Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Armor Talisman Sword Talisman Exorcism Talisman
Chapter 78: Armor Talisman, Sword Talisman, Exorcism Talisman!
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Shuhang looked for somewhere secluded, and opened the package.

WIthin the small box were a pile of dark golden talisman papers. Each talisman paper was painted with mysterious golden-red colored talisman symbols and arrays. There was also a note from the Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master introducing the functions of these talismans.

There were a total of twenty talisman papers.

The top five papers were Armor Talismans. Like the name, the talisman holds energy which would be activated to form a layer of protection around the body. It could block an attack from a cultivator of 3rd Stage and below.

The method to use it was extremely simple. All thats needed was to use ones thumb to press against the center of the talisman papers array and use mental energy to guide the spirit qi in the talisman, then finally to softly chant the word armor. The protective armor will be summoned just like this.

With five talismans, every piece could be used once. When used properly, it could protect Song Shuhang five times.

The next five talismans were the Sword Talismans. This talisman was an attack type, when method of using it is the same as the armor talisman, and to activate it one just needs to softly say sword instead of armor.

Once its activated, it could turn send out a sword attack on the level of a 3rd Stage Houtian Battle Emperor, easily capable of breaking rocks and hacking mountains. For an ordinary 2nd Stage True Master cultivator, if they dont possess special means or defenses, one sword attack would kill them or at the very least leave them barely alive.

The one with the highest quantity were the ten Exorcism Talismans.

According to Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Masters note, as the enemy were evil paths ghost cultivators, they could control ghost-type evil creatures to attack, which could catch people off guard.

Ghost-type evil creatures are immune to ordinary physical attacks, and there are some which possess invisibility or other stealth abilities. To cultivators who lack strength, they are opponents which are a headache.

These ten Exorcism Talismans will help Shuhang get rid of the enemys ghost-type evil creatures!

Song Shuhang gripped the box of talismans dearly. Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master wasnt just providing the necessary coal for the cold winter, but he basically provided a one-stop service for clothes, food, and shelter as well!

This is truly an unexpected blessing. Song Shuhang gripped on a talisman.

With these talismans, he even had the confidence to face the Altar Master. However, it goes without saying that he wouldnt do something as silly as charging straight at the enemy with the talisman in hand.

As long as he could get rid of the Altar Master, he was willing to play foul.

All he needed was results, the process didnt matter; he just needed the enemy dead!

Carefully keeping the talisman, he thought. Everything is prepared, all thats left is the east wind.

[TL: Everything is prepared, all thats left is the east wind ????????? is a famous quote by Zhuge Liang in the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, meaning everything is ready other than one crucial item.]


7:30AM in the morning.

Jiangnan University Citys sports competition officially began.

Before it began, the headmaster of the school made a customary speech. The headmasters speech was a very mysterious matter, regardless of how advanced technology is, it remains eternally immutable.

Usually with the opening words of let me keep things short, and experiencing countless let me keep things short, the students were all tortured into a state of dizziness and intoxication. After wishing for the ability to fly away and wishing for death, the sports competition finally began.

The mens 5km run began at 8:40AM.

Under the encouragement of his three roommates and eight other male students he had rather good relations with, Song Shuhang got onto the race track.

All his roommates and classmates wore smug smiles. They absolutely werent here to cheer on Shuhang, but rather, they had come to watch him get exhausted. Itll be for the best if he ends up running till his knees weaken and he pukes on the spot, for that would be a great spectacle.

The 5km run was a torture competition.

One lap around the track was 400m, and a total of twelve and a half laps was needed to complete the race.

It was a totally strenuous and unrewarding competition event, and lacked the excitement which the 100m sprint possessed. It wasnt as cheerful as the man-woman mixed relay. The distance was long, the tempo was slow, spectators were few and there were even fewer chicks watching.

Without chicks watching, the male students in the competition lacked motivation even more.

The other contestants chose a spot to stand, and Song Shuhang got onto his spot while yawning.

Student Shuhang, jiayou! At this time, a crisp voice was heard, Do your best to get first place!

[TL: jiayou ?? is a cheer which means the same thing as ganbatte, the closest translation is do your best.

The sweet voice was extremely pleasing to the ears.

Song Shuhang raised his head, looked over and saw the chick who had recently been sticking close to him waving at him with a youthful smile on her face.

By her side were four ladies, it seemed like they just watched some other event and just happened to pass by this place.

Her name should be Lu Fei?

Song Shuhang laughed out loud, and raised a thumb in her direction.

His roommates and classmates immediately took this opportunity to heckle.

Pinching their throats, Tubo and Gao Moumou shouted in unison in the same style as Lu Fei, Student Shuhang, jiayou!

