Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 68

Chapter 68 The Female Lecturer Frightened To Tears
Chapter 68: The female lecturer frightened to tears
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This state, how fantastic. Song Shuhangs eyes shone. In this state, he could clearly feel himself and everything around him. If he added on this state when he cultivates in the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, his understanding towards the fist technique would deepen, and it would lead to better results when he cultivates!

To constantly maintain the mental energy actively, that would require much more training. Song Shuhang inwardly mused.

Next, he rested for a while to recover his consumption of mental energy.

Unwittingly, the first lesson was already in its second half.

His three roommates still hadnt shown up. Those fellas were fed alcohol till they were dead drunk by Shuhang, it cant be that they were still laid out like corpses, right?

It was still rather early, after his mind recovered, Shuhang began to try out the last trick utilizing mental energy.

Mental oppression.

This could make people who have less mental energy feel oppressed. It would make the opposite party feel dismay, fear, mountain-like pressure and many other negative affects. If the disparity between the user and the victims mental energy is very large, the victim might see a weak illusion.

While Shuhang followed the steps of the technique to congeal his mental energy, he looked for a suitable target for oppression. If his three roommates were here, Song Shuhang would definitely test this mental oppression out on them.

Best friends are for screwing with after all!

Its a pity that those three fellows hadnt come to class, so he had no choice but to look for someone who he had closer relations to in the classroom, or had problems with him to test.

Song Shuhang thought that way, and turned his head to survey his surroundings, looking for a target.

It was right at this moment, that he suddenly heard someone calling his name.

You must be Student Song Shuhang, would you please answer this question. On the platform, the female lecturer who was young and had short hair pointed at Song Shuhangs photo in the class register and called for him to answer a question.

This female lecturer was a new lecturer in Jiangnan University, because Teacher Renshui had both legs broken, she would take over Teacher Renshuis classes for this whole month.

From the start of the lesson, she found Song Shuhang placed his textbook vertically on the table while using his phone.

Thats fine, its just playing with his phone, this was a university and everybody was mature. However, Song Shuhang looked at the surroundings of the class, and kept turning his head.

The sixth sense she had as a woman told her: This student named Song Shuhang is up to something bad?!

Thus, she searched the class register photos for Song Shuhang, to have him stand up and answer a question.

Song Shuhang heard the female lecturers summons. He subconsciously stood up, with both of his eyes looking towards the young female lecturer. That was when tragedy struck!

Song Shuhang had been keeping his mental oppression congealed, and had been looking for a lab rat to test it on. His mental oppression had already been ready to fire a long time ago!

Being suddenly summoned and turning to the female lecturer, the mental oppression which was like a drawn bow was released, it slammed hard towards the female lecturer.

Song Shuhang shouted oh crap in his mind.

When the young female lecturer locked gazes with Song Shuhang, she suddenly felt dizzy and her vision blur.

Next, she felt Song Shuhangs eyes enlarge infinitely, occupying her entire line of sight. Like a predator who had its eyes fixed on a prey, he gave her a deathly glare. That oppressive feeling was like a whole building pressing down on her body.

How terrifying!

This student named Song Shuhang has very scary eyes, this Student Song Shuhang is terrifying! Has he gotten angry? He wouldnt beat me up, right?

For unknown reasons, the young female lecturer felt more and more afraid, tears slid down her eyes unintentionally, and covered her face, she couldnt get it to stop.

Under her skirt, her legs constantly trembled and softened, she couldnt stand steadily.

Waa Im sorry, Im sorry! Waawuu The young female lecturer suddenly wailed, she wiped her tears, I wont call your name again, please dont beat me, wuwu Im scared please let me off

While wailing like this, the female lecturer wiped her tears. Then like a melodramatic Korean drama protagonist, with tears dripping down her eyes she pushed the door open and ran away, the echoes of her crying could be heard from the lecture room even when she was out in the corridor.

This was the legendary sprinting with tears!

