Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Stink Pill
Chapter 70: Stink Pill
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After beating up the hoodlums, Song Shuhang felt happy in both body and mind. He whistled as he strolled towards Li Yangdes dormitory.

Train more? What kind of joke is this, train only to get beaten up again?

Bastard, fiend. This fellow definitely bumped into me on purpose, definitely! The chicken head hoodlum cried bitterly.

This guy had simply been picking a quarrel with them in order to beat them up!

Ah Shen, remember this enmity. Next time well find more brothers to beat him in turn. If five people arent enough, well bring ten. If ten arent enough, well bring twenty, fifty! I dont believe hes superman, I dont believe he can fight a hundred!

Right, we must swarm him. The chicken head hoodlum clenched his teeth.

Their decision was truly in line with Song Shuhangs intentions.

As the hoodlums spoke, a teenage girl was walking in their direction while yawning.

She was a very pretty young lady. Despite having no makeup on, she still looked beautiful. Moreover, she was of the kuudere character, it felt too good to see her indifference.

If this were an ordinary day, Chicken Head and the others would definitely surround this young lady, back her up against the wall and tease her. Then, they would bring her to a nearby little hotel and do some shameful things to her.

But today they were down on the ground and couldnt do a thing.

As the short haired young lady closed in on this place, her pitch black eyes fixed their gaze on the hoodlums on the ground. After a while, she murmured to herself, Theres actually someone stealing creeps?

Huh? Stealing creeps? What does that mean? This girl isnt playing games right now, is she?

The chicken head hoodlum was baffled. After that, he felt an ache from his back.

That short haired young lady had actually stepped on him. She stepped over him like they were just garbage, then gradually disappeared into the distance while yawning.

Damn, f**k, stupid girl. That bastard and bitch, they will not live well! The chicken head hoodlum felt pain from his back, and couldnt stop cursing. He wasnt a masochist, he didnt feel pleasure from being stepped on.

But the golden haired hoodlum beside him was full of envy as he looked at him, How lucky, itd be great if I was the one who was stepped onnnnnnn.

A masochist was right by his side.

Song Shuhang bought three baskets of Xiaolongbao from a street vendor, then bought three cups of soy milk and brought it all to Li Yangdes flat. He knocked on the door loudly.

A while later, Tubo, with red eyes and the scent of alcohol, made great pains of opening the door.

Yo, Shuhang, huh. After opening the door, he stared at Shuhang, then looked him over from head to toe. Dammit, this fella actually seems fresh and cool, like he didnt get drunk at all.

Since when did this fellas capacity for alcohol become so great? He remembered that in the past, Shuhang only had a capacity akin to that of Gao Moumou. Tubo himself could outdrink four Gao Moumous plus another three Song Shuhangs.

But last night, Song Shuhang outdrank him, Li Yangde and the nearly drunk Gao Moumou till they were totally knocked out. What the hell was going on?

Could it be that this fella didnt drink alcohol, and drank water instead?

Looks like you just woke up? You guys have already been absent for the last two lessons. Song Shuhang smiled, then lifted up the bags of Xiaolongbao and soy milk. I bought you guys breakfast, wanna eat?

Tubo snatched the breakfast from Shuhangs hands, then joked, At least you have some conscience, brat.

Li Yangde walked out of his room while scratching his head, I smell something fragrant. Good timing, Im hungry!

What about Gao Moumou? Shuhang asked.

Still out like a corpse. That fellow was annoying, he kept sleep talking throughout the whole night. Something about chastity and Yayi, I let you down, and please dont, please dont and other such stuff. Li Yangde laughed and said.

Song Shuhang pinched his chin, Seems like this is a good weakness. When I have no money in the future, I can use this matter to get Gao Moumou to pay for a meal.

Yep, that can be put into consideration. It should be usable two or three times, if its used too many times Im afraid that fella would go crazy. Tubo added on.

Suggestion, theres a restaurant in the south district of University City which has great Ten Fragrances Fish Head. Thinking about it just makes me salivate. Li Yangde nodded and said.

Do the three of you wanna die a thousand times? Gao Moumou walked out with a gloomy face while massaging his temples with force. He felt like the greatest misfortune in his life was being in the same dormitory as these three fellows.

Theyre all assholes who exploit others.

After resting in Li Yangdes flat for a while, Song Shuhang went to Li Yangde and asked, Yangde, can you help me check something? Amongst the Chinese medicine stores in the Jiangnan region, where would these medicinal ingredients be available?

