Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 587

Chapter 587: The Sad Sea King
Chapter 587: The sad Sea King
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Blessings never came in pair and misfortunes never came alone.

Just as Song Shuhang was in a terrible situation, another item he had with him started to cause trouble. His size-reducing purse started to shake. In the next moment, the remaining part of the silver bracers flew out of the purse.

The silver glove was something the Sea King worshipped by those sea urchin warriors with pre-prepared lines wanted to obtain.

Back then, Venerable White, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, and Venerable Tornado had joined their forces and managed to snatch away this part of the silver bracers from its hands. In the end, the glove ended up in Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hands, who then forced Song Shuhang to accept it.

Although the silver glove was a valuable treasure, it was still a rather troublesome item. The reason was that the Sea King could surmount space and lock onto the position of the silver glove through that strange sacrificial altar where the blood sacrifices were performed.

Now that the silver glove received this powerful attraction, it drilled out of the size-reducing purse. As one might guess, the Sea King had used the power of the altar to summon the silver glove.

"This is bad!" Song Shuhang had a bad premonition.

The last time, when the hand-guided tractor competition was still going on, the Sea King had directly opened a space gate to take the silver bracers away. Now, he wasn't going to open a space gate right in front of Shuhang, right?

"Buzz, buzz, buzz."

The silver glove started to shake while in midair. Then, the power of space reached over from a faraway place, intent on taking it away.

However, the power of space was unable to accurately lock on the position of the silver glove, making it impossible to open the space gate.

After all, here was the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. The whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was part of Pavilion Master Chu's illusory reality. The reason the Sea King couldn't accurately lock on the silver glove and open the space gate to retrieve it was precisely the interference caused by the illusory reality.

Five breaths later, that power of space that had appeared out of nowhere had started to fluctuate. The Sea King was starting to get impatient.

At last, it decided to open the space gate forcefully. The silver glove was close by. In the worst case, it could look for it after opening the gate.

Thereupon, a crack in the space slowly formed in a place a hundred meters away from Song Shuhang.

If the space gate were to open, the dangling and tied up Song Shuhang was going to get f*cked pretty hard.

But right at this time, a snow-white hand appeared next to Song Shuhang's body.

The snow-white hand made a gentle grabbing motion in the direction of the 'power of space'.

In the next moment, the power of space was shattered to pieces, and the crack opening in the space also disappeared without traces. The opening of the space gate had failed!

But that wasn't all. The hand also sent a palm attack in the direction the power of space was coming from.

The palm passed through innumerable layers of space and directly hit the body of the Sea King.

The faint cry of the Sea King was transmitted from the void. The power of the gentle-looking palm was simply shocking.

The Sea King had tried to gain an advantage only to end up worse.

"Senior Chu," Song Shuhang said happily. The owner of the snow-white hand was Pavilion Master Chu.

In the next moment, Pavilion Master Chu rubbed her eyes and stepped out of the void from behind Song Shuhang's body.

The whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was her world. As soon as someone used the power of space to forcefully barge into the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the fast asleep Fairy Chu was forced to wake up.

Since she hadn't slept enough, she was a bit angry when she woke up. Therefore, she gave the Sea King a slap to teach it a lesson.

"Good morning, Shuhang," Pavilion Master Chu said listlessly.

Her long black hair scattered in the void as she was flying. Song Shuhang could now finally see the full length of her hairit was three times longer than her body.

Wouldn't such long hair weight a lot?

Wait, this isn't the main problem right now.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said, "Senior Chu, please, quickly release me!" Although men could endure, there was a limit to it! And he was about to reach that limit!

"Oh, you are dangling too. I'm not sure what happened recently, but people seem to really like to dangle in front of the entrance of my pavilion..." Pavilion Master Chu muttered to herself. Then, she stretched out her hand and waved it. In the next moment, the chains binding Song Shuhang quickly withdrew.

Who the hell would like to dangle in front of the entrance of your pavilion! Song Shuhang ridiculed in his heart. At the same time, he fell from midair and steadily landed with a beautiful somersault.

Just as he landed, the Dragon Body Dantian in his body was forcefully pushed open. Shuhang had successfully opened his fourth dantian, the Dragon Body Dantian!

The strength of Song Shuhang's constitution increased a bit. However, his mental energy likewise increased. The place between his eyebrows was hurting more and more.

Unless he could quickly increase the strength of his constitution and make it reach the Third Stage rank, the pain he felt would keep getting more and more intense.

"The ghost spirit managed to evolve successfully." Song Shuhang was clear as to what had happened. He could infer through the contract that the ghost spirit had successfully completed its evolution.

His ghost spirit had now become a high-rank one. It was an existence comparable to a talented cultivator, whose cultivation speed already surpassed that of an ordinary cultivator. In addition, it could learn powerful ghost-type magical techniques!

