Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 64

Chapter 64 An Invincible Position
Chapter 64: An invincible position

Song Shuhang gave Medicine Master an account of his speculation.

What you mean is you suspect that the one who infiltrated your room could be the spirit ghosts owner; or a cultivator who was provoked by riches when seeing your spirit ghost? That may be possible. Medicine Master nodded.

Soft Feather should be the daughter of Spirit Butterfly Respected Sage that youve mentioned before, right Teacher? Jiang Ziyan shook her head with a smile. As expected of a generous lady, to give a spirit ghost so casually.

Something like a spirit ghost, even a cultivator of her level doesnt have one. However, for her current self, a mid-grade spirit ghost like that was no longer of any use.

What are you planning to do? Medicine Master gazed at Song Shuhang and asked.

Song Shuhang sighed, Frankly, if the enemy who wants my life is just one person, I wouldnt worry so much.

He would in fact feel more delighted to know that they were a group, as that would give him a lot more motivation when cultivating.

However, yesterday afternoon, I heard that there was someone who paid a student of Jiangnan University City to collect information regarding me and my close relatives and friends. Im worried that these fellows might choose foul means, and harm my close friends and relatives.

His current strength wasnt enough to protect his friends and family. This was also the reason why North Rivers Loose Practitioner previously warned him not to reveal his identity as a cultivator before having the strength to protect his family.

The problem was, he simply didnt reveal his identity as a cultivator, yet trouble had already found its way to him!

He suddenly felt very wronged.

Jiang Ziyan chuckled and said, Shuhang, how about I hold on to the spirit ghost for you? Then let those fellows come for me if they dare, and Ill take care of them one by one, wouldnt that be great?

The moment she said that, Medicine Master raised his hand, and fiercely flicked her forehead, Dont bring up bad ideas, this spirit ghost holds great meaning to little friend Shuhang. Once he completes his foundation building and collects all the materials required to construct a spirit ghost contracting array, he would be able to contract this spirit ghost.

With this spirit ghost, even if he missed out on the best foundation building age, without that breath of xiantian true qi protecting the body, Shuhang would still have the chance to chase after those geniuses of sects. If he didnt have this spirit ghost Song Shuhangs future path as a cultivator would be three to five times more difficult.

Song Shuhangs eyes slightly shined.

Jiang Ziyan rubbed her forehead, and stuck out her tongue, I was just joking, besides, a spirit ghost is useless to me now, anyways.

Song Shuhang said in a deep voice, Therefore, I need to quickly find the mastermind. Then, Ill get rid of him through any means necessary.

What if the opponents strength is way above yours? How are you prepared to take care of him? Medicine Master reminded.

Fact was, the opposite partys strength was definitely above Song Shuhangs.

Once I find their tracks Song Shuhang pinched the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl, and tried asking, Senior Medicine Master, Id like to ask, if I use this spirit ghost as the reward, can I ask of you to take care of the opposite party?

For the safety of his family and friends, for a materialistic item like a spirit ghost, he would give it up if necessary!

Medicine Master revealed a gratified smile. Between the spirit ghost and the safety of his family, Song Shuhang chose the latter. To some cultivators, this was a stupid decision, but Medicine Master appreciated Shuhangs decision very much.

However, he shook his head and said, Unfortunately, I cant help you, because Im not an expert at battle. Furthermore, your enemy might be hiding in the dark. I dont have much experience towards chasing an enemy or looking for a hiding enemy. However

In addition he didnt need a spirit ghost.

There are many seniors and members in the group who have cute juniors. If you are willing to use the spirit ghost as reward, I believe that many seniors would come from distant places just to deal with this hidden foe for you. I can guarantee that. Medicine Master said with a smile.

If thats the case, Im relieved. Song Shuhang carefully kept the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl.

At the very least, with this spirit ghost here, he wouldnt fall into an impasse.

If he has to retreat, he could call for backup. He was already placed into a undefeatable position for this battle.

However, unless you have no way out, Id recommend that you do not trade this spirit ghost away. Medicine Master added.

Why would you say that, Senior? Song Shuhang asked puzzledly.

This spirit ghost is extremely important to you, I have not explained to you everything about knowledge for foundation building cultivators. Simply put, youve already missed the optimal age for foundation building, but with this spirit ghost, youd at least be able to catch up with ordinary cultivators, and be able to progress further in your road of cultivation. If you lose this spirit ghost, you may find it difficult to make any progress after reaching the 2nd Stage. For you, this spirit ghost could be considered to be your ticket to enter the dao. Medicine Master answered.

However, I have no other choice. Song Shuhang said. He was just an ordinary student without any powerful backup. Other than using the spirit ghost as a reward, there was nothing on him that he could ask the seniors in the group to help him with.

But your enemy may not be as strong as you think, if the opponent is merely at the 1st Stage of cultivation, then they would be within the range where you could resist, they would even be a decent adversary for tempering yourself. At the same time, before you find the enemy, you could look for as much help as possible. Medicine Master smiled with his eyes squinted, To reiterate, unless you have no other option, dont casually trade the spirit ghost away.

Thank you, Senior. Song Shuhang nodded and said; at the very least, he had to first find the enemy in the background. Otherwise, everything would just be empty words.

Jiang Ziyan suddenly laughed out loud, Shuhang, youre indeed an interesting fellow. By the way, Teacher, do you need any help from me during this period?

Oh, its enough that you transported the pill furnace here. Medicine Master laughed, and the forest-like braids on his head shook.

Then Ill be very free? Since this is the case, Ill go do some interesting things. Jiang Ziyan formed a wide and bad smile, her tongue licked her lips in a captivating manner.

Song Shuhang realized that a bad smile suited Jiang Ziyan very well. When she smiles, there was a dark charm to her. Like a raging fire, despite a moth knowing the dangers of it, it still throws itself into the fire regardless of the perils.

Perhaps she noticed that she smiled too much, she quickly covered her mouth. She then chuckled, then jumped out of the window to leave, who knew what was on her mind.

Medicine Master shook his head smiling, moved his pill furnace over and placed it at a suitable position.

By the way, Senior Medicine Master, I still want to ask for guidance as to how I can sense whether someone is following me, and also how to maintain vigilance. Song Shuhang earnestly requested.

Experiencing these things, he knew that he was lacking in many areas. He enjoyed the feeling of being targeted, but he just liked the excitement of it; he didnt like being slashed to death while sleeping on the bed.

Those are tricks cultivators use in their everyday lives, its very easy to grasp. Oh yes, wait a moment. Medicine Master took out his phone, and logged into the chat app. Next, he opened the Nine Provinces (1) Groups folder.

It could be seen that in this folder of the group, there were various strange documents.

Modern electrical appliances and their diagrams; Air-conditioning, Television, Computers, Cell phones, Rice cooker etc.

How to quickly grasp the tricks to handling a phone.

Fellow daoist whom closed door for fifty years and above need to make a legal ID, for more info please contact .

Those who need to exchange their gold and other valuables into usable paper currency please contact .

Things that cultivators need to take note of: Science and technology are advancing very quickly, ten ways on how to quickly assimilate into society. Do not let ordinary people notice any peculiarities.

Road safety rules, please keep in mind to never knock into a car. Attachment: Various pictures of car shapes. PS: These are transport vehicles, like carriages, they arent demons.Do not knock into cars! It isnt be careful of getting knocked by cars. There had even been senior cultivators who thought cars were demons? Song Shuhang wondered whether that senior had caught the car? Or did that senior kill the car?

Proposal for where to choose for closed door cultivation and things to take note; do not allow a tragedy like Charitable Resident Scholars to happen again.