Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 7

Chapter 7 The Group Of Delinquents That Got Wiped Out
Chapter 7: The Group Of Delinquents That Got Wiped Out

Copper Trigrams Immortal Master, Damn! North Rivers Loose Practitioner what do you mean by that, this is intolerable bullying! On next months full moon night, at the Forbidden Purple Peak, do you dare to come?

Sure, do you think Im scared of you, a fake divination master? However, Im not free on next months full moon, how about we set the date as three months later? North Rivers Loose Practitioner refreshingly agreed, Also, when the time comes how am I supposed to find you? After all you have too many identities. If you turn into a sockpuppet, I wouldnt recognize you even if you stood in front of my eyes.

Copper Trigrams Immortal Master was not just proficient in divination, he was also a master in changing appearance. The people in the chat group guessed that he must have been chased around to be killed for calculating divinations wrongly so often, and had no choice but to change his identity to flee. Over time, he mastered the art of changing appearances.

Three months it is then! When the time comes all you need to care about is going up the Forbidden Purple Peak, I will find you there! Your hateful face, I would recognize it even if it turned into ashes! Copper Trigrams Immortal Master angrily said.

This is settled then! North Rivers Loose Practitioner was very resolute, as if he had Copper Trigrams Immortal Master in the bag.

When Mt. Yellows True Monarch saw this, he sent a smiley and said, North River, it seems like youre about to have a breakthrough. You want a fight to draw it out, and breakthrough in one breath right? You have been stuck in the 5th Stage Spirit Emperor for a long time, its indeed about time you made a breakthrough. Three months later during the night of the full moon, if I am able to spare some time to come out, I will go to the Forbidden Purple Peak to referee you twos duel. When the time comes, I will also prepare a small gift for the two of you.

True Monarch truly understands me! North Rivers Loose Practitioner immediately became excited, it must be known that Mt. Yellows True Monarch was an old senior, something he prepared definitely would not be something as simple as a small gift.

To procure such things from the fingertips of these old seniors, these things can be considered to be treasures for juniors like them, treasures that they could only get through fortuitous encounters!

Since True Monarch has said that, when the time comes I wont leave North River out cold. I originally intended to let North River endure half a night of cold wind on the Forbidden Purple Peak first. said Copper Trigrams Immortal Master slowly.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner.

What an asshole!

This fella deserves to be called someone whose divination toys with a persons heart, his heart is really tainted!

At this time North River secretly decided in his heart, three months later he absolutely has to beat up Copper Trigrams Immortal Master so badly that even True Monarch cant recognize him!

As this matter came to a conclusion, the chat group temporarily turned silent.

After Song Shuhang read the chat records, he was a little worried in his heart: It cant be that the Copper Trigrams Immortal Master and North Rivers Loose Practitioner from the group would really go to the Forbidden Citys Forbidden Purple Peak for a duel, right? Based on their character its possible that they might actually do such silly things, when that happens what if they get caught by the security there?

I shall note this down first, when leaving the group I must warn them not to damage our countrys cultural heritage, that is illegal.

Closing the chat group, Song Shuhang opened the Jiang Nan regional Universitys web page, to see what news there is today.

The lead story of the schools webpage was this afternoons mysterious wild lightning, the location of the lightning was as Song Shuhang had guessed, at H City.

Because of that thunderstorm within the clear skies, H City and the nearby Jiang Nan region had areas which experienced a blackout. This caused a chain of problems, but luckily, there were no mortalities.

At the end there were bits and pieces of news regarding Jiang Nan University City. Some examples are, the renewal of their school beauties and handsome men rankings, which of the schools graduates had started up a company that was renown throughout the country, the result of the schools national ranking in competitions, the price of the blanket used by senior female graduates in auctions, etc.

Song Shuhang was not interested in these, he just needed to gain knowledge of some of them, so that when necessary, he possesses some shared conversation topics when idly chatting with others.

After that, he started searching for information regarding registration to learn driving on the schools website. The registration fee for ordinary cars was 2500, student price was just that advantageous. In Jiang Nan region, the moment a student steps out of the school, the costs of learning to drive would start from 10000 and above.

Song Shuhang took note of the contact number, he intended to learn the theory within the next few days, then register for driving classes. The driving school had classes for theory, but if he studied the theory himself and directly applied for practical driving classes it would be quicker.

Ding Dong~

On the school website there was a new update regarding the campus, arousing curiosity from him.

