Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 602

Chapter 602: A White Haired Grandpa Wants To Pass On To Me Several Years Worth Of Strength And Skills
Chapter 602: A white-haired grandpa wants to pass on to me several years' worth of strength and skills
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Song Shuhang was rather worried about the fact that he had to give up this spirit stone of the Fourth Stage as the storage fee. After all, it was a precious spirit stone of the Fourth Stage! He could buy something like three ordinary cultivation techniques such as the Flaming Saber Technique with it!

Hopefully, the value of the gift Elder Bamboo Pipe prepared for their disciple would be enough to offset the loss he was about to suffer... he could only hope that it wouldn't be a moldy teddy bear or something of the sort!

Song Shuhang filled in the form and wrote the address of Yu Jiaojiao's villa on it.

It was because he was planning to stay in that place for the next few days.

At first, he was thinking of making a trip back home immediately after returning from space. But now, he discovered that Gao Moumou was currently staying at Yu Jiaojiao's place.

In addition, his other two roommates were already on their way and would reach Yu Jiaojiao's villa in a short while. Such being the case, he decided to stay there for a few more days and have a get-together with his friends.

The girl wearing a cheongsam received the express delivery form and returned the golden chain to Song Shuhang, saying, "Dear customer, your sealed package will be delivered within two days. At that time, be sure to inspect the content of the package carefully. Ah, yes. Do you have any other business you need to take care of?"

"Thanks, and no, I don't have any other business here." Song Shuhang stood up and put the golden chain back into the size-reducing purse. "In that case, I'll take my leave."

"Goodbye, dear customer," the girl wearing the cheongsam said with a smiling face.

For the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery, the faster one took away their stored goods, the better it was. It wasn't worthwhile to keep the goods stored for more than 500 years.

Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao left the branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery.

Song Shuhang sighed and said, "We managed to retrieve the sealed package successfully. The only problem is that we don't have any idea what's going to be inside. Hopefully, it won't be a doll or something of the sort!"

Otherwise, he would literally spurt a mouthful of blood out of his mouth!

Yu Jiaojiao said, "Don't worry. There are several types of gifts a cultivator can give to their disciple. Amongst them are magical clothes and robes, flying or treasured swords, valuable medicinal pills, as well as other types of magical treasures. No teacher would gift something as impractical as a doll to their disciple."

However, not even Yu Jiaojiao had a way of knowing whether or not the worth of the package would be comparable to a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage rank.

After hearing Yu Jiaojiao's words, Song Shuhang was relieved and finally set his mind at rest. What Jiaojiao said was correct. Cultivators were different from ordinary people and wouldn't gift teddy bears and other useless things to each other.

Yu Jiaojiao stretched herself and said, "In that case, let's take a taxi and head back home. It's already late, and we should be just in time to eat lunch when we get back."

As soon as he heard the word 'eat', Song Shuhang's complexion turned somewhat pale. The word 'eat' immediately reminded him of the taste of muddy water, as well as that brutal experience where his belly got filled with dirt.

He was planning to look for a picture of Venerable White and pray a bit after getting back home later. His luck today hadn't been too good, and he would hopefully receive a boost after a round of prayers.

The duo got into the elevator of the Fanhua Mansion and proceeded downward, ready to call a taxi and leave the place.

But right at this time, a voice echoed in Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao's ears. "Fellow Daoists, wait for a second!"

The voice was transmitted over through the secret sound transmission technique.

Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao turned their heads around and saw a white-haired daoist priest standing on the edge of the flower garden of the Fanhua Mansion.

It was the same white-haired daoist priest that was mailing something in the branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery earlier. At this time, he had properly controlled his strength, and his aura had weakened a lot.

The white-haired daoist priest was sitting cross-legged next to the flower garden, and a small mountain of coins and banknotes was piled up in front of him.

