Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 69

Chapter 69 You Guys Shouldve Said That Earlier Thats Fantastic
Chapter 69: You guys shouldve said that earlier, thats fantastic!
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Teacher Miaoxiao, theres no rush. Go wash your face first, you can explain after youve calmed your emotions. Dont be too stressed, youre an outstanding teacher. The students have high evaluations of your lessons. Coach Song advised her gently.

Thank you. Teacher Miaoxiao wiped away her tears, and left the office in a flurry.

Sorry about that Student Song. Coach Song began to conclude the matter.

Its fine. Its fine, perhaps I had a rather fierce gaze earlier unknowingly, which frightened the teacher? Its great that Teacher Miaoxiao is fine, let this matter end at this point. Song Shuhang quickly replied. He hoped that this matter wouldnt cause the teacher to get fired. If that happened, hell feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Seeing Song Shuhang being so understanding, Coach Song lamented inside: Sure enough, he is such a great student!

With those words from Song Shuhang, this matter was put to rest.

Coach Song yawned, then changed topics, I heard that in tomorrows sports competition, Student Song is registered to participate on the mens 5km run? Work hard and attain glory for our class!

The corner of Song Shuhangs mouth twitched. That 5km run isnt something he wanted to participate in. However, he still maintained a smiling face, Of course, I will do my best to achieve a good result.

Haha, the 5km run isnt easy, dont force yourself too much. Anyway, I support you. You may return to the class, the misunderstanding between you and Teacher Miaoxiao will be explained by her later. If she doesnt explain it herself, then Ill step in, I assure you that this matter will not affect you negatively at all. Coach Song patted his chest reassuringly.

After leaving the office, Song Shuhang breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still filled with guilt inside.

When the chance comes, I must compensate Teacher Miaoxiao!

After returning back to class, Shuhang didnt continue experimenting with mental oppression, he didnt even dare to use mental detection. He only kept alertness activated.

Back in the lecture hall, Teacher Miaoxiao was a strong woman who kept her word. Although she was extremely embarrassed, she still seriously explained to all students that she lost control earlier.

The matter passed like this, she continued to teach, without bringing her emotions to into the classroom. Simply based on this trait, it could be seen that she was a well-qualified teacher.

The mornings lessons finally passed without any more mishaps.

Shuhangs three roommates had skipped two whole lessons. Did they drink that much yesterday?

Song Shuhang breathed a sigh of relief, he realized that when he maintained mental alertness, his mind would turn exceptionally clear. Even if he doesnt concentrate on the lesson, the contents of Teacher Miaoxiaos lesson still endlessly flowed into his ears, which he memorized and understood.

Moreover after maintaining it for one and a half classes, his understanding towards alertness deepened, and he could maintain it for longer than before. In addition, his total mental energy had increased by a corresponding amount as well.

Seems like the the alertness trick had the side effect of increasing mental energy capacity. Although it didnt increase by much, he still couldnt maintain this trick on forever!

Its already nine-thirty, I should go back and check on those three fellas, I hope they arent dead due to intoxication. Song Shuhang scratched his head and prepared to go to Li Yangdes flat to check if his three roommates had died.

On the way to Li Yangdes flat, he continuously utilized the three mental energy tricks in turn. Also, he tried to activate both alertness and mental detection simultaneously to use them together.

It was a pity that he only met with failures due to his lack of mental energy.

However, he was enjoying it and didnt get tired, he constantly tackled their usage, to accumulate experience from failures.

After failing again, he rubbed his temples and stopped the experiment, because his mind had completely fogged up.

The total amount of mental energy is simply too shitty. Today I can only approximately practice True Self Meditation Scripture twice, and must find a chance to practice the foundation building fist technique. He inwardly said.

True Self Meditation Scripture may not have harsh requirements of qi and blood when compared to Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique, but its also affected by the quality of the body. When cultivating in the True self Meditation Scripture, its important not to over-wring ones mental energy, for it can make one turn into a retard.

Because his mind was drained, Song Shuhang was momentarily unaware of his surroundings, and crashed against the back of someone who was in front of him with his head.

What he smashed into was a wide back, which meant that the opposite party was at least a head taller than Song Shuhang.

