Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 598

Chapter 598: The Sealed Package Of A Cultivator From 130 Years Ago
Chapter 598: The sealed package of a cultivator from 130 years ago
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Although the western monk would have loved to attach a layer of kasaya to his new daoist robe, he tried his best to resist the urge.

The current him wasn't as 'straightforward' as the him in the past. It was better to wait until his teacher had left to attach the kasaya to the daoist robe. There was no need to do it in front of his teacher and make him angry.

At the same time, he could make his teacher happy by wearing the daoist robe in front of him.

As expected, a faint smile appeared on Wu Yinzi's old face as he saw his disciple wearing the daoist robe.

Wu Yinzi said, "Let's go. I'll teach you the following part of the Celestial Wonder Sword, as well as some other supplementary cultivation techniques."

The western monk obediently followed behind his teacher.

While leading the way, Wu Yinzi heaved a sigh and said, "In addition, make a trip back to the sect two months later. Now that you have reached the Second Stage Realm, it's possible to ignite your 'life lamp'. As long as your life lamp is burning, I can be at ease even if you are wandering outside."

The western monk paused a moment and said respectfully, "I understand, teacher. I'll make a trip back to the sect then."

Such being the case, he would have to wait a little more before attaching the kasaya to the daoist robe...

At least I won't make my teacher feel stifled after returning to the sect this time, the western monk thought to himself.

Now then, where had the ghost spirit of his 'benefactor' gone? If he could meet his benefactor again, he would surely try to repay him for saving his life twice.

Around 2 AM in the morning, Song Shuhang finally left Gao Moumou's small black room. He hadn't thought that Gao Moumou would be such a chatterbox.

The energetic Gao Moumou chatted with Song Shuhang from midnight up until now, and he was still reluctant to part with him...

Afterward, Yu Jiaojiao arranged a room for Song Shuhang so that he could rest.

After entering his room, Song Shuhang didn't sleep immediately.

He practiced the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique one time and the Immovable Body of the Buddha immediately after. Then, he practiced the Steel Hands Technique he obtained from Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue.

After he was done with his training session, the strength of his constitution increased slightly.

Unfortunately, its strength was still far from being enough! Song Shuhang gently rubbed the place between his eyebrows. This bronze mental energy of the Third Stage rank was still causing him a faint pain.

He had to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

He should try to find a way to increase his power of virtue as well while trying to strengthen his constitution.

He was planning to go out at dawn and see whether or not he could find a few souls to ferry. To make the light of virtue protecting his body undergo a qualitative change, he needed to ferry other 80,000+ souls!

But where could he find more than 80,000 souls to ferry...?

"What are you thinking about?" Right at this time, a voice came from behind Shuhang.

Song Shuhang got a scare. He turned around his head and saw the palm-sized Yu Jiaojiao lying face-down on the windowsill, bathing in the moonlight.

Hadn't Yu Jiaojiao returned to her room? What is she doing here?

"I'm here for your enlightenment stone!" Yu Jiaojiao replied lazily. She needed but a glance to guess what Shuhang was thinking.

She had obtained the moonstone inside the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue. As long as she carried the stone with her, her training speed would increase, just as though she was constantly practicing beneath the light of the moon. If one were to add the effects of Song Shuhang's enlightenment stone to the mix, her practicing speed would be enhanced even further.

So she came here to freeload the enlightenment stone...

"I was thinking where I could find the souls of deceased people," Song Shuhang replied to Yu Jiaojiao's question.

"You might try to look for a ghost cultivator. As long as you manage to find the immortal cave of a ghost cultivator, even if it's just a ghost cultivator of the Second Stage, they should have thousands of souls in their hands, as well as ghost soldiers and ghost generals," Yu Jiaojiao replied.

Song Shuhang immediately thought of Altar Master. Unfortunately, Altar Master's place had been already cleaned up. All the ghost soldiers and ghost generals inside were taken away by Great Master Profound Principle's disciple, Senior Brother Three Realms, to practice a secret technique.

However, ghost cultivators weren't that common, either. It wasn't so easy to find them.

Wait! I know some ghost cultivators! Song Shuhang thought of the ghost cultivators that were chasing after the western monk. Perhaps he could look for the western monk to get more info?

Song Shuhang kept this point firmly in mind and continued asking, "Aside from the immortal cave of a ghost cultivator, is there another place where I can find the souls of the deceased?"

"If you go to war-torn countries, you might find a lot of them. But with science and technology continuously developing, the power of weapons is also getting bigger and bigger. You are now a cultivator of the Second Stage Realm, and with your emerald-green kasaya, you won't have to worry about ordinary firearms. Therefore, as long as you are careful and don't get struck by firearms with high destructive power, you should be able to ferry several souls within a short period of time," Yu Jiaojiao replied.

