Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Wherever There Is Oppression There Will Be Resistance
Chapter 588: Wherever there is oppression, there will be resistance!
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As soon as the curled up Li Yinzhu saw Song Shuhang, her eyes lit up.

The pair of male and female attendants greeted Shuhang.

"Fellow Daoist Song, hello."

"Good morning, Fellow Daoist Song."

Song Shuhang got up from the floor and patted away the dust on his clothes. Then, he greeted the pair of male and female attendants and said, "Fellow Daoists, good morning to you two too. Many thanks for taking care of my daugh Little Yinzhu."

That was close. Song Shuhang almost blurted out the words 'my daughter' just now. The reason was the strong influence he had received after experiencing Daoist Priest Li Tiansu's life.

Next, he shot a glance at Li Yinzhu, who was curled up on the bed and trembling. After pondering for a moment, he took out his treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

Then, under the puzzled expression of the pair of male and female attendants, Song Shuhang activated the 'Flaming Saber Technique' on the ancient bronze ring and chopped toward Li Yinzhu, sending a half-moon-shaped slash of flaming saber qi in her direction.

"Fellow Daoist Song, what are you doing?" The pair of male and female attendants opened their eyes wide. Song Shuhang's actions had been too sudden; the pair didn't have the time to block him.

Song Shuhang quickly explained, "You don't have to worry. I've already reached a high level of control over the Flaming Saber Technique. If I wish to, I can immediately disperse the attack. Anyway, just keep looking."

Just as he was saying this much, Li Yinzhu quickly got up from the bed and dashed until arriving in the front of the Flaming Saber Technique. Then, she opened her small mouth, her silver hair dancing in the air, and hastily performed several hand seals.

Immediately after, Li Yinzhu breathed in.

In the next moment, the huge flaming saber qi was sucked into Li Yinzhu's mouth as though it was noodles.

In around two seconds, she had completely absorbed the flaming saber qi.

"Burp~" Li Yinzhu burped with a satisfied expression on her face.

After eating the Flaming Saber Technique, her complexion turned ruddy, and the cold inside her body was also suppressed.

Of course, eating the Flaming Saber Technique was a method to relieve the symptoms but not to solve the underlying problem. It could only temporarily suppress the cold inside her body and prevent her from suffering.

Her father, Daoist Priest Li Tiansu, had spent a lot of effort to find this trick.

The nearby pair of male and female attendants opened their eyes wide:

"Do you want some more?" Song Shuhang asked Li Yinzhu.

Li Yinzhu shook her head and jumped down from the bed. Then, she ran toward Song Shuhang on her short legs and used her small hands to grab his clothes.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hands and picked her up. "In that case, I'll bring you to see Chu Chu first. Then, I'll bring you to another good place."

She is so cold. Even if she ate the Flaming Saber Technique, her body temperature is still very low. It will surely feel comfortable to hug her during summer, right? Well, not quite right. If her cold disease flares up, one will experience the brutality of winter itself.

"Hmm." Li Yinzhu obediently nodded her head.

Next, Song Shuhang waved his hand at the pair of male and female attendants and took his leave.

After that, he headed toward the Lower City of the Time City. Thanks to Pavilion Master Chu's wooden token of authority, he could freely move within the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

In addition, not every part of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was part of Pavilion Master Chu's illusory reality. For example, Pavilion Master Chu's Celestial Pavilion and the Time City were real buildings built after the destruction of the pavilion.

In the meantime.

After Pavilion Master Chu hurled the Sobbing Old Man to a distant place, he fell into a space gate. It was unknown where he was right now.

Just as he recovered from the teleportation process, the Sobbing Old Man discovered that he was stuffed into something.

"It's very packed in here. Just what is going on? Where did Pavilion Master Chu send me?" the Sobbing Old Man muttered to himself.

He felt as though someone had thrown him to the bottom of a desert, completely immobilizing him. At this time, even his nostrils were stuffed with something.

He had already inspected the state of his body. From the looks of it, there wasn't any foreign object that had entered his body. Perhaps Pavilion Master Chu attached a protective layer to his body while delivering him over there?

"Pavilion Master Chu's disposition wasn't as good as I expected it to be. According to the description on the mural, she was supposed to be a gentle and kind-hearted person... Now then, is there still hope for me to obtain the remaining part of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears?" The Sobbing Old Man was somewhat disappointed.

Forget it. There is no point thinking about it too much. I should get out of this strange place first.

As long as he knew the position of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, he wouldn't give up. He would keep persevering and rely on his powerful willpower to move the heart of the opposite party one day!

After thinking up to this point, the spiritual energy in the dantian of the Sobbing Old Man exploded, spreading all around his body.


China, inside a beautiful forest on a remote mountain.

Several bored youngsters passed through the forest on the mountain and arrived at a certain place. Recently, many youngsters that had already become winners in life were especially bored.

A bald youth swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "The last time, my younger brother mentioned that there was a huge rock on the top of the mountain ahead. The shape of the rock was beautiful. It's something that is very hard to come by. "

Another youth that was carrying a bag on their back added, "I've heard about it as well. In addition, I've heard that the crew in charge of shooting the Journey to the West movie this year took a liking to this place. Perhaps they will shoot the scene of the birth of the Monkey King on the top of this mountain."

