Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 590

Chapter 590: Is This Retribution?
Chapter 590: Is this retribution?
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The natives immediately got anxious.

Back then, the master of the island still could be classified as a human. But the master of the island they saw right now had already transcended the limits of humanity!

In front of this new and scary version of the master of the island, the 'peerless martial technique' the lot of them were secretly practicing was just a joke.

Even if each of them could reach the level where they could create explosions in the air with just their fists, wouldn't they be still hung upside down and beaten in front of the monstrous master of the island?

However, before the natives could recover from the shocking scene they had just witnessed, something even scarier happened.

The master of the island took a talisman paper out of nowhere and threw it toward the sky.

"Divine talisman, I command you to summon the divine lightning!"

The yellow talisman paper flew into the sky and sank into the layer of clouds.

In the next moment, a mass of golden lightning streaked across the horizon and headed toward the master of the island! Every streak of lightning carried great destructive power. Some of the natives that didn't have too much courage squatted down in fear and held their heads with their hands.

Was that lightning? The master of the island could unexpectedly summon lightning as well!

Heavens, was he an immortal?

But what was the master of the island planning to do? Summoning lightning and striking himself? Wasn't this a bit over the top?

Just as the natives were in confusion, the master of the island raised his hand.

Afterward, he started to move his arms and punch toward the lightning he had summoned, shattering it to pieces and dispersing it.

You heard it right; he literally shattered the lightning to pieces!

Earlier, the natives felt that their knees had gone soft, but after witnessing this scene, they just couldn't bear it anymore and directly knelt on the ground.

After the master of the island shattered to pieces all the streaks of lightning that filled the sky, he turned his head toward the natives and said in a grave tone, "Why are the lot of you gathered here? Have you already finished your homework?"

The natives looked at each other and didn't know how to reply to this question.

But right at this time, the tall and big native had a clever idea and immediately replied, "Master of the island, we heard a huge explosion just now. Therefore, we came over to take a look out of curiosity."

While he was at it, he didn't forget to do some bootlicking as well. "The level the technique of the master of the island has reached is absolutely outstanding, unparalleled in the world!"

"Heh." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman faintly smiled and said, "Right, earlier, I heard someone shout that they wanted to rebel against a cruel demon. What was that about?"

"Cruel demon? What's that? We don't know anything about this matter," the tall and big native said with a serious expression on his face.

"You guys don't know anything about it? In that case, I must have misheard since there was a lot of noise while I was practicing." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman calmly nodded his head.

All the natives immediately heaved a huge sigh of relief. It would be absolutely great if they could get away with it without receiving any punishment.

But right at this time, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman also asked, "Right, I taught you the Book of Odes today. Do you remember the content? The Book of Odes has quite a number of rare Chinese characters. Therefore, I was wondering whether you guys had some problems while studying it."

The tall and big native patted his chest and said, "Absolutely no problems. None whatsoever. We really liked studying the Book of Odes!"

The natives in the rear also said after him, "The sentences in the Book of Odes are exquisite. 'Chirp! Chirp! Cry the fish hawks on an islet in the river. A mild-mannered good girl; a fine match for the gentleman.' How exquisite!"

"Today, we discussed this topic all along. We are hoping for the master of the island to teach us more about the Book of Odes!"

"Yes, that's it! We like stuff like the Book of Odes the most!"

"I really wish I could study the Book of Odes all day long!"

The natives talked all at once and patted their chests, expressing their love and appreciation for the Book of Odes. They even strongly demanded the master of the island to teach them more about the book.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman silently nodded and said, "I didn't think you would like the Book of Odes so much!"

After pausing for a moment, he made up his mind and added, "Such being the case, we'll slowly complete the study of the Book of Odes in the next days!"

The natives really wanted to cry tears of blood. However, they still forced themselves to look cheerful.

But right at this time, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman decided to throw some more salt on their wounds. "Actually, I was preparing to say goodbye to you guys this evening. After all, my original wish was to have you guys become literate and capable of reading and writing. Since my duty was complete, I was planning to stop your lessons after briefly introducing you to the Book of Odes. I had even prepared a sumptuous banquet for our last day together.

But since you guys liked the Book of Odes so much, I decided to stay until I completely teach you the book! Ladies and gentlemen, let's spend some more happy time together!"

All the natives were dumbfounded.

"Sob, sob, sob~" Next, all the natives started to cry, looking especially aggrieved.

Senior Seven Lives Talisman evilly smiled and said, "Heh, look at how moved you are. Very well, I'll do my best to teach you the Book of Odes in that case. But you need to mentally prepare yourselves because I'll be even stricter!"

"Sob, sob, sob~" The natives felt like crying until losing consciousness.

If they hadn't come out this evening to seek death, the demon would have quietly left the island on his own...!!!

At this time, they felt like crying their hearts out. They were so sad that their tears flowed down like the Niagara Falls.

Senior Seven Lives Talisman continued, "Good, good. It's late already; you should go back and take a rest. Right, finish your homework a bit earlier and be in the class tomorrow at 5 AM. Since my time is not much, we have to finish studying the Book of Odes within half a month. Thereupon... you will come to class a bit earlier, return home a little later, and have a bit more of homework to do at home! We'll finish studying the Book of Odes in no time!"

