Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 601

Chapter 601: The Last Spirit Stone Of The Fourth Stage Rank
Chapter 601: The last spirit stone of the Fourth Stage rank
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The information on the metal plate dated back to year 2009. In other words, the branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery moved to the surface ten years ago, relocating to the 'Fanhua Mansion' in Jiangnan area's Leyuan Street!

Wasn't a company that targeted cultivators supposed to avoid ordinary people? But now, it had unexpectedly moved to an area full of them... from the looks of it, quietly staying underground hadn't paid off that much, huh?

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately started to tear up. He had experienced the brutal 'Earth Crossing Technique', eaten all that dirt, and endured so many hardships... but for what?

Yu Jiaojiao was also very embarrassed. Although she had come here with her father when she was a child, it was still 30-40 years ago.

She secretly shot a glance at Song Shuhang. At this time, Song Shuhang had suffered a heavy blow and was bewildered.

"Cough." Yu Jiaojiao coughed and said, "Shuhang, should we head to the Fanhua Mansion?"

"Of course!" Song Shuhang took a deep breath. Would he really give up on Elder Bamboo Pipe's sealed package after eating so many hardships?

He certainly wouldn't!

He had no intention of letting all his previous efforts go to waste.

He had an iron-like will, and it wasn't so easy to take him down.

"In that case, let's rest a bit and return to the surface," Yu Jiaojiao said.

"Sure!" Song Shuhang replied.

...To return to the surface, they needed to use the Earth Crossing Technique again.

After acrophobia, Song Shuhang feared that he might start to suffer from claustrophobia as well. Whenever he thought of the depths of the ground, his legs would become soft.

One and a half hours later.

Jiangnan area. Beneath the shade of a tree that people weren't paying attention to, a form quietly appeared. This form was precisely Song Shuhang's.

To reduce the consumption of energy, Yu Jiaojiao decided to head to the surface in a straight line this time.

On their way back, they passed through that underground river again. As a result, Song Shuhang was now drenched.

The exhausted Yu Jiaojiao was sitting on his shoulder. It had taken nearly three hours to complete the round trip, and she had already surpassed her limit to carry out this task. Therefore, she said weakly, "The main road is just outside this public park. We can take a taxi and use it to head toward the Fanhua Mansion."

"Sure, I'll call a taxi." Song Shuhang checked his pocket. Luckily, he brought some money with him when he left this time.

"I'll rest for a while. Call me when were arrive at the destination," Yu Jiaojiao said as she stretched her claw, poking on Song Shuhang's shoulder. In the next moment, all the water drenching Song Shuhang's clothes turned into steam that disappeared without traces.

"Jiaojiao, you went through a lot of trouble this time. You should have a good rest," Song Shuhang said gratefully. Although he had eaten a lot of hardships and dirt due to Yu Jiaojiao's Earth Crossing Technique, the little fish had helped him for the whole journey. Therefore, he had to be grateful.

Around twenty minutes later.

Song Shuhang paid the taxi driver and finally got off the taxi.

Leyuan Street's Fanhua Mansion was right before his eyes.

Before stepping inside the mansion, Shuhang thought to himself, Hopefully, the branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery didn't move again...

After entering the Fanhua Mansion, Shuhang took the elevator and headed to the 30th floor.

After getting out of the elevator, he headed toward the end of the corridor. However, what appeared before his eyes was an empty floor, with no decorations or people around.

Song Shuhang had a bad premonition.

"They didn't move again, right?" Song Shuhang said as he opened his eyes wide.

Do you really think that I won't start crying?! _

Yu Jiaojiao opened her eyes and shot a glance at the empty floor. Soon after, she smiled and said, "Hehe, this is a very simple cover-up. Shuhang, revolve your true qi and try to look at the place again. You'll see things clearly."

Even if they had moved to the Fanhua District, they were an express delivery company that targeted cultivators. Therefore, they didn't usually accept goods from ordinary people.

As such, they set up a very simple cover-up so as to avoid ordinary people casually barging in into the place.

After hearing Jiaojiao's words, Song Shuhang operated his true qi and focused his mental energy, looking at the empty floor again.

This time, he was able to see the real appearance of the floor.

There was a bronze door at the end of the corridor, with two statues that resembled Terracotta Warriors on each side of the entrance. Those were puppet-like magical treasures in charge of defending the place.

The place seemed rather deserted... after all, the number of cultivators was low. In addition, this was only a branch. There was no way it would be as lively as those ordinary express delivery companies.

Song Shuhang crossed the corridor and arrived in front of the bronze door.

Light flashed through the eyes of the two statues. After determining that Shuhang was indeed a cultivator, they allowed him to push open the bronze door and get to the other side.

As soon as he opened the door, a clear and sharp voice echoed. "Eh? A customer? How unusual, two customers coming to the branch at the same time."

On the other side of the bronze door was a classical-style hall. In there, a woman wearing a cheongsam looked at Shuhang and exclaimed thus while smiling.

She was the person in charge of this branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery.

In front of her was a white-haired daoist priest that was busy filling in the express delivery form.

