Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 66

Chapter 66
Chapter 66:
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On the border between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, there lies a mysterious island that isnt recorded on any map in the world. The island is hidden by the forces of nature, preventing humans from getting a glimpse at it. Even the most advanced technology would be unable to find any signs of the island.

This was the territory of Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage, Spiritual Butterfly Island.

Countless huge butterflies flew about in the skies of the island, this was the specialty of this island.

Amongst them, there was a butterfly as large as a basin which descended from the skies and stopped in front of a young lady on the island. On its back, it carried a newspaper.

Thats right, it was newspaper..

Sorry for the trouble. Soft Feather reached out her hand to pick up the newspaper on the butterflys back. She sat on the stone chair in the pavilion, with her hair bunned up.

In her hands was your typical newspaper, no different than any other newspaper with the exception of its contents being fantasy-like

Todays headlines: A famous sect, the southern sword sect of the four sword sects Longevity Sect Master had an argument with his dao companion the day before, and said he wanted to break off their dao companion relationship in a fit of anger. But when the time came for them to officially divorce, it had been reported that the great sect master knelt for a whole day on the Everlasting Vajra Durian, and yelled the words I was wrong, please forgive me ten thousand times.

The southern Longevity Sword Sects Sect master had always given others the impression of a fierce man, and he was an audacious man. His masculinity was popular amongst female cultivators; while his dao companion always gave others the impression of being soft and gentle like water.

So when this gossip spread, it became the headline without any resistance.

On the other pages, there was a warning of the Boundless Demon Sects Mad Devil Tyrannic Monarch being active in the east of Huaxia, so its recommended for everybody to take note for their safety. Boundless Demon Sects disciples were all irregular, and possessed peculiar characters. However, the Mad Devil Tyrannic Monarch was different, he was one of the few harmless people in the Demon Sect, but this was under the condition that nobody provoked him. Yet this was the problem, he had an innate provoke me constitution. Even if he was just quietly eating mutton skewers at the side of the road, he would get provoked by someone. If it were just the constitution that made him provoked often, itd still be fine, but the issue was that he was a disciple of the Boundless Demon Sect which all had extreme characters. So, a murder case that starts from eating a mutton skewer wasnt something that happens just once.

In addition to this, there was an article about a cultivator who gained a fortune overnight from betting on spirit stones for source stones.

There was also a cultivator who crossed over the ocean to challenge an aboriginal god in the west, seizing some treasures. In recent years, the aboriginal gods of the west have often been beaten up at their door for reasons unbeknown to them, and have been beaten to a daze.

Other than that, there was a classifieds section which featured buying, selling and trading heavenly treasures. As long as one felt that the price was right, or had a need for a certain treasure, they could contact the owner directly or have the newspaper office be the middleman for the transaction.

This was a special newspaper for cultivators, and was completely different from the newspapers in the secular world. Cultivators newspapers were very casual, they reported whatever there was. Gossips, informative news, trades, advice on danger, anything.

Huh? Isnt this the Mysterious Floating Island people have been talking about!? Soft Feather saw a piece of news that quickened her heartbeat.

The article stated that there was a cultivator who recently found the legendary Mysterious Floating Island in the East China Sea. This cultivator was able to vaguely make out birdsongs, fragrant flowers, abundant spirit qi, and many lifeforms that were already extinct.

It was unknown as to which ancient senior had left this paradise, and whether it was actually a special space in the world. Maybe it was something like a fragment of the world?

A place like this was usually fraught with danger and opportunity, it was an ideal place for adventurers.

That cultivator was only able to take several photos, and when trying to enter, the mysterious island simply disappeared.

East China Sea, thats pretty close to our home. Soft Feather was moved. Should I find an opportunity to slip out and play?

With her long legs crossed, she raised her jade foot slightly and lightly swayed it. Her sandals revealed her smooth and fair toes; this pair of sandals was precisely the pair that Song Shuhang previously bought.

Soft Feather, what are you looking at? A warm and calm voice sounded, and a handsome middle-aged man appeared behind Soft Feather. Very handsome, indescribably handsome, handsome to the point where he wouldnt have friends; this was Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage, the owner of Spiritual Butterfly Island.

Im looking at todays Cultivator Times. Oh yeah, Dad, I found a fun place to play, how about we take advantage of these few days to go out and play? Soft Feathers eyes were filled with excitement as raised her newspaper expectantly.

