Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 790

Chapter 790 The writing Of The Sage


Song Shuhang.

Why did this thing appear inside my body?

When hed dreamt of the life of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, the latter developed that nucleus because Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon constantly cultivated it and poured the energy of the Wielder of the Will inside its body. This was the reason the golden lotus had developed this nucleus or key that had the ability to create a small world.

However, Song Shuhang had just dreamt of the life of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, and hadnt personally received the energy of Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon. As such, why did this nucleus appear in his Heart Aperture?

Anyway, what could he do now that this thing had appeared inside his body?

Was it possible that he could grow roots like the Virtuous Golden Lotus and take root in the unholy pond, blooming and absorbing energy to strengthen the nucleus, finally bursting open and creating Song Shuhangs World?

No, he didnt want to take root and blossom! He didnt want to burst open, and neither he wanted to create a small world within his body, allowing other people to get inside him!

More importantly, the fact that this nucleus was growing inside his Heart Aperture was it a blessing or a misfortune? It wasnt going to influence the growth of his body, right?

He would definitely inspect it for good whenever he had the time. Hopefully, it wouldnt bring him any harm.

After taking a deep breath, Song Shuhang came out of the meditative state and stopped operating the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Technique.

He opened his eyes and discovered that several seniors from the Nine Provinces Number One Group were standing beside him while displaying strange postures. Venerable White was squatting next to him concealed behind his huge body, revealing only his head. Fairy Lychee was hovering behind Venerable White, also revealing only her head. Then, Cave Lord Snow Wolf was hovering behind Fairy Lychee, also revealing only his face. Doudou, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, and other seniors were all standing on top of each other like a human pyramid.

As for Su Clans Sixteen and Yu Jiaojiao, they were standing next to Song Shuhang. The two of them hadnt reached the Fifth Stage Realm yetand didnt have a flight-type treasure like Doudou, eitherand thus couldnt hover like the others.

??? Song Shuhang.

What was the deal with these strange postures?!

What were the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group doing?

Everyone stand properly. Get ready 1, 2, 3, say cheese! Fairy Lychee used her spiritual energy to make her mobile phone hover midair, aiming the camera toward them and taking several pictures.

Song Shuhang.

Afterward, she took back her phone and quickly wrote a message: [Today, weve met the real life Hulk, and decided to take a group photo as a souvenir.]

Then, she glanced at Song Shuhang, and said, Oh, little friend Shuhang woke up!

Song Shuhang.

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said, I didnt think that little friend would turn into Hulk this time around. This demodragon medicine is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Actually, I didnt turn into Hulk only due to the demodragon medicine. Its because I also had those green onion sprouts with me. If you smell me, you will be able to smell the scent of green onion, Song Shuhang explained.

Weve already smelled you. Young Master Phoenix Slayer licked his lips. You look delicious.

The corner of Song Shuhangs mouth twitched. Senior Phoenix Slayer, your joke wasnt funny.

Little friend Shuhang, I recommend you to use the hundred flowers valley body shampoo. Its very good to get rid of smells. I use it when bathing my wolf cubs, and its effects are much stronger than those of the body cleansing talisman and the likes. Cave Lord Snow Wolf took a step forward and passed Song Shuhang a small bottle. I advise you to go take a bath. Otherwise, Ill keep getting hungry after smelling this scent coming from your body.

Thank you, Senior Snow Wolf. I was also thinking about taking a bath, Song Shuhang said. It would be even better if he could wash off the green color too.

Right. Shuhang, I have this thing to give you. True Monarch Yellow Mountain took out a classic book and handed it over to Song Shuhang. This is one of the thank-you gifts that the scholarly faction has prepared for you.

A thank-you gift from the scholarly faction? Song Shuhang took the classic book with a curious expression on his face.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain explained, This is the Writing of the Sage that belongs to the scholarly faction. Its a classic book that the Sage personally wrote while he was still alive. Its not a magical technique or a cultivation technique, but the will of the Sage is concealed within this book. Those filtering nets we saw in the airspace of the White Cloud Academy earlier were also arranged with the help of the ten Writings of the Sage. At this time, the scholarly faction has only ten Writings of the Sage left, and they are something incredibly valuable. I didnt think that they would give one to you.

After a short pause, True Monarch Yellow Mountain added, Now then, what did you exactly do while inside the world of the golden lotus? The scholarly faction is but one step from worshipping you, and the scholarly disciples have been spreading the mighty name of Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber everywhere to the point that True Monarch Eternal Fire personally asked me to give you this Writing of the Sage, and this is only a part of the thank-you gift that the scholarly faction is preparing for you. From the looks of it, the real gift is going to be even bigger. In addition, as long as you have any request, the scholarly faction is ready to go through fire and water to fulfill it.

For the past few days, the scholarly disciples had been spreading Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Sabers name everywhere, but since the matter Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber helped the scholarly faction with was related to the world of the golden lotus and a few other sensitive things, the content that spread out was fragmentary.

It should be because I saved the world of the golden lotus at the critical moment, Song Shuhang replied. Speaking of which, what was the current state of the world of the golden lotus of the scholarly faction? Would it be able to recover its energy?

No wonder, no wonder the favor they owe you is a big one, True Monarch Yellow Mountain said with a smile. In that case, is there anything in particular you want, little friend Shuhang? True Monarch Eternal Fire said that if there is anything you want, the scholarly faction will try its best to give it to you.

After hearing this much, Venerable White furrowed his brows, and said, It seems that Ive missed something very interesting, right?

Senior White, what youve missed was a calamity!

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and replied to True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Let me think about it.

As for the things he wished to have the method to cure Li Yinzhus cold disease was one of them. However, he had no idea if the scholarly faction had a similar method or treasure at their disposal. In addition, if possible, he wanted a relatively well-hidden immortal cave where he could accommodate his family in the future

After saying this much, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and held the Writing of the Sage between his fingers. His muscles had inflated quite a bit at this moment, and his size was massive. In comparison, True Monarch Yellow Mountain was like a little bean sprout.

Anyway, this book was one of the ten classic books in possession of the scholarly faction that the Sage had personally written. Although it wasnt a cultivation technique, it was a classic book that the Sage had written with his very own hands, and had the will and the power of the Sage within. It could be considered one of the most valuable treasures in the scholarly faction.

When Song Shuhang took the Writing of the Sage in his hands, his huge body suddenly shook. Due to his body being so big, the shaking was rather obvious, and everyone noticed it.

What happened? True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked in puzzlement.

Brrr~ I felt my whole body becoming cold earlier, just as though something was being driven out of it! Song Shuhang said.

What are you talking about? I didnt see anything. True Monarch Yellow Mountain had a confused expression on his face.

At this time, Fairy Lychee closed her eyes and carefully sensed. Eh? There is indeed something that is being driven out of Shuhangs body.

I think I know what this thing is, Venerable White said. Shuhang, do you remember that strange magical technique of the Jet-Black Sect, that curse-like magical technique that would quietly drag you into that nightmare? The thing that was driven out just now was very likely that magical technique.

So it was that cursed nightmare! Song Shuhang finally became clear as to what was going on. He looked at the Writing of the Sage in his hand. It was something the Sage had written with his own hands, and it was as amazing as him. He just had to touch it, and the will and the power of the Sage concealed within the book automatically drove out that nightmare-like magical technique of the Jet-Black Sect.

Its a pity that it simply drove the cursed nightmare out of my body. That guy that put the curse on me will have it too easy this way. During the past few days, this curse-like magical technique has made me miserable how wonderful it would be if there was a way to strike back at that guy through this cursed nightmare, Song Shuhang muttered to himself. If not for the fact that hed met Senior White Two inside the nightmare, he would have likely been trapped in it forever.

Song Shuhangs voice had yet to fade when a pale light was emitted from the Writing of the Sage. In the next moment, that magical technique of the Jet-Black Sect that was about to be driven out of Song Shuhangs body wasnt actually driven out.

Under the power of the Writing of the Sage, that magical technique was compressed into a circular black rune, which was then sealed into the back of Song Shuhangs right hand. It looked the same as a tattoo.

Song Shuhang raised his right hand, and said, Eh? The Writing of the Sage didnt drive the cursed nightmare out of my body in the end, but decided to seal it instead?

Is it possible that it heard what Song Shuhang has said just now and decided to seal it instead of driving it out of his body? Young Master Phoenix Slayer said curiously.

That should be impossible, right? Its just a classic book, how can it be so incredible? Is it possible that this book turned into a spirit? Doudou said with a smile.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain stretched out his hand and gently patted Doudous head with a smile, saying, We cant be sure. After all, its something the Scholarly Sage wrote with his very own hands, and there is a chance that it really turned into a book spirit or a monster book.

Doudou was about to say something when a mist-like substance gushed out of True Monarch Yellow Mountains hand. Doudou carelessly inhaled the mist and fainted on the spot.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain indifferently grabbed Doudou and took out a cage, putting Doudou inside. Then, he turned toward the various fellow daoists with a smile, and said, Its just about time to bring Doudou back.

Song Shuhang.

At this time, the sound of footsteps was again transmitted from outside the room.

At the same, the voices of Gao Moumou, Tubo, and the others also echoed. They had likewise followed the aroma and headed toward Song Shuhangs room.

After hearing Gao Moumous voice, Song Shuhangs complexion changed.

Seniors, junior has to leave first. Excuse me for a while! Then, he took the hundred flowers valley body shampoo he got from Cave Lord Snow Wolf and ran toward the bathroom in his room.

He didnt want to let Gao Moumou and the others see him in this aromatic version of Hulk.