Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Soft Feather And Luo Xin Street
Chapter 8: Soft Feather and Luo Xin Street

Its good that nothing happened, I feel relieved now. I will inform Soft Feather, so that she wont worry, and to avoid her wasting a trip towards H City. North Rivers Loose Practitioner entered a reply soon after.

Song Shuhang felt that North Rivers Loose Practitioner was basically online for all 24 hours everyday, he did not know how this person had so much energy. Could it be that his online habits are coincidentally the same as himself, the one with the name Song? Which was why every time he came online he happens to encounter North Rivers Loose Practitioner.

Thats not right When Song Shuhang was online, he was online. When Song Shuhang was offline, he was still online, because every time Song Shuhang came online the chat records he sees all had North Rivers Loose Practitioner included inside it.

It was like he didnt need sleep at all, as if he was a sacred warrior of the internet.

Song Shuhang couldnt help but worry, because as of right now, the number of sudden deaths due to overnight computer usage are so high, if North Rivers Loose Practitioner continues on like that will he someday die a sudden death too?

This shall be noted down as well When the time comes to leave the group I better advise him.

Song Shuhang continued to pull the scrollbar downwards.

After Su Clans Ah Qi was done talking, he greeted everybody once more, then went offline.

Subsequently, at around 5AM in the morning, Medicine Master came online and uploaded a photo, then added a question mark after the photo.

That is a picture of a plant, one that Song Shuhang has never seen before.

This plant grew curved, like a coiling dragon. At the tip of the plant there was a line of thorns, while the rhizome was purplish black, it was a very peculiar plant, with many great points which were worth admiring.

Poison Dragon Grass huh, Medicine Master do you have a need for this again? Didnt you cultivated some not too long ago? North Rivers Loose Practitioner was once again the first to reply.

Experiment, all died. Medicine Master then sent a depressed emoji. Furthermore, that batch of Poison Dragon Grass quality wasnt very good.

Alright, I will contact you if I manage to get some. If the others see it they will definitely notify you as well. North Rivers Loose Practitioner replied.

Want alive. Medicine Master added one more reply.

Poison Dragon Grass From the sound of it, it doesnt seem like a kind plant, it cant be that its also for concocting pills, right? Will it poison someone to death?

Song Shuhang was a little worried, he kept feeling that the people in the group were very good at seeking death.

Wait, there seems to be something fishy here.

Song Shuhangs hand trembled for a moment, his fingers moved back a little, up to where Su Clans Ah Qi had replied, then looked at it one more time.

There were several Yep, there were dozens of tactless ordinary people knocked unconscious by Ah Shiliu, no one died.

This sentence gave Song Shuhang a weird feeling, because he automatically thought of the group of delinquents that were wiped out

It cant be such a coincidence right? If one were to say all of these were a coincidence, then the number of coincidences recently is a little too much isnt it!?

Perhaps I should look at it from a different perspective, perhaps its not a coincidence, its just me overthinking things.

People are always like that, when they have doubts towards a certain topic in their hearts, they bring many unrelated things together to forcibly form a conclusion. Just like when suspecting someone stole their money, they will link many events onto this persons head, and the more they look at that person the more they think they are looking at a criminal.

He felt that his current state of mind was perhaps the suspecting someone is a thief mindset.

I cant over think this anymore, if I continue to think about it I will go astray just like the people in the group. Song Shuhang did a lazy stretch, and prepared to go for a jog.

The time of the day lies in the morning, moreover he felt his physique decline, he hasnt fully recovered from the flu and cough that has lasted for more than 10 days, and still coughs from time to time, its torture!

So he came up with an idea, and decided to run 1.5km in the morning to toughen his body.

The goal is to persevere morning jogs for a whole month!

At the same time, in Jiang Nan regions airport.

A lady with waist-length hair walked out of the airport with a large suitcase. She had white skin, was tall, had long legs. She wore a white T-shirt, denim shorts, and a pair of sneakers for her slender feet, looking youthful and pretty.

However, at this time the long-haired lady had a vexed expression as she looked around the gigantic airport, I dislike large places like this the most, its so easy to get lost.

Subsequently, she took out her cellphone, and fiddled with it.

Sweating all over from his morning jog, Song Shuhang felt freshness and clarity, something he hasnt felt for a long time.

