Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 63

Chapter 63
Chapter 63:

Would there eventually be a day that he himself would be able to fully utilise all kinds of techniques like Senior? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this moment, the short-haired girl extended her open palms, grabbed one end of the furnace, raising it and walking two steps forward. She furrowed her brows.


She put the furnace down before turning around to stare at Song Shuhang.

Youre Song Shuhang? She raised her eyebrow. Come over and help me carry this, helping a beautiful damsel in distress is every mans obligation!

You know me? Song Shuhang asked warily as he stepped forward to help the girl lift the pill refining furnace.

The furnace was not really heavy, but it was big and clunky enough to make it difficult for one person to carry. For two people though, it was a breeze.

Dont ask so many silly questions. You should be able to clearly see the intimate relationship I share with the Medicine Master. Then you should be able to immediately infer that it would be normal for me to know about you from Medicine Master. The lady stated with an expressionless face.

Theres probably nobody who could clearly see the intimate relationship between you and Medicine Master at first glance, right?!

Song Shuhang cursed inside, then asked, Intimate relationship? Are you Senior Medicine Masters dao companion?

No Im temporarily still his disciple. Jiang Ziyan, Im currently using this name, and wouldnt change it for the next thirty years. There was a feeling that when Song Shuhang mentioned dao companion, her mood turned a lot better. I heard from Medicine Master that he wanted to come all the way here to Jiangnan Region for research, so I could only transport his pill furnace over later. Once he begins researching, he wouldnt give a damn about anything else, there needs to be someone who takes care of him. Help him tidy his hair, sort out his clothes, tell him when to cultivate, and also remind him to eat.

As they spoke, the two arrived at the third floor, this was Medicine Masters temporary pill refining room.

When the door was opened, Song Shuhang saw a completely new room.

There was also a completely new Senior Medicine Master.

He was no longer the visual kei guy Shuhang met in the beginning, but how should he describe the Senior Medicine Master of this moment?
Lets first talk about the hairstyle, the long explosion like hairstyle had been meticulously tidied up. Medicine Masters hair has been tied into small braids, furthermore they were braids pointing towards the sky!

With a rough count, there were over twenty sky-pointing braids, this made Medicine Masters head look like a forest. To add on to that, there were many small and cute decorations on the small braids.

To be honest, Song Shuhang honestly felt that that explosion hair looked better.

The black eye bags still remained, but now the black eye bags actually had become real smoky effect make-up!

Because Song Shuhang could see that when Medicine Master blinks, there was a sometimes be a sparkle around his eyes, that was eyeshadow used by ladies for makeup.

Song Shuhangs stomach couldnt handle all of this, and began to twitch.

I feel like, Medicine Masters current appearance is worse than when it was unkempt; the visual kei Medicine Master was more handsome than how he is now, this is simply going towards the direction of trying to make him ugly.

It cant be that Jiang Ziyan was afraid that because Medicine Master was too handsome, other women would snatch him away, right?

If thats the case, she can totally be at ease, simply from Medicine Masters visual kei appearance, there was practically no lady who would fall for him.

Medicine Master looked at Shuhang, then spoke with a smile, Yo, little friend Shuhang is here. Looking at the time, its indeed about time you came.

Huh, Senior, you knew that I would come this morning? Song Shuhang asked bewilderedly.

Hurrhurr, of course. Last night, something happened around you, right? Medicine Master exuded an air of profound mystery.

Sure enough, the one who protected me last night was Senior Medicine Master.

Song Shuhang came to a conclusion inside, and answered, Yes, last night there was someone who infiltrated my residence. Then, the opposite party left this handleless blade. Theres a faint smell of blood around the place Im staying at, something doesnt feel right.

As he spoke, he brought out the handleless thin blade and handed it over to Medicine Master.

Medicine Master received the handleless blade, glanced at it and handed it back to Shuhang. Next, he squinted his eyes and asked, What do you think the people who snuck into your room yesterday wanted to do?