The daoist priest had white hair and a ruddy complexion, as well as an out-of-this-world aura. Even ordinary people needed but a glance to discern that he was someone extraordinary and absolutely not a swindler that had dyed his hair white.

Earlier, when the daoist priest was sitting cross-legged next to the flower garden and meditating with his eyes closed, several brave daoist followers quietly placed some coins in front of the daoist priest and joined their palms together, making a wish. From the looks of it, these several brave daoist followers were treating the white-haired daoist priest as the Trevi Fountain.

Then, after the daoist followers left, several passers-by that didn't understand the situation saw the coins in front of the daoist priest and followed suit, throwing some money in front of him as well.

When the daoist priest got up and saw the pile of money in front of him, an embarrassed expression appeared on his face. Then, he waved his sleeve, and all the money was dragged inside his robe.

After that, he headed toward Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao.

He used a distance shortening technique and arrived next to Song Shuhang with only two steps.

Song Shuhang greeted the white-haired daoist priest and asked, somewhat confused, "Daoist Priest, do you need something from me since you called me?"

"Little fellow daoist, I stopped you because I have something to ask of you," the white-haired daoist priest said with a smile, trying to make his good intentions as clear as possible. Then, he switched to the secret sound transmission mode and said, "Little fellow daoist, do you have something related to a cosmic demon on your body, to a blood demon to be more precise?"

Something related to a blood demon?

Song Shuhang had two items with him that were related to a blood demon. One of them was a mysterious blood bone, and even Senior White couldn't tell what its use was. Therefore, he gave it to Song Shuhang so that he could give it to his dog if he ever decided to raise one.

Aside from the blood bone, Shuhang still had a large number of blood pearls with him.

At that time, the pitiful blood demon was ganged up on and beaten by the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Soon after, it was transformed into blood pearls that scattered all over the place through one of Venerable White's palm-strikes. The number of the resulting blood pearls was incredibly high. Therefore, Song Shuhang also got his share.

The white-haired daoist priest asked this question because he sensed the aura of something belonging to a blood demon coming from Song Shuhang's body.

"I indeed have a few items related to a blood demon with me," Song Shuhang replied.

A happy expression flashed through the eyes of the white-haired daoist priest. However, he still maintained a calm expression on his face as he said, "I hope you'll forgive this daoist priest for being so blunt, but can you let me take a look at those cosmic demon-related items?"

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and put his hand into his clothes, secretly taking out a blood pearl from his size-reducing purse and giving to the white-haired daoist priest.

The white-haired daoist priest took the blood pearl and sniffed at it. Then, he operated his true qi and checked the structure of the pearl. The happy expression flashing through his eyes was getting stronger and stronger.

"It's indeed a treasure left behind by a blood demon. Moreover, I wonder which powerful senior managed to transform the corporeal body of the blood demon into such a mysterious item." The white-haired daoist priest held the blood pearl between his fingers and sighed with emotion.

He had never heard of such a method to transform the body of a blood demon. Therefore, it was surely the work of an incredibly powerful senior.

After looking at it for a while, the white-haired daoist priest finally returned the blood pearl to Song Shuhang. Then, he used the daoist protocol and said to Shuhang, "I'm Daoist Priest Horizon. Little friend, are you interested in carrying out a transaction with me for these pearls derived from the body of a blood demon?"

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. "Daoist Priest Horizon, what would you like to give me in exchange for these blood pearls?"

At this time, Song Shuhang was really short of money!

If possible, he wanted to exchange the pearls for spirit stones! After all, he liked spirit stones the most!

The blood pearls in his hands were obtained from the body of blood demon of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank. It shouldn't be a problem to exchange them for a spirit stone of the Fifth Stage rank, right?

Daoist Priest Horizon faintly smiled. It was truly great that this little friend was willing to carry out a transaction with him.

In that case, what could he use to carry out the transaction?

Daoist Priest Horizon started to ponder.

