Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 581

Chapter 581: Main Body You Have Five Minutes To Mend My Broken Heart
Chapter 581: Main body, you have five minutes to mend my broken heart
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Amidst the atmosphere of Earth, a luminous jellyfish passed through space and appeared.

The jellyfish was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, and as such, she could control the power of space. She needed but a few breaths to cross the whole solar system, returning to Earth from the edge of the solar system.

At this time, she was holding the treasure chest with the Dark Night Time Ring sealed inside. She intended to look for a few fellow daoists she had gone through thick and thin with to research the Dark Night Time Ring together.

Not too long ago, a murderous aura was transmitted from the Dark Night Time Ring, and the aura was so strong that it affected her mind as well. This turn of events made her feel somewhat uneasy.

"I should first head in the direction of the East China Sea..." the luminous jellyfish said softly. From what she remembered, the immortal cave of one of her friends was located in the East China Sea. She could only hope that her friend hadn't moved to another place in the meantime.

Then, just as the luminous jellyfish entered Earth's atmosphere, that treasure chest covered by layer upon layer of seals started to shake.

Immediately after, a space gate appeared next to the treasure chest, and something tried to come out of the sealed box!

The luminous jellyfish furrowed her tentacles. The thing inside the Dark Night Time Ring was full of anger and hatred. Therefore, she couldn't be careless and let something so dangerous out before making sure of the situation.

"Ah!" the jellyfish shouted softly. In the next moment, her tentacles quickly spread out and literally sewed up the space gate.

However, a space tunnel had appeared on the 'back' of the space gate she had just sewed up.

In the next moment, a figure stepped out of the space tunnel. It was a man dressed up as a scholar. His whole body was giving off a multicolored luster, looking extremely pure and clean. However, his eyes were blood-red, with a wild expression in them.

The space gate had two sides. Other than the front side, there was another one in the back that was very difficult to detect.

The scholar calmly floated in the void.

After seeing the scholar, the luminous jellyfish opened her eyes wide and exclaimed, "Slow-Witted Song!"

This frenzied scholar that was giving off a multicolored luster from all over the body was precisely that Slow-Witted Song that had left behind the Dark Night Time Ring. He was a common friend of the luminous jellyfish and Pavilion Master Chu.

But what was Slow-Witted Song doing inside the Dark Night Time Ring?

Back then, Slow-Witted Song personally gave the Dark Night Time Ring, as well as that treasure related to 'time', to Pavilion Master Chu.

Such being the case, why had he come out of the Dark Night Time Ring at this time?

Was it possible that he sealed himself inside the sphere long before and left the Dark Night Time Ring to Pavilion Master Chu through a clone or something similar?

After hearing the words of the luminous jellyfish, the lustrous scholar turned his head around. Although his eyes were still full of hatred and anger, his face was very calm. It seemed he had suppressed his killing intent.

"Hello, Fellow Daoist. It's regretful, but I'm not Slow-Witted Song," the lustrous scholar apologetically said while wearing a faint smile on his face. "Many, many years ago, I asked him to give me a hand and seal me inside the Dark Night Time Ring, untying the seal and releasing me at a fixed time."

The lustrous scholar continued with his explanation, "As for my current appearance, it should be the work of that nasty Slow-Witted Song. Fellow Daoist, if you are an acquaintance of Slow-Witted Song, you should be well aware of his wicked nature."

The luminous jellyfish nodded. It was within Slow-Witted Song's character to do something of the sort.

"Fellow Daoist, my time is limited. If there is nothing else you have to ask of me, I'll take my leave. I need to expend a large amount of 'time' to maintain my current self. Each second of my time is extremely precious." The scholar smiled and cupped his hands. "I must see a person before my time is up."

After saying goodbye, the scholar didn't wait for the reply of the luminous jellyfish and merged with space, disappearing without traces.

The luminous jellyfish opened the treasure chest and saw that the Dark Night Time Ring was still intact.

In that case, did that scholar really have Slow-Witted Song seal him inside the Dark Night Time Ring on own initiative? Otherwise, if he had forcefully broken the seal, the Dark Night Time Ring should have also broken into pieces.

After pondering for a short amount of time, the luminous jellyfish clenched her tentacles and decided to chase after the scholar.

She wanted to see what the scholar was planning to do!

The lustrous scholar was likewise an existence of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm. He directly passed through space and eventually arrived next to Song Shuhang's ghost spirit.

"Found you." The lustrous scholar faintly smiled at the ghost spirit lying on the ground.

The ghost spirit was currently in extreme pain. After sending that message to the main body, it directly lay prone on the roof a multistoried building, not moving in the slightest.

Due to the extreme pain it was feeling, the ghost spirit pondered for a moment and sent Shuhang another message.

Main body, I'll give you five minutes to mend my broken heart. Otherwise, I'll activate the sense sharing once again! Why suffer alone when we can happily suffer all together! Sharing is caring!

Just as the ghost spirit send this message, a scholar giving off a multicolored luster from all over the body appeared next to it.

The eyes of the scholar were full of hatred and anger, but his face had a gentle smile hanging on it.

Who is this guy? The ghost spirit didn't recall ever seeing this person.

"Time is running out, and I don't have the leisure to explain things to you," the lustrous scholar said gently, "I want to borrow the body of your ghost spirit and use it to meet someone. After I'm done, I'll safely return the ghost spirit to you along with a reward that you'll surely like!"

