Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Copper Trigram: Fairy Maiden You Sent Into Space The Wrong Person 2 In 1
Chapter 596: Copper Trigram: Fairy maiden, you sent into space the wrong person! (2 in 1)
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang continued with his explanation in a gentle tone. "My initial plan was to shoot a small movie, and there wasn't really the need for a script. We could have shot it the way we preferred, and that was it... but after my friend brought up that matter about the plot, I felt that what she said was indeed reasonable. Afterward, that friend of mine offered herself to help me look for an author that could write the script for the movie, guaranteeing that she would find one that wrote very interesting stories. As a result, I agreed to her plan."

After hearing up to this point, Gao Moumou touched his face. The corner of his mouth had started to twitch already.

"Then, a few days ago, I had to go to a very distant place due to personal reasons. Thereupon, I left the task to look for that author that wrote interesting stories to my trusted friend. I left everything in her hands and didn't pay attention to the matter anymore," Song Shuhang said.

"..." Gao Moumou felt that his whole face had started to twist.

"Ahaha, judging from your expression, you must have guessed it already, right? Anyway, your guess is correct. The name of my trusted friend is precisely Yu Jiaojiao 1 , and from a certain point of view, she is indeed a very lovely and cute girl," Song Shuhang said and gave Gao Moumou the thumbs up. Yu Jiaojiao's mother was a beautiful woman, and after Jiaojiao advanced to the Fifth Stage Realm and became capable of assuming human form, she wouldn't be inferior to her mother. If one looked at things from a 'future' perspective, Jiaojiao was indeed a beautiful and lovely girl!

Gao Moumou felt that he had gotten a sudden stomach ache as he said, "Then, is it possible that the super unlucky author that Miss Yu Jiaojiao kidnapped and locked inside a small black room, ultimately forcing him to write from 20,000 to 30,000 characters every dayand possibly starving him if he were to fail to reach that numberis called Gao Moumou?!"

"Absolutely correct. You aren't a webnovel author for nothing! Your insight is excellent." Song Shuhang tried to flatter Gao Moumou a bit.

Unfortunately, the flattery didn't work that well.

"In other words, the reason I was locked inside this small black room, unable to sleep all night because I had to write chapters, is the movie youSong Shuhangdecided to shoot on a whim?" Gao Moumou said as he massaged his chest in the hope of calming his pulsating heart.

Song Shuhang didn't deny and said, "You are correct. It's precisely like this."

Gao Moumou clenched his teeth and said, "Shuhang!"

"Yes?" Song Shuhang then reminded, "Moumou, we reached an agreement earlier, didn't we? Everything that happened was such a big coincidence. It's probably the god of fate playing tricks on us. I explained everything to you in details, without hiding anything. Therefore, you can't get angry, alright?"

"Don't worry, Shuhang! The boat representing our friendship can withstand great storms and won't overturn after a simple quarrel!" Gao Moumou clenched his teeth and said, "But now, come over here!"

"What do you want to do?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Come over here, I promise that I won't beat you too much!" Gao Moumou said as he clenched his fists. At this time, he had only one thing in mindmaking Song Shuhang have a taste of the brutal iron fist of friendship! And he would make sure to make Shuhang feel a lot of pain!

"Don't even think about it." Song Shuhang smiled and said, "In addition, the current you isn't my match."

"Don't think too highly of yourself just because you grew a little taller! Quickly come over and allow me to give you a taste of the iron fist of friendship!" Gao Moumou growled.

"I didn't just grow taller, heh!" Song Shuhang said as he revealed a smile. Then, he lifted his clothes and revealed his sculpted body.

Each and every muscle was well-defined. Although his muscles weren't as big as bodybuilders', they were full of explosive power. As long as Song Shuhang slightly made an effort, all the muscles of his body would move accordingly, filled with incredible strength.

"F*ck." Gao Moumou opened his eyes wide. Just what the hell was going on? Some time ago before the start of summer vacation, Song Shuhang still had a slight potbelly. But now, three months later, all the muscles of his body were well-defined and dazzling to the eye?

Even if he had taken steroids, he wouldn't have been able to develop such muscles!

"Hehehe." Song Shuhang posed like a bodybuilder and said, "Did you see? As you can see from my muscles, my body is in top condition right now. The current you is unable to beat me up."

Gao Moumou clenched his teeth and said, "Tsk! It doesn't matter. You aren't allowed to hit back. Let me beat you up a bit to release my anger."

