Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 597

Chapter 597: The New Daoist Robe Of The Western Monk
Chapter 597: The new daoist robe of the western monk
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Of course, little friend Shuhang had no intention of reminding Fairy Firefly that he was still on Earth.

Although he had no idea as to what had happened, since 'little friend Song Shuhang' had been sent to space, he would quietly let the 'him' that had gone up there stay there for full 30 days.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quietly switched off his mobile phone.

Sometimes, silence was golden!

This matter was something worthy of celebration, truly a joyous occasion.

Right at this time, Yu Jiaojiao, who was sitting on Song Shuhang's shoulder, also put away her small tailor-made mobile phone and said to Song Shuhang via secret sound transmission, "Shuhang, I've contacted my subordinates in the East China Sea. They will immediately relay to me any important news related to the East China Sea."

Although Yu Jiaojiao's sphere of influence in the East China Sea consisted of only a small area, her father, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, was one of the overlords of the East China Sea.

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon was part of the dragon race. For this reason, his fighting capacity was ranked amidst the highest ones amongst Sixth Stage True Monarchs. In case he decided to burn his 'origin flood dragon true blood', he could even escape from a Seventh Stage Venerable. Thereupon, he was able to occupy a very large area in the East China Sea and give fractions of it to his children.

Such being the case, Yu Jiaojiao could rely on her father's influence to get ahold of the latest news in the East China Sea.

In addition, the sea monsters in the East China Sea had their own channels of communication. Thanks to the Internet spreading, people could now read news about things happening all over the world while conveniently sitting at home. The situation in the East China Sea was similar. If something big happened, sea monsters would be able to get the information through their network.

"Thank you," Song Shuhang said gratefully. With Yu Jiaojiao's help, he didn't need to grope blindly for an answer.

"You're welcome. Ah, yes. As long as you can convince your friend to write from 20,000 to 30,000 characters every day, I'll be very happy," Yu Jiaojiao replied.

"..." Song Shuhang. From the looks of it, Yu Jiaojiao hadn't given up on making Gao Moumou work like a slave.

At this time, Gao Moumou stretched out his hands and started to type on the keyboard, asking while editing the content of yesterday's chapters, "Shuhang, since you want to shoot a movie, from where are you going to get the equipment necessary for the shooting?"

He was very curious as to how Song Shuhang wanted to shoot the movie. He wasn't really planning to hold the video camera and start recording the movie by himself, right? That would be simply horrible.

Although Gao Moumou knew that Song Shuhang's family's economic situation wasn't bad, it was rather unrealistic that Shuhang alone could put forth enough money to fund the shooting of a movie.

It would be only possible if he and his friends decided to make a joint effort and fund the shooting of the movie together...

Speaking of Song Shuhang's friends... there was the owner of this villa, Yu Jiaojiao, as well as that mysterious rich guy on the island where the natives lived. When had Song Shuhang become friends with these people?

"As for the equipment necessary to shoot the movie, I'll contact a few friends that have contacts with moviemaking and publishing companies. I can just ask for their help if needed. If we are lucky, they will make arrangements for the director and production crew as well," Song Shuhang said.

"Friends that have contacts with moviemaking companies?" Gao Moumou nodded and said, "That's perfect."

Such being the case, even if it was a movie they were shooting solely to amuse themselves, it should be somewhat decent.

Song Shuhang shot a glance at the time. It was already past midnight. Thereupon, he stretched himself and said, "It's already late. Moumou, you should also go to sleep."

Gao Moumou looked at Song Shuhang with a bitter expression on his face. After receiving Miss Yu Jiaojiao's blessing, he was full of energy and just couldn't fall asleep!

In the far away Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

Chu Chu accompanied Li Yinzhu and entered the Time City so that she could take care of her. There wasn't any other disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion in the Time City. Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu were the only ones in there. It was a rather good place where one could practice in secluded meditation.

After Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu entered the Time City, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion outside was frozen in time once again.

The whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had come to a stop.

But Pavilion Master Chu wasn't sleeping at this time. She was holding the silver glove as she appeared next to Ye Si's body.

Ye Si was still slumbering right now.

Actually, every time the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was frozen in time, Ye Si would also fall asleep. It was something that Pavilion Master Chu had arranged especially for her.

This was the main reason Ye Si hadn't discovered anything strange about the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion while inside the illusory reality.

After appearing next to Ye Si's body, Pavilion Master Chu put the modified silver glove on Ye Si's hand.

