Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Acute Poison
Chapter 59: Acute poison

In the dead of night, the sounds of the cicadas and frogs of summer emanated everywhere.

In the darkness, a figure in black night clothing traversed in the cover of the night, quietly approaching the mens dormitory. In the end, this figure stopped below the balcony to Song Shuhangs dormitory.

This should be it. The black figure softly mumbled, then he lightly jumped. With a *whoosh*, he landed on the balcony of Song Shuhangs balcony.

The second floor of the mens dormitory was 3.5 meters up, add on to that the half a meter tall guardrail, it was 4 meters high. This black figure required no assistance in jumping, and landed on the balcony effortlessly.

This jumping force, if it were put to use for the country, becoming the world champion would be in the bag; this was a 4 meter jump without any assistance from running, no matter which of high jump athlete sees this result, they would silently be brought down to their knees in tears.

But of course, the bigger problem was, the whole world would suspect whether he was taking steroids; or secretly added some kind of state of the art technological product in his muscles or something.

The dormitorys balcony door was a ceiling-to-floor window door, simple and beautiful.

The black clothed man first vigilantly inspected the inside. After confirming that nobody had noticed him, he took out a razor thin blade, and stuck it between in the gap of the door.

It was not known what movements he made, but the lock to the ceiling-to-floor door was unlocked by him, he had certainly maxed out the lockpicking skill.

Lightly pushing the door open, the black clothed man entered the room. His movements were nimble, like a cat, throughout the whole process he hadnt made a single sound.

In the dormitory, Song Shuhang laid down in the shape of a , he was completely dead asleep.

In the morning he helped Medicine Master look for a house, then refined the Body Tempering Liquid.

Then he learned the foundation fist technique and meditation scripture, and fought with some people before returning to the dormitory. Too many things happened on this day, he was completely drained.

Right now, even if this visitor ruthlessly slapped Shuhang twice, it would still be difficult to get him to wake up.

As a cultivator, Song Shuhangs experience and alertness were far from enough, he was just a rookie amongst rookies, and required a lot more tempering.

For the same reason, as a rookie that was just initiated, he couldnt possibly hope to be like other cultivation masters who could pay attention to their surroundings to the point of hearing the movement of grass in their sleep.

The black clothed man stared at Song Shuhang for a while, then compared him with the Song Shuhang in the information and photos he received. He verified Shuhangs identity. Its confirmed, he is the one.

The opposite party didnt seem to notice his arrival, the infiltration was a success, and surprisingly easy.

But the black clothed man didnt dare to put down his guard, because Altar Master had many qualms regarding this ordinary youngster, Song Shuhang. Before he came, he was warned to act according to the situation. If he was discovered by the opposite party, dont stop to think, immediately retreat!

Therefore, from the moment the black clothed man entered, he remained careful, held back his presence, and held his breath.

Next, where could the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl be? The black clothed mans gaze swept across Song Shuhangs body, his main objective in coming to the dormitory this night was to retrieve that legendary spirit ghost.

The room wasnt big, so he quickly found his target; the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl which contained the spirit ghost, was hanging on Song Shuhangs neck, without any protection.

The black clothed man was immediately excited.

This mission is easier than expected, fantastic. The black clothed man rejoiced inside, his target was completely knocked out, like he wouldnt even be awoken by the sound of thunder, he simply didnt seem like an expert at all. He honestly couldnt figure out why Altar Master had so many qualms regarding an ordinary person.

The black clothed man stretched out his left hand towards the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl on Song Shuhangs neck.

At this time, while looking at Song Shuhang who remained in deep sleep, he suddenly had a thought.

If I just bring back the spirit ghost itd at most be considered as me completing Altar Masters mission, and Ill receive some reward.

But what if I brought back Song Shuhangs head as well?

Maybe Id receive Altar Masters fullest appreciation as well, and obtain a better technique!