"Not even in your dreams!" Song Shuhang smiled and said, "I'm not a masochist."

"Tsk! In that case, I'll have to leave a hole with your silhouette on the wall myself. Look at this move of mine. Shuhang, get rekt!" Gao Moumou placed his hand on the desk and propped himself up, jumping high up and using a scissor kick against Song Shuhang. One had to remember that Gao Moumou had trained before!

But just when he was halfway through his jump, one of his legs ended up hitting the edge of the desk... after all, the desk and the office chair were part of one set and were both very big!

Gao Moumou lost his balance and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"..." Song Shuhang.

That must have hurt a lot.

He squatted next to Gao Moumou and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Do you think I'm alright?" Gao Moumou raised his head while covering his nose and bitterly said with teary eyes, "At first, I was just thinking of calling my dear friend here so that you could keep me company in this small black room. But you were the goddamn mastermind that made me end up in the small black room in the first place! Our friendship is over!"

Song Shuhang said with a smile, "Do you want to end our friendship just like that? Didn't you just say that the small boat representing our friendship could withstand big storms and whatnot?"

"Can it really be alright if water is continuously leaking in? It will eventually sink if the water keeps leaking in!" Gao Moumou gave him a supercilious look.

"Fine. Let it sink in that case," Song Shuhang said as he stretched out his hand, picking up Gao Moumou from the ground.

Gao Moumou felt as though a burst of incredible strength that he had no way of revolting against had picked him up from the ground. The difference in strength between the two was just too much, to the point of being comparable to the difference between an infant and a grown-up adult!

Gao Moumou clenched his teeth and said, "What the hell. Shuhang, what did you eat lately that you became so strong?"

Song Shuhang said gently, "I've indeed experienced a lot of things lately. It's a long story."

"An opportunity, eat my move!" Just as he was speaking, Gao Moumou suddenly attacked Song Shuhang with his leg from a tricky angle, trying to hit his calf. Gao Moumou had practiced martial arts when he was a child. Although he had neglected his studies for several years now, he still remembered the basics.


In the next moment, Gao Moumou's eyes almost fell out of his eye sockets. Just now, he felt as though his leg had hit a pillar made of iron, bouncing back and making him feel extreme pain.

"Damnable Shuhang, did you actually hide an iron plate below your pants?! Our friendship is truly over now!" Gao Moumou clenched his teeth due to the pain. He even had to lower his voice and endure the pain so as to avoid waking up Yayi, suffering in silence.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Shuhang quietly pulled his pants up and revealed the well-defined muscles of his calf. Afterward, he said with a smug expression on his face, "As you can see, I don't have any iron plate below my pants. Those are just the powerful muscles of my leg."

"Bastard, did you practice the golden-bell cover technique or something?!" Gao Moumou said as he rubbed his leg. The kick he had thrown just now wasn't a serious one and was more of a joke. Therefore, he didn't put too much strength in it. However, the pain he felt was still very hard to bear!

Song Shuhang blinked his eyes and said, "Anyway... do you still want to kick me a few more times to vent your anger? I feel like I don't really need to dodge."

If anyone hit you in the right leg, turn to them the other leg also. This way, you would have even more fun~

"Kick your sister!" Gao Moumou gave him a supercilious look.

Then, he crawled until the office chair and pondered for a moment, lightly laughing.

Sometimes, such incredible coincidences could actually take place in the world. After several small coincidences combined with each other, they would give birth to matters that would go beyond one's expectations.

Song Shuhang sat in front of Gao Moumou and said again, "I'm sorry about what happened. But it was really an accident. I totally didn't expect that the author Yu Jiaojiao would catch would be you. In addition, I even asked you if wrote webnovels earlier, and you said you didn't. Therefore, I'm not the only one at fault here."

Gao Moumou gave him a supercilious look. The fact that he was writing webnovels was his little personal secret. He couldn't casually tell it to his acquaintances!

"Anyway, I'll tell Yu Jiaojiao to get you out of this small black room. After that, you can have fun in here for the next days," Song Shuhang continued.

Yu Jiaojiao, who was sitting on Shuhang's shoulder, raised her claws in protest. If Gao Moumou were to get out of the small black room, she wouldn't get to read those updates of 20,000-30,000 characters anymore!

Gao Moumou rolled his eyes. If Song Shuhang still wanted to keep him inside the small black room, they would truly become mortal enemies!

