Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Tearing Down A Building With Bare Hands Isnt A Dream
Chapter 71:Tearing down a building with bare-hands isnt a dream!
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In his heart, Song Shuhang understood that Medicine Master was trying to help him, albeit indirectly. The person who wanted to seize his spirit ghost was most likely someone who possessed power at the level of 2nd Stage True Master.

Is this considered a magic treasure? Song Shuhang asked.

How can this shit be considered a magic treasure? No matter how much you exaggerate it, its just a smoke bomb with the power of a biochemical attack. I shall name it the Stink Pill! Medicine Master proudly proclaimed.

This naming possessed a rich style similar to that of ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?.

Song Shuhang lifted the Stink Pill and said, Senior, can I change the name of this?

What do you mean change? If you dont like it, then return it to me! Medicine Master said with dissatisfaction.

Song Shuhang quickly stored it away, Hahaha. Actually, after some careful thought, the name Stink Pill is indeed rather fitting. Furthermore, if its something given by you, Senior, I have to accept it. This is courtesy, yes! This is a matter of courtesy!

Also, take this Body Tempering Liquid. This is a token of appreciation from me, dont reject it. Medicine Master took out a small amount of the Body Tempering Liquid for experimentation, and threw the rest of the liquid that had just been refined to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had limited free time. After helping him with pill refining everyday, he had practically no time left to refine Body Tempering Liquid for himself. Right now, he was in the critical period of foundation building, and needed large amounts of Body Tempering Liquid.

Thank you, Senior. Song Shuhang didnt reject it, because he did have a need for it. There was no need to reject it insincerely.

He just had to keep this favor from Medicine Master in mind.


There were two lessons in the afternoon, and it was already 4pm when they ended.

His three roommates finally stopped skipping the afternoon classes, at least.


Gao Moumou rubbed his tummy in agony and burped with some difficulty. The effects of his hangover still hadnt receded, Class has finally ended, I felt like dying in these three lessons.

His girlfriend Yayi rubbed his temples, her heart ached for him. She glared fiercely at Tubo and Shuhang with her large moe eyes. She had already learned from Li Yangde that these two were the horrible roommates who got Gao Moumou drunk last night.

This fellow Yangde was too professional when it came to selling out his teammates. He was a professional in both reality and games.

Erm, I suddenly remembered that theres something I need to buy, you guys dont have to wait for me tonight! Tubo couldnt bear Yayis resentful gaze. Having lost, he executed the buying items escape jutsu and got away.

Song Shuhang tactfully followed up, I suddenly remembered that I need to participate in the 5km run tomorrow, Ive got to get to the track to practice, you guys dont have to wait for me tonight!

He wasnt completely lying. It was true he was going to practice, but training for his run was a lie.

At this moment, the qi and blood in his body had already recovered to its peak capacity, so he could practice the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?again. Thus, he was going to find somewhere quiet in the school to practice his fist technique.

Cultivating for the first time had given his body a transformation akin to rebirth, wouldnt the second time elevate his physique to the next level?

This time, Song Shuhang changed training areas. He came to an abandoned school building in the schools third district.

This school building had been constructed ten years ago, and was originally an experimental lab for research students. However, last year, a huge fire had occurred in the building. Although nobody had gotten hurt, when the fire had finally been extinguished, the lab had become structurally unstable and had then been abandoned. Right now, the plans for reconstruction had not been finalized, so nobody would come here for now.

This was one of the best places for Shuhang to practice when he looked around the schools web.

This place is not bad, theres only a small hint of rot in the air. Before it gets rebuilt, I should be able to use it as a fixed spot for cultivating in school. Song Shuhang was very satisfied with this place.

Closing his eyes, he first went through the eighteen moves of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? in his mind. Next, he took out a bottle of Body Tempering Liquid from his pocket and drank it.

He quietly waited for the medicinal energy to disperse throughout his body, and activate.

Its about time! Song Shuhang opened his eyes, and took up the stance of the foundation building fist techniques first move.

With a steel gaze, the movement begins from the waist body like a bow, ample strength and the punch like an avalanche.

Murmuring the fist chant, Foundation Building Fist Technique One was executed.

That resonating sound, like a gong being slammed, rang out again. The spiritual energy in heaven and earth were mobilized by the fist chant, converging on him. Spiritual energy pressed on him, covering his fist, tempering his body.

Under the effect of the spirit energy, the effect of throwing this single punch was like he had thrown a thousand punches.

