Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 582

Chapter 582: What? Has My Crystal Clear Water Pavilion Perished?
Chapter 582: What? Has my Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion perished?
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From the looks of it, the talisman of the Sun Chasing Flying Technique was something similar to the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique.

The jade white lion Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue continued with its explanation, "Little friend Shuhang, Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue made some progress while examining your Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd. The Sun Chasing Flying Technique is a type of flying technique, and once Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue manages to find that person related to the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd, it will be possible to notify little friend Shuhang through the Sun Chasing Flying Technique and bring you toward us."

Song Shuhang muttered, "That person related to the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd?"

The Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd was something he had sent into space through the disposable flying sword Venerable White gave him back then. Afterward, the gourd underwent some strange mutation while it was in space, and Song Shuhang had no idea with whom it had come into contact while it was up there.

"That person is a very special existence, and you can't say his name aloud before finding him. Otherwise, he will discover us and flee to a faraway place. Right, Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue told me to remind you to prepare your spirit stones if there is something you want to buy. Because as long as you have enough spirit stones, you might be able to buy the item you wish for!" Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue reminded.

Regardless of what it is, I might be able to buy it as long as I have enough spirit stones? In that case, should I try buying the 'blood of demodragon'?

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Thanks for your reminder, Senior Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue."

"In that case, let us meet again, little friend Shuhang." The jade white lion waved its paws and wind surged underneath its feet, bringing it back to the flying boat.

Song Shuhang put away the talisman of the Sun Chasing Flying Technique he had just received.

It would be great if he could buy the 'blood of demodragon'. However, there was one big problemspirit stones! He would need a large number of them.

How could he obtain a large number of spirit stones within a short period of time?

What was the quickest way to get a large number of spirit stones aside from accidentally finding a meteoroid that was made of top-quality spirit stones while flying about in space?

'The quickest method to obtain spirit stones is to look for a senior and ask them. I can lend them to you if you want.' Venerable White's words reverberated in Song Shuhang's mind.

Should he really borrow them?

After saying goodbye to Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue, Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang returned to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

This time, they decided to enter through the front gate.

But just as Shuhang and Ye Si approached the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, a sobbing sound was transmitted from afar.

"Sob, sob, sob..." The sobbing sound seemed to have a bewitching power and reverberated in their minds even though they were in the middle of space, just like the secret sound transmission technique.

"The Tome of Never-Ending Tears?" Song Shuhang was very familiar with this sobbing sound. Each time Senior Sister Ye was moved to tears, her sobbing sound would resemble this one.

However, Senior Sister Ye's sobbing sound was very pleasing to the ear. In addition, a weeping beauty was such a sight to behold.

But the sobbing sound that was transmitted over resembled the hoarse sobbing of a cat in heat. It flooded the minds of the onlookers and made their scalps go numb.

Senior Sister Ye had a confused expression on her face. "It's indeed the Tome of Never-Ending Tears! However, I'm the only person in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion that practices the Tome of Never-Ending Tears!"

The Tome of Never-Ending Tears was something she and her teacher researched and created together. It was a tailor-made cultivation technique for her exclusive use.

As such, she was the only person in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to practice the technique. Ever her teacher didn't practice the Tome of Never-Ending Tears.

In that case, who was this person that issued that sobbing generated through the Tome of Never-Ending Tears?

Thereupon, Senior Sister Ye accelerated and crossed the defensive formation of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion along with Song Shuhang, arriving at the main entrance.

The duo looked all around.

Then, they saw an old man sitting in meditation in front of the gate. The old man had white hair but very few wrinkles on his face.

Just by sitting there, he was giving off the aura of an expert. He was a Golden Core Spiritual Emperor, and the number of dragon patterns on his Golden Core was by no means inferior to four!

Next, the old man, whose eye sockets were already red, said while weeping, "Sob, sob, sob~ If I looked at them from my angle, those six meteoroids in front of me actually form a wavy line. Sob, sob, sob~ It's truly a touching scene. Sob, sob, sob~ I'm getting so emotional. I just can't stop my tears."

"..." Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked at the scene the old man was currently describing... it was nothing but a group of meteoroids randomly floating in the midst of space.

From which angle did the old man look at those meteoroids that he got so sad and started crying?

Senior Sister Ye got curious and also turned her head around to look at the scene. However, Song Shuhang quickly stretched out his hands and covered her eyes. "Don't look."

He had the feeling that Senior Sister Ye would also start crying after seeing those six meteoroids that formed a wavy line.

One crybaby was already troublesome enough. If the two of them were to start a duet, no one would be able to stop them.

"..." Senior Sister Ye.

Then, she and Song Shuhang arrived in front of the old man.

Senior Sister Ye greeted the old man and asked directly, "Fellow Daoist, hello. May I ask who you are?"

The old man had noticed Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye long ago. The problem was that he couldn't stop crying within a short period of time. Therefore, he was unable to open his mouth and greet them.

"Sob, sob, sob~ Fellow Daoist, hello. They call me the Sobbing Old Man. I don't belong to any sect or school; I'm a loose cultivator." The old man stood up and returned the courtesy.

Then, he looked at Song Shuhang and said, "Little friend Song, I've finally found you. Sob, sob, sob~ I searched for you for so long. Sob, sob, sob~ I'm so happy that I finally managed to find you."

In the next moment, due to the combined effects of the six meteoroids forming a wavy line and the sudden discovery of Song Shuhang, the Sobbing Old Man choked with sobs. It felt as though he was going to cry until losing consciousness.

"..." Song Shuhang asked out curiosity, "Senior, you actually know me?"

"Sob, sob, sob~ I've received a mission from Senior White and have been waiting for you in space. Sob, sob, sob~ Additionally, I've prepared a huge training place for you where you can train for a month." After saying this much, the Sobbing Old Man took out his mobile phone and unlocked the screen, searching for that picture of Song Shuhang that Venerable White had sent him.

When Song Shuhang looked at the picture, the corner of his mouth twitched. It was one of the photos Senior White took when they went bungee jumping back then.

In the photo, little friend Shuhang had a forced smile on his face, even uglier than a crying expression.

Still, he hadn't expected that Venerable White would have someone wait for him in space and prepare a trial for him.

Song Shuhang sighed and said, "I'm truly sorry, Senior Sobbing Old Man. When I entered space, a lot of unexpected things happened. Mere words aren't enough to describe them."

The Sobbing Old Man said, "Don't worry. I've also heard about the stuff you went through. Sob, sob, sob~"

Unfortunately, that 'heard about' part managed to move the Sobbing Old Man again, making him cry even more fiercely.

Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang looked at each other.

Then, Senior Sister Ye asked, "Fellow Daoist Sobbing Old Man, do you practice the Tome of Never-Ending Tears?"

"That's correct; I practice the Tome of Never-Ending Tears. It's an incomplete cultivation technique that I obtained from some ruins related to the ancient Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion," the Sobbing Old Man replied sincerely.

"Ruins of the ancient Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?" Ye Si furrowed her brows. Ruins?

The Sobbing Old Man replied, "Yes. I found it there. According to what I discovered inside the ruins, the ancient Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was completely destroyed. I didn't expect that I would find a brand-new version here in space."

What? The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was destroyed during ancient times? Senior Sister Ye was completely dumbfounded at this time.