"Anyway, Moumou, are you interested in writing the script for the movie?" Song Shuhang asked. If Gao Moumou was unwilling, they would have to find another person.

"Why not? I might as well earn some money for the vacation I'm planning to go on with Yayi," Gao Moumou said bitterly. Earlier, Yu Jiaojiao reached an agreement with him about the payment he would receive for writing the plot of the movie, and the sum of money was quite high.

Afterward, Gao Moumou also added, "However, I have a request as well."

Song Shuhang said heroically, "What kind of request? Do tell."

Gao Moumou said earnestly, "I want to play a role in the movie as well."

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "It's not a problem. Tubo and Yangde can be added to the cast as well." The higher the number of actors, the more bustling the scene would be! However, he would have to tell the seniors to weaken their strength in the parts Gao Moumou and the others were acting so as to avoid scaring them.

"It's settled then. What theme do you want for the story? I'll try my best to come up with an interesting story," Gao Moumou said.

"How about science fiction + xianxia in a futuristic setting?" Song Shuhang probed.

"..." Gao Moumou.

Science fiction? Even a layman like Gao Moumou knew that a science fiction movie would require computer-generated imagery. Was Song Shuhang planning to shoot a small science fiction movie with his 50 cents budget?

In addition, he wanted it to be xianxia as well, which similarly required a lot of special effects.

Song Shuhang asked in a low voice, "Is there a problem?"

Gao Moumou clenched his teeth and said, "It's fine. Isn't it just science fiction + xianxia... I'll write it and let you have a look."

"Right, Old Gao. Remember that the main character has to be very handsome and immortal-like," Song Shuhang also added. After all, it was Senior White who was going to be the main character of the story!

"Sure, no problem." Gao Moumou smiled evilly.

...Look at how I will torture the main character at the appointed time!

Gao Moumou wanted to participate in the movie so that he could become the eternal rival of the main character and make him suffer time and time again! It was his way to retaliate against Song Shuhang.

Gao Moumou firmly believed that Song Shuhang would be the main character of the movie.

Meanwhile, somewhere else.

In the airspace of Jiangnan area.

A youngster with a gentle-looking face was standing on top of a tall building in the Jiangnan area, enjoying the evening wind blowing against his face.

The youngster had short black hair and looked full of energy.

If Song Shuhang were to see this youngster, he would surely be surprised, because this gentle-looking youngster had the same appearance as him.

It wasn't just his appearance, even the aura his body was giving off and his manner was the same as Song Shuhang!

However, this person wasn't Song Shuhang's ghost spirit.

"I managed to shake off Brother Medicine Master in the end. He was truly troublesome to deal with... he quietly placed several different types of medicinal powders to keep track of me on my body. If it was someone else, they would have been defeated by Brother Medicine Master's method had they been careless. Unfortunately, the opposite party was me!" 'Song Shuhang' said complacently.

"Where should I head next? Earth is just too dangerous as of late. Perhaps it's better if I go in space and hide there," 'Song Shuhang' muttered to himself.

Right, I should take a look at my 'enemies' first. After thinking up to this point, the man took out a strange mobile phone and swiped on the screen.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Su Clan's Seven: "Brother Medicine Master, what is your current location? I'm carrying over a baboon to your place... we'll eat monkey brain this evening!"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "...About that! Fellow Daoist Seven, eating the brain of a monkey is a very evil thing to do! Monkeys should be treasured!"

Su Clan's Seven: "Tsk! The monkey should just be obedient and let me cut off its head. There is no need for all this useless talk."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "..."

Around a minute later, Medicine Master popped out and wrote: "I'll send you my coordinates. Moreover, Copper Trigram escaped."

Su Clan's Seven: "He was really quick with his escape."

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: "Since so many fellow daoists wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with him, Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram must have decided to run away as fast as possible. Fellow Daoist Medicine Master, didn't you leave something on his body to keep track of him?"

"I did, a lot of things actually. But he got rid of them." Medicine Master sent a short message.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: "When did Copper Trigram run away? How long has it been?"

Medicine Master wrote in reply: "Four hours ago, and he got rid of the medicinal powder on his body one hour ago. The place where he was last seen is the coastal area."

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: "Since it's been so long, he must have already run to some foreign country."

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: "[Picture of a cute puppy]."

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: "[Picture of the head of a dog being furiously rubbed]."