It was really something worthy of celebration!

However, this wasn't the important thing right now.

Song Shuhang said anxiously, "Senior, where is the bathroom?"

" The grain reincarnation place? 1 It seems there is a certain affinity between you and that girl named Li Yinzhu," Pavilion Master Chu said with a smile. Then, she snapped her fingers.


Song Shuhang was instantly delivered to another place.

After sending off Song Shuhang, Pavilion Master Chu bent over and picked the silver glove up, saying softly, "The Sword Warfare Treasured Armor. Unfortunately, there is only a glove."

If one could collect all the pieces of the treasured armor, they would obtain an immortal treasure of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm. During ancient times, Pavilion Master Chu had heard that the armor had twelve pieces in total, and if one could collect all twelve of them, they would discover the secret to immortality concealed within.

"Although it's only a glove, it should be enough to cover up the ghost spirit aura emanating from Ye Si's body and make her pass off as an ordinary cultivator. But I'll need to combine it with certain materials and draw formations on it as well," Pavilion Master Chu muttered to herself.

Then, she took out a bottle and poured its contents on the silver glove.

The dark-blue liquid inside the bottle was poured on the glove.

The liquid had yet to touch the silver glove when a buzzing sound was heard, causing the appearance of a large amount of mist. It was the mark the Sea King was using to lock on the position of the silver glove, as well as the medium of communication between this piece of the Sword Warfare Treasured Armor and the altar on the bottom of the sea.

Now that Pavilion Master Chu had poured the contents of the bottle on the glove, the mark was thoroughly deleted. From now on, the Sea King would be unable to detect the presence of the silver glove regardless of the number of blood sacrifices it performed.

After doing what she had to, Pavilion Master Chu left her own mark on the silver glove. The mark had the power to lock onto the spatial coordinates of the glove.

By knowing the coordinates, Pavilion Master Chu could appear next to the glove at any time. "This should be enough."

In that case, I might as well make little friend Song return here. Pavilion Master Chu snapped her fingers once more.


Song Shuhang, who was currently in a jogging posture, directly appeared in front of her.

"The toilet was very good, right?" Pavilion Master Chu said.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Pavilion Master, is it possible that you didn't pay attention to my condition when you brought me over here? Weren't you afraid that I could sprinkle my pee in front of your pavilion by accident?

Pavilion Master Chu said, "I'll return this silver glove to you."

Song Shuhang received the glove and said gratefully, "Thank you, Senior Chu."

This time, he had been really lucky that Pavilion Master Chu was here with him. If he had been somewhere else and the Sea King managed to open the space gate successfully, it wouldn't have minded conveniently killing an eyesore of the Second Stage like Song Shuhang while taking the silver glove away.

"You're welcome." Pavilion Master Chu smiled and asked, "You want to leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, right?"

"Yes, Senior. I have already satisfied the conditions that Senior White set back then. In addition, something happened to my ghost spirit," Song Shuhang replied.

"Something happened to your ghost spirit?" Pavilion Master Chu asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said, "A few days ago, I sent my ghost spirit back to Earth, and recently, someone forcefully borrowed it."

Therefore, he wanted to return to Earth to look for his ghost spirit.

"So that's how it was. Since you have something you need to take care of, I won't force you to stay." Pavilion Master Chu nodded. Then, she also added, "Right, the condition of that girl named Li Yinzhu you brought here isn't too optimistic."

"Did her disease become more serious?" Song Shuhang furrowed her brows.

There was nothing he could do about Li Yinzhu's disease. Now, his best chance was to pin his hopes on the 'forbidden area' that Li Tiansu had explored before his death. Perhaps there was a cure inside that could help cure Li Yinzhu's disease.

However, he had to wait for Venerable White to be free before exploring the 'forbidden area'. Song Shuhang would be only courting death if he were to enter alone given his strength.

"In one year at most, the cold inside her body will reach a critical point and endanger her life. If she gets past the calamity, she will be able to live for a few more years. But if she fails, she will be forever entrapped in the ice," Pavilion Master Chu replied.

"One year?" Song Shuhang furrowed his brows. One year was just too short a period of time. He had no assurance that he would be able to find the cure to Li Yinzhu's disease within just a year.

Perhaps... he could buy the cure to Li Yinzhu's disease from the 'Almighty Merchant' that Senior Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue had mentioned. However, they didn't have any clue of the whereabouts of the Almighty Merchant for now, and it was unknown whether Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue could find him within one year. Moreover, the number of spirit stones needed was also a big problem!

After seeing Song Shuhang's worried expression, Pavilion Master Chu pondered for a moment and said, "If you have no assurance of finding the cure within one year, I can delay the moment her disease will break out for around twelve years."

