Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Yu Jiaojiao: Shuhang Ive Caught The Author
Chapter 592: Yu Jiaojiao: Shuhang, I've caught the author
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"No, Fairy Firefly, stop! I still have many important things to take care of. Moreover, I've stayed in space for more than 30 days already. How is that considered cheating? Otherwise, you can contact Senior White and ask him if the days I've passed in space count or not!" Song Shuhang didn't have the time to type and directly sent a voice message.

However, before Song Shuhang could even send the message in the group, Fairy Firefly's profile picture grayed out. She had gone offline. From the looks of it, she had locked onto Song Shuhang's approximate position through his IP address and was heading in his direction at high speed.

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately started to tear up.

The Fairy Firefly I knew wasn't such an unreasonable person!

After all, he found that the red-skirted Fairy Firefly was someone very easy to chat with the first time they met. Back then, she even asked Shuhang at which time he would like to go to space.

Then, she even provided a place where Song Shuhang could temporarily keep his spirit rice. In Song Shuhang's mind, Fairy Firefly was a sincere and generous beautiful woman in a red skirt.

But he hadn't expected that Fairy Firefly was the scary type of person that would spend a lot of unnecessary energy on trivial matters!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang took out the silver dragon puppet and left the place as soon as possible. Hopefully, he would be already far away by the time Fairy Firefly arrived there.

At the same time, he set his profile invisible and started lurking silently.

The silver dragon puppet danced in the air.

Song Shuhang used the private message feature and contacted Senior Seven Lives Talisman. "Senior, were you looking for me earlier?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: "Shuhang, did something happen to your ghost spirit?"

"Eh? Senior, how do you know?" Song Shuhang was surprised. Then, he also wrote: "Yes, my ghost spirit... was forcefully borrowed by another person."

"As expected, it was your ghost spirit !" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman forced a smile and wrote: "Earlier, I got to meet that powerful expert that borrowed your ghost spirit."

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up as he said, "Senior, can you tell me where you saw him?"

"I met him on that small island in the Pacific Ocean where the natives live. However, that powerful expert headed toward the East China Sea next... or so he said!" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said. He felt that that senior was someone with no sense of direction. He actually ended up in the Pacific Ocean while looking for the East China Sea. Therefore, would he really be able to successfully reach the East China Sea now that he was headed there?

"Thank you, Senior Seven Lives Talisman," Song Shuhang said gratefully.

Again the East China Sea...

The last time he was in the East China Sea, he chanced upon the mysterious island and lost a good chunk of his memories. Then, he somehow recovered bits and pieces, but even up until now, he had yet to recover his memories completely.

Aside from him, Senior Northern River, Senior Thrice Reckless, and Senior Ancient Lake Temple suffered the same fate. Actually, the lot of them were in an even worse condition. Up until now, they showed no sign of recovering their memories. Senior Medicine Master was still trying to research a method to allow them to recover their memories with all his might.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

"The East China Sea is so big... how can I exactly find the person that borrowed my ghost spirit! It's literally like fishing for a needle in the ocean!"

No, I mustn't be so pessimistic!

If he were to look at things from another perspective, he had obtained some info about the ghost spirit and successfully narrowed down the search area to the East China Sea. He didn't need to look for the ghost spirit all over the world.

Song Shuhang had greatly benefitted from this trip to space. Amongst the benefits he obtained was his new capacity to look at things from a different perspective, which was of great aid.

At this time, Senior Seven Lives Talisman sent another message: "Shuhang, do you also know a senior that has the appearance of a luminous jellyfish?"

"A luminous jellyfish?" Song Shuhang's complexion immediately became white. "Perhaps I've seen her. But we don't know each other well."

Whenever Song Shuhang recalled the scene of the luminous jellyfish hanging him upside down and beating him, he couldn't help but feel awful.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: "The luminous jellyfish-like senior was apparently chasing after your ghost spirit."

Eh? The luminous jellyfish left the Time City of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

"Thank you, Senior Seven Lives Talisman. This information you provided was really useful," Song Shuhang said gratefully. It was an important clue that he could use to find his ghost spirit!

"In addition, that powerful expert that borrowed your ghost spirit said that he would return it and give you a reward as well. I've heard that he is someone with a good reputation and high prestige," Senior Seven Lives Talisman said.

Can boarding the bus without a ticket and buying one only after getting caught be regarded as prestigious...?

"Little friend Shuhang, I wonder if you want to go to the East China Sea to look for the person that 'borrowed' your ghost spirit?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman asked at this time.

Song Shuhang replied, "Yes, Senior. At the very least, I would like to know what that expert wants to do after borrowing my ghost spirit. Of course, I won't overexert myself. If there is any danger, I'll immediately get out of there."

"In that case, you can try to contact Fellow Daoist True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon's family. The East China Sea is under the control of his family, and if there is the slightest sign of trouble in the East China Sea, they would immediately get wind of it."

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. Yu Jiaojiao was a member of True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon's family!

Thereupon, he happily said, "Thanks for the reminder, Senior Seven Lives Talisman. Such being the case, I'll contact Yu Jiaojiao."

After finishing his conversation with Senior Seven Lives Talisman, Song Shuhang quickly looked for Yu Jiaojiao's account and sent her a private message.