His body rapidly heated up as qi and blood rushed forth and accumulated. Compared to the first time he had practiced this, his qi and blood were flowing more quickly.

He was sweating like the rain, yet he was extremely contented.

This time, when Song Shuhang used the foundation building fist technique, he stopped pursuing firmness and fierceness single-mindedly. Instead, he had learned from the indistinct fist master in the illusion space. His punches were sometimes firm and sometimes soft, ever-changing.

Spiritual energy twined all over Shuhangs body, and as he executed the fist technique, spiritual energy dissipated bit by bit.

The rotten smells in the air gradually receded. Under the influence of spiritual qi, it turned fresh, like the fresh air of early morning.

The height of a mountain doesnt matter, it only has spiritual influence with an immortal present. While cultivating, cultivators would attract the spirit qi of heaven and earth. As time passes, this spirit qi would gradually merge with the area of cultivation, filling the area with spirit qi.

Jump, shift, rotate, fists like meteors. All eighteen moves were soon executed.

Following this, the qi and blood in Song Shuhangs body were filled to the brim, and his whole body turned scarlet red!

Its complete? He was somewhat in disbelief.

When he had executed the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? yesterday, he had suffered so terribly that there were many times where he felt like he couldnt go on anymore.

But when he executed the fist technique today, other than feeling sore all over, he had managed to execute the whole fist technique very smoothly!

Was it because he had executed it before, and his body had adapted to the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique??

Or was it because his bodys quality had been strengthened by a great amount in a single day?

However, this wasnt the time to consider this.

Taking advantage of the boiling and overflowing qi and blood, Shuhang seized the moment to execute the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, he used his mental energy to guide the overflowing qi and blood and deposited them to the heart acupoint smoothly.

This was the second trace of qi and blood into his heart acupoint.

After completing everything, Song Shuhang sat down on the ground, and sucked in deep breaths. His body still felt weak, and he still wasnt able to control the amount of qi and blood absorbed by the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?. However, compared to the last time where he couldnt even lift a finger, this was much better.

After resting for approximately five minutes, Song Shuhangs body had recovered to its original state.

Lightly forming a fist, he once again felt the unending stream of energy inside him. It gave him the illusion that he could break stones and mountains.

Shuhang looked around, then shifted according to the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? footwork naturally, and moved to the closest wall to him in two steps.

His right fist was thrown straight without supplementing any spirit qi, it was just an ordinary straight punch.


The solid wall had a hole blown through it.

Song Shuhang looked towards his fist, and other than a little dust from the wall, his fist was completely unharmed. The foundation building fist technique provided overall improvement to his body, and not just to his strength. It had increased the rigidity of his body as well.

This change was way beyond his imagination; after merely cultivating twice, he had achieved such a level of strengthening.

Shuhang took up a fist stance, and executed another ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? punch, punching at the wall again.


A hole was blown through the wall, but the power in his fists did not dissipate. It only left a fist-sized hole in the wall. The area of destruction was much smaller than the previous time, but the force in this hit was dozens of times greater!

Song Shuhang became excited and continuously brandished his fists, breaking down this pitiful abandoned building. He constantly tried various ways of releasing the power in the foundation building fist technique. Sometimes a heavy fist, sometimes a gentle palm, he released all of the eighteen moves in the foundation building fist technique.

Dust and ashes swirled about in the abandoned school building.

This was the legendary bare-handed wall-breaking skill, and if he could evolve this skill further, the next stage would be bare-handed Gundam-breaking!

A long while after, Song Shuhang was finally contented. He looked towards the walls of the school building which were full of holes, then gripped his chin, I do have a great talent for demolishing.

At present, he could be considered a great martial arts expert amongst ordinary people, right?

Furthermore, he had only cultivated in the foundation building fist technique twice.

I wonder how strong Ill be after I complete my foundation building?

I also wonder how much qi and blood are needed before my hearts acupoint can be filled.

Itll be great if I could increase my bodys quality even faster. If I could recover my qi and blood faster, I could cultivate several more times every day. Song Shuhang murmured.

He didnt need to consider Qi and Blood Pills for now.

Other than practicing ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, what other methods can increase the quality of the body? Song Shuhang pondered out loud.

Should I go ask the seniors in the chat group?

Teehee, I can answer that. Demolition worker, Mr. Song Shuhang. A cute, yet charming and sexy voice was heard, The way to increase the bodys quality is actually very simple.