The daoist priest was very strong. In addition, he seemed to be on the verge of breaking through. The aura his body was giving off was uncontrolled and seeping out in large quantities.

The aura emanating from his body far surpassed that of an ordinary cultivator's of the Fifth Stage Realm. He was a cultivator that would soon advance to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm.

The aura accidentally flowing out of his body made a small cultivator of the Second Stage like Shuhang feel some pressure.

At this time, the white-haired daoist priest that was filling in the form turned his head around and looked at Song Shuhang out of curiosity. The legs of an ordinary cultivator of the Second Stage would have already gone soft under the pressure of his uncontrolled aura. However, this little guy seemed to be capable of resisting it.

The white-haired daoist priest gently smiled at Song Shuhang. Then, he finished filling in his form and gave it to the girl wearing the cheongsam, asking, "How many spirit stones will it be?"

The girl wearing the cheongsam looked at the address and said, "This place is somewhat far. It will be one spirit stone of the Fifth Stage rank."

"Sure. I hope you'll mail it as soon as possible. This delivery is rather urgent," the white-haired daoist priest said.

"Don't worry. The Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery will deliver the goods as quickly as possible," the girl wearing the cheongsam guaranteed.

"Thank you." The white-haired daoist priest stood up and left the hall of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery.

On his way out, the daoist priest brushed past Shuhang, who was just about to enter.

While brushing past Song Shuhang's body, the white-haired daoist priest stopped for a moment.

He gently sniffed and smelled a peculiar scent... it was the smell of a cosmic demon, the blood demon!

A surprised expression flashed through the eyes of the white-haired daoist priest. However, it lasted only an instant before disappearing.

He gently smiled at Song Shuhang and left the hall.

Song Shuhang arrived in front of the girl wearing the cheongsam.

"Hello, dear customer. May I ask to which planet do you want to send your express delivery?" the girl wearing the cheongsam asked.

The Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery currently specialized in delivering goods throughout space and rarely accepted goods that had to be delivered on Earth. They made exceptions only in special cases.

Of course, the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery didn't give up on the business on Earth. They still had many subsidiary companies under them and handed all the Earth-related business to those companies.

Those subsidiary companies didn't only handle business related to cultivators. They were also in charge of accepting some express delivery from ordinary people.

Song Shuhang said, "I would like to collect a sealed package from 130 years ago."

The girl wearing the cheongsam paused and asked, "A sealed package from 130 years ago? May I ask if you have a token?"

"Yes." Song Shuhang took out the thick golden chain and handed it over to the girl.

The girl wearing the cheongsam took the golden chain and inspected it for a moment, saying, "Please wait a moment. Since the package is quite old, I'll need some time to contact the headquarters to determine the situation."

The sealed package was obviously not stored in the Jiangnan's branch of the company... all the goods that weren't successfully delivered would be sent back to the headquarters of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery and stored there.

"No problem," Song Shuhang replied.

The girl wearing the cheongsam stretched out her hand and used a magical technique on the golden chain, sending the information related to the chain back to the headquarters.

The efficiency of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery was extremely high. Around a minute later, she received the reply from the headquarters.

After looking at the reply, the girl wearing the cheongsam smiled and asked, "According to the reply I received, it's a sealed package from 130 years ago belonging to Elder Bamboo Pipe of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect, is that correct?"

"Yes," Song Shuhang replied.

"When our Three Ages Armed Escort Office prepared to deliver the sealed package to the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect back then, the sect was destroyed. Since we were unable to find Elder Bamboo Pipe's traces later, we brought the sealed package back and stored it at our headquarters," the girl wearing the cheongsam explained.

Song Shuhang gently nodded... the fragmentary memories he had obtained through the golden chain just happened to be related to the destruction of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect. It was the main reason the Three Ages Armed Escort Office failed to return the sealed package to Elder Bamboo Pipe back then.

The girl wearing the cheongsam said, "According to the agreement between the Three Ages Armed Escort Office and Elder Bamboo Pipe, as long as a guest with this 'golden chain' arrives at our office, they can take away the sealed package. But aside from this condition, Elder Bamboo Pipe also requested that the guest has to prove that they indeed practice the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique."

There was this condition as well?

Luckily, Shuhang indeed practiced that cultivation technique.

"Sure, no problem." Shuhang stretched out his hand and operated the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. The true qi condensed in the palm of his hand, and the cry of a whale echoed from time to time.

"That's indeed the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. In that case, I'll have you leave behind an address for the delivery. We will mail the sealed package within a period of two days and send it to your new address." The girl wearing the cheongsam gave Shuhang an express delivery form with a smile on her face.

She didn't inquire further. According to the policy of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery, anyone could take the goods away as long as they satisfied the conditions of the agreement.

The girl wearing the cheongsam also added, "Dear customer, the cost for storing the package for 130 years, in addition to the transportation fee, equates to a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage rank."

A spirit stone of the Fourth Stage rank?

Song Shuhang opened his size-reducing purse and took out his last spirit stone of the Fourth Stage rank.

As a result, aside from the spirit stone inside the silver dragon puppet that would soon get consumed, he didn't have any left...

He was penniless!