Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 593

Chapter 593: Gao Moumou: Good Brothers Should Share Joys And Sorrows
Chapter 593: Gao Moumou: Good brothers should share joys and sorrows
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Since he was too absorbed in chatting with Yu Jiaojiao about the movie, Song Shuhang almost forgot about an important matter. He was looking for Jiaojiao because he needed her help to gather info about matters that had recently happened in the East China Sea. It was his only hope of finding the traces of that powerful expert that had borrowed his ghost spirit.

Yu Jiaojiao replied, "I'm in the Jiangnan area."

"I'll immediately head toward your position!" Song Shuhang typed swiftly. Afterward, he tightly hugged the neck of the silver dragon puppet, firmly attaching himself to its back.

"Head toward the Jiangnan area at maximum speed!"

The silver dragon flapped its wings and flew high up, sprinting forward with all its might. The spirit stones inside its body were also quickly consumed.

Song Shuhang's complexion turned somewhat pale. Although he had just returned from a space trip, his acrophobia wasn't showing any sign of improving.

Now then, should he actually add a railing to the silver dragon puppet? With that, he would feel much more secure.

Wait a moment, I forgot to ask Yu Jiaojiao her exact address!

From the looks of it, he would have to wait until arriving in the Jiangnan area before asking. It was rather troublesome to send a message now that the silver dragon puppet was going at full speed.

At this time, in a luxurious villa in the Jiangnan area. To be more precise, inside the 'small black room' that Yu Jiaojiao mentioned some time ago.

Although it was called 'small black room', the room was very big, and one could adjust the brightness inside as they pleased.

In the corner of the room was a huge desk with a high-quality, adjustable office chair.

Gao Moumou was currently leaning against the huge chair. The chair had a 'body massage' feature that made him feel very comfortable as he was shaking all over.

Next to him was a magnificent double bed. At this time, his girlfriend Yayi was lying there and soundly sleeping.

Yu Jiaojiao was surely all-resourceful. That day, just as he was thinking of having a long lovey-dovey call with Yayi to talk about their matters between lovers, Yayi was suddenly brought over in the evening.

Likewise, Yayi's parents were also happily waving their hands at her while she was brought way, just as though they had been brainwashed.

Afterward, Yayi accompanied Gao Moumou and settled down in the small black room. But unlike Gao Moumou, she wasn't restricted in any way. She could stroll in the whole villa and leave at any time.

"Another chapter is finished. However, I still have to edit it... at this point, I'll consider it part of tomorrow's batch. Anyway, It's going to be midnight soon..." Gao Moumou muttered to himself. He had already written 23,000 characters today.

During the past several days, he had written from 20,000 to 30,000 every single day. He was writing at a speed that the old Gao Moumou wouldn't even have dared to dream about.

Earlier, he could write 10,000 characters in one day at most, and he could write that many characters only if he were to hole himself up in the house for the whole day during holidays. In addition, his brain would feel like exploding if he were to try to write again after finishing his 10,000 characters, making him unable to think of a good plot.

But now, he felt as though his mind was fresh all the time, and even after writing 30,000 characters, he felt rather energetic!

At first, he was terrified. He thought that the girl named 'Yu Jiaojiao', whom he had only seen through pictures or contacted through voice messagesand never seen in person up until nowhad put a performance-enhancing drug in his meals. After all, only something like a performance-enhancing drug would make him feel full of energy even after writing characters for the whole day.

But later, he discovered that there wasn't any side effect even though he was feeling energetic and clear-headed all day.

What made him feel even more shocked was the state of his body. During the past several days, he had stayed in the small black room to write characters all day. Under normal circumstances, the condition of his body should have quickly deteriorated.

But contrary to his expectations, the condition of his body had been absolutely perfect for the past days.

Due to university courses, he didn't have the opportunity to exercise too much as of late. Therefore, his abs had slowly disappeared. But now, their outline was becoming clearer as the day passed. In addition, he felt his arms full of strength as well.

Beyond that, he felt that harmful substances were expelled from his body every day, improving his condition even further to the point that even some of his internal injuries had disappeared.

For example, his right shoulder would hurt from time to time due to him playing too many video games and writing chapters late at night during his high school days.

After writing characters for a long time, his shoulder would inevitably start hurting.

But when he woke up yesterday, Gao Moumou discovered that his aching right shoulder wasn't aching anymore!

Therefore, Gao Moumou was sure that there was something wrong with the daily meals that Yu Jiaojiao was giving him to eat. The problem was that he didn't know if the stuff she was putting in his meals had only good effects or bad ones too.

Gao Moumou saved the chapter he had just written.

Then, after pondering for a moment, he pressed the button on his desk that could allow him to contact Yu Jiaojiao.

