Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 585

Chapter 585: That Day The Ghost Spirit Became Pregnant
Chapter 585: That day, the ghost spirit became pregnant
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After seeing the scene, Song Shuhang couldn't help but sigh.

Although he already knew what had happened to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion after his conversation with Pavilion Master Chu, a feeling of helplessness still welled up in his heart after seeing those 3000 monster hunters rushing toward the pavilion. He already knew the outcome and was unable to change it regardless of his efforts.

Anyway, monster hunters were unexpectedly this reckless during ancient times? Not only did they kill monsters, but they also butchered human cultivators. Is this the reason they disappeared from the world later and went into hiding?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Pavilion Master Chu's voice reverberated in his ears. "Let's skip this scene. No matter how many times I recall this memory, I always get sad. Therefore, let's just skip it."

As expected, Pavilion Master Chu had deliberately brought him into this dream!

Next, the scene before Song Shuhang's eyes turned black.

"..." Song Shuhang.

With Pavilion Master Chu's sudden intrusion, the sad feeling in his heart had distorted beyond recognition.

The scene finally returned to normal again. At this time, the prosperous Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had turned into a stretch of ruins. There was blood all over, and the aftermath of the battle was still visible. In addition, there were also the traces of the lightning that had rained down.

In the dream, the gravely injured Pavilion Master Chu was kneeling down amidst the ruins and crying her heart out.

The sorrowful and gravely injured Pavilion Master Chu looked extremely charming and delicate. At the same time, the lightning of tribulation was continuously raining down from the sky.

The lightning struck Pavilion Master Chu's body incessantly, creating loud explosions.

She was kneeling amidst the ruins without moving in the slightest, allowing the lightning to rain down and strike her body.

This scene made Song Shuhang's heart twitch in pain.

At the same time, Pavilion Master Chu's voice reverberated in Song Shuhang's ears once again. "I looked particularly attractive back then. It gives me a special type of bittersweet feeling. If men with particular tastes were to see this scene where a beautiful woman is kneeling on the ground, weeping and moaning in pain as the lightning strikes her body, they would get rather excited, right?

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior Chu, it's better if you don't explain at all!

"Right, did you get excited after seeing the scene?" Pavilion Master Chu asked.

Song Shuhang said out loud, "Of course not!"

"It seems you don't have a good eye for beautiful things," Pavilion Master Chu said.

Song Shuhang replied, "More like I don't have an abnormal mind!"

"What's wrong with being abnormal? Sometimes, one can give their best only through unconventional means. Being a lunatic is sometimes the only way one has to survive," Pavilion Master Chu sneered.

Song Shuhang replied, "Abnormal perverts and lunatics are definitely not the same thing!"

Pavilion Master Chu was suddenly speechless. Was it possible that she had been confusing lunatics with abnormal perverts all along?

Then, she made up her mind and quickly shifted the topic of conversation. "Did you see the scene below? It was really unfortunate that I couldn't break through a little bit earlier... perhaps the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion would have survived in that case. The lightning of tribulation I attracted back then killed almost half of the enemies. I was ready to die together with them at that time. I deliberately allowed them to get closer to me and started to transcend the tribulation. The lightning of tribulation came down like rain and instantly reduced to ashes all the enemies surrounding me. Then, I chased after the remaining ones while the lightning of tribulation was striking my body, killing almost half of them."

While explaining this part, Pavilion Master Chu spoke somewhat incoherently.

After saying this much, Pavilion Master Chu paused for a moment and continued, "But I didn't expect that I would be able to transcend the tribulation successfully. Perhaps it would have been better if I had died back then..."

The scene of the heavenly tribulation falling down continued for ten days. Pavilion Master Chu was kneeling amidst the ruins and got struck by the lightning of tribulation for whole ten days.

Is Pavilion Master Chu trying to conceal her sorrow? Song Shuhang wondered whether or not he should comfort Pavilion Master Chu.

But right at this time, Pavilion Master Chu said, "Let's skip the scene about the lightning as well. After all, it kept raining down for quite a while. Next is the part that concerns you. After successfully transcending the tribulation, I searched through the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion in the hope of finding fellow survivors."

Next is the content that concerns me? Is it about Senior Sister Ye Si?

In the dream, Pavilion Master Chu started to search through the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. She was looking through the ruins while crying.

"This scene is also rather sad. Skip, skip," Pavilion Master Chu said.

"..." Song Shuhang.

The scene before his eyes turned black once again.

When the scene returned normal, Pavilion Master Chu had arrived at the edge of the broken great formation.

In there, Senior Sister Ye's body softly lay upside down on the edge of the formation. Half of her body was petrified and smashed to pieces.

There wasn't the slightest trace of life aura coming from her body, and there were no traces of her soul as well. Perhaps it had been struck down and destroyed by the heavenly tribulation?

Song Shuhang's heart twitched in pain.

From the looks of it, Senior Sister Ye Si had thoroughly died back then. In that case, wasn't everything over?

"Ahaha, your expression is beautiful. I was really looking forward to seeing you scared out of your wits," Pavilion Master Chu said with a smile.

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up as he said, "Pavilion Master, is it possible that you revived her?"

"No, she thoroughly died, and even her soul dissipated. Let alone back then when I was only a Seventh Stage Venerable, even the current me can't resurrect someone whose soul has dissipated and body petrified, getting smashed to pieces," Pavilion Master Chu replied.

F*ck, my first love!

"Was it really impossible to rescue her?" Song Shuhang asked.

"No chance at all," Pavilion Master Chu said. "But don't worry, keep looking."

In the scene, just as Pavilion Master Chu arrived next to Senior Sister Ye Si's body, a pale soul drilled out of Ye Si's body.

Senior Sister Ye had died both in body and mind. Such being the case, just where had this new soul come from?