All of the students in the lecture room were dumbstruck, they didnt know what just happened. In the students point of view, the female lecturer called Song Shuhang to stand up and answer a question, Song Shuhang promptly stood up. He didnt do a thing, and the female lecturer sprinted away with tears.

What happened in that moment? Could it be that time stopped?

Right now, the young female lecturer had run away, so everybody naturally directed their gazes onto Song Shuhang.

Your mother! Song Shuhang felt like there were thousand of horses galloping in his heart.

Why did he feel like he was an unforgivable evildoer? Moreover the type that could be placed in the top four of evildoers in the movie House of Wolves?

He could already visualize it: In the afternoon, Jiangnan University would have a transmission saying the Mechanical Engineering Discipline, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Facultys 19th department 43rd class Student Song Shuhang, publically bullied a new female lecturer, causing the lecturer to cry out loud while fleeing with tears.

How unlucky! Song Shuhang facepalmed, he had a feeling of wanting death.

Song Shuhang was very soon called into the office by the class coach.

The class coach had the surname Song as well, he was slightly chubby, and wore a pair of black framed eyeglasses. This was a rarely seen figure, he usually appears during the start of school, and appears whenever theres something important to inform. On ordinary days hes like a hidden dragon.

Student Song Shuhang, could you explain to me what happened earlier? Im still confused as to what happened. Coach Song was totally baffled, he couldnt make heads or tails of what was going on.

Before he called Song Shuhang over, he had already made a phone call to the class monitor to understand the whole matter. But after hearing the class monitors piece, he instead became even more confused; all the class monitor and other students said was, the female lecturer called Song Shuhang to answer a question, so Song Shuhang stood up. Before he even managed to answer a question, the female lecturer suddenly sprinted away in tears.

The course of events was just this simple.

But the problem was, why did the female lecturer suddenly run away in tears!

He looked beside him, the young female lecturer was sobbing spasmodically non-stop, and incessantly wiped away the tears in her eyes. When she saw Song Shuhang walk over, she involuntarily shrunk, like a little child who was in front of her parent after doing something naughty.

The coach had an impression of Song Shuhang, as far as he remembered, Song Shuhang had always been a good student. He loved to help others and treated people kindly, in addition, his results were great. If every student was like Song Shuhang, his job as a coach would be too relaxing.

But why is it that a student known to be kind frightens this young female lecturer to this level?

Song Shuhang strived to maintain his facial expression, and tried to speak in a normal tone, Coach Song, actually I also dont know what happened. I just stood up prepared to answer a question, but before I opened my mouth, she ran away in tears, Im still bothered by that!

As he spoke, he simply narrated what happened in the lecture room.

There was absolutely no problem with Song Shuhangs answer, it matched up with the recount of other students in the classroom.

Those that mean that the problems lies in the young female lecturer?

Coach Song looked towards the female lecturer, Teacher Miaoxiao, did something actually happen? Please dont keep crying?

The female lecturer had already calmed down, she was now extremely bashful; she too didnt know what happened to her earlier, all that happened was her exchanging gazes with Song Shuhang. The opposite party didnt even do a thing, yet she was frightened to tears for no rhyme nor reason?

This was simply a mysterious loss of self-control.

Im sorry, Student Song. She summoned up the courage to stand up and apologize to Song Shuhang, Earlier I *sob sob*. I dont know what happened to me. I just *sob sob* when I saw Student Song, I felt very scared *sob sob*, then, I ran.

Constantly sobbing, the capable female lecturer seemed incredibly pitiful at this moment.

In Coach Songs heart, he had the great urge to roar at towards the raging tides. He really wanted to scream at this female lecturer, but seeing the female lecturers incessant sobbing, he could only endure this urge.

Sure enough, shes too young. Although her way of teaching is great, and her easy to understand lessons are loved by the students, as a lecturer, her personality isnt strong enough.

Im sorry, Im really sorry. *sob sob*, I will explain to all of the students. The female lecturer wasnt someone who only cared about face. She had a rather straightforward side to her, when she knew that she was at fault, she immediately prepared to settle the problem.

But her straightforwardness made Song Shuhang feel even more guilty.