In the next moment, the silver glove underwent a mutation. The originally metallic structure of the glove started to ripple like running water, eventually transforming into a silver glove as thin as the wings of a cicada.

"As long as she wears this glove, not even other Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders will be able to discern Ye Si's true nature," Pavilion Master Chu said gently.

In addition, her seal with the spatial coordinates was already engraved on the glove. If Ye Si was in trouble, she could directly tear space apart and appear next to her.

"Once you manage to adapt to the glove, you can go and give little friend Shuhang a surprise," Pavilion Master Chu said in a gentle tone.

The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was part of an illusory reality, and no matter how realistic it looked, in the end, it was nothing but an illusion. Ye Si had stayed in there for a very long time. It was finally time for her to leave.

"Unfortunately, little friend Song already has a high-rank ghost spirit. Otherwise, I would have probably made him and Ye Si sign a contract. With that, I wouldn't have to worry about someone forcefully making Ye Si sign one," Pavilion Master Chu muttered to herself.

Theoretically speaking, there wasn't a limit to the number of ghost spirit a cultivator could contract.

As long as one could control them, even two or three weren't a problem. Of course, the higher the rank of the ghost spirit, the higher would be the difficulty in signing the contract.

For example, when Song Shuhang and Soft Feather discovered two ghost spirits in the Ghost Lamp Temple back then, Altar Master thought of contracting the two ghost spirits in one go. He was planning to forcefully break through the Second Stage Realm by relying on the power of the two ghost spirits and reach the Third Stage Realm.

However, Ye Si was different than an ordinary ghost spirit. Although she had most of the properties ghost spirits possessed, she still had a human soul beneath her ghost spirit outer shell. Unlike other ghost spirits, her ghost spirit body wasn't her soul but something akin to a human body.

After signing a contract, she wouldn't become a 'clone' of the cultivator like ordinary ghost spirits but would keep her free will.

Due to these strange circumstances, if one wanted to sign a contract with Ye Si, they couldn't contract ordinary ghost spirits.

Likewise, if one had already signed a contract with another ghost spirit, they wouldn't be able to sign a contract with Ye Si. The two just couldn't co-exist.

After seeing Ye Si and the silver glove complete their fusion, Pavilion Master Chu nodded her head.

"I'm exhausted." Pavilion Master Chu stretched herself and sent Ye Si into her own house.

Afterward, she headed toward the Celestial Pavilion and crawled up on her bed, quickly falling asleep.

As soon as Pavilion Master Chu entered a partial state of sleep, the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion started moving again.

In the meantime, the Sobbing Old Man wiped away his tears.

He had decided to make another trip to space. He wanted to look for the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion again.

He couldn't give up! He had to try his best!

Although he wasn't sure if he could succeed even after trying his best, he would surely fail if he were to give up!

The Tome of Never-Ending Tears was his only hope of advancing to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm. Thereupon, he had to persevere and move Pavilion Master Chu's heart, becoming a disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and obtaining the remaining part of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears.

If he could meet little friend Song Shuhang again, it would be even better. After all, he seemed rather familiar with Pavilion Master Chu, and it would be perfect if he could put in a good word for him.

At the same time, in a place close to Earth, a fight between powerhouses of the True Monarch rank broke out.

The two fighters were the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall and the ancient witch Elise.

At this time, the Hall Leader was completely exhausted from warding off the incoming attacks and didn't even have the strength to fight back.

The Hall Leader clenched his teeth and roared, "Crazy b*tch, what are you planning to do?!"

"Hehehe." The laughter of the ancient witch Elise echoed. Then she pounced forward while holding a string of light and powder in her hands.

She had poisonous items, insects, curses, and witchcraft at her disposal.

The ancient witch clan was very prosperous back in the days. Their attacks were the same as their thinking mode, extremely bizarre. No one could predict what kind of attack they would use in the next moment.

After a wave of attacks, the ancient witch Elise stopped.

The ancient witch Elise laughed and said, "Actually, I chased after you for so long because I wanted to tell you something."

The Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall was speechless.

"Listen carefully. I'll say it only once and won't repeat myself," the ancient witch Elise said with a serious expression on her face. Then, just as she was speaking, she blushed a little.

A moment ago, the two Sixth Stage True Monarchs were brutally fighting, and now, in the blink of an eye, it seemed someone was going to make a love confession...?

The Hall Leader was speechless.

"The reason I appeared in space and was able to intercept you guys while you were trying to plunder Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's flying boat is..." The ancient witch Elise held her cheeks with both hands and said shyly, "...the reason is that someone intentionally lured me there and brought me to your location. In addition, the information I obtained was very accurate. What a coincidence, don't you think? The person that guided me here is someone closely related to your Limitless Demon Sect."

The Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall secretly clenched his fists, but the expression on his face was still calm. One was unable to make out the changes happening in his heart.

He wouldn't completely believe the words of the ancient witch Elise. However, he was certain of one thing... someone secretly sold them out.

"Well then, now that I've said what I wanted to say, it's time for us to say goodbye. Let us meet again." The ancient witch Elise waved her hand at the Hall Leader and left the place...

She left for real, without playing any trick...

The Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall was completely exhausted at this time. Had they kept fighting, he would have had no other choice but to self-detonate the 'Spirit Lake' inside his body and give his all to fight against her. But little did he expect that the ancient witch would leave just like that.

Ancient witches were simply too abnormal, and it was simply impossible to guess what was going on in their head.

After surviving the calamity, the Hall Leader forced a smile and laughed. Then, after determining that the ancient witch had indeed left, he didn't think of pursuing her and catching her by surprise but decided to ride a sword light and return to the Limitless Demon Sect instead.

This time, his Nine-eyed Kama Hall had suffered a great loss. Not only did they fail to rescue their several Spiritual Emperors, they lost more than ten cultivators of the Fifth Stage Realm in the process.

As if that wasn't enough, he even saw that small cultivator of the Second Stage wearing a spacesuit ferrying the souls of his subordinates to the afterworld. The scene almost made his liver explode due to the anger.

Anyway, he had noted down the aura of that cultivator of the Second Stage.

If they met again, he would make sure to give him a good lesson.

Were that small cultivator fall in his hands, he would torment him to the point of making him wish he were dead.

China, Wenzhou City, next to Baijing Street's Mountain Niuding.

The western monk was currently wearing an additional outer garment above his kasaya, as well as a big hat on his head. He had concealed his aura and was quietly heading toward Mountain Niuding.

He had successfully shaken off the ghost cultivators pursuing him and had now finally reached his destination, Mountain Niuding.

There, his favorite director was currently shooting a movie. The western monk was still thinking of asking him to let himself play a small part in the movie if possible.

However, the western monk met someone he absolutely didn't want to meet on his way there... it was his teacher, Daoist Priest Wu Yinzi.

Although it had been only three years, Daoist Priest Wu Yinzi looked older than before.

The western monk forced a smile and went forward to greet his teacher. "Teacher, how come you are here?"

"I was waiting for you." Wu Yinzi sighed. After seeing his disciple becoming more and more like a buddhist monk, he felt pain in his heart.

He really wished he could give a good beating to the Chinese moviemakers that shot movies stating that all martial arts had originated from the Shaolin Temple! Did they have nothing better to do than putting strange thoughts in the head of foreigners?!

"Teacher, if you needed something, you could have just given me a call. I would have hurried to your place immediately. It's rather embarrassing that you had come all the way here for your disciple," the western monk said hurriedly.

"Nonsense. Had I given you a call and told you to come over to see me, you would have escaped to Europe the very next day." Wu Yinzi rolled his eyes.

"I already know that you have reached the Second Stage Realm. During the next few days, you'll follow me and learn the following part of the Celestial Wonder Sword. Then, your daoist robe also needs to be changed." Daoist Priest Wu Yinzi looked at that daoist robe with a layer of 'kasaya' attached to it. His stomach slightly convulsed as a result.

He felt that his lifespan had been reduced a lot after receiving this guy as a disciple!

After saying this much, Daoist Priest Wu Yinzi took out a green daoist robe from his backpack.

"This is a daoist robe of the Second Stage that I received back then when I was young and taking risks outside. It's weaved with the spider silk of the 'golden spider'. It's very light, and after wearing it, sword and sabers won't be able to injure you. Even without activating its defensive formation, you can ward off bullets from small firearms. Then, if you activate its defensive formation, you can easily walk through a rain of bullets without receiving any injury. In addition, there is a 'Turtle Breathing Formation' attached to it as well. Once you activate it, you won't be affected by poisonous air anymore. It's a hard-to-come-by treasure amongst items of the Second Stage," Wu Yinzi gave a thorough description of the daoist robe.

Actually, the reason he took his time to accurately explain the properties of the daoist robe was to prevent his disciple from attaching a layer of kasaya to this daoist robe as well.

"Thank you, teacher." The western monk happily took off the 'kasaya' on his body and returned it to Wu Yinzi. Then, he took his new daoist robe from Wu Yinzi hands and wore it.