Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master
Chapter 76: Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master
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After Shuhang left the scene, Jiang Ziyan appeared on the rooftop of the wedding photography shop.

She made a call to Medicine Master and lazily said, Medicine Master, Shuhang has left without any mishap.

By the way, Medicine Master, let me tell you this, I definitely wouldnt give up. Dont bother trying to keep me away from you, its useless. With that said, she didnt wait for Medicine Master to reply and directly hung up.

I will definitely obtain what I want. Jiang Ziyan murmured.

She jumped down from the roof, moved to where Song Shuhang had destroyed the long armed mans body, and executed a simple magic to completely eliminate all vestiges of what happened here.

Song Shuhang had done very well. However, in the eyes of cultivators who are adept at tracing others, there were many traces which could be found. What Jiang Ziyan eliminated were precisely those traces.

Its not a big issue as such experience would be gained by Song Shuhang as his cultivation gradually becomes stronger over time.

Shuhang sent Zhao Yaya back safely, then went to buy food and drinks for his roommates while on the way back.

Back at the dormitory, he rested on his bed. The true self in his mind receded, and his experience of killing the long armed man replayed over and over in his mind.

He felt a little unaccustomed to this. He also felt a little fear after this event, and also a little excited Just like the joy he got from helping others.

His three roommates were still loudly using alts to screw with people.

[TL: Alts as in alternate accounts, or smurfs as some would call it.]

Song Shuhang rested for a while, then took out the beast-headed tile with three claw marks. He then took out his phone and took a photo of the beast-headed tile and uploaded it onto the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Next, he asked in the chat: Dear Seniors, does anyone know which cultivators organization this tile belongs to?

A short while after sending this message, there was a senior who replied.

The first to reply was, as predicted, the eternally online warrior North Rivers Loose Practitioner, Ive never seen that before, and never heard of something like it. I reckon that it should be some tiny and insignificant organization in some rural place?

Hearing this, one matter was confirmed in Song Shuhangs mind. As North Rivers Loose Practitioner was the jack-of-all-trades in the group, he knew the information of every member of the group like the back of his hand. If he had never heard of it, then the organization that this beast-headed tile with three claw marks belonged to definitely wouldnt be the forces of any of the seniors in the group.

Song Shuhang was previously worried that this beast-headed tile would belong to one of the forces under one of the seniors here, which would make settling this matter very complicated.

Senior Song, is it very important which organization this tile represents? Soft Feather was unexpectedly still online at this time. Ever since she had returned to Spiritual Butterfly Island, she had to undergo training every night regimentally without any negotiation.

It is pretty important to me. Song Shuhang replied.

Then Ill go ask my father for you. Soft Feather excitedly said, then quickly went offline to look for Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner then inquired, Is it an enemy or an ally?

Its an enemy. Shuhang cleared up.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner: Are you able to settle it? Do you need any help?

Song Shuhang replied, Im in the middle of searching for their traces, and have gotten some clues. If I really cant settle this, I will request help from you fellow seniors.

Is Medicine Master still there with you? North Rivers Loose Practitioner was rather worried. After all, Shuhang had only begun cultivating two days ago and was very weak.

Senior Medicine Master is still here, and he may still remain here for several more days.

Thats fine then. North Rivers Loose Practitioner felt more reassured.

At this time, Soft Feather returned online and said, Senior Song, my father doesnt know what this thing is, so it should just be some low-class organization. When I settle the spirit ghost contract array tomorrow, Ill go over to help Senior Song bulldoze over this puny organization. When that happens, I would be able to put my newly contracted spirit ghosts might to the test!

With Lady Soft Feathers cheerful statement, Shuhangs mood became a lot better, Thank you.

After we bulldoze that puny organization, lets look for the mysterious island thats close to the East China Sea together, Senior. I heard that someone found the mysterious floating island of legends there. Its said that the songs of birds and fragrance of flowers could be vaguely found there. Theres also thick spirit qi, and many extinct lifeforms are there. Itll definitely be incredibly exciting. Soft Feather was already deep into her imaginations, and who knew what she was thinking of.

Mad Saber Three Waves was online, and seeing the situation he shot back habitually, However, Lady Soft Feather, you have to first complete the contract with the spirit ghost first before you can even attempt that!

The battleship named Soft Feather knocked into the water with this single bombardment.

I will stake my all against the spirit ghost contract array tonight! The long legged lady replied.

With that said, she quickly went offline. Perhaps she had gone to battle with the spirit ghost contract array.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner sent a smiley and said, Come to think of it, do any fellow daoists want to form a team to go take a look at the mysterious island in the East China Sea that Lady Soft Feather just mentioned?

Once these words were sent by North Rivers Loose Practitioner, many lurking seniors of the group appeared and began to discuss snatching the riches on the mysterious island.

The chat group became lively.

Song Shuhang swiped his finger on the phones display, and unknowingly began to smile.

*Beep beep beep*

At this time, someone privately messaged Shuhang.

Song Shuhang tapped it open, and it turned out to be Lady Soft Feather who had just fled the chat.

Senior Song, did something happen to you today? I feel that youre a little strange today. Soft Feather asked with a lot of concern.

Strange? Song Shuhang doubtfully looked through his chat records from start to end, but there was simply nothing strange about the way he typed.

He scratched his head. To be able to sense that his condition was a little different today, was this the legendary sixth sense of women said in myths?

If its something that happened to me, then it would be me killing someone today. Song Shuhang thought over it, then lightly tapped this sentence on the keyboard, I cut off his head with my own hands, and watched his head fly. Now that I think about it it was so unrealistic, just like a dream.

For unknown reasons, after typing out these words, Song Shuhang felt relaxed inside. It was like the huge rock pressing on his chest had been lifted away.

It was Seniors first time killing? Do you regret it? Soft Feather quickly replied. In her mind, the scene of her father, Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage consoling her after she had made her first kill appeared.

She didnt know how to console others, but she could learn from how her father had consoled her back then and imitate it. This was applying what one has learnt from experience!

I dont regret. Song Shuhang staunchly tapped these three words. Even if he went back in time, he would still swing that sword without hesitation!

I can see Seniors resolve and the conviction you had when you swung your sword. Senior Song, dont think about too many complicated things. Right now, all you need to remember is why you brandished the sword, and be firm about your conviction when you swung the sword. As long as your conviction is firm and correct, then it would be a choice made with no regrets. You need not pressure yourself, I will always support you. Soft Feather gently said.

As she typed these words, she faintly shone with the radiance of a goddess.

Thank you. Song Shuhangs face revealed a gentle smile. Soft Feathers consolation was very awkward, and made Song Shuhang feel like he was facing a senior. However, her kind intentions were solidly received by Song Shuhang.

Youre welcome, Senior. Im going to stake my all against the contract array now! When I complete the contract, I will find Senior and well go explore the mysterious island! With that said, Soft Feather went offline with satisfaction.

Being able to help Senior Song Shuhang made her very happy.

Right at this time, in another part of Spiritual Butterfly Island.

Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage watched the exchange between his daughter and Song Shuhang on his phone, and cried in the toilet.

This Respected Sage had once again logged onto his daughters account secretly~~



At approximately 3 in the morning.

Song Shuhang was already asleep, but his mental energy would occasionally activate. This was the alertness trick of mental energy. As he kept maintaining the alertness magic up during the day, his body made it a habit during this short period of time. Therefore, even though he was asleep, his body would occasionally activate his mental energy, and maintain a state of alertness.

This was something that he himself didnt notice.

In a daze, Song Shuhang heard his phone ring.

He quickly opened his eyes and turned his phone to silent mode, so as to avoid disturbing his roommates. Then, he looked closer at the phone to check the caller ID.

It was an unknown number, and the area code represented the Huaxi region.

Is it a scam? Song Shuhang habitually tapped on the answer button; idly chatting with scammers was something Shuhang and his roommates enjoyed doing.

Especially Li Yangde, this fellow was like all code monkeys who were typically tame on the outside and beastly inside, he was great at teasing with his voice. Every time he came into contact with a female scammer, his battle power was three times the usual, and the female scammer would end up crying, yknow?

Is this fellow daoist Mt. Books High Pressure? The voice of a young man was heard from the other side of the line.

It was no scammer, for Mt. Books High Pressure was the name of his chat account. Add on to that, being addressed as a fellow daoist should mean that this person was a senior from the Nine Provinces (1) Group?

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes and immediately cleared his head, Hello, thats me.

Little friend, are you in the middle of sleep? Ill keep things short then. The young voice laughed and said, Im Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master from the Nine Provinces (1) Group. By the way, I got your number from Brother Medicine Master. What I want to ask is regarding the beast-headed tile with three claw marks that you uploaded to the group tonight.
Senior, do you possess information regarding that organization? Song Shuhang was completely awake now.