You want to go out and play again? Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sages eyebrow twitched, then he revealed a doting smile, But for the next few days, you must first familiarize yourself with the spirit ghosts contract array. When you complete the contract with the spirit ghost, Ill bring you out. This was something that you promised me, you wouldnt renege on your words, would you?

When she left home without approval last time, her father the Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage didnt scold her. He had her make a promise that anything she brought back had to be settled on her own, and until she establishes a contract with the spirit ghost, she must obediently remain on Spiritual Butterfly Island.

Im not someone who goes back on their words, once I say something, even a hundred horses, no, even a thousand horses cant chase! Soft Feather staunchly said, then immediately turned bitter. She never expected that contracting a spirit ghost was such a troublesome matter and had failed multiple times already.

Work hard then. Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sages eyes landed on the sandals his daughter wore.

The design was rather old-fashioned, it looked like something that would be sold on the streets.

Ive never seen my daughter wear such sandals before, I guess it must have been bought when she went to catch the spirit ghost.

Although it doesnt look very appealing, it is the first time my daughter bought something for herself, I should at least encourage and praise her, right?

This Respected Sage was a good father.

Thinking of this, Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage adopted the pose of an expert as he nodded and praised, Soft Feather, where did you buy these sandals? As expected of my daughter, you have great tastes!

This loving father initially wanted to use more flowery vocabulary, and praise his cute daughter more, but facing these sandals that look like theyre sold on the streetside, he couldnt think of any other words of praise to use despite racking his brain.

Hehe, Dad finds it pretty too? Soft Feather raised her little feet, and happily smiled. She was in a great mood as she said, These were bought by Senior Song for me after catching the spirit ghost that day, the previous pair I wore broke when I was catching the spirit ghost. Hehe, sure enough, Senior Song is powerful and interesting, the things he bought have great taste. Even a pair of sandals he chose could make Dad find that its good.

Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sages smile froze, he felt stifled in his heart, like he had just eaten anger.

Senior Song was a member of the group who his daughter said had helped in catching the spirit ghost.

His daughter cared a lot about Senior Song.

The most important point was that this Senior Song was a man!

My eldest disciple Liu Jianyi seemed to have left out some matters in his report. That lazy bum is asking for a beating!

While thinking of that lazy bum, Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sages mouth twitched again. Because that bum was too lazy to breathe, he went to learn some Turtle Breath Technique, and even recommended some dogshit economic spirit; Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage felt like he was blind that year when he chose this fellow as his successor.

No good, once I think about that lazy bum, my heart starts to feel stifled!

If this continues on, Will I need to consider carrying around a Quick Heart Rescue Pill or something?

On the way back to school, Song Shuhangs mind thought over how he could find more opportunities to attain battle experience; perhaps he should look for hoodlums to fight a round every day?

In addition, around four or five in the evening, he also has to find some time to practice the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique.

With his physique, it would take approximately twenty three hours or so for his qi and blood to recover to a point where he could practice the fist technique again.

This meant that in the present stage, he could only practice the fist technique once a day. If he wants to complete the foundation building technique within a hundred days, he must seize every chance without wasting a single bit of time.

But of course, the bodys qi and blood recovery would quicken as the bodys strength increases. When he reaches the later parts of the 1st Stage, he would be able to easily practice it ten times or so every day.

Other than that, to quicken the recovery of the qi and blood, there would be a need to ingest a pill called the Qi and Blood Pill. North Rivers Loose Practitioner had introduced the Qi and Blood Pill to Shuhang before. It was a pill made up of precious materials. Unlike the Body Tempering Liquid which was a medicinal liquid, this was a true Grade 1 pill.

After ingesting a pill, within half an hour, it could recover the qi and blood of a foundation building cultivator like Song Shuhang to the max.

This sort of medicine wasnt just usable only during the foundation building period. 1st Stage cultivators would need a lot of Qi and Blood Pills as well to increase the qi and blood count in their body when opening acupoints.

It would be nice if he could obtain this Qi and Blood pill, so he could finish his foundation building quicker. When that happens, he would have a better chance of surviving against the assassin, right? Right now, he urgently needed strength.

But he felt that he was being rather greedy.

As he continued to walk, he unknowingly reached the messy alleys on Auspicious Street again.

Today, he didnt bump into that short-haired girl that was backed up against the wall. Perhaps it was too early, and she hasnt gotten up yet?

There werent many pedestrians in the alley.

It was very quiet.