Twelve years? Song Shuhang immediately cheered up. "Senior, please tell me how!"

"However, the price will be high," Pavilion Master Chu said with a smile.

Song Shuhang said, "What is the price?" As long as it was a price he could afford, he would do it even if he had to borrow stuff from others.

He owed Li Yinzhu's father, Daoist Priest Li Tiansu, too much. In addition, there was a deep connection between him and Li Yinzhu since he had experienced Li Tiansu's life in the dreamland.

"You have experienced the power of the Time City personally. In the Lower City of the Time City, twelve days are equivalent to one day in the outside world. Similarly, one day in the Upper City of the Time City is equivalent to twelve days in the outside world. As long as she enters the Time City and stays in the Upper City for one year, twelve years would pass in the outside world. However, one needs to consume a large number of spirit stones to keep the Time City active," Pavilion Master Chu said slowly.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said, "Senior, can you tell me the approximate number of spirit stones needed?" Since it was a place related to the concept of 'time', it was nearly guaranteed that the price would be astronomical.

But regardless of the number of spirit stones, he would try to find a way to collect them.

Pavilion Master Chu blinked her eyes and said, "I don't lack spirit stones right now. Therefore, I want something else in return."

"Senior, do tell," Song Shuhang replied.

Pavilion Master Chu said, "I want that silver glove."

"No problem!" Song Shuhang quickly returned the silver glove in Pavilion Master Chu's hands, appearing especially straightforward.

"I'll remind you of something first. This silver glove is far from being an ordinary item. It's extremely valuable, and even a cultivator of the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm would yearn for it. Are you sure you want to use it to carry out the transaction with me?" Pavilion Master Chu said with a smile.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "I know that it's extremely valuable." Venerable White, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, and Venerable Tornado had to join forces to snatch the silver glove from the hands of the Sea King.

However, it was a good deal to exchange the silver glove to gain additional twelve years for Li Yinzhu.

Although it was indeed very precious, Song Shuhang felt that the trouble the silver glove could bring to him surpassed its value!

"Hehe." Pavilion Master Chu put away the silver glove and asked, "Do you want to carry Ye Si with you while returning to Earth?"

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said, "I would like to. But I feel that it would be dangerous to have her leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion." He was unable to protect Senior Sister Ye with his current strength.

If he were to carry her back to Earth and meet a powerhouse of the Venerable or Profound Sage rank that wanted to take Ye Si away, Song Shuhang wouldn't even have the right to cry.

"In that case, I'll explain things to Ye Si. You can be at ease and return to Earth," Pavilion Master Chu said and passed a wooden token of authority to Song Shuhang. "Take this thing with you. It's a wooden token of authority that can allow you to move within the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion freely. In addition, you will always know the position of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion while you have it with you. Beyond that, it has a strengthened 'thousand mile sound transmitter' feature. If your luck is good, you can use it to communicate with Ye Si from Earth."

Song Shuhang cautiously put away the wooden token of authority and said, "Thank you, Pavilion Master."

It seems he was really going to have a long-distance relationship with his first love.

In the meantime, in the palace of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion reserved for the guests.

Li Yinzhu was curling up on the bed and trembling.

Her cold disease could now break out at any time and was getting more and more serious. The whole room was already filled with cold air.

Frost had formed on the quilt she was using to cover her body.

The pair of male and female attendants had placed some runes to increase the temperature inside her room. However, the runes would last for one hour at most before getting destroyed by the cold emanating from Li Yinzhu's body. Even the fire in a brazier they had lit up died out in a very short amount of time.

At this time, Li Yinzhu consciousness was getting more and more blurry.

She forcefully opened her silvery eyes and looked around from time to time, looking for that figure that could make her feel her at ease.

But several days had passed, and that figure had yet to appear.

Just as the cold surged up, Li Yinzhu fiercely trembled and curled up, turning into a ball.

But right at this time, the door of the room opened again.

Li Yinzhu quickly raised her head and looked at the entrance.

However, it was still that pair of male and female attendants. A disappointed expression flashed through Li Yinzhu's eyes.

The male attendant had brought along new runes to increase the temperature to replace the old ones destroyed by the cold.

The female attendant was holding a flaming pearl that was emitting hot air and placed it next to Li Yinzhu's body.

"Thank you," Li Yinzhu said while shivering.

"You're welcome," the pair of male and female attendants said with a smile.

But at this time, another figure appeared out of nowhere at the entrance of the palace.

After a thud, the figure fell to the ground.

It was Song Shuhang, who had been delivered here by Pavilion Master Chu.

Before returning to Earth, Song Shuhang wanted to make proper arrangements for Li Yinzhu. In addition, there was also Chu Chu. It was unknown whether she would stay behind to take care of Li Yinzhu or if she would return to Earth along with him.