Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Nice To Meet You My Names Song Shuhang
Chapter 61: Nice to meet you, my names Song Shuhang!
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That day, on the way back after capturing the spirit ghosts, Soft Feather revealed to Song Shuhang that her father had once sealed only one spirit ghost in the Ghost Lamp Temple. But, that day Soft Feather had subdued two of them.

Spirit ghosts could not reproduce; where did that other spirit ghost pop out from?

Could it be that those spirit ghosts were actually one male and one female, and by some stroke of fate, travelled thousands of miles to meet each other, thus developing some kind of forbidden love?

Or perhaps, someone had intentionally put the spirit ghost into the Ghost Lantern Temple to nurture it?

If it was the former, then it was completely fine.

But if it was the latter, a huge problem has arisen!

Looking at the situation now, the probability of the latter occurring was relatively higher.

If it was the second reason, then does he want to retrieve the spirit ghost from me? There was clarity in Song Shuhangs eyes, And incidentally kill me while hes at it?

The world of cultivation was indeed a cruel one.

Due to their extraordinary power, it was difficult for these formidable cultivators to be bound by the laws of the mortal world.

The only things that could restrain a cultivator were the virtues, morals and humanity he held in his heart. Once these morals and ethics were shattered and self-control was lost, then the cultivator could stoop to doing anything.

Genocide, violence, oppression viewing human lives as straws of grass, to be ravaged at his whims and fancy So on and so forth. This pretty much summed up the viciousness and cruelty of the cultivators world.

If you took my treasure, I will kill your entire family. This was definitely something that cultivators of certain evil sects could do.

Someone like Song Shuhang who had not even completed building his foundation had prematurely been exposed to the merciless side of the world of cultivation.

Of course, I cant discount the last possibility, Song Shuhang pinched his Ghost Sealing Ice Bead. The last possibility was that treasures could move ones heart. He had previously failed to conceal his possession of this bead so someone with sinister intentions could have seen it. Hence, that person would desire to kill him and steal his treasure.

If it were this kind of person, that would be even more damning to the victim.

But that person has already entered my room and even stood beside my bed. Why hasnt he harmed me? A blade had already been dropped beside his bed; there was no reason to retreat when success was so close.

Is there someone protecting me? Song Shuhang thought of the faint scent of blood.

Could it be Senior Medicine Master?

Song Shuhang kept the razor-thin blade carefully and decided to pay Medicine Master a visit before he went to class in the morning.

There were many suspicions he needed to clarify with that senior.

In addition, he wanted to ask the senior for guidance on how to raise his awareness and techniques to conceal his treasures.

After he freshened up, Song Shuhang hurriedly threw on some clothes and rushed out of the house without even eating breakfast.

As he was leaving the male dormitory, he could see a tall figure waving at him from a distance.

Student Shuhang. The figure approached. It was the large man Song Shuhang had hit last night, Nan Haomeng.

Song Shuhang stopped and shot him a suspicious look.

I discovered the person who was searching for you, Nan Haomeng lowered his voice after he approached Shuhang.

Song Shuhang was a little shocked, Your efficiency is kind of unbelievable.

In only the span of an evening?

I had to be. In this fast-paced society, if you dont increase your efficiency, youll be eliminated by this world, Nan Haomeng spoke some very philosophical words. But when paired with his large muscular body, it created an indescribable sense of awkwardness.

In reality, how smooth the process of helping Song Shuhang investigate had exceeded Nan Haomengs expections. He had only asked those two hopeless members of the association to help him look for the person Song Shuhang wanted, yet those two members had managed to obtain the information so quickly.

The main reason was after those two were beaten up by Song Shuhang that night, they secretly investigated all information regarding Song Shuhang. So, with the basis of having some information beforehand, they were able to quickly find their target.

Who is it? This was exactly the time Song Shuhang required this information.

Its one of the students in our school, Lin Tao. Hes a boarder, second year in finance. His dorm isnt too far from here, want to go take a look?

Song Shuhangs brows furrowed. It isnt a stranger, but a fellow student?

