Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Second Place Is Yours
Chapter 79: Second place is yours!
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As both Song Shuhang and the tanned student ran at sprinting speeds, they were nearly a lap ahead of the other contestants!

This cant be real, right? Since when did Shuhang run this quickly, and become this good at it? Lin Tubo was the first to question his eyes and said in an exaggerated manner.

This must be the power of love! Gao Moumou pushed his spectacles. His cold spectacles refracted the sunlight.

Li Yangde subconsciously looked towards the chick, Lu Fei.

The lady with shoulder-length hair beside Lu Fei had her eyes lit up, Hey, Feifei, that Student Shuhang was the one who showed off his body on the track previously, right?

Haha, he should be the one. Lu Fei felt a crisis looming in. There was still a lot left to this summer, if she still doesnt make her move, more people would notice Shuhangs merits. Will he get snatched away?

If hes the one showing off his muscles while running on the track, then this still isnt his top speed, right? The lady with shoulder length hair said in a low voice.

She seemed to recall that that man ran an unknown number of laps and ran all of them at sprinting speeds?



The tanned student felt his worldview breaking apart. After such a long sprint, this pretty boys face wasnt flushed, his breathing was also stable; he seems to be at ease?

Impossible, this fellow has to be forcing himself.

Sprinting like this drained the bodys stamina quickly. He himself felt like he couldnt endure much further, so this pretty boy would definitely collapse after running a little more, that has to be it.

The tanned student clenched his teeth and lowered his pace slightly. After all, even if its him, he cant complete the whole 5km run at sprinting speeds.

Fellow student, your speed seems to have decreased. If you continue this way you wont be able to outrun me by a whole street. Behind the tanned student, Song Shuhangs tranquil voice was heard.

Huu huu what do you mean? The tanned student panted deeply.

If you lower your pace, Im going to overtake you. Song Shuhang amicably prompted. While speaking, he increased his speed slightly, bringing the distance between the two to approximately half a meter.

Huu huu, I was just adjusting my breathing. Next, I will bring out my true abilities. Take a good look, dont mention one street, I would at least outrun you by two streets. The tanned student angrily said. Clenching his teeth, he immersed in forcing himself to sprint again.

He felt that he could do it. If he sprints around three laps, with his stamina he could slow down after that and catch a good rest. Even if he gets overtaken at a lower pace, itd be fine as he would be able to gather enough stamina to sprint in the last three rounds, and attain first place.

Right now, the most important thing was to completely shake off the pretty boy within these three laps, and make the pretty boy understand the gap between them. The gap between someone adept at long-distance running and a pretty boy!

Hoh hoh hoh. The tanned student madly sprinted once more with his saliva flying all over.

The distance between him and Shuhang was once again pulled to one meter.

Song Shuhangs showed a pleased smile on both of his eyes, and began to chase after the tanned students back once again. He gradually sped up to maintain the same distance with the tanned student, a distance of one meter. Not a single bit more and not a single bit less.



Geez, why is Shuhang and that tanned fellow blatantly sprinting again? At this rate they probably wont be able to complete the 5km run, right? Shuhangs classmate asked in doubt.

Also, the way that big tanned dude runs looks rather disgusting.

The tanned student looked like a crazed deer in his mad sprint, the saliva that flew out of his mouth felt like foam from his mouth.

Very soon, they ran for three laps.

The tanned student felt that his stamina was reaching a critical point, but when he turned around, he saw that the pretty boy still sticking behind him at exactly one meter, and wasnt shaken off at all.

How can this be, huu huu, why are you still able to keep up behind me? The tanned student was at a loss, A pretty boy like you, huu huu, why havent you collapsed? Quickly collapse for me!

Why is this fellow so good at running? Why is he so full of stamina!?

Fellow student, it has only been a little more than three laps, there are still nine laps to go, why are you slowing down? Song Shuhang spoke once again.

Stop kidding me, you should be very tired now, huu huu~ dont force yourself, quickly collapse! The tanned student shouted.