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: "Knowing Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram, it's going to be very difficult to find him now that he has run away. Once he changes his appearance and blends amongst humans, it's going to be nearly impossible to find him."

Regretful expressions appeared on the faces of several fellow daoists that were hoping to have a heart-to-heart talk with Copper Trigram.

But right at this time, Medicine Master also wrote: "However, it should be just about time for a particular type of medicine that I've left inside his body to activate. Once it activates, it will severely weaken Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram for a short period of time. Perhaps we can take advantage of that opportunity to catch him."

The corner of 'Song Shuhang''s mouth rose and turned into a complacent smile. He had used the coastal area as bait to throw them off.

Hmph, you can catch me only in your dreams!

Even if I'm weakened, the effects of my 'disguising technique' won't decrease in the slightest!

At this time, I'm just little friend Song Shuhang. No one can see through my disguise!

As you might have guessed, this 'Song Shuhang' was nothing but Immortal Master Copper Trigram under disguise!

But right at this time, Northern River's Loose Cultivator got online and said, "I guarantee you that Copper Trigram won't be able to run away! Right, is there any fellow daoist that is currently in space? You should get in contact with me. I'll give everyone several coordinates. According to my guess, that shady fortune teller is very likely to run into space. Compared to Earth, space is bigger and safer. My several coordinates consist of a list of places that he is very likely to be while in space."

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: "Fellow Daoist Northern River, if you say this in the group, won't Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram also be able to read it?"

"It doesn't matter. Actually, I want him to read it. I'm pretty sure he's headed toward space as we speak. If he gets into space, I'll have a 50% chance of catching him. At that time... hmph! " Northern River's Loose Cultivator sent an evil emoji.

It was even better if Copper Trigram could read this message.

It would be excellent if the opposite party decided to stay on Earth after reading this message. Space was simply too big, and it was almost impossible to find him if he were to escape there. On the other hand, there was always an opportunity to find him if he were to stay on Earth.

And if Copper Trigram still decided to go to space, Northern River's message would at least give him a scare, making that shady fortune teller fearful and apprehensive!

Just as Northern River's Loose Cultivator sent this message in the group, several fellow daoists popped up and expressed their intention of making a trip to space.

Afterward, Northern River's Loose Cultivator started to send messages privately.

On that tall building in the Jiangnan area, the corner of 'Song Shuhang''s mouth twitched.

He couldn't expect less from his old enemy, Northern River's Loose Cultivator! After all, the person that understood one the most was their enemy. These words were just too correct.

Just as he was planning to escape to space, his actions were correctly guessed by the opposite party. Northern River was simply like a bug hidden in his stomach!

Immortal Master Copper Trigram silently sighed and touched his turtle shell, preparing to perform another self-divination. If the result of the divination was a positive one, he wouldn't go to space and would instead find a place on Earth and hide there.

If the result of the divination was a negative one, he would happily go to space.

Sigh~ there was no other way. After all, he was a shady fortune teller!

The fact that he knew about being a shady fortune teller made it even more tragic.

The copper coins fell out of the turtle shell. Immortal Master Copper Trigram looked at the picture, starting to count on his fingers.

According to the result of the divination, he would have great luck!

Well, that was very bad news. From the looks of it, his trip to space would be dogged by bad luck.

Perhaps Northern River had really prepared a huge encirclement for him and was just waiting for him to fall into the trap.

"Hmph, the world is so big, is it really possible that I won't be able to find a place where I can hide? In the worst case, I can change my appearance again and hide amongst humans. The world has a population of over 8 billion individuals. How can they find me so easily?" Immortal Master Copper Trigram sneered. If necessary, he could even disguise as a small animal!

However, he would remember about that Northern River's Loose Cultivator and give him a good lesson on the battle on the summit of the forbidden city!

After thinking up to this point, Immortal Master Copper Trigram put the turtle shell away and gently jumped, starting to jump from building to building.


But right at this time, a sword light quickly headed toward his position from a faraway place.

A fairy maiden wearing a red skirt was standing on the sword light. The fairy maiden had a serious expression on her face and her eyes were closed. It seemed she was trying to sense something.

Very soon, the fairy maiden noticed Immortal Master Copper Trigram that was now disguised as Song Shuhang.

