Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Another Express Delivery Via Air Travel
Chapter 77: Another express delivery via air travel
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I do know a little, but its information from over forty years ago. Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master softly explained, Forty-three years ago, I was drifting around the world. During that, I passed by a village in the east region of Huaxia. At that time, every single person in the village was cruelly killed as blood sacrifices. There wasnt a single person left alive. All of that was done for the purpose of manufacturing hatred, and to create angry ghosts. These are the methods used by the ghost cultivators of the evil way.

Back then, I was extremely angered and took an oath to completely destroy those evil ways ghost cultivators. Following that, I chased their trail for a long time and regretfully only managed to cut down several insignificant ghost cultivator subordinates. However, I found a beast-headed tile with three claw marks from their bodies.

When Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master was younger, he was a man full of righteousness. He was the type that was overflowing with justice.

Furthermore, he had a rash personality when he was younger. Whenever he came across injustice, he liked to make oaths.

For example, this case of the evil paths ghost cultivators murdering a village. He made a great oath, and swore to the heavens that he would completely destroy those evil paths ghost cultivators who manufactured angry ghosts.

Back then, he had made several thousand great oaths like this.

Right now, there was a small notebook in his hands specially for recording the great oaths he made when he was younger.

An oath by a cultivator had the heavens as their witness and couldnt be taken lightly. Once the oath was taken, one had to find a way to complete it. Otherwise, if their spirit couldnt be at peace, it would produce inner demons that would impact their future cultivation advancements.

The current Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master was so swamped with all kinds of oaths that he had made when he was younger that he had to hold back his tears. He was striving hard to complete the oaths he made, but why were there still so many oaths in the notebook?

For a period of time, Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master truly wished for the ability to go back in time so he could give three hundred slaps to his younger self who had proudly made great oaths way too much. He wanted to make his younger self wake up a little, and stop him from giving his future self so many burdens!

Going back to the original topic.

I heard from Brother Medicine Master, youve got a clue about the ghost cultivators who use a beast-headed tile with claw marks? Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master inquired.

There are some small clues, and its all thanks to Senior Medicine Masters help as well. If all goes well, I will be able to find the approximate location of the organizations Altar Master. Song Shuhang answered. He only got the intelligence regarding Altar Master from the long armed man this night.

Thats wonderful. All these evil paths ghost practitioners must be put to death. Its a pity that Im in the Huaxi region now, and am occupied with some matters. I cant go there to help you. Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master felt rather depressed, then said, Therefore, little friend, send me your mailing address. Tomorrow I will send you some talismans through a courier. I hope that they will be of help to you.

Talismans? Song Shuhang immediately thought of the dazzling golden talisman that Soft Feather flung out when she was fighting the spirit ghost!

Finally, fellow daoist Mt. Books High Pressure, a dao name is a cultivators face. Your dao name is rather awkward and isnt smooth to say. Its better to change dao names! Remember to send me your mailing address, I will have it delivered to you in a short while. With that said, Seven Lives Taliman Mansion Master hung up the call. He was afraid that Song Shuhang would reject his kind intentions.

Song Shuhang.

Mt. Books High Pressure is just my chat account nickname, its not my dao name!

Perhaps I should change my nickname?

Otherwise, everybody would think that this is my dao name, and when I meet them in the future they would address me as fellow daoist Mt. Books High Pressure, or Senior Mt. Books High Pressure or something. My conscience will hurt just from hearing this.

Afterwards, Song Shuhang opened the messaging app, typed in his mailing address, and sent it to Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master.

The fact was, Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master didnt need to hang up so quickly.

Song Shuhang wasnt the kind of person who would feign to impress. He knew the disparity between him and the enemys Altar Master in terms of strength. Right now, it didnt matter if it was sending aid in terms of talismans or having someone personally come down to help, Song Shuhang definitely wouldnt reject kindness from anyone.

When the matter concerns life and death, whats the use of face?

I wonder what kind of talismans Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master will send as aid?

Its talismans!


Soft Feathers golden talisman paper, flinging one out could totally oppress two spirit ghosts. It possessed great might.

To Song Shuhang, this was undoubtedly timely help!


7th June, under the scorching sun.

Every year, this period was the most bitter and nervous time for high schoolers as the college entrance exams for Huaxia were all arranged to begin on this exact day.

Yet at this period every year, Jiangnan University City would take joy in their misfortune by having a sports competition. It embodied the deep malice the executives of Jiangnan University possessed towards these high schoolers.

Amongst the competitions, the 5km mens run would begin in the morning of the first day of the sports competition.

As a participant, Song Shuhang woke up very early in the morning. He was intending to stretch his body, so he might as well casually take first place or something, right?

The moment he got up from his bed, he touched the black flying sword which he had placed on the side of the bed.

Flying swords were treasures which blood cannot stick onto, yet Shuhang had the misperception of smelling blood from it.

Sure enough, it wasnt a dream. Song Shuhang said to himself.

Yesterday was his first time chopping someone. In addition, what he chopped off was the head. The scene of the long armed mans head flying up into the air was still imprinted in his mind. As it was the first kill he had made in his life, the long armed mans face would remain in Song Shuhangs mind for a long time.

Next up will be the Altar Master. Song Shuhang gripped the flying sword.

The enemy mistakenly believed that he was an expert, and was so frightened to the point that that he withdrew from the Jiangnan region. However, Song Shuhang couldnt risk his familys safety by entrusting his hopes on an enemys misunderstanding.

If he doesnt settle this issue, Song Shuhang would remain troubled and worried. Luckily, there would be clues by this afternoon.

After getting off the bed and washing up, Song Shuhang opened the door of the dormitory, intending to go exercise.

The moment he opened the door, he noticed a large man who wore a suit standing outside with a wide smile.

This man looks very familiar. Who is he?

Student Shuhang, we meet again. Im Little Jiang from Feng Shou Courier with another package for you. The large man in the suit tried hard to show an amiable smile.

I remember now, its Feng Shou Couriers Mr. Sima Jiang.

The last time he received a package, Song Shuhang didnt know who he was and thought he was just a deliveryman, so he casually addressed him as Little Jiang. Back then, Sima Jiangs mouth involuntarily twitched. He was considered a man of character, being addressed as Little Jiang was too appalling.

However, this time he addressed himself as Little Jiang. In a span of three days, there were two courier deliveries from two different senders, and both senders had frightening identities.

As of now, he was fine with being referred to as Little Jiang! Dont mention Little Jiang, even becoming Little Little Jiang or Little Little Little Jiang wouldnt be a problem!

After seeing Sima Jiang, Song Shuhang immediately thought of the package Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master said that he would send.

A package that was sent at midnight arrived a little after six in the morning? What kind of godly speed is this?

Good morning Little Jiang, is this another urgent express delivery via air travel? Song Shuhang asked.

Yes, its an express delivery via air travel package from the Huaxi region. I was personally sent to fly an aeroplane to receive the package during the night and had it sent at the fastest speeds to your hands, Student Song Shuhang. I hope that I havent held you up? Sima Jiang took out a package that was the size of a cell phone box from his chest pocket.

With layers upon layers of packaging, it was tightly sealed.

You didnt hold me up, and you came at the perfect time. Thanks for your trouble, where shall I sign? Song Shuhang trusted this courier personnel Little Jiang, for he had delivered the previous package without anything missing.

Please sign right here. Sima Jiang handed over a pen.

While signing, Shuhang recalled the black iron flying sword that belonged to Great Master Tong Xuan, and casually asked, By the way, Little Jiang, in a few days I may have a package I want to send, so when that happens Ill contact you.

Once he settles the matter with Altar Master in a few days, he will have Great Master Tong Xuans sword sent back to its original owner. Feng Shou Couriers service was amazingly good, so Song Shuhang naturally thought of using them.

Where is it to be sent to? Do you need me to fly over there for express delivery? Sima Jiang happily said with his eyes lit up.

Its fine and theres no need for that. The receiver doesnt need it urgently, so standard delivery is more than enough. Alright then, Ill contact you in a few days when I want to send it. Song Shuhang

No problem, you may contact me at anytime, 24/7! Sima Jiang wore a smile, his service level was at five stars and was super liked.

Song Shuhang held onto the package and wondered what the talismans sent by Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master would be like?