The ghost spirit was dumbfounded. This person wanted to borrow its body and use it for his purposes?

Was it something similar to spiritual possession? But it itself was a ghost spirit! How could it be possessed?!

"Don't resist and allow me to enter your body," the scholar said gently. Although his voice was gentle, he hadn't contemplated a refusal at all.

I refuse! I won't allow a man to get inside me! Song Shuhang's ghost spirit opened its mouth and roared, but it was regrettable that it couldn't speak.

Just in this fashion, that scholar that was giving off a multicolored luster from all over the body entered the body of Shuhang's ghost spirit!

The ghost spirit felt its consciousness becoming heavy, losing the capacity to feel. After losing all feelings, it couldn't feel the severe pain transmitting from the wounds on its back anymore. Was this fortune amidst misfortune?

Two breaths later, the ghost spirit got up from the ground.

Its eyes had become red, full of anger and hatred, but its face was very calm. At the same time, it was now wearing an ancient scholarly robe.

The ghost spirit stood in its original place, not moving in the slightest. However, it had the air of a powerful expert and was currently emitting an awe-inspiring aura.

But after a short while, the calm face of the ghost spirit fiercely twisted.

"Painful, painful, painful! F*ck, I think I'm dying...

In the meantime, after successfully ferrying to the afterworld all those souls of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor rank, Song Shuhang's value of virtue had reached 17,000 points.

His original goal was to reach a value of virtue of 100,000 points, and within just one day, his goal was already next to 20% complete.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang faintly paused.

He had received a message from the ghost spirit.

I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying!

What's the matter with the ghost spirit? Did it meet unexpected danger?

Song Shuhang immediately prepared to contact the ghost spirit to ask for details.

However, another message arrived at this time: Main body, I'll give you five minutes to mend my broken heart. Otherwise, I'll activate the sense sharing once again! Why suffer alone when we can happily suffer all together! Sharing is caring!

"..." Song Shuhang.

He had more or less understood what had happened. No wonder he didn't feel any pain after the secret appraisal technique activated just now. It seemed that the ghost spirit had withstood all the pain in his stead.

The secret appraisal technique was a rather strange technique. Sometimes, he would suffer the consequences if the ghost spirit had appraised something. Other times, it would be the ghost spirit who would suffer the consequence if he had appraised something.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang got ready to contact the ghost spirit and mend its broken heart.

But right at this time, the connection between Song Shuhang and the ghost spirit disappeared.

The connection wasn't broken, but a powerful force managed to block it.

After the cultivator and the ghost spirit had signed the contract and completed the synchronization, it was no longer possible to cut off the connection between the two.

However, a great force was still capable of temporarily blocking the connection between the ghost spirit and its main body.

Before the connection between Song Shuhang and the ghost spirit was blocked, the last scene the ghost spirit saw was transmitted over to Shuhang.

A scholar giving off a multicolored luster from all over the body had borrowed the body of the ghost spirit.

Song Shuhang:

Is something like borrowing the body of a ghost spirit even possible?

After seeing Song Shuhang in a daze, Senior Sister Ye asked, "Shuhang, did something happen?"

"Someone forcefully borrowed my ghost spirit," Song Shuhang replied.

"Someone forcefully borrowed your ghost spirit?" Senior Sister Ye was temporarily at a loss. It was actually possible to borrow something like a ghost spirit?

"Ye Si, I need to return to Earth," Song Shuhang said after pondering for a moment.

The ghost spirit was simply too important for him. Without it, the speed of his practice would become much slower.

Moreover, the ghost spirit was his other half. Although the opposite party said that he would return the ghost spirit, and reward him as well, how could one feel relieved when their other half had been forcefully taken away?

"Good. Let's return to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion first. I'll notify my teacher or the pavilion master, and I'll accompany you to Earth," Senior Sister Ye said and comforted Song Shuhang in a gentle voice, "You don't have to worry. It's impossible to cut off the connection between the ghost spirit and the main body. Even if the opposite party forcefully took it away, we can still find it."

Song Shuhang gently nodded and said, "Thank you, Ye Si."

"Sit tight. We are returning to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion," Senior Sister Ye said.

After hearing about the ghost spirit being forcefully taken away, a certain memory resurfaced in Senior Sister Ye's mind. She felt as though she had also experienced something of the sort. However, the memory was very unclear.

Senior Sister Ye operated the flying magical treasure and prepared to return to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

But right at this time, a flying boat quickly approached Shuhang and Ye Si.

A jade white lion flew out of the flying boat. From the looks of it, someone had kicked it out.

"Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, you savage! Can't you be a little gentler?" the jade white lion Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue angrily said while flying away.

"A puny creature with such short legs unexpectedly wants me to be gentler?" Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's voice echoed from the flying boat.

"..." Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue.

It was a jade white lion! Was it supposed to grow long legs like that of a giraffe now?!

Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue rolled a few times and arrived in front of Song Shuhang. Then, it calmly said with its body trembling, "We meet again, little friend Shuhang."

"We meet again, Senior Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue," Song Shuhang said. The members of the Limitless Demon Sect had been killed with the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber. Therefore, he wasn't surprised that Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue and Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue were around.

"Earlier, Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue discovered that someone had absorbed the phoenix fire. So we came here to take a look. Originally it was you, little friend Shuhang." Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue smiled and gave Shuhang a talisman. "This is the talisman of the 'Sun Chasing Flying Technique' that Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue prepared for you, take it."