But he realised very quickly, that the person investigating him naturally would not do so in broad daylight. In this time and age, as long as a person was willing to fork out a little cash, asking someone else to collect information on him was an easy matter.

This student must have been the one commissioned.

Song Shuhang glanced at the time. Its still early, so lets go visit him.

As he spoke this, his fingers curled tightly into a fist.

Finance Facultys Male Dormitory.

It was rare for Lin Tao to wake up so early. He had been in a great mood these two days. Yesterday morning, there had been been a dumb but rich fellow wearing large sunglasses who had given him money worth a years living expenses before asking him to help investigate a student called Song Shuhang from Jiangnan University.

The other party had said that his daughter had been spending days messing around with this student, Song Shuhang. He was slightly worried so he had asked Lin Yao to help him collect some information on this Song Shuhang.

The moment Lin Tao heard this, he knew he was being lied to but when faced with such a large sum of money, he had taken the other partys words at face value.

Nobody would have hatred against notes, moreover, all that was needed was to investigate on a student, this required no effort at all. So he accepted the money, and simply gathered a lot of information regarding Song Shuhang.

With such an accidental fortune, the last two days of Lin Taos life had been very comfortable.

*Knock knock*

A knocking sound came from the door.

Excuse me, does Student Lin Tao live here? A gentle male voice came from outside the room, just the voice alone could make others feel amiable.

Its so early, whos looking for me? Lin Tao felt skeptical, but he still went to open the door.

The moment he opened the door, Lin Tao felt his vision turn black. An over two meter tall wall-like man stood expressionlessly at his door, full of oppressiveness. This gave him a shock.

Subconsciously, he thought of closing the door.

Youre Student Lin Tao? At this time, the gentle voice was heard again.

Now, Lin Tao finally noticed that standing beside the large guy was a student with a kind face.

After seeing this man, Lin Taos nervous heart relaxed a little, Thats me, is something the matter?

Nice to meet you, my names Song Shuhang. The gentle expression on Shuhangs face receded.

Song Shuhang, this name sounds pretty familiar?

Oh f**k, isnt this the man that rich fool asked me to investigate?

Lin Tao immediately realized that something was wrong, he quickly took a step back, and stretched his hand to close the door.

At the same time, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand to lightly press against the door, Seems like Student Lin Tao does know of me.

Then, Lin Tao realized that the door he held on to couldnt close at all.

He was frightened, what kind of monstrous strength is this? He obviously didnt look like someone strong, and blocked the door with a single hand. Lin Tao exerted all of the strength he got, even the strength he used to drink milk as a baby, and used his whole body to push against the door, yet the door wouldnt budge an inch.

From your reaction, I conclude that Ive found the right person. Well then, Student Lin Tao, would you rather have a proper chat with me, or chat with my fist? Song Shuhang spoke slowly and clearly; even if its Shuhang, facing the man who sold his information which nearly got him killed, he wasnt able to totally hold back his fury.

Because this information could cause his friends and family to face life-threatening danger! If he doesnt get angry, he would be the merciful Savior.

In a short moment, Song Shuhang even had the inclination to beat this guy up till he cant take care of himself.

Dont do anything reckless, this is a school. If you get reckless, nobody will get away with this. Lin Tao was flustered.

Thanks for the reminder. Song Shuhang nodded, Well then, Student Lin Tao, will you never take a step out of the school for the rest of your life?

As long as you walk out of the school, then you can have a proper conversation with my fist.

Lin Tao wasnt a moron, how could he not understand the meaning behind those words?

Lets find a place to chat then, I guarantee that I will tell you everything I know. Lin Tao forced a smile. Sure enough, greed is the worst amongst the seven deadly sins.

Song Shuhang put down his right hand which was blocking the door, then turned around to walk towards the rooftop.

At this moment, Lin Tao truly felt like shutting the door and calling the teacher in charge of the dormitory for help, but when he secretly glanced at the two meter tall muscle man, he swallowed his saliva in fear.