After hearing this much, Song Shuhang got a little excited.

"You seem rather excited, don't you?" Yu Jiaojiao rolled her eyes and added, "If you really want to go to a wartorn country, I suggest you to team up with a powerful senior in order to guarantee your safety."

"It was just a random thought. Moreover, gains and danger aren't well proportioned in war-torn countries." Song Shuhang laughed and said, "Whatever, there is no need to think too much about it. Jiaojiao, I'm going to sleep, good night."

"Good night." Yu Jiaojiao kept lying on the windowsill, breathing in and out.

War-torn countries? Song Shuhang thought to himself while lying in bed. He didn't really want to rush to a war-torn country, but when the word was mentioned, a scene immediately resurfaced in his mind.

In the scene were the ruins of a huge, wrecked celestial palace. There were no traces of battle around the palace. From the looks of it, a terrifying power had instantly flattened the whole place.

Then, together with the ruins of the celestial palace was the picture of a bloody hand with the words 'Beloved Dog 43B' written on its palm.

This was the scene that Song Shuhang had seen through the golden chain when he learned the Whale Swallowing Technique back then.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang took out that thick golden chain from his size-reducing purse. On each link of the fancy-looking golden chain was engraved a picture of the thirty-three beasts.

What is the origin of that wrecked celestial palace?

...And would I find the souls of deceased people in there?

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Song Shuhang's face whitened.

Dammit, it's coming!

Although Shuhang was still wearing the gloves of passion of Swordsman Wooden Ox, the secret appraisal technique still activated.

As for the object he was going to appraise, it was obviously the golden chain in his hands.

The golden chain had a mysterious background and was closely related to the ancient Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect since it could pass down their signature cultivation technique. In other words, it was an item that hid a big secret... and a big secret meant that he was going to lose lots of blood!

Song Shuhang's eyes started to tear up.

Around one breath later, close to 200 wounds appeared on Shuhang body all at once. Each wound was two centimeters deep and blood crazily spurted out, dyeing red Song Shuhang's whole body.

The extreme pain shocked his nerves.

"Sob, sob, sob~" Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and tried to resist the pain. Tears, sweat, and blood wet the bed.

Yu Jiaojiao, who was lying next to the bed, smelled the pungent scent of blood and turned her head around, opening her eyes wide.

Song Shuhang's body was losing blood from all places, just as though he was a ball of water full of holes. Blood was gushing out like running water.

What is Song Shuhang doing? Did he open several wounds on his body since he had nothing better to do? Is this a form of self-torture?

"Shuhang, did you decide to torture yourself after getting bored?" Yu Jiaojiao jumped up and landed next to Song Shuhang. Soon after, a water ball-shaped magical technique shot out of her palm and hit Song Shuhang's body.

Since she was a half-mermaid and half-flood dragon, she innately knew several water-type healing techniques, and the effects weren't inferior to Senior Sister Ye's healing technique.

Song Shuhang silently gazed at Yu Jiaojiao and said while clenching his teeth and enduring the pain, "I'm definitely not self-torturing myself! This is the price I have to pay after using a secret technique!"

"Is this a self-torturing secret technique? Why did you use that secret technique while resting?" Yu Jiaojiao asked. At the same time, she used another healing technique.

Thanks to her efforts, the wounds on Song Shuhang's body recovered a little.

"That's the main problem... since the day I learned this secret technique, I've been unable to control it!" Song Shuhang said, extremely aggrieved.

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

She shot Song Shuhang a compassionate look and asked in all seriousness, "Should I prepare a grave for you? A grave at the bottom of the sea is thousands of times cheaper than one on land! In addition, you don't have to worry about someone trying to loot it. You might want to consider this offer."

"I won't die so easily!" Song Shuhang said in an agitated state. As he got agitated, his blood spurted out even faster.

After the blood and the pain, runes gushed out of Song Shuhang's eyes and fell on the golden chain, forming the picture of a clock.

The hands of the clock turned counterclockwise.

Soon after, the runes returned to Song Shuhang's eyes while carrying the information the secret appraisal technique had discovered.

The Spirit Beast Chain, an item forged with pure gold. It's the status symbol of the disciples of the 88th department of the ancient Heavenly City, the 'Divine Beast Department'. Spirit Beast Chains are conferred only to 'Master Spirit Beast Tamers' that have received the official recognition of the ancient Heavenly City. It's a symbol that shows one's social status.

The Spirit Beast Chain? Does it mean that this is not an item that can pass down the legacy of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect? How did it turn out to be something related to the 88th department of the ancient Heavenly City, the Divine Beast Department...?

But very soon, Song Shuhang thought of something. Perhaps the predecessor of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect was precisely the 'Divine Beast Department' of the Heavenly City!

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, the secret appraisal technique transmitted over the remaining part of the information.

Serial number: Spirit Beast Chain 'Human Rank 10541', belonging to the elder of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect known as 'Bamboo Pipe'. After 'Bamboo Pipe' modified it, it now conceals the secret related to the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique, the secret technique of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect. Wearing the Spirit Beast Chain can help increase the efficacy of the training while practicing the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. Password: Beloved Dog 43B.

By relying on this item, one can retrieve a sealed package from the 'Three Ages Armed Escort Office'. The sealed package was a gift that Bamboo Pipe ordered for their disciple 130 years ago.

The information obtained through the secret appraisal technique came to an end.

Song Shuhang gasped for breath, and intermittent fits of pain attacked his brain. His secret appraisal technique had gotten stronger along with the 88,888 voices talking in his mind every night.

The number of items he could appraise also increased. This time, he even managed to appraise this strange item.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, "Is it over?"

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and replied while enduring the pain, "It's finally over." The wounds on his body had recovered thanks to Yu Jiaojiao's healing technique, but that feeling of pain would last for a long time.

Now then, the price I paid this time was actually lower than my expectations... it's an item related to the ancient Heavenly City, and the price was only 200 wounds? It was worthwhile I'd say.

"This secret technique of your seems really troublesome," Yu Jiaojiao said. Soon after, she said something via secret sound transmission as well.

Very soon, the door of the room opened, and a half-monster maidservant came in, greeting Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao.

Afterward, the maidservant dragged the blood-stained bed out of the room and exchanged it for a new one.

After the maidservant left, Yu Jiaojiao asked Song Shuhang, "What was the final result of your secret technique?"

"I reaped some benefits, I would say... Jiaojiao, do you know the Three Ages Armed Escort Office?" Song Shuhang said while holding the golden chain. From the name, it seemed an organization that ancient cultivators used to deliver and move around their treasures.

"The Three Ages Armed Escort Office? Oh, I have an impression of it. However, they changed their name. They are now called 'Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery'. But in the last twenty or so years, they very rarely did business on Earth. They currently do business and deliver goods only in space," Yu Jiaojiao explained.

'Our Conquest Is the Sea of Stars!' 1 For some reason, this sentence resurfaced in Song Shuhang's mind.

"But do they still have a base in China?"

Yu Jiaojiao nodded and said, "They should! Their sect is located in China after all. Right, they have a branch in the Jiangnan area as well. When I was a child, my father angered my mother who ran away into space. I have an impression because he sent her something through their service."

If ordinary women were to fight with their husband, they would return to their parents' house. But in the world of cultivators, the angry woman might run to space directly. One might not even be able to find her as long as she was angry.

Song Shuhang asked again, "In that case, is it still possible to retrieve a sealed package from 130 years ago if no one has claimed it?"

"A sealed package from 130 years ago? This isn't a problem. After all, a cultivator might think of closing up on a whim and stay in secluded meditation for several hundred years, being unable to retrieve the package during that period of time. Thereupon, the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery will safeguard the sealed package or express-delivery it for the client. As for the specific details, you will have to confirm with their organization," Yu Jiaojiao explained. "However, they will ask for a small storage fee."

"In that case, can we go to the branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery tomorrow and take a look?" Song Shuhang said.

The secret appraisal technique had specifically mentioned the gift that 'Bamboo Pipe' had prepared for their disciple. Such being the case, it should be something pretty good, right?

"Sure, no problem," Yu Jiaojiao said. "And as a repayment, you can have your good friend write 40,000 characters for me each day. How about it?"

The corner of Song Shuhang's mouth twitched. Then, he quickly said, "I'll take a shower first!"

"Tsk, sure." Yu Jiaojiao showed the middle claw to Song Shuhang.

In the faraway East China Sea.

A scholar was standing there with his hands behind the back. He had red eyes full of anger but a calm expression on his face.

On one side was anger, on the other calmness, two types of entirely opposite emotions. When combined together, they gave the scholar a very special aura.

The scholar was floating in midair, seemingly looking for something. He was giving off the aura of a supreme expert while stepping forward.

But right at this time, his face whitened and twisted soon after.

"Painful, painful, painful! Is it happening again?!"

Another deep wound appeared on his back.

The old wound had yet to recover when the new one opened.

Are new wounds opening after such short intervals?

Is he trying to kill me or something?

Do I have to activate the sense sharing again and let you have a good taste of the pain I'm feeling right now?!

Of course, it was just a random thought that crossed his mind. The scholar absolutely wouldn't activate the sense sharing right now. As for the pain, he had no choice but to clench his teeth and endure it.