Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Yep Im Framing You
Chapter 62: Yep, Im framing you!

Lin Tao knew that the day would come where he has to leave the school, when that day comes, if this two meter tall man comes to look for him, and wants him to have a taste of his sandbag sized fist All he can do is to book a bed at a hospital hes familiar with that is by the window, has good air circulation and nice scenery before experiencing this model of sandbag fist.

So he was completely terrified, and followed Song Shuhang and Nan Haomeng up to the dormitorys rooftop with a bitter smile.

Behind them, there were his roommates who were curious, but seeing Nan Haomengs huge physique, they didnt dare ask anything, afraid that they would be implicated in Lin Taos matter.

Although they wanted to help Lin Tao, they had the feeling of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Like Song Shuhangs dormitory, the rooftop here is locked, Song Shuhang didnt have the keys

But it doesnt matter, this place isnt his dormitory anyways.

In front of Nan Haomeng and Lin Taos widened eyes, Song Shuhang grabbed onto the lock, and casually pulled down on it. Then, the lock and the screw which it held on to were both torn off.

As relaxed as plucking a leaf off a branch.

This could no longer be described as being strong, it was practically a dragon in the shape of a human.

Lin Tao couldnt help but shiver for a moment.

Stepping on the rooftop, Song Shuhang asked with a deep voice, Well then, now, tell me, who sent you to investigate me?

I dont know that person. Lin Tao bitterly laughed, as expected, Song Shuhang would ask this question first. This was the question he didnt want to face the most, because he simply didnt know the answer!

Once his words were spoken, he saw Song Shuhangs face frost over.

Lin Tao quickly tried to remedy the situation, he racked his brain trying to recall and said, Wait, I can roughly remember how he looked like. He was taller than me by a whole head, at around 1.83m; yep, rather skinny, with long arms. Obviously longer than ordinary peoples by a lot, like a gibbon. Because he wore a pair of large sunglasses, I didnt get a clear look at his face. His lips were thick, like swollen sausages.

Is that all? Song Shuhang face looked like a volcano about to erupt, like he would explode at any moment.

Theres a little more! Although this person tried to conceal it when he spoke, I was still able to tell that his original accent should be closer to that of an accent belonging to an area neighbouring J City and Jiangnan Region. Because I lived there when I was young, Im very sensitive when it comes to the accent there. Lin Tao hurriedly said.

The area neighbouring J City and Jiangnan Region, which is also the region Luo Xin Street is at.

As expected, its because of the spirit ghost? Song Shuhang was able to faintly confirm it in his heart.

Other than this, I dont know much more. Actually I didnt reveal too much information regarding you, just your few good friends and your next of kin. This information is things that your classmates and the school would know. It is also possible to extract this from the schools network. I cant find more on the schools network anyway. By the way this, this is the reward that man gave me, Ill give it all to you Lin Tao anxiously took out a bundle of red notes from his pocket, hoping for Song Shuhangs forgiveness.

Seeing that bundle of red notes, the last bit of rationality in Song Shuhangs mind collapsed.

Just because of this amount of money, this man passed detailed information on him to a stranger. Causing his life to be in danger. Also if this problem isnt quickly settled, the lives of his family and friends might also be in danger.


Song Shuhang grabbed onto Lin Taos shirt collar, fiercely pulling him towards himself, his right hand turned into a fist, and smashed it into Lin Taos face.

This was a forbidden move amongst punch techniques, called Face-breaking Punch of Friendship!

Lin Tao was blown into mid-air, fresh blood poured out of his mouth, along with several teeth.

His face which had been hit began to quickly swell.

This was when Song Shuhang forcibly retained majority of his strength, otherwise, with the anger contained in his punch, he could cause Lin Tao to be bedridden and unable to take care of himself.

Now all that happened was a few broken teeth and a swollen face, this was the result of Shuhang holding himself back as much as he could.