During the past several hundred years, he had been continuously studying blood demons. Given the powerful spiritual energy inside the blood pearl, he was able to deduce that the strength of the original blood demon, whose body had been transformed into pearls, was at least of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank!

A blood demon of the Sixth Stage... this blood demon was very likely the same blood demon of the Sixth Stage rank that had landed within China's borders recently!

According to the rumors, that blood demon had been extremely unlucky and was killed by a group of powerful seniors that were having a get-together as soon as it descended to the ground.

That day, Daoist Priest Horizon was also thinking of looking for the blood demon. As of late, he was trying to forge a special magical treasure that required the energy of a blood demon as the core.

Therefore, he had constantly been collecting items related to blood demons, but both the quality and quantity of the goods he had collected so far were far from being enough.

If he could successfully forge that magical treasure, he would have an 80% assurance of getting past the last checkpoint of the Fifth Stage during his progression to the next realm, something he had been delaying for nearly 300 years.

Unfortunately, although he managed to obtain inside information about the place where the blood demon was going to land, the latter changed its direction halfway and headed toward that group of powerful seniors having a get-together, bringing destruction upon itself.

By the time Daoist Priest Horizon reached the place the blood demon had descended to, not even the tiniest bit of its corpse was left behind.

But what he hadn't expected was that he would be able to come in contact with the crystallized body of the blood demon after a relatively short amount of time!

It was truly fate!

However, this blood pearl is very valuable. If I use spirit stones to carry out the transaction, it will look as though I'm not sincere enough. In addition, this little fellow daoist seems to have a powerful senior backing him up, Daoist Priest Horizon thought to himself.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang hadn't practiced the mind-reading technique. Otherwise, he would have asked Daoist Priest Horizon not to show too much sincerity and just use spirit stones to carry out the transaction!

Daoist Priest Horizon looked at the blood pearl and pondered for a moment. Then, he thought of something and glanced at Song Shuhang.

The little fellow daoist in front of him was at the Second Stage Fourth Dantian 'Dragon Body Dantian' Realm.

However, his constitution was very powerful and was comparable to someone that had opened the Seventh Dantian, the Dragon Head Dantian... actually, it was even stronger than that! From the looks of it, he was practicing a powerful body tempering cultivation technique and had taken several strong medicinal pills that could help one strengthen their constitution.

Additionally, a bronze light would flash from to time from the place between his eyebrows. It was a sign that his mental energy had already reached the Third Stage rank!

Such being the case... perhaps he really satisfied the conditions!

After pondering for a short moment, Daoist Priest Horizon asked, "Little fellow daoist, how many of these pearls do you have with you?" He had already determined that the smell of blood demon was still coming from Song Shuhang's body. Therefore, he definitely had more than just this blood pearl.

"I have around twenty of them in total," Song Shuhang replied.

Twenty? That was perfect! Daoist Priest Horizon thought that Song Shuhang had at most four or five of these blood pearls.

Never would he have expected that Shuhang had twenty of them! In addition, each of them was a high-quality item of the Sixth Stage rank!

If that was the case, the number of pearls was more than enough for him to forge that special magical treasure... he had spent nearly 300 years to build his tailor-made magical treasure to transcend the heavenly tribulation!

After waiting for 300 years, his opportunity had finally come!

Thereupon, he said, "Little fellow daoist, such being the case, is it fine if I pass on to you strength and skills in exchange for the pearls? Let's convert five blood pearls into one year's worth of strength and skills. In total, I will pass on to you four years' worth of strength and skills. How does that sound?"

Pass on strength and skills? Cultivators can even pass on something like this? Song Shuhang thought to himself, somewhat confused.

"Ah! I finally remember who you are!" Right at this time, Yu Jiaojiao suddenly said, "No wonder I found the 'Horizon' dao name familiar... you are the 'Crazy Skill Imparter'! Shuhang, you absolutely can't let him pass on his strength and skills to you! Run quickly!"