Tyrannical Saber Song One: "Jiaojiao, where are you right now?"

China, Jiangnan area. Inside a luxurious villa.

At this time, the palm-sized Yu Jiaojiao was lying in bed and fiddling with the tablet with her small claws.

Today, she had managed to squeeze 20,000 characters out of the author named Gao Moumou and was happily reading the content he had produced.

She had been particularly happy for the past several days. Therefore, she was planning to be merciful and allow that 'Holy Paladin' guy to get out of the small black room for half a day.

Just as she was in deep thoughts, she received a notification from the instant messaging program. It was a message from Song Shuhang.

"Eh? Shuhang, are you back from space?" Yu Jiaojiao quickly wrote. "Right, did you look at the message I sent you the last time?"

"It's a long story, and yes, I just returned to Earth. Anyway, which message did you send me?" Song Shuhang looked at the chat logs and didn't see any message from Yu Jiaojiao.

Thereupon, Yu Jiaojiao sent Song Shuhang the same message from the day before yesterday. "Shuhang, what kind of plot do you want for the movie? Magical realism? Wuxia? Xianxia? Science fiction?"

Then, she also added, "Shuhang, there is another good news. I managed to find that author that writes interesting stories. I've kidnapped him and closed him inside a small black room, making him write 20,000 or 30,000 characters every day. Reading so much content makes me truly happy. Recently, I've been thinking of kidnapping my favorite mangaka as well, closing them inside a small black room to make them draw faster."

"..." Song Shuhang.

The poor author was kidnapped and closed inside a small black room, forced to write from 20,000 to 30,000 characters every day.

This kind of experience was surely going to toughen him up, as well as move him to tears.

Song Shuhang could only observe a five-second silence for this anonymous author. Once he was done writing the plot of the movie, he would quietly give the author some money to compensate him.

After all, I can only do this much for that poor soul.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang wrote: "As for the genre of the story... since it has to be broadcast on New Year, it's better to choose a happy plot. However, we cannot waste the talent of our actors, either. After all, many seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group want to participate in the movie. Since all the seniors are powerful experts, if we shoot a fighting scene, it's bound to be amazing! In that case, I think it's better to go with a xianxia or fantasy genre."

"What you said seems reasonable," Yu Jiaojiao replied.

"Right, I also need to show those vehicle registration certificates somewhere. Therefore, it's better to use either a modern or futuristic setting," Song Shuhang said.

After all, the main reason he had to shoot this movie was that set of vehicle registration certificates. Therefore, he had to make use of them somewhere in the story in order to satisfy Papa Song.

"Modern setting seems boring. Let's use a futuristic one. Science fiction + xianxia or science fiction + fantasy... they both seem rather exciting," Yu Jiaojiao said happily.

"It doesn't really matter whether it's exciting or not. The only objective is to have fun. Ah, yes. There will be several characters making their appearance in the movie. There will be the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, as well as their friends. We have to satisfy everyone's requests as far as possible," Song Shuhang said.

"If there are so many characters appearing, the movie will go downhill!" Yu Jiaojiao said. Of course, it wouldn't be the case if the characters died as soon as they appeared or as soon as their profile was shown.

"It's fine. After all, we don't want to show it to others. We want to shoot the movie to amuse ourselves, and we can shoot it the way we like. Then, after we are done with the shooting, we can play it at home. It should be rather interesting ," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Yu Jiaojiao nodded and wrote, "What you said is reasonable."

"Right, Senior White must be the main character! Senior White is really looking forward to this movie." Then, Song Shuhang also added, "This point is very important. If Senior White isn't happy, the consequences might be unimaginable!"

"Sure," Yu Jiaojiao said. Afterward, she wrote another sentence: "Male protagonist or female protagonist?"

"Obviously male protagonist! If Senior White ends up with a female role, I'll be killed on the spot!" Song Shuhang immediately said.

However, the last time, when he and Soft Feather were seeking death together and took pictures of Venerable White with all different kinds of twin-tails, the resulting pictures were truly outstanding, to the point that they triggered an avatar-changing storm in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Actually, given Senior White's looks, it wouldn't be a problem if he were to perform the role of the female protagonist...

Bad, bad, bad! Song Shuhang quickly got these scary thoughts out of his head.

As the saying went: If you didn't seek death, you wouldn't die!

Just a moment ago, he saw in the Nine Provinces Number One Group that Senior Seven was chasing after the baboon-version Thrice Reckless to kill him.

He, Song Shuhang, didn't want to become the third death-seeking baboon of the group!

"I understand. Senior White will be the male protagonist of the movie." Yu Jiaojiao noted it down. "However, I feel that it's truly regrettable to let Senior White perform the role of the male protagonist. Perhaps we can make it so that the male protagonist has the hobby to wear female clothing?"

"Don't seek death! Jiaojiao, you had joined the group only a few days ago. You have to try your best not to catch the Thrice Reckless Disease," Song Shuhang quickly said.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, "The Thrice Reckless Disease? What's that?"

"The full name of the disease is: Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's 'If you don't seek death, you won't die' Disease. You should be clear of its meaning," Song Shuhang said.

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

Tyrannical Saber Song One: "Hold on. We have been chatting for a while, and I almost forgot about an important matter. Yu Jiaojiao, where are you now? I need to meet you."