Then in a short while, he would be promoted, become a gold medal member of the organization, and become Altar Masters right hand man. His life would reach its peak, and he might have a long life like Altar Master. Just the thought of it made him a little excited.

With a flip of his hand, a handleless blade slid out, pinched between his fingers. Killing intent surfaced in his eyes, and the blade on his right hand moved towards Shuhangs neck, while his left hand continued to move down to catch the hanging necklace.

If he could obtain the spirit ghost and bestow this youngster a cut, wealth and status would be his!

The black clothed man licked his lips, with hope and expectation for his beautiful future.

His hand was about to grab onto the necklace.

But right at this time he suddenly felt an indescribable heaviness, intense pain and giddiness was felt from his head. It felt like someone had stabbed his head with a shit stick, and stirred it. The headache was harsh, and nearly made him shriek.

Whats going on? He clenched his teeth, forcefully holding back that shriek.

At the same time, a bad feeling welled up inside his heart.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the intense feeling of weakness invaded his body; accompanied with it was nausea, the urge to puke. He couldnt hold the blade between his fingers properly, and it fell onto the ground.

This feeling, its an acute poison? Damn it, wheres the poison from? When did I get poisoned? The black clothed man was greatly alarmed.

Having been through various brutal trainings, he immediately understood that he had been poisoned, and this poison was extremely tyrannical. Once it flared up, even the power of qi and blood in his heart acupoint couldnt be utilized anymore, and his body rapidly weakened.

He ferociously glanced towards Song Shuhang who laid on the bed.

Right at this time, he saw the corners of the dreaming Song Shuhangs mouth raise up, revealing a slightly nefarious smile. (Or sweet smile?)

No good!

I fell into a trap! The black clothed man promptly decided, and swiftly retreated with a sick body. Taking advantage of the fact that his body hadnt completely collapsed, he leaped over the balcony and left.


Once he landed, he spit out a mouthful of blood, staining the cloth which covered his face, red.

He hastily took out a few medicinal pills for relieving poison, and swallowed them all without caring if they worked or not.

Yet the dizziness in his head wasnt alleviated at all, while the weakness in his body continued to intensify. When he landed on the ground after leaping off the balcony, he even felt that his feet were unstable when landing, he had an internal injury.

The antidote he took had no effect.

The black clothed man could only feel an acute pain from his head hurting his consciousness, like a drunkard who drunk too much, he lost his ability to make proper judgement.

This is no good, I must look for Altar Master immediately while the poison in the body hasnt completely erupted, and get Altar Master to save me.

As he thought of this, he quickly ran towards the location of Altar Master.

This was without a doubt a mistake; if his mind was still clear, he definitely wouldnt run towards Altar Masters place. This would only reveal Altar Masters hiding place.

But at this moment, his mind was already a complete mess, his instinct to live made him choose to look for Altar Master to save him.

Altar Master was temporarily staying at a hotel outside of Jiangnan University City.

He leaned against the chair with an empty mind, but his mind kept bringing up Medicine Masters pair of sharp eyes. That pair of terrifying eyes couldnt be expelled from his mind.

Once he thought of that gaze, his body would feel weak.

He didnt dare to approach Medicine Master, and couldnt approach Song Shuhang when he was together with Medicine Master. He couldnt judge whether Song Shuhang was an expert or a mortal.

When it was night time, he received information that Song Shuhang had separated from Medicine Master, so under his thirst for the spirit ghost, he sent a subordinate who just completed his training to probe out Song Shuhang.

Because he couldnt confirm Song Shuhangs true strength, he couldnt bear to send his stronger subordinates over, so as to avoid getting them killed by him. It wasnt easy for him to bring up his subordinates, it took up a lot of wealth and time.

Looking at the time, if it was a success, my subordinate should have reported back by now, right? Altar Master thought inside. If it was a failure, then his subordinate would definitely have met a tragic end.

The world of cultivators is far more cruel than the world of mortals!

It was at this time that a knocking sound came from the door.

Its my subordinate who returned?