Once he pressed the button, the lovely voice of a girl directly echoed beside his ears. "Mister Gao, did you finish writing another chapter?"

Although there wasn't any acoustic equipment in the surroundings, the voice of the opposite party was directly echoing in his ears.

Of course, Gao Moumou would never be able to guess that it was simply the 'secret sound transmission technique'.

Gao Moumou shook his head and said, "It has yet to be edited. I'll count it as part of tomorrow's batch."

"Sure, no problem. I've already read enough today. I'm very satisfied," Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile. "In that case, did you need something from me?"

"Yes. I need to ask you something," Gao Moumou said. One would find it hard to believe that this girl with a lovely voice was a cruel and brutal reader that had gone as far as kidnapping him and locking him in a small black room...

It was truly a scary and fixated fan. This fact alone was enough to give him a lot of pressure.

Yu Jiaojiao smiled and said, "Go ahead. You can speak without holding back."

Gao Moumou said, "Question 1: For how long do you want to keep me closed in this place?"

"Heh, if possible, I would like to keep you here for a lifetime," Yu Jiaojiao replied cutely.

"I refuse!" Gao Moumou said vehemently. He would rather die than stay in this room for his whole life.

"I was just joking! Mister Gao, the main reason I brought you here is that I wanted you to write a story for us, an interesting one! After that, we will use the story to shoot a movie," Yu Jiaojiao said.

"..." Gao Moumou.

F*ck. To put it plainly, you just wanted me to write the plot of a movie?

If it was just this, you could have just made me sign a contract, and everything would have been fine! After all, it's not strange for webnovels to be adapted into movies or TV series nowadays. Was it really necessary to kidnap me and lock me into a small black room, making him write chapters all day?

"But then, I thought: since I already have to bring him here to write the plot of the movie, why not conveniently force him to write chapters as well? I really like your novels. The only problem is that your release rate is simply too slow, and I can't get enough chapters that way. Now that you can write from 20,000 to 30,000 characters every day, you can reluctantly satisfy me. Actually, if you could write from 50,000 to 60,000 characters, it would be even better. It's really regrettable that you are not that fast..." Yu Jiaojiao also added.

Gao Moumou's eyes started to tear up. In the end, bringing him here to write the plot of the movie was just an excuse. Her real objective was to kidnap him and lock him inside this small black room to make him write chapters!

"Mister Gao, do you have anything else to ask me?" Yu Jiaojiao said gently.

"Question 2: Did you add something to the food you give me to eat every day?" Gao Moumou asked.

This question was of great importance. Although what they fed him didn't cause him any problem at the momentand even healed his internal injurieswhat if the bad effects showed up only after a long time? Wouldn't that be even more fearsome?

"You finally noticed this point. To be honest, I thought you would notice it earlier." Yu Jiaojiao seemed very interested in this topic and quickly started to explain. "Anyway, it's nothing important or worth mentioning. What I added to your daily meals are the 'Eye-Opening Pill' and the 'Energizing Medicinal Liquid'. These two things are powerful restoratives that can strengthen your hearing and eyesight, as well as allow you to stay in high spirits and full of vitality. These two medicinal prescriptions have been passed down since ancient times, and the raw materials used to produce them are very valuable. Therefore, you can be at ease; there won't be any aftereffect. In addition, I recently added to the stinky tofu you love eating a little bit of 'body tempering liquid'. Fortunately, what you like to eat the most is that stinky tofu. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to conceal the smell of the body tempering liquid. Anyway, the body tempering liquid is a medicinal liquid that we cul martial arts experts take when practicing. It can strengthen the constitution and remove certain internal injuries that have stayed behind after practice. Just like the other two, the body tempering liquid doesn't have any aftereffects, either. However, since you constitution was rather weak, I had to dilute several times the body tempering liquid I gave you."

"Is there really no aftereffect?" Gao Moumou asked, still worried.

"Absolutely none. You can completely believe me on this," Yu Jiaojiao said. Her voice seemed to contain a type of persuasive power. There was a strange power concealed inside her pleasant voice.

It was a power belonging to monster fishes that Jiaojiao had inherited from her mother.

After all, the singing of a mermaid had the power to bewitch others.

When she spoke earlier and assured Gao Moumou, Yu Jiaojiao's voice had a certain 'charming' power concealed within. She herself was unaware of this matter.

Gao Moumou nodded and said, "I understand."

For some reason, he immediately believed Yu Jiaojiao's words when she made her pledge.

Afterward, Gao Moumou also asked, "Did you add those things in Yayi's food too?"

"Yes. I've done it to give Mister Gao face. It can be considered a health-improving gift," Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile. This type of health-improving gift was difficult to obtain even with a large sum of money!