Just about 10 to 20 minutes ago, in the alleys close to the University City, many delinquents were knocked unconscious by a mysterious expert, the whole group was wiped out.

These so-called delinquents are actually mostly students, while a minority were students that dropped out. A large number of them had very gaudy hairdos, with piercings all over their bodies, and secretly dodged from the teachers in a small alley to smoke, they are rebellious youths.

Among them, there would also be repeater students, with the hobby of borrowing money from cowardly students. To the delinquents, to gang beat down others is a type of interest, while it is also nothing out of the ordinary for someone to get beat down. This is because those who dont have a gang or faction, cant even be considered as hoodlums.

Delinquents getting beat up wasnt news, but within a mere few minutes, having about a 100 of these delinquents beat up was the issue.

On the photos taken by students at the scene, the miserable conditions of the delinquents could be seen. Every single one of them had ridiculously red faces, the appearance of their faces were as if they were going to act in a Beijing opera, with bruises of various colors. They perfectly suit that sayingalready beat up to the point that even their mothers cant recognize them!

The school web had many comments regarding this.

There was someone rejoicing in those peoples misfortune: Who did it? They really did not show mercy. Was it the MMA club or the Taekwondo club? Or could it be that someone from the Boxing club trained new members, and formed a group to wipe out the delinquents?

The one that reports new information: All of them were knocked unconscious, they are now on the way to the hospital. No one has awoken yet, the suspect is unknown.

The one that speculates: According to the people from the shophouse beside the alley, they did not see big group of delinquents fighting amongst themselves. Moreover even if they fought amongst themselves, it cant be that not a single one is conscious, right? There cant be such a coincidence even if it was mutual destruction. Therefore it is highly likely that it was an expert at work, a single person or several people had wiped up all of the delinquents.

Master? The type that can beat up more than 80 alone? Haha. Someone laughed, one must know that even if the number of delinquents didnt number up to a 100, there would still be at least 80. With so many delinquents beaten into the ground in a short few minutes, only those great heroes from the movies that crossed over can do that, right?

Perhaps it is a person in the elite special forces of the army that did this? It is said that those elite special forces handle ordinary people like handling toys, they can handle a dozen or more in a minute.

This guy upstairs is here to joke right? Even if elite special forces are so awesome, they also have their own missions. Having them ordered to deal with these delinquents, that is the same as using a cannon to shoot a mosquito!

Please stop speculating, wouldnt we know who did this once the delinquents wake up? Someone replied.

Song Shuhang refreshed the webpage, casually looked at the various comments then closed the news window.

In any case, things that happened to the delinquents were of no concern to him.

Despite being only 1.75m tall, Song Shuhang was very buff. With one glance it was obvious that he wasnt the type that would become the target for borrowing money, it was like he and the delinquents lived in separate worlds If nothing unexpected happens, there will never be a relationship between him and those delinquents for his entire lifetime.

After doing a lazy stretch, he closed the campus webpage, leaned against his chair and emptied his mind.

The weird thunderstorm in the morning kept resounding in his mind, the mind that was obviously emptied from time to time had lightning and thunder flashing past, causing his spirit to be unable to gain tranquillity for a long time.

The next day.

2 June, Sunday, Clear weather.

Song Shuhang got off bed early, he originally intended to stay awake overnight, but the string of events yesterday kept making him feel strange. He had no idea why he lost the mood to stay awake overnight, and instead washed up to sleep early.

Even if he wanted to do it tonight, the other roommates from the dorm would have returned.

After getting up and washing up, Shuhang once again opened up the group chat software on the bottom right corner of the monitor. As before, elder cousin Zhao Yaya did not reply. It seems like he still has to wait for more 2 days.

If after 2 days elder cousin does not reply, then Ill give her a call. Song Shuhang thought inside.

After that he once again opened up the Nine Provinces (1) Group. Every time he took a look, he would have a beautiful and great mood.

But if he sees too much, he would easily be assimilated.

The first piece of information in the group was from Su Clans Ah Qi: Ive let everybody worry, Ah Shilius lightning tribulation had a little accident, however I have already settled it. After the accident in Ah Shilius lightning tribulation, he vented his temper. However he was also found and brought away by me, and didnt cause too great of a disturbance. It was right at a place close to H City, there were several Yep, there were dozens of tactless ordinary people knocked unconscious by Ah Shiliu, no one died. I still have to bring Ah Shiliu back for a trip to the Su Clans main branch next, I probably wont be online for the next few days. Anyways Everybody, please dont be worried.

This was a message that was sent at 3AM that morning.