After having taken the Body Tempering Liquid, he was already at the level of Hercules amongst ordinary men, the kind where pulling a train with his bare hands was a simple matter. After being bumped into, the person in front immediately fell to the ground. Furthermore, this person fell face down and shrieked.

Ah? Sorry, my apologies, I didnt pay attention to whats in front of me! Song Shuhang returned to his senses and repeatedly apologized.

He looked towards the person he crashed into eh, it was a hoodlum with a very Jiangnan region style.

The hoodlum who had fell to the ground had a tall physique. His long hair was molded to the shape of a chicken head with hairspray, and was dyed all the colors of the rainbow.

Perhaps it was because he fought very often, his physique was pretty good, and he quickly jumped up from the ground.

At this point, his face was filthy from road grime, and his nose had bled all over his mouth.

Damn brat, dont you have eyes? The chicken head hoodlum angrily roared, spurting his nose bleed and saliva while at it.

In the wake of his roar, the five hoodlums by his side sardonically smiled and surrounded Song Shuhang.

I seem to have gotten into trouble? Song Shuhang felt very awkward, he sincerely apologized, Erm, Im really sorry. Just now I was deep in thought and didnt look in front of me, Im truly sorry.

Sorry? If sorry works then what is the police for? Chicken head hoodlum wiped away his nosebleed, grabbed onto Shuhangs shirt collar and raged.

After all, it was him who was at fault for bumping into this guy. Song Shuhang felt very embarrassed, What you say makes a lot of sense, how about we peacefully chat about how to settle this dispute?

At least youre tactful. Chicken head hoodlum complacently grinned, Look, you mangled me so badly, youve got to at least give a thousand and eight hundred bucks as compensation, right? Dont tell me that you dont even have a thousand eight hundred, this is just the start of the month, you cant possibly be out of living expenses so quickly, right?

Yep, my living expenses are transferred by year, theres no need to worry about lacking money at the end of the month. Song Shuhang truthfully answered.

Chicken head was immediately filled with joy. It was rare to bump into such a tactful prey, this is a sign of getting rich!

But what youre doing is extortion, I wont compensate you that much yknow. How about we use a different method to settle things? Song Shuhang replied seriously. From his sincere gaze, there was no indication that he wanted to fool around with them.

Settle using a different method? Hahahaha. Chicken head hoodlum was angered to the point of laughter, Thats fine as well, lets chat using our fists, then discuss over the problem of money.

The other four hoodlums smiled maliciously in unison, cracking the bones in their knuckles.

Discuss using our fists? Which means, we can use fighting as a way to solve this issue? After hearing this, Song Shuhang revealed a genuine smile, You guys shouldve said that earlier, thats fantastic!

Song Shuhangs smile was from his heart; this was because he found a good opponent with which to practice his fist technique in actual combat. Jiangnan University had many hoodlums outside of it, there should be enough for him to have actual combat for a reasonable period of time, right? Itd be good even if he could practice just one or two moves on each of them.

Seeing Song Shuhangs genuine smile, Chicken head hoodlum had a flash of realization. It turns out that this fellow is a moron.

Damn, so its a mentally ill dude.

How unlucky. Just beat him up to dissolve the anger and forget it.

Two minutes later.

*Smack smack smack*

Song Shuhang gave the Chicken head hoodlum who was laid out on the ground a few more punches.

The hoodlums were in dismay and had dreamy eyes laid on the ground as they watched him get up and swipe off the dust on his body, and heard him say, Thanks for your trouble everybody, you all performed well. Although there were no skill in your punches, that all-in life gambling style of attack is still very impressive. I hope everybody will temper themselves more in the future, and strive to get stronger.

Earlier, Song Shuhang used about thirty percent of his strength, because it was just to practice. During the two minutes, he separated the eighteen moves of the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique and tested them all, and felt like he had benefited a lot. Sure enough, actual combat was the best way to test theories!

His only regret was that the hoodlums fighting strength was too crappy, and couldnt let him enjoy to his fill. However, its alright, there were really a lot of hoodlums in the vicinity of Jiangnan University. When lacking quality, use quantity to make up for it!