"Should I thank you in that case?" Then, Gao Moumou also said, "Anyway, I have one last question."

Yu Jiaojiao replied, "Mister Gao, please, say."

"I wanted to ask you if I could make a few calls. I wanted to call over some friends so that they could accompany me and get locked inside the small black room together with me," Gao Moumou said resolutely.

Good brothers were meant to stick together through thick and thin, as well as to share joys and sorrows.

Now that he had suddenly chanced upon these mysterious and excellent medicine, he decided to share them with his brothers. Tubo, Yangde, and Shuhang should also seize the opportunity to get a taste of these restoratives.

Then, after they had gotten these good things, it should be fine for them to join him inside the small black room, right? It was only right to share difficulties too!

Yu Jiaojiao nodded and said, "Fine. I'll allow you to contact your friends."

Soon after, two girls dressed up as maids entered the room and installed a fixed phone on Gao Moumou's desk.

After installing the phone, the two maidservants smiled and said goodbye to Gao Moumou, withdrawing from the room.

Gao Moumou heaved a sigh and took out his mobile phone, looking for Song Shuhang's number.

Reminder: his mobile phone had no signal while inside the small black room.

Such being the case, he could neither go online nor make calls with his phone.

It wasn't that Yu Jiaojiao was afraid that Gao Moumou would get in contact with the outside world. It was to prevent Gao Moumou from getting distracted due to surfing the Internet too much.

Gao Moumou grabbed the fixed phone and dialed Song Shuhang's number.

Soon after, Song Shuhang's voice was transmitted from the other end. "Hello, who is it?"

"Shuhang, it's me, Gao Moumou!" Gao Moumou said warmly.

"Ahaha, it's you, Moumou. Shouldn't you be on holidays with your girlfriend at this time? Did you need something since you called me?" Song Shuhang said.

Gao Moumou heard the sound of strong wind coming from the other end. What was Song Shuhang doing at this time?

"Shuhang, are you free right now? If you are free, we can have a get-together with our other friends," Gao Moumou said.

"Sure, no problem! However, I have an important matter I need to take care right now, but I should be able to get done with it quickly. When are we meeting, and at which place? I'll come over as soon as I can," Song Shuhang said straightforwardly.

"I've already decided the place... I'll send you a message with the address later. If you have the time, you should directly go there after you are done taking care of that important matter. This time, our get-together will last for a few days. My girlfriend Yayi is also there," Gao Moumou quickly replied. The reason he didn't give Song Shuhang the address yet was that he had never gotten out of the small black room since after he was kidnapped.

Therefore, he had no idea of the address of the villa.

Thereupon, Gao Moumou pressed once more the button on his desk.

The two maidservants that had installed the phone on his desk just now entered the room and asked, "Mister Gao, do you need something?"

Gao Moumou replied, "What's the full address of this villa?"

"Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105," one of the two maidservants replied.

"Very well, I've noted it down. Right, can you send a message for me? I would like to send the address of this place to my friend." After saying this much, Gao Moumou gave Song Shuhang's phone number to the two maidservants.

"Sure, Mister Gao. We'll immediately send the message." The two maidservants noted down Song Shuhang's phone number and withdrew from the small black room.

Now then, what's the family background of this Miss Yu Jiaojiao? She has maidservants even in this age and time, Gao Moumou thought to himself.

Afterward, he dialed Tubo's number and started a new round of hoodwinking.

Even if he had to expose the fact that he was a webnovel author, he would still drag his three roommates in the small black room together with him!

In the meantime, Song Shuhang quickly arrived in the airspace of the Jiangnan area.

The speed of the silver dragon puppet decreased and Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone, sending a message to Yu Jiaojiao: "Jiaojiao, what is the address of your current location?"

Yu Jiaojiao quickly replied: "Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105. Come quickly. I'll introduce you to that author."

Then, not even two seconds after Yu Jiaojiao finished sending her message, Song Shuhang received another message.

Address: Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105.

"Jiaojiao is really careful. She especially sent the message a second time!" Song Shuhang said with a faint smile.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang opened the navigator on his phone and inserted the address 'Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105' in the search bar.

The silver dragon puppet flapped its wings and quickly headed toward Yu Jiaojiao's villa.

Around two minutes later.

The silver dragon puppet descended in the courtyard of Yu Jiaojiao's villa while it remained invisible, preventing ordinary people from seeing it.

Yu Jiaojiao had been waiting there for a long time already.

As soon as Song Shuhang landed, she lightly jumped and fell on his shoulder, saying, "Let's go. I'll bring you to meet that author. Right, why were you looking for me? You can tell me while we head there."