Song Shuhang replied, Ive thought of many possibilities, but I think that its most likely to kill me.

Jiang Ziyan laughed on the side and said, At least youre not hopelessly stupid.

Your guess is correct, this handleless blade is full of solidified scent of blood, theres also the hatred left on it from the dead. Theres no doubt that the person who wielded this blade often engaged in slaughter. To be honest, I didnt want you to come into contact with the cruel side of the cultivation world so soon, but this is the true face of the world of cultivation. Danger doesnt only exist in Heavenly Calamities and Heavenly Disasters, theres also Human Disasters. Well then, little friend Shuhang, how do you feel towards your first assassination? Medicine Master asked with a smile.


I feel a whole lot, my emotions were a mess previously!!

Song Shuhang thought for a bit, then replied, To be honest, I was a little fearful in the beginning. I felt like my vigilance was insufficient, the enemy snuck to my bedside, yet I didnt notice a thing. This is one of the reasons I came to look for you, Senior, I want to at least increase my alertness.

With some hesitation, he then said in an embarrassed manner, But later on, I felt a little excited.

Excited? Hahahaha. Medicine Master laughed out loud, Little friend Shuhang, youre truly a strange fellow.

Towards his own assassination, to feel excitement is really weird.

Weirdo. Jiang Ziyan added.

Medicine Master was done laughing, and began to explain.

Yesterday, I secretly left a miniature array on your body. My apologies, I didnt ask for your permission before messing around with your body. The array I planted has some defensive uses, and would react to an attack from a cultivator. Furthermore, the array contains some medication that had been through special treatment from me. Let me just say that this medication used to be my proudest work. *Cough* Medicine Master was a little shy, he felt a little apologetic for secretly planting an array on Song Shuhangs body after all, though his original intention was to protect him.

But very late last night, this array had been activated by someone, while the medication inside was released.

Only cultivators could activate the array, and it had to be a cultivator with the intent to harm.

Truth be told, I initially thought that this array wouldnt ever be activated. Ive always thought that those chaps following be would have a sense of rationality. But from what I see now, I seem to have overestimated them. Theyve already turned into mad dogs, randomly biting whatever they see. My apologies, little friend Shuhang, Ive created some trouble for you.

Medicine Master believed that the people who made a move towards Shuhang were the same ones who had been following him. Because, other than them, Medicine Master couldnt think of any cultivators who would attack a newbie of the cultivation world like Song Shuhang.

Jiang Ziyan smiled and added, Anyway its fine now, the person who infiltrated your room yesterday would never appear before you again.

Which also means, the assassin from yesterday is already dead?

Do you find this very cruel, little friend Shuhang? This is what the cultivation world is like. I know youre a very kind good person. But your kindness and benevolence must never be saved for your enemies. This is my advice to you as a Senior. Medicine Master said seriously.

Song Shuhang was a good person, this could be seen from the True Self Meditation Scripture. Which was why Medicine Master was a little worried, worried that he would be soft hearted towards his enemies, when that happens, he would be harming himself and the people around him.

Its good to be a good person, but a rottenly good person is just dangerous.

Please be rest assured, Senior. Although I may actually be a good person, Im definitely not like the Savior who would sacrifice his life for the world. I believe that if its an enemy, only a dead enemy could be the best enemy. After some thought, this was Song Shuhangs serious answer.

Jiang Ziyan once again said, Youre really a weirdo.

Medicine Master nodded with a smile. The rigid good person would give others headaches, but nothing can be better than a good person who knows to be flexible.

Other than that, the matter yesterday could be said to be my life being saved by you, Senior Medicine Master. Song Shuhang answered the other topic, Actually, other than the possibility of the people assassinating me being those who are following you, Senior, it could possibly also be because of this.

Song Shuhang took out his necklace, revealing the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl on it.

This is the reward I obtained when helping Soft Feather previously a spirit ghost.