"In that case, we might as well go there and take a look. After all, we really have nothing to do today," a young girl said. The girl seemed to be a sportswoman and looked very energetic.

The bald youth said, "Actually, I can faintly see the huge rock from where I'm standing. Little Zi, come over. You can take a look at the rock from here."

The sportswoman was very interested and came closer. As expected, she could faintly see a huge rock on the top of the mountain from that angle. The shape of the rock was unique.

Little Zi smiled and said, "Beautiful. Let's make an effort and take a group photo together with the strange rock while the sky is still clear."

Then, just as the youngsters were chatting amongst themselves, the sound of a thunder-like explosion was suddenly transmitted from a distant place.

The thunder-like sound was similar to that of artillery firing, absolutely ear-splitting.

The several youngsters immediately felt the ground below their feet shake.

"Aaaah~ An explosion!" Little Zi called out.

"Is it an earthquake or a landslide?"

"It's not an earthquake. It should be the work of some nasty fellow that fired artillery?"

"No, it's the strange rock ahead that exploded!" Little Zi called out once more.

Far-off, the beautiful and strangely-shaped rock had detonated. Even if the group was far away, they could still feel the vibrations caused by the explosion.

In the next moment, the group of people saw that a glistening figure came out of the huge rock and soared into the sky, disappearing between the clouds.

Just as the figure rose into the sky, a strange sobbing sound was also heard.

"F*ck, the birth of the Monkey King!"

"Wukong! It's Sun Wukong!"

"Take a picture! Quickly take a picture!"

"Dammit, I almost got a heart attack! Anyway, we are too far away. The pictures aren't clear!"

"It's too late already. Whatever it was, it already flew far into the sky. We can't take a picture anymore."

"Let's go over and take a look at what happened to the rock!"

Thereupon, the group of people quickly headed toward the place where the explosion had taken place.

It was the genuine scene of the birth of the Monkey King! Although they didn't know what had flown out of the strange rock, what happened was still absolutely incredible!

If they had managed to record it and upload it online, it would have been a huge hit.

Unfortunately, all the pictures they took were very blurry due to the great distance. If they were to upload them online, the other users might think that the lot of them were just playing a prank.

Whatever! They would think about it when they uploaded them online!

In the meantime, on a certain island in the Pacific Ocean.

"In the end, the oath is finally complete." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took out a small notebook with a satisfied expression on his face. Then, he crossed out the oath that said: 'In education there should be no distinction, teach people how to read and write Chinese characters'.

After several months, he had finally managed to fulfill this oath of his.

In addition, he had also gotten the Blood God Crystal from our little friend Song. Therefore, it was time for him to break through to the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm!

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman put away the small notebook and raised his head, looking at the natives on the island outside. Although the natives were a bit stupid, he had somewhat grown attached to them after all the months they had passed together.

From a certain point of view, these several natives could be regarded as Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's 'students'.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman held his chin and muttered to himself, "Forget it. I'll give them a reward before leaving. I'll call the people in the palace and have two immortal chefs come over to prepare a delicious meal for the natives, allowing them to understand what the word 'delicious' truly means. Right, I should give them some medicinal liquid as well. It will keep them in good health and allow them to live up to a hundred years."

The group of natives that was painstakingly practicing the Times are Calling every day gathered in there.

"Dammit, that demon is simply too cruel. Today, Old Seven and Old Nineteen were hung on a tree and beaten. They are hanging there even as we speak."

"On the other hand, I was forced to skip two meals. The bark of a tree is enough to make my eyes lit up at this time."

"I had my palms hit very hard. They are still red, and I'm unable to pick up the pen and write even now. As if that wasn't enough, there is still a thousand-character long assignment for today's evening that I have to transcribe five times. I have no idea at which time I'll be able to finish it."

"From what I've heard, not only did that demon force us to study, he also extended his poisonous hands toward our children! I've heard people say that he wants to create something called 'elementary school' and want us to send our children there to have them beaten and hung on trees each day, as well as their palms hit and meals skipped."

"That's truly scary. We cannot allow for such a thing to happen."

"Just as our teacher, Joseph, said, wherever there is oppression, there will be resistance! We have to unite and rebel!"

"We cannot drag it any longer. We have to make up our mind now!"

"It will be today! We have to gather together and rebel against the demon!"

"If there is oppression, there will be resistance! We don't want to starve, we don't want to be hung up and beaten, we don't want to have our palms hit, and we don't want to have so much homework to do at home!"

"Homework is fine, but not so much! With so much work, we have to keep writing until after midnight and wake up at 6 AM in the morning the next day. I feel like crying."

"I feel that my eyesight has gotten worse recently. It must be because I have to do homework until late every day."

"Don't turn the meeting into a grievance pouring session! Let's take action and rebel against the demon today!"

"Good, we'll make our move today!"

The group of natives finally made up their mind.

"Let's call all our friends and relatives. Tonight, we must march hand in hand with our hearts linked together to get rid of the demon!"

After finished the meeting, the natives finally dispersed. They started to gather their friends and relatives with the intent of rebelling against the demon that very evening.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, who had been monitoring the entire island all along, was currently speechless.