried the Will of the Heavens, there was no one that could injure them. In addition, there was no one that could kill them unless they themselves wished to die.

It was unknown to which era the third Wielder of the Will belonged to, but they intentionally left behind the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber before going missing. There was surely a big secret hidden within that was possibly related to the reason the Wielder of the Will had gone missing.

What kind of price would he have to pay for this huge secret?

Song Shuhang had a very bad premonition at this time.

Was he going to die?

He gritted his teeth and got ready to withstand the incoming wave of pain.

But even after a while... no wounds appeared on Song Shuhang's body.

He unexpectedly didn't pay any additional price for this appraisal?

Since when had the secret appraisal technique become so merciful?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, he heard Senior Sister Ye's gentle voice. "Shuhang, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Song Shuhang nodded. The wounds on his body had recovered, and he was just feeling a little bit of pain right now.

"That's a relief." Senior Sister Ye heaved a sigh of relief. "Shuhang, come and ferry those souls."

The twelve Golden Core Spiritual Emperors of the Limitless Demon Sect in front of her body had already changed into empty souls under the effect of the phoenix fire.

Senior Sister Ye just intercepted them and didn't do anything else. The phoenix fire burning on their bodies did all the work, finished them off.

Senior Sister Ye was very curious to see what kind of change would Song Shuhang's light of virtue undergo after ferrying to the afterworld these souls.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath. There were twelve empty souls of the Golden Core Spiritual Emperor rank in front of him. If he could ferry all of them, his light of virtue would directly reach the point where it would start protecting his body!

As such, he immediately started to chant Ksitigarbha's Soul Ferrying Scripture to ferry the twelve souls!

As each soul of the Golden Core Spiritual Emperor rank was ferried, the power of virtue condensed and fell onto his body. The power of virtue falling on his body was equivalent to the one he would obtain after ferrying 1000 ordinary souls!

In a place not too far away from Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye, the Hall Leader of the 'Nine-eyed Kama Hall' was looking at the scene of Song Shuhang ferrying the souls of the Peak Leaders under his command with a furious expression on his face.

He really wished he could go over and immediately kill that little cultivator of the Second Stage!

Unluckily, it was something beyond his capability right now.

He had paid a huge price to use a type of skin shedding technique to get rid of the phoenix fire.

In addition, someone was currently chasing him.

The person chasing him wasn't the golden-haired Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, but a woman wearing the clothes of the Miao ethnic minority from China.

The woman had a tall and slender build. A line of blood-red paint extended from her nose to her cheeks; it didn't affect her beauty, but made her look even more charming.

This woman was precisely the member of the ancient witch clan that Young Master Hai had lured over there, the ancient witch Elise.

"Hehehe." Elise's laughter reverberated in the void. The laughter directly echoed within one's ears, just like the secret sound transmission technique.

If the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall and Elise were to fight under normal circumstances, each of them would have a 50-50 chance of winning.

But today, the Hall Leader had been forced to use a powerful lifesaving technique to get rid of the phoenix fire after he received that slash from the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, consuming a great deal of energy.

Therefore, the Hall Leader was hellbent on escaping. His medicinal pills, cosmos bag, and so on had been reduced to ashes by the phoenix fire. As such, he couldn't even rely on external objects to recover his spiritual energy.

In the end, he could only look at Song Shuhang with a bitter expression from afar. He noted down his looks and kept fleeing.

Song Shuhang continued to ferry the twelve souls of the Spiritual Emperor rank.

Meanwhile, Senior Sister Ye kept watching over him. Then, she shot a glance at the faraway Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall, sensing the hatred and anger in the eyes of the opposite party.

Luckily, someone was currently chasing the Hall Leader. Otherwise, if he had come over, Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang would have had no choice but to flee for their life.

After all, Senior Sister Ye only had the strength of the Fifth Stage Realm. The fact that she could rely on her tailor-made Tome of Never-Ending Tears to escape from the hands of a Sixth Stage True Monarch was already impressive enough.

Next to her, as soon as Song Shuhang ferried the seventh soul, the light of virtue on his body started to change.

Each soul of the Spiritual Emperor rank was comparable to at least 1000 ordinary souls. Some of them, which were a little more powerful, were worth even 1300 or 1400 ordinary souls.

Thereupon, after adding the empty soul that Song Shuhang had ferried earlier to the total, the value of virtue he possessed right now had reached 10,000 points.

After reaching 10,000 points of virtue, the light of virtue would start to protect one's body.

Now, all cultivators would be able to sense the power of virtue emitting from Song Shuhang's body.

If these cultivators had opened their 'Eye Aperture', they would be able to see the bright golden light surrounding his body as well.

Earth, China.

Song Shuhang's ghost spirit had been unjustly implicated once again.

The ghost spirit was planning to return to Wenzhou City, direction Shuhang's house, to contact Yu Jiaojiao. But just as it was on its way back home, it suddenly felt severe pain.

The two wounds on its back opened once more. This time, the wounds were bigger, deeper, and more painful than the previous time.

The ghost spirit immediately guessed that the main body had triggered by mistake that weird 'secret appraisal technique'. It was unknown what Shuhang had appraised, but the ghost spirit had been unjustly caught in the crossfire.

Thanks to the experience it gained from the previous time, the ghost spirit cut off the sense sharing between Song Shuhang and itself on own initiative.

Then, it quietly sent a message to the main body.

I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying!