Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Fear And Joy
Chapter 60: Fear and joy

Come in. Altar Master said in a deep voice.

However, after the knocking sound from the door, there were no longer anymore sounds.

Altar Master creased his brows, he shaped his arm like a hook, and took out a dagger from his clothes. Then, he cautiously moved towards the door and looked through the peephole.

Outside the room, there was only the subordinate he sent out leaning against the door motionlessly, there was nobody else near him.

Its a success?

However, Altar Master felt that something wrong was going on, he quickly opened the door while tauting all of his muscles, prepared to fight.

When the door opened, the subordinate who was leaning against the door suddenly fell towards him.

Altar Master dragged him into the room.

Then he carefully surveyed the area outside the room to confirm there was nobody else.

Whats going on? He looked towards the subordinate in his arms and asked in a stern voice.

As he said that, Altar Master felt a heavier weight in his hand, his subordinate twitched, then softly collapsed onto the ground.

Altar Master immediately grabbed hold of his subordinates wrist, this persons wrist had no heartbeat, and the qi and blood in his heart acupoint had completely dissipated; completely dead? He didnt even say a single word!

Altar Master frowned, and inspected his subordinates corpse.

There wasnt a single wound on his subordinates body, and no signs of battle. There was only the blood stain on his face cloth.

Altar Master cautiously used the dagger to pull down the the cloth, and saw that his subordinates face had turned green with both of his eyes bloodshot, there was even a stench from the blood that flowed out of his mouth.

There was a stench mixed with the blood, Altar Master accidentally sniffed this stench, and suddenly felt a little dizzy.

Theres poison!

His subordinate died from poison, and this was an incredibly tyrannical poison! It had melded with his subordinates bloodstream, and turned all of the blood in his body into poisonous blood. Now, simply from the the stench emitted from the poisonous blood, poison was carried to him.

Altar Master hastily swallowed an antidote, and activated his true qi to expel this poison.

This poison is second-hand, yet its still this tyrannical, just how terrifying was this poison by itself?

Song Shuhang. Sure enough, he is no ordinary person.

Damn it, all that information saying hes a Jiangnan University City freshman, a eighteen year old teenager, parents are healthy and he treats people kindly are all fake.

Especially that god damned treats people kindly, how could someone who uses such acute poison possess a warm character?

Those were all fake information made for Song Shuhang to feign his identity, it can be confirmed that hes in the middle of tempering in the mortal world!

Motherf**cker, what for be so serious when going through tempering in the mortal world? What a dogshit day.

How evil, this poison cant be expelled! Altar Master clenched his teeth, the poison in his body had already taken root in his body, and was incredibly hard to expel. To completely expel the poison in his body, he may have to go into closed door cultivation.

But he didnt have the time for it at that moment.

This subordinate is truly idiotic to come back despite having been poisoned, this is leading the way for the enemy!

Maybe that Song Shuhang is already chasing after my subordinate to this location.

I cant stay in this place any longer!

Altar Master quickly packed up all of his belongings.

Before leaving, he sprinkled some Corpse Disintegrating Liquid onto his subordinate, hes getting rid of the corpse to eliminate all traces.

After everything was done, Altar Master covered his nose, jumped out of the hotel window, then disappeared into the night with a few more leaps.

The plan could only be continued after expelling the acute poison in his body, he has to find another way to get in touch with this Senior Song, and trade for the spirit ghost in his hands.

The night was very long.

In the night, there were people celebrating, people who were vexed, people who were worried life happens in infinite forms!

6th June, 5AM in the morning.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes, full of vigor.

After opening his eyes, his brows suddenly creased.

Having gone through body tempering, his sense of smell was a lot more sensitive than the average man, a dull smell of blood was all over the room.

The dormitorys balcony door was actually open; in June, when Song Shuhang and his three roommates sleep, they definitely wouldnt open the balconys door, because this is the period where mosquitoes and other insects become rampant. Unless they had the intention to sacrifice their bodies to feed the mosquitoes, none of them would leave the door open.

Could it be that Tubo and the others have returned? Song Shuhang pondered.

But when he looked around him, he couldnt find the shadow of his roommates anywhere.

Through the bedroom, he could vaguely see that the ceiling-to-floor door for the balcony was also open.

A thief came? Song Shuhang panicked, this wasnt the first time a thief snuck into the dormitory, especially for them who lived on the second floor. This was the floor which thieves liked to visit the most.

This is bad! Song Shuhang jumped off his bed.

Im lacking vigilance! There were twenty-one sets of Body Tempering Liquids ingredients contained in his cupboard, these were things that were hard to obtain even with money.

If these medicinal ingredients were stolen, he would definitely weep and faint in the bathroom.

When he got up, Shuhangs gaze landed on the floor; there was a handleless blade there. It was exceptionally sharp, with a cold glint.

This was a sharp and thin blade with no handle. It should be the type used by putting it between the fingers or with some other tools. To use a blade like this, one requires a certain level of skill, those who arent experts have no way of using it. This blade is definitely not for cutting fruits, its a scary blade for assassinating people.

A thief would have no use for this, and wouldnt have the capability of wielding such a lethal weapon.

Add on to that the smell of blood in the air the intruder wasnt a thief!

It isnt for wealth, so it should be for a life?

Who did this person want to kill?

Who else could it be there was only him in the dormitory. In addition, his three roommates were just ordinary college students, it wasnt likely that an assassin would be hired to deal with them.

The misfortune of being marked for death.

Suddenly, Song Shuhang felt his heart beating a few notches faster.

He picked up the blade on the floor, and a multitude of thoughts passed through his mind. He was unable to calm down.

Thinking of how he had slept like a pig last night, while someone wanted to kill him, he immediately felt fear. Although he didnt know why the opposite party didnt kill him, he was still aware that he had been on the verge of death!

Even though he had already begun foundation building, he was just an ordinary university student two days ago. Suddenly being placed into a situation where someone wanted him dead, if he could still maintain his calm then there would truly be something wrong with him!

However, Song Shuhang only allowed himself to panic for three breaths, then silently activated the True Self Meditation Scripture to forcibly calm down.

From the moment I chose to become a cultivator, I no longer feared death. Song Shuhang opened his eyes, with more resolution in them than before.

When he said these words, he reaffirmed his existence as a cultivator, his True Self Meditation Scripture seemed to level up. The true self in his mind emitted the aura of having broken through the ordinary. This was the true self recognizing him once more, he was no longer an ordinary person, he was a cultivator!

When he once again opened his eyes, Song Shuhang lightly pressed his hand against his heart.

My heartbeat is still fast, but this isnt fear.

It was something that came from the bottom of his heart; joy!

The opposite partys assassination, this feeling of being close to death, made him feel excited!

Despite being the target for assassination, this sort of matter which would never occur to an ordinary college students scripted life made him feel amusement and joy.

In that moment, even Song Shuhang began to suspect that there was something wrong with his brain.

If its someone who really wants to take my life, maybe this person is connected to the one who investigated me yesterday.

Song Shuhang thought over this while playing with the handleless blade with his fingers, the blade shuttled around his fingers, like a fluttering butterfly.

When he heard from Zhuge Yue that someone was investigating him, he pondered over the opposite partys identity.

The possibility of it being hoodlums outside of school can be denied, they were just ordinary students, and they lived according to the laws of society. It wasnt possible for them to hire an assassin just because of that small altercation with them; if hoodlums were all so rich/daring, the world would have been conquered by now.

Other than that, the possibility of them being the people tailing Medicine Master was also low. The ones tailing Medicine Master are mostly people who need a favor from Medicine Master. Maybe that person has an extreme character with the thought of kidnapping me to threaten Medicine Master. But the possibility of this is too low.

Other than that theres only the matter regarding Soft Feather. Song Shuhang pulled out his necklace and looked at the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl.

The ice pearl emitted a cooling air, making his mind more agile, quick and open.

For the matter regarding Soft Feather, there was something about it that made Song Shuhang worry when he recalled it!