"Sob, sob, sob~" Several natives hugged a big tree and cried rivers.

Several others bumped their heads against big trees, wishing they could pass out.

"Life is truly wonderful!" Senior Seven Lives Talisman sighed with emotion. While he was at it, he would use that half a month to grind the Blood God Crystal into blood ink used for talismans.

With great difficulty, the crying and suffering natives dispersed one after another and went to do their homework with faces full of tears.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took off his gymnastics clothing and wore his black windbreaker once more.

"Those guys are too naive. To think they wanted to revolt against me... In the next half a month, I'll let them have a taste of China's currently most popular and hellish cramming method! I'll make you study the Book of Odes until you get nausea!" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said as he coolly put on his sunglasses.

After saying this much, he turned around and prepared to return to his house.

But right at this time, a fissure formed in the space next to him, getting bigger and bigger.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's face froze. Then, he immediately squeezed between his fingers his crystal finger ring while attentively looking at the space fissure.

In the next moment, a man wearing a scholarly robe stepped out of the crack in the space.

The man looked cultured and elegant. However, both his eyes were red and full of anger and hatred.

"Painful, painful, painful! How come the wound isn't healed yet? It's there even if I advanced until reaching the high-rank with much difficulty!" The face of the scholarly man twitched in pain after he came out of the space fissure.

This was the same powerful expert that had forcefully borrowed Song Shuhang's ghost spirit.

Song Shuhang's secret appraisal technique was the cause of the wounds on his back. They disregarded any form of defense and evasion. In addition, the pain they caused was amplified by 1000%. There was no way to heal them; one could only grit their teeth and endure.

"Little friend Shuhang?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman blurted out in surprise as soon as he saw the person that had suddenly appeared.

The scholarly man gritted his teeth and replied, "Heh. I'm sorry, Fellow Daoist, but you must have mistaken me for someone else."

"Excuse me, Senior. It's just that your appearance is very similar to a fellow daoist I know."

"Oh, about that. Perhaps you didn't get the wrong person, then. This time, I forcefully borrowed the ghost spirit of a fellow daoist. Perhaps the ghost spirit I borrowed belongs to that fellow daoist known as 'little friend Shuhang'. Anyway, I'll have to trouble you to tell something to Fellow Daoist Shuhang when you have the time. Although I borrowed his ghost spirit, I'll return it after some time. At that time, I'll also give him a reward that would satisfy him for sure." The scholarly man faced Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and cupped his hands.

"..." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman. Is it possible to forcefully borrow a ghost spirit?

Afterward, the scholarly man took out a map and inquired, "Another thing, Fellow Daoist. Did you see another scholar almost dressed like me in the East China Sea area? And if you saw him, was that guy in a confusional state? According to what I was able to sense, he should be roaming around in the East China Sea."

"I'm sorry, but I didn't see him." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman shook his head. Then, he kindly reminded, "In addition, we are in the Pacific Ocean here, Senior."

The scholarly man looked at the location of the Pacific Ocean on the map and was somewhat speechless.

"In that case, Fellow Daoist, I'll take my leave. My time is not much, I need to find that guy as soon as possible. Let us bid farewell," the scholarly man said with a forced smile. Then, he stretched out his hand and tore the space apart, disappearing into the crack.

Before leaving, he turned around his head and said to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, "Right, remember to tell that fellow daoist that even if I borrow something, I always return it. I'm someone with a good reputation. He doesn't need to worry!"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was speechless.

He had just met a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender that could rip even space apart!

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman gently touched the crystal ring on his finger. Even if he had this crystal ring that could allow him to teleport away, he wasn't sure if he could escape from the hands of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

While facing such a powerful existence, he was so scared that he unconsciously broke out in a cold sweat.

After heaving a sigh, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman tried to calm himself.

But before he could regain his composure, another space fissure opened next to him. This fissure was even bigger than the previous one.

At the same time, several tentacles came out of the space fissure.


Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman attentively stared at the space gate.

In the next moment, a huge luminous jellyfish came out of it.

After coming out of the space gate, the jellyfish looked all around and asked Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, "Oh! Fellow Daoist, hello. Did you see a man dressed up as a scholar just now?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman replied, "If we are talking about the same Senior, he headed toward the East China Sea."

"Thank you." The luminous jellyfish faintly smiled and also added, "Right, do you know a certain Fellow Daoist named Song Shuhang?"

"Yes," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, nodding. Was this person also related to little friend Shuhang?

"No wonder, no wonder. I saw several talismans in his 'size-reducing purse' that had your aura on them. Those talismans were pretty good. You are a talisman master with great creativity," the luminous jellyfish said.

"Thank you for your praise, Senior," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said excitedly.

"Anyway, let us say goodbye. I need to chase after that guy." The luminous jellyfish spread her tentacles and tore the space, creating a fissure and sneaking inside.

After she was gone, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman heaved another huge sigh of relief.

Meeting two legendary Tribulation Transcenders at once made him feel incredible pressure.

Although the two Tribulation Transcenders had done their best to suppress their aura, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman still felt as though he was unable to breathe while facing them. After all, both of them were strong enough to kill him with just a finger!

Is this retribution? Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman thought to himself as he forced a smile. He had just finished scaring the natives when two Tribulation Transcenders appeared and scared him in return.