"I've finally found you, little friend Shuhang!" The fairy maiden revealed a smile and whizzed toward him, landing in front of 'Song Shuhang'.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram bitterly smiled to himself. The thing one feared the most would surely happen. Just as he was thinking of evading the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he just happened to meet one.

The person of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that had come here was Fairy Firefly. She practiced a cultivation technique that was related to 'attraction' and 'repulsion'. She was a fairy maiden with a good temperament and was usually very open to persuasion.

But sometimes, she would spend a lot of effort on absolutely trivial problems. Whenever that happened, she would become very stubborn and difficult to persuade.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram squeezed out a smile and, using the same tone as Song Shuhang, said, "Fairy maiden, good evening."

"Little friend Shuhang, I rushed over here just for now. Therefore, let's get to the point directly," Fairy Firefly said as she stretched out her hand, untying something hanging around her waist.

What she had untied was a silk handkerchief tied around the waist as a decoration.

Then, under Immortal Master Copper Trigram's confused gaze, Fairy Firefly tied that silk handkerchief around 'Song Shuhang''s waist.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram had simply no idea as to what Fairy Firefly was doing!

"Do you have fasting pills with you?" Fairy Firefly said in a weak voice.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram copied Song Shuhang and bashfully nodded his head, saying, "Yes, I have a few."

Fairy Firefly explained, "That's good. Let me explain. This silk handkerchief is part of my magical clothing and can protect you just like a spacesuit, allowing you to stay safe in space."

Spacesuit? Allowing you to stay safe in space? Just what is happening? Why do I have a bad premonition?!

Earlier, Immortal Master Copper Trigram was too busy getting away from Medicine Master. Therefore, he didn't see the message in the Nine Provinces Number One Group in which Fairy Firefly stated she would send Song Shuhang back to space once again.

He discovered that little friend Song Shuhang had come back from space only through the chat logs that came after that.

Thereupon, he decided to disguise as Song Shuhang and run toward the Jiangnan area.

"Such being the case, have a nice trip, little friend Shuhang. We'll see each after one full month," Fairy Firefly said and placed several seals on Immortal Master Copper Trigram's body.

Since she didn't have the time to prepare a 'space capsule' this time, Fairy Firefly imbued her silk handkerchief with enough spiritual energy. The layer of spiritual energy would later form a defensive barrier and protect little friend Shuhang, allowing him to pass through the atmosphere without getting injured.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram was dumbfounded. Is she really thinking of sending me to space? No, this is too cruel!

"GO!" Fairy Firefly said in a grave tone.

In the next moment, Immortal Master Copper Trigram soared the skies like a rocket and disappeared in the clouds!

"Aaaaaah~" Immortal Master Copper Trigram called out pitifully.

Fairy Firefly was really going to send him to space!

Immortal Master Copper Trigram felt really sad at this moment. As if that wasn't enough, Medicine Master's poison had already started to take effect. Therefore, he was going to be in a weakened state for a short period of time and wouldn't have enough strength to break free from Fairy Firefly's power of repulsion for the time being.

He could only helplessly look as he was going to space, slowly disappearing on the horizon.

Dammit, why the hell did I decide to disguise as little friend Shuhang today?!

"I don't want to go to space!" Immortal Master Copper Trigram called out pitifully, with his voice reverberating at the horizon. Was this the result of that 'lucky' divination from before?

Below, Fairy Firefly placed her delicate hand on her forehead and looked at little friend Song Shuhang getting more and more distant.

"Hmm. As expected, sending little friend Shuhang back to space was the right decision. I feel much better now," Fairy Firefly said. Aside from spending a lot of energy on trivial matters, Fairy Firefly suffered from a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder as well.

Whenever she thought about the fact that Song Shuhang's 30-day trip to space still lacked more than 20 days to be complete, Fairy Firefly would feel very uncomfortable.

But now, everything was fine.

Fairy Firefly got in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and sent a message: "I sent little friend Song Shuhang back to space once again. In addition, I left a magical seal on his body. After one full month, some fellow daoist that is in space can conveniently bring him back. Otherwise, I can pull him back myself."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Fairy maiden had it rough." Little friend Shuhang even more.

Fairy Firefly: "I promised to Venerable White. I just did what I had to do."

But right at this time, Song Shuhang, who was currently chatting with Gao Moumou, took out his mobile phone and read the message, getting dumbfounded as a result.

I was sent back to space? When did that happen?

If I was sent back to space, who is the person sitting in front of Gao Moumou and chatting with him?