When he passed by the dining hall he bought a steamed stuffed bun and soy milk as breakfast, and returned to the dormitory after his rapid and shallow breaths stabilized.

Its Sunday and theres still a whole day of free time left, what should I do?

Should I go window read?

Nibbling on the steamed stuffed bun, Song Shuhang thought inside.

He then casually turned on the computer, and got onto the schools webpage. Because he cared about the matter regarding the delinquents being knocked unconscious, he continued to pay attention to it.

However, there wasnt a following report regarding the delinquents wiped out on the schools webpage, because the pitiful delinquents were still lying on the hospital beds, and not a single one had shown any signs of being about to gain consciousness yet.

Which was why there was no way to find out who or what beat them into such a state.

The students that previously visited them had brought this up before, even though they were unconscious, the delinquents would from time to time make moans from pain. Due to their numbers being so great, they were placed into an enormous ward by the hospital. An approximate of 80 peoples miserable shrieks, that scene was simply too beautiful, and extremely tragic.

It it was only being knocked unconscious, they should wake up within a day or two, shouldnt they? It cant be that these delinquents have been beaten into vegetables, right? Song Shuhang softly spoke to himself.

While letting his thoughts drift, he once again opened the chat group.

During the time he went for a jog and had breakfast, there was a lot more new information in the group.

Spiritual Butterfly Islands Soft Feather (Online via mobile): Senior North River, I have already arrived at Jiang Nan regions airport. Does senior Ah Qis side require any assistance?

North Rivers Loose Practitioner was expected, online. He rapidly replied, Soft Feather, youve finally came online, Ah Qi had already found Ah Shiliu during the wee hours, and left H City. You need not worry about them, and can directly proceed to J City to deal with your matters at ease.

If nothing bad happened then all is well. Soft Feather replied, then added another line, Has senior Ah Qi already left H City?

Yes, he left at dawn. North Rivers Loose Practitioner returned with another question, Could it be that you need Ah Qi for something, Soft Feather?

Soft Feather sighed, Actually I was hoping to meet up with senior Ah Qi, if would be best if somebody accompanied me to J City if possible. I am not too familiar with H City, Jiang Nan region and J City, Im afraid that I might not be able to find my destination.

Where are you going to? Right now cellphones have a function called navigation, its very useful. It must be said that the inventions by modern people have many convenient uses. North Rivers Loose Practitioner passionately recommended, many people in the group were unfamiliar with modern technology, North Rivers Loose Practitioner could be considered as someone modern here.

Hey, hello? Isnt there some problems with you twos conversation? Isnt this a classical Xianxia chuunibyou assembly point? Shouldnt you be recommending some ancient map instead? Or some compass-like treasure?

If raised one level higher, he can even accept to open a teleportation portal, but he just cant accept cellphone navigation.

Ive tried it before, but the navigation software cant find the place I want to go to. Soft Feather gloomily replied.

Of course she knows how to use navigation, fact was shes only 25 this year, there was no difference between her and people of modern times in some regards. However, she was just more knowledgeable when it comes to the real world than other modern youngsters.

Moreover, Im bad with directions, I might not be able to find my destination even if I had navigation. Soft Feather added on.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner consoled: No matter, after you advance to the 5th Stage and are able to lift yourself into the air, with a higher viewpoint you wont lose your way again. As for now, you can get a taxi, usually, as long as there is an address, taxi drivers are able to send you to the destination. However, be careful not to enter an unlicensed taxi.

Thank you senior, I will try that. Soft Feather thanked, if nobody suggested, she herself would have forgotten that there was a convenient mode of transport like taxis.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner added on, Where are you trying to go, Soft Feather? If you really cant find the place, I can help to ask if there are any fellow daoists in the vicinity, perhaps they could lend a hand.

Its in a part of J City called Luo Xin Street, there should be an ancient temple there named Ghost Lamp Temple. The place I want to go to is this ancient temple! Soft Feather quickly replied.

Alright, I got it. Ill help you ask around, and will contact you if theres any information. North Rivers Loose Practitioner replied.

Senior, I cant thank you enough! Soft Feather sent a smiley and then posted, Ill go find a taxi.

Jiang Nan regions airport.

That long-haired girl with a slim waist and long-legs pulled along a large suitcase, and walked out of the airport quickly. Her beautiful figure left many males she passed by unable to resist staring blankly at her.