Lin Tao was knocked into a daze, and only began sobbing after a long while because of the pain. But because of his swollen face and half his teeth having fallen out, even his wails sounded weird, and werent loud.

From now on, you better erase everything regarding me from your mind. Otherwise, what you will receive the next time wont just be a simple punch like this. Song Shuhang wiped away the bloodstain on his fist, As for your face and your teeth, think of your own way to explain to others. You can say you hit yourself, or you knocked them off when you fell down. Either way, do not link it with me. I do not wish to see you again.

There will be no next time, if there was a next time, Song Shuhang would truly be unable to guarantee that he wouldnt do something extreme. Even the Buddha can only endure three times, right?

Song Shuhang and Nan Haomeng left.

There was only Lin Tao sobbing on the rooftop left, with the red notes strewn all over the floor. Who knew if these red notes were enough for him to put back his teeth that fell? Dental fees seem to be really high nowadays.

Hey, Shuhang, arent you afraid that Lin Tao would go back and report to the schools authorities that you beat him up and even knocked out his teeth? Then the school might forcibly make you quit school or something? Nan Haomeng curiously asked.

Yep, Im not the slightest bit afraid. Song Shuhang was oddly calm.

For unknown reasons, his calmness gave Nan Haomeng a bad premonition.

Because I definitely wouldnt admit to beating him up. Besides Song Shuhang turned around and looked at Nan Haomeng and said, Why do you think I let you come with me to this place?

What do you mean? Wasnt it me who brought you here? Nan Haomeng felt that something was off.

Think about it, between the two of us, who is more conspicuous? Song Shuhang indifferently said.

Nan Haomeng shouted, Youre framing me?

Yep, Im framing you. Song Shuhang nodded and said, If youre not happy, hit me?

Hit your sister, if that happens itll be you beating me up, where would I have the opportunity to beat you?

Nan Haomeng clenched his teeth, and ran back towards the rooftop. He felt that he had to reinforce the threat towards that student named Lin Tao, so as to avoid the opposite party possibly do something he shouldnt when hes not thinking clearly.

On the rooftop, the great sun climbed up to its peak with much effort, continuing to release its light and heat selflessly. Actually, with such hot weather, most people wished that he would go on strike for a day or two.

Taking advantage of the fact that it wasnt time for class yet, Song Shuhang went to Medicine Masters residence.

He had too many things to consult Senior Medicine Master with.

At this time, in the garage of that five-story house, there was an old Volkswagen Santana parked outside. It was the kind of old squarish Santana model that was used in driving school more than ten years ago. This type of vehicle had already been completely withdrawn from the market for many years due to its age.

Who knew that someone would still drive something like that these days? Song Shuhang began to suspect that this car may not even be allowed on the road right now.

Theres a guest? He inwardly said, then touched his key, intending to open the door.

Yet at that moment, the door to the house was opened first.

A lady with shoulder-length hair walked out of the house, she had a small figure, approximately 1.5m or so. However, she had a powerful aura, every step she took had the aura that would rival a tiger inspecting his mountain.

She slanted her head and sized Song Shuhang up, then minded her own business and walked over to the old Santana, and opened the boot. She took out a pill refining furnace that was approximately a cubic meter sized.

Then, she raised her leg, and stamped on that pill refining furnace, the pitiful pill refining furnace made a tragic whine.

This lady seemed to be in a bad mood, and she seemed to have a bad temper as well.

Her anger value is about to burst the gauge. Song Shuhangs heart trembled a little, he felt that he should avoid this lady.

Just as Song Shuhang was prepared to quietly slip in to look for Medicine Master, a strange noise sounded from behind him.

Then, the pill refining furnace which was kicked began to swell up. In a blink of an eye, it grew to a size that was almost as big as the car.

It can grow just by being stomped on?

Is this object shrinking magic?

A thousand kinds of magic, a million kinds of abilities, therere only things you cant think of, this is cultivation!