In addition, although the soul had the shape of a woman, its appearance was completely different than Senior Sister Ye Si's!

"A ghost spirit?" Pavilion Master Chu slowly said in the scene.

At the same time, Pavilion Master Chu's explanation reverberated in Song Shuhang's ears. "That's a ghost spirit. However, it wasn't Ye Si's ghost spirit."

"Since it isn't Senior Sister Ye's ghost spirit, is it possible that it's a ghost spirit that someone lent her?" Song Shuhang unconsciously thought about the fact that someone had just 'forcefully borrowed' his ghost spirit.

"You know quite a lot, huh? That's right, you are also a cultivator lucky enough to have a ghost spirit." Pavilion Master Chu continued with her explanation, "Anyway, yes. You can consider that ghost spirit as something that was lent to her. It was the ghost spirit passed down from generation to generation in Ye Si's family. Ye Si's generation was the fifth one to inherit the ghost spirit. I have no idea which powerful expert lent the ghost spirit to Ye Si's family."

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said, "Does it mean that the current Senior Sister Ye Si is that ghost spirit?"

My first love is a ghost spirit?

For some reason, he felt rather sad. If it was just Senior Sister Ye's soul, it would have been much better! At least, the soul would have still been Senior Sister Ye Si 'herself'.

"Hehe, you also have a ghost spirit. Therefore, you should know that the consciousness of the master and the ghost spirit are interlinked. From a certain point of view, it's like having one mind connected to two bodies. Given the situation, do you really think that the ghost spirit would have accompanied you to play love games? Moreover, it's unknown if the real master of the ghost spirit is a man or a woman," Pavilion Master Chu said.

That was also correct!

However, what had truly happened since the current Ye Si wasn't the ghost spirit?

Right at this time, the ghost spirit in the dream had a change.

The belly of the ghost spirit inflated like a balloon.

"That's...?" Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

"It's exactly as you guessed." Pavilion Master Chu calmly nodded her head.

F*ck, the ghost spirit became pregnant?

It was Song Shuhang's first time hearing that a ghost spirit could become pregnant.

At this time, Song Shuhang had more or less guessed what was going to happen next. "Is it possible that the ghost spirit wants to give birth to Senior Sister Ye?"

"Yes. It's rather shocking, isn't it? When I saw this scene back, I, too, was completely speechless!" Pavilion Master Chu said.

In the dream, a snow-white lotus flower appeared beneath the feet of the ghost spirit, starting to wrap up its body.

Then, it looked expectantly at Pavilion Master Chu, stretching its hand out toward her. The mark of a contract had appeared on its hand; it needed Pavilion Master Chu's help to get the necessary energy to carry out the operation.

In the dream, Pavilion Master Chu didn't hesitate and stretched out her hand, signing the contract with the ghost spirit.

It wasn't a typical 'ghost spirit contract'. After all, the ghost spirit already had a master.

It was a contract that would provide the ghost spirit with the necessary spiritual energy. For some reason, it seemed that the master of the ghost spirit was unable to give it their energy.

Or perhaps it was the very reason they had 'lent' the ghost spirit to Ye Si's family?

But regardless of the reason, Pavilion Master Chu didn't hesitate to sign the contract with the ghost spirit to provide it with energy for Ye Si's sake.

The rune of the contract eventually sank into Pavilion Master Chu's Heart Aperture.

After the ghost spirit obtained Pavilion Master Chu's energy, the huge lotus flower completely wrapped up its body.

The snow-white lotus flower floated amidst the ruins of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, looking incredibly beautiful.

After a long, long time, the huge lotus flower opened.

Aside from the ghost spirit, another figure had appeared inside.

It was Senior Sister Ye Si's figure.

The silhouette wasn't that of an infant. The newborn Senior Sister Ye Si was the same as the original. Inside the body was also a complete soul that belonged to Senior Sister Ye Si.

Ye Si's soul that should have dissipated had been preserved by the strange ghost spirit, which later gave birth to a new Ye Si.

The newborn Senior Sister Ye Si was the same Ye Si they knew.

No wonder Senior Sister Ye's body became soft and weightless when her mood was out of control.

In the dream, after giving birth to Ye Si, the strange ghost spirit said goodbye to Pavilion Master Chu.

In the next moment, it flew high up in the sky.

While midair, a daoist robe appeared on the body of the female ghost spirit, as well as a slanted daoist cap. Just in this fashion, the ghost spirit kept flying until it disappeared from Pavilion Master Chu's sight.

In the dream, Pavilion Master Chu embraced the newborn Ye Si and cried again.

Due to the ghost spirit getting pregnant and giving birth to the new Senior Sister Ye Si, Ye Si was now more similar to a ghost spirit although she was originally human.

But saying that she was a ghost spirit was also somewhat incorrect. After all, she had a complete soul inside her body.

"This is Ye Si true nature..." Pavilion Master Chu said calmly. "The newly born Ye Si remained in a comatose state for whole ten years. During those ten years, I used the illusory reality to restore the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to its original appearance.

After she regained consciousness, Ye Si had the same memories she had during her previous life. The only difference was that she lacked the memories related to the destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion."

The ghost spirit had meticulously erased those memories related to the destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Or perhaps, the ghost spirit had inherited them, carrying them away with it.

"..." Song Shuhang.

The fact that my first love isn't a ghost spirit is truly great.

However, it seems she is the daughter of a ghost spirit. What should I do now?

"Unfortunately, you have already contracted a ghost spirit. In addition, it's seemingly evolving into a high-rank one. If not for this fact, I would have liked to have you and Ye Si sign a ghost spirit contract," Pavilion Master Chu said calmly.

Senior Sister Ye can sign a contract just like ghost spirits? Song Shuhang got a scare.