Do your best to get first place! The others around them also shouted while pinching their throats.

Song Shuhang turned back and pointed both middle fingers at them, Why dont you guys go kill yourselves!

At this time, a tanned and robust student standing beside Song Shuhang sneered at him, Hehe, first place? Pretty boy, you think the 5km run is won by using your face?

While saying that, the student showed off his muscular thighs. These were big thighs which could only be drilled out through long-term training. When he compared himself to the pretty boy(little white face) beside him who had thin arms and legs, dont mention 5km, itd be weird if Shuhang could even run 1km.

Pretty boy(little white face)? Are you referring to me? Song Shuhang asked while touching his own face. Due to the effects of the Body Tempering Liquid, his skin had indeed turned quite fair.

As it turns out, being handsome really brings about trouble?

Shuhang inwardly nodded, then casually returned with another question, Are you envious of my skin?

. Envious your ass. Why would I envy a pretty boy(little white face) like you!? The tanned student felt blood rushing to the veins on his forehead and surfacing.

Haha, student over there please dont mind him, this tanned fellow is jealous that you have a chick cheering for you. Anyway, youre also forced by your class to compete, right? On the other side, was a slightly chubby guy who looked like a long-time reclusive student introduced himself with a smile, Im Yang Shangfa, Im in Computer Science.

You could put it that way, as theres nobody who chose to participate in the 5km run and I took leave at the time, I became the participant for this 5km run. Im Song Shuhang. Song Shuhang replied with a smile.

Oh, a person who had misfortune befallen upon him as well. Yang Shangfa had tears in his eyes.

While they spoke, the teacher who was responsible for triggering the starting pistol said in a deep voice, All contestants, ready~

All of the contestants took up the starting position.

Disgusting pretty boy(little white face), I will make you understand what it means to do the 5km run. In this competition I will outrun you by a whole street! The tanned student said with clenched teeth.

Outrun me by a whole street? A whole street is at least 800m long, which means youll outrun me by at least two laps? After pondering, Song Shuhang considerately advised, Yep, its impossible, give up.

Pfft! The chubby Yang Shangfa couldnt resist laughing out loud.

The tanned student clenched his teeth so hard they nearly broke.


The starting pistol was blown.

The tanned student madly shuttled forward at 100m sprint speeds. He had great endurance, his standards for long distance running was way beyond ordinary college students standards! In this type of campus sports competition, he had enough endurance to first sprint the 100m to create a despairing distance between him and the other contestants, then maintain this distance to the very end as first place!

Hmph, get shocked, pretty boy. Outrunning you by a whole street was just polite speech, if I really want to display my strength, I would outrun a pretty boy like you by at least four laps! The tanned student proudly said in his heart.

For a 5km run, everyone usually needed to pace themselves accordingly. No one would just charge forward recklessly at 100m sprinting speeds. As a result, this allowed the tanned student to leave the other participants in the dust.

Hows that, pretty face? Youre in despair arent you!? The tanned student confidently turned around to see how far the pretty boy had been left behind. This fellow had such fair skin, he should be at the back of the line eating dust, right?

Yet, when he turned around, he found the pretty boy just one meter behind him, following closely behind him without fail!

This pretty boy had actually sprinted alongside him?

Huh? Are you an idiot? The race has just begun and you used sprinting speeds to keep up with me. With that physique of yours, you would probably be exhausted after a single lap. The tanned student said with clenched teeth.

Sprinting? Song Shuhang stared blankly at him, then revealed a warm smile and said, Nah not at all, Im just running at ordinary speeds, you dont need to worry about me. You look so fierce, I didnt expect you to be so caring to others.

Caring your grandfather! The tanned student was extremely angered inside.

Damn gigolo with a sharp mouth, lets see how long you can persevere for! I hope you wont collapse after a single lap! The tanned student clenched his teeth, estimated his stamina, then increased his speed slightly.

This pretty boy was definitely an amateur at long distance running, but even so, he couldnt let Shuhang overtake him. So he must shake Shuhang off, and leave him far behind!

The tanned student once again sprinted.

He sprinted for approximately a hundred meters. He felt that he was at the predicted level of exhaustion and that it was time for him to lower his pace.

Sprinting for such a long distance, the amateur pretty boy must be left far behind by now, right?

As he thought that, he turned around to check.

Once he turned back, his eyes opened so wide like they could drop out of his sockets. The pretty boy should have been left far behind by him was still sticking closely behind him by a meter without fail.

This feeling was like going through a play where someone is supposed to have died, yet despite dying several times he still wasnt dead!

How is this possible? Am I hallucinating? The tanned student murmured.