I wont collapse, I feel like I can still run for a long long time. Song Shuhang warmly smiled and said, Furthermore, you should still have some stamina left, shall I help you?

What do you mean? Huu huu~ you bastard. The tanned student furiously said, he felt like he was being ridiculed.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath and activated his mental energy, using mental oppression at the tanned student. This was a trick which intimidated others spiritually. However, Song Shuhang controlled the intensity of the mental oppression, which made the tanned student feel fear yet wouldnt make him collapse like that beautiful female teacher from before.

At this time, the tanned student felt a ferocious monster chasing after him, with the desire to eat him up.

Ahhh ahh ahh ahhh! He loudly screamed, bringing out even the strength he used to drink milk.

How scary, how scary!

As predicted, you are still able to continue running, and youre able to run quickly. Humans have a mental block which makes them slow down. Its not the bodys exhaustion, its the limit one is aware in ones self, believing that one could only sprint this bit of distance, so one would then have to slow down after going past it. Fact is, you can still run even faster. Song Shuhang kept up behind the tanned student and made a professional assessment.

Ive done a good deed again, how delightful???

Jiayou, you are the man who wants to outrun me by a whole street. Song Shuhang cheered on the tanned student from behind.

Ahhh ahh ahh ahh! The tanned student screamed, with tears, sweat, snivel and saliva covering his face. This made him look exceedingly desperate.

On the other hand, Shuhang still maintained a distance of one meter from him.

A lap, and a lap. Another lap, and another lap!

Fear stimulates the limits of the human body, and the tanned student had all his potential brought out. Under the motivation of fear, a distance of 5km didnt seem to be that long.

Everybody was stupefied as they watched the tanned student wildly run like a mad beast.

If he continued running like that, will he break the world record?

Madly running while taking big strides like there was no exhaustion, the tanned student had long felt numb in the legs. His stomach felt so uncomfortable and painful, he wanted to puke.

This was the fastest he had ever run in his life. It was also the most tiring and most painful.

But hardship is always followed with reward, there was only half a lap left.

He was a winner, he was quicker than the pretty boy behind him! Even if he was just quicker by one meter!

The tanned student was nearly foaming at the mouth.

There was only a short distance to the end point. He had already outrun the current third place contestant by three whole laps, this was a frightening number.

Ultimately, I am the winner! The tanned student mustered up all his remaining strength, and pounced towards the finish line like a hungry wolf.

There was only a little more than a few dozen meters left, this was a distance for sprinting!

The fruit of victory was already within reach.

Right at this time, when he was about to charge towards the finish line, a figure brushed past him like a gale, overtaking him with a *whoosh*.

It was ridiculous and quick!

This speed was too fast, he couldnt even see who it was clearly.

Only when that person stood at the finishing point with both hands raised up did he see who it actually was.

The tanned students heart instantly began to throb with pain.

Its that pretty boy!

In the last moment, the pretty boy calmly overtook him, and arrived at the finish line before him.

Originally, I didnt mind letting you have first place, but I promised my friend that I would win, so its a pity that I cant let you attain first place. On the finish line, the pretty boy turned around and showed him a candid smile, then gave him a thumbs-up, But youre a pretty good opponent, jiayou, the second place is yours!

Second place, second place its yours, its yours!

In this moment, the tanned student felt his heart stop.

*Puke!* He finally couldnt restrain the discomfort in his stomach. At the same time, he lost his faith of attaining first place. His left leg was soft and he didnt step firmly on the ground, so he stumbled down! With the inertia of the sprint, his whole body slid a long distance on the ground

At this time, the tanned student was only a mere five steps from the finish line!

But at this moment, this distance was simply the distance between heaven and earth for him, it was a distance which he couldnt cross over.

Song Shuhang scratched the back of his head, and sighed, What a pity. Youre just like a migratory bird that didnt complete its journey and fell onto the beach before arriving the destination. You were a good opponent.

The tanned students vision finally turned black and he fainted.