Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Beast Headed Tile With Claw Marks
Chapter 75: Beast headed tile with claw marks
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Suddenly, the long armed man felt a pain in his chest as though a sharp weapon had stabbed through his chest!

He had long since completed the fundamentals of cultivation. His body was strong and vigorous; his skin as durable as the hide of an old bull. But at this moment, his body felt as though it had been pierced through as easily as a block of tofu. A sword had pierced straight through his heart.

He glared at Song Shuhang but this youth was still carrying the bottle of Body Tempering Fluid with both hands. Aside from that, there was nothing else in his hands.

What is this? Just what is happening?

Fresh blood poured out of his chest, absorbed by that invisible sword, dying the tip of the sword red. What is this thing?

The long armed man furiously raised his arms, his eyes full of hatred. If he was going to die, then he would drag Song Shuhang to hell together with him.

But as he raised his arms halfway, they drooped back down weakly. He felt as though his entire body was feeble; all of his qi, blood and strength had been sapped away by that invisible sword.

At that time, in his mind, there were hundred of thousands of bald monks incessantly chanting the mantra, Boundless is the sea of bitterness, yet a man who will repent can reach the shore nearby. A wrongdoer achieves salvation as soon as he gives up evil!


Song Shuhang sucked in a deep breath and forcefully pulled out the black-colored flying sword. A flying sword.

Great Master Tong Xuans flying sword. It was fortunate that he had yet to send it back.

It was only after obtaining Great Master Tong Xuans permission that Medicine Master and himself were able to see the flying sword. In the eyes of other people, this sword was completely invisible and it was impossible to determine its existence.

Of course, if the opponents strength was far superior to Great Master Tong Xuan, then that was a different matter altogether.

From the moment they met, Song Shuhang had carried that flying sword in his hands. His original intention was to wait for the man to come closer before looking for an opportunity to stab him.

However, Song Shuhang didnt expect that the opponent would just pounce at him without a thought. All Song Shuhang needed to do was to slightly adjust the position of the swords tip, and have it pointed towards at the long armed mans heart.

Then, with a spurting sound, the enemys heart was penetrated.

It was so simple, and was truly as simple as lifting a finger.

He didnt even need to use the Stink Pill!

Flying sword?

The long-armed man opened his mouth, and said these two words with difficulty, Lifesteal?

Having the life of an ordinary person, with the cultivation level of a mortal. Yet he possessed the Body Tempering Liquid, a flying sword, and has the identity of a senior that even Altar Master is apprehensive of. Only an almighty cultivator of legends would know how to execute lifesteal magic, right? But arent lifesteal magics just a legend?

Song Shuhang didnt care about what the long armed man was saying, he lifted the black flying sword, and the bloody smell assailed the nose.

Even though he had prepared his resolve, this bloody scent still made Song Shuhang feel uncomfortable; after all, he wasnt a demon who killed people like cutting grass! A few days ago, he was merely an ordinary college student.

Taking in a deep breath, his true self from the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? appeared, quelling his urges and returning him back to calmness.

Do you have any last words? Song Shuhang inquired.

I The long armed man opened his mouth to speak.

As he spoke, Shuhangs flying sword was once again raised, cutting off his head in one stroke.

The long armed man didnt die in peace with his head separated from his body, his incomplete corpse fell onto the ground. Furthermore, there wasnt a single drop of blood flowing out of his wounds.

This flying sword that belonged to Great Master Tong Xuan was no ordinary weapon, killing people without bleeding was one of its basic functions.

Yep, I just blurted that out for fun, Im actually not allowed to listen to your last words.

The hand with which Song Shuhang held the sword slightly trembled, his hand felt soft, but he gradually regained composure.

This was the first time he took a life. Before this, he hadnt even killed a chicken, This is my resolve.

A resolve that was necessary.

The long armed man was the first person to die under his hands, but he wouldnt be the last.

If it was possible, he actually preferred to capture this long armed man alive and find out where the Altar Master was hiding. It was a pity that he had insufficient strength. The enemy was a cultivator who had opened both his eye and nose acupoints, he didnt have the confidence to subdue an opponent like that.

At this point, it was the right decision to kill off the long armed man.

The ?True Self Meditation Scripture? in his head continued to operate, allowing him to maintain calmness when facing this headless corpse.

Gripping the black flying sword in one hand, Song Shuhang carefully moved forward, and began to search the long armed mans corpse.

The opponent didnt have much on him.

A bottle of medicinal liquid that assailed the nose, this should be the Corpse Dissolving Liquid.

Three handleless blades.

There was also a tile with a beast head and three claw marks engraved into it. This should be the long armed mans identity or his organization, right? Perhaps this would be a useful clue.

Aside from Zhao Yayas cellphone, there was also over a thousand RMB in cash.

For a cultivator who had opened both eye and nose acupoints, this fellow was really poor.

Song Shuhang opened the bottle of medicinal liquid, and poured some on the long armed mans corpse.

A nose stinging smell was emitted. The long armed mans corpse and parts of his clothes seemed to evaporate and disappear from this world.

Is this a treasure? Song Shuhang kept the Corpse Dissolving Liquid.

Its corroding effect was amazing, even a 1st Stage cultivators body could be dissolved quickly. But it could also be said that its because its a corpse which cant activate the qi and blood inside to resist it.

But as long as its used properly, it could be considered a viable weapon for murder, right?

In the end, Song Shuhang poured a little more Corpse Dissolving Liquid onto the enemys remaining clothes, causing the long armed mans final traces of existing in this world to be wiped off.

After confirming that he hadnt left any traces behind, Song Shuhang carried Zhao Yaya on his back and rushed towards Medicine Masters place.

Zhao Yaya had been unconscious for some time, he was a little worried that the long armed man might have used something like poison, so it would be a good idea for him to bring her to Medicine Masters place for a checkup.

Approximately four minutes later.

Zhao Yaya felt the back of her neck hurting, she felt like she had slept in the wrong position.

Furthermore, the bed kept shaking, she snorted several times in dissatisfaction, expressing her resistance to it.

But the bed instead shook harder!

Bastard, can you let me sleep properly?

Zhao Yaya angrily opened her eyes, and was surprised to find out that she wasnt sleeping on a bed, and was instead moving quickly on the streets on someones back.

Aiya, oh my Mama, whats going on here?

She was shocked, and her sleepiness receded beyond the horizon.

Could it be that someone had kidnapped me?

Fortunately, she quickly realized that the person carrying her was a person she was very familiar with. She was too familiar with Song Shuhang, and was able to recognize who this person was just after becoming more clear-headed.

Shuhang, where are we? She lightly patted Song Shuhangs shoulder and said in a gentle voice.

Eh? Jie, youre awake? Song Shuhang stopped running, and put her down onto the ground, Are you feeling alright? Do you feel unwell anywhere on your body?

Zhao Yaya creased her brows, My body is fine, but the back of my neck hurts slightly. By the way, why am I here?

Jie, youre asking me why youre here? Wasnt it you who called me to come over? I rushed over here and found you lying on a bench on the side of the road in deep sleep. Therefore, I was about to carry you to somewhere where you could sleep. Song Shuhang had a sincere expression as he stared at Zhao Yaya.

He didnt lie, it was indeed Zhao Yaya who called him out; Zhao Yaya was also deeply asleep; he was also prepared to carry her to somewhere for a proper sleep.

Zhao Yaya stared at Shuhang for a long while, and found that he didnt seem to be lying at all.

She carefully tried to recall, but her memories were a total blur. She vaguely remembered that she was going to go out with three of her good friends for a few drinks, and that she should already have returned to her residence.

Could it be that I drank too much? But I only drank four glasses with my friends today, so how could I have gotten drunk?

Zhao Yaya rubbed her temple, seemingly vexed.

Jie, shall I bring you to the hospital for a checkup? Song Shuhang said with worry.

No need for that. Other than my neck feeling rather stiff, Im totally fine. Just accompany me home, I should be fine after resting for a night. Zhao Yaya rubbed the back of her neck, she felt like she had been struck by a karate chop, how painful. Other than that, there are no further problems with her body.

No matter how one puts it, she was a medical student. She herself should be able to make a proper review of her bodys condition.

Ill accompany you back then. Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Zhao Yaya felt that the smile Song Shuhang showed in this moment was really warm, it gave off a very reliable feeling, Shuhang, we havent met for a day, but you seem to have suddenly grown up?

Have I? Maybe youre just seeing things. Song Shuhang indifferently said. Changes? From the moment he raised the sword to chop off the long armed mans head, his spirit had went through a transformation.