Song Shuhang took out the piece of paper given to him by Medicine Master which had four rare medicinal ingredients written on it.

It cant be that youve fallen sick, right? Li Yangde asked after receiving the paper.

My body is fine. These are Chinese medicines that a friend of mine needs, but he wasnt sure where theyre being sold in the Jiangnan region so he asked for my help. This made me think of you. When it comes to computers, youre the best in the dormitory. Song Shuhang flattered Yangde a little.

Thats easy to check. Right now, practically all of the Chinese medicine shops in the country have joined a centralised Chinese medicinal system. All I need to do is login and filter the medicinal ingredients to check which shop has them. I could also go to the respective forums and groups to make a thread to check on those doctors of Chinese medicine and medicine shops that may have the ingredients but have not joined this system. It can be checked by tomorrow at the latest. Li Yangde firmly replied.

Ill have to trouble you then, thanks! Shuhang then slapped on a reward, If you help me find these items, there wont be a need for that shitty Gao Moumou to treat you to the Ten Fragrances Fish Head after the sports event, Ill treat you to it!

Its a deal then. Li Yangde licked his lips, already salivating.

Its a deal. Song Shuhang said with a smile.

After turning around, he quietly formed a fist.

With Yangdes help, he would be able to find out which shops in the Jiangnan region sold these four medicinal ingredients. This way, the range of possibilities would be lowered to the limit. If the one pulling the strings in the background really bought these four medicinal ingredients, Song Shuhang could find him by following his tracks.

Ten minutes later.

Song Shuhang left Li Yangdes flat and proceeded towards Medicine Masters residence.

His roommates intended to continue resting in the flat after eating to slowly overcome their hangovers.

Song Shuhang decided to go help Medicine Master since it was still early in the day.

Medicine Master had provided him with a lot of help, while the only thing he could do to repay Medicine Master was to cooperate with Medicine Master to perfect the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid recipe.

So that it would be easier for Song Shuhang to concoct pills, Medicine Master had specially bought the exact same brand and model of induction cooker and pot as the ones in his dormitory.

The procedures for the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid hadnt changed, but today, Medicine Master wanted Song Shuhang to substitute the water with a medicinal soup he had concocted.

This soup was just a very ordinary Chinese herbal soup made with five herbs.

This was the first step Medicine Master was taking to shift Song Shuhangs method of using an induction cooker and hotpot set up to using a pill furnace.

Song Shuhangs method may be good, but he couldnt possibly make every pill refiner in the cultivation world learn how to use an induction cooker and hotpot to refine the Body Tempering Liquid, right?

Every pill refiner in the cultivation world owning their very own hotpot and induction cooker, just imagining that scene made his mind hurt.

Therefore, improvements were necessary!

Furthermore, Medicine Master made a conjecture based on the ingredients: this medicinal soup would decrease the amount of time required for refining the Body Tempering Liquid.

Three hours later, at 1:07 in the afternoon.

As predicted by Medicine Master, the amount of time required for refining had decreased by a considerable amount.

Success. Song Shuhang sighed in relief, then pinched his nose. In the next moment, the hotpots lid was blown off by the medicinal liquid, dispersing thick black smoke and a heavy stench.

Haha, you need not pinch your nose, watch this! Medicine Master laughed out loud, then threw out a bead-shaped object, putting his hands together to form a seal, Collect!

Immediately, a vacuum effect came from the bead absorbing all of the black smoke in the room and sealing it into the bead.

Song Shuhangs eyes lit up as he watched; he wished he could use magic right now.

Here. Medicine Master passed the bead-shaped object to Shuhang, Be careful not to drop it onto the floor, for itll explode once it has been smashed, releasing all of the stench and smoke contained within.

Song Shuhang panicked as he rushed to catch the bead, Senior, do you need to put me on the spot like this!?

After catching it, Song Shuhang realized that this bead seemed to be a shell made of medicinal ingredients.

This is the shell of a bead-shaped fruit, its nothing useful. Normally, its just thrown away. Today I was struck by a brainwave and thought of storing the thick smoke and stench produced by your Body Tempering Liquid inside. Medicine Master proudly said. To a 1st Stage cultivator who has just opened their nose acupoint and a 2nd Stage True Master who is still unable to casually control their sensitivity to smells, this is simply a nightmare. If you one day bump into an enemy who is a 2nd Stage True Master, this thing could bring out some unexpected results. If you use it well, it might become the key to victory.

This thing came at the perfect timing!