Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 80

Chapter 80 A Lead Has Been Found Time To Set Off
Chapter 80: A lead has been found, time to set off!
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There were three different tracks where the mens 5km run was held, and the contestants were split into either of the three tracks. There were many departments in Jiangnan University, and by forcing every class to at least send one participant, every track still needed to be used about ten times to complete the competition.

By allocating the ranks according to the contestants timings, there would be no next round. Because another round would kill people.

According to previous records, it takes approximately thirty minutes to complete the run once, so the whole 5km run competition could be finished within four to five hours.

However, though extraordinary participants were seen every year, this year had unusually more.

The first was Song Shuhang and the tanned student completing the race at sprinting speeds (though the tanned student was three steps off from the finish line), then there was the appearance of another extraordinaire, the fatty Yang Shangfa who classified himself as a fellow who was also pushed down the cliff like Song Shuhang.

In the beginning of the competition, he jogged at speeds like he just had a meal, securing his place at the last of the pack.

Approximately three laps after, he could bear it no longer, and his face was pale. Then, from slow jog he changed to scampering, then slow walk, then to turtle shifting.

After shifting for some distance, he even had to hold onto his waist to catch a breath.

With such stamina, its a wonder what his classmates were thinking when they actually applied him for the 5km competition?

Twenty-five minutes later, the rest of the contestants on the track had completed the 5km run. However, Student Yang Shangfa was still running, walking, and stopping. At this point, his total mileage was merely 2.1km. Furthermore, his face was pale, and his lips were turning green. He looked like he may have to be sent to the hospital at any time.

The teacher who was in-charge of being the umpire couldnt bear watching anymore, Hey, student, the competition can end now, it doesnt matter if you cant finish the run. Being able to run up till now shows that you have perseverance!

However, Student Yang Shangfa, replied the teacher this, Teacher, Im a man who finishes what he starts, I will definitely complete the 5km. Even if I have to crawl, Ill crawl till the finish line!

This fellow had a temper that could be like a donkey when he gets stubborn, no one could pull him down.

The eyes of the teacher immediately moistened. Bastard, even if you want to finish what you start, you should consider the situation. There are still nine more rounds of this event, if you continue shifting like this, what time will you finish?

In the end, just how long did Student Yang Shangfa shift till? The answer is an entire hour! Add on to that the previous twenty-five minutes, he had shifted for a whole hour and twenty-five minutes. The other tracks were already executing their fourth round.

The teacher who was in-charge really cried.


After Song Shuhang finished the run, he received the exuberant and messy cheers from his friends.

Shuhang, its truly impossible to tell, since when have you become this adept at running? The first place of the 5km run, weve definitely got it! Someone hammered Shuhangs back with force.

What I want to know is, are cheers from pretty girls really so effective? You and that tanned fellow were totally dashing the whole way.

Beauties are definitely effective, which is why all large scale international competitions have cheerleading squads filled with beauties!

Song Shuhang forced a smile as he received all kinds of playful punches and pats from this friends.

After a long while, Li Yangde pulled him to a side.

Theres news from the medicine shops you asked me to looked around at. Li Yangde said with a smile, he handed over the locations of four medicine shops, These four medicine shops all possess the medicinal ingredients your friend is looking for. Amongst them, the Yuan Long Medicinal Drugs Store holds the most.They have all of the ingredients you need. Its a coincidence that this store had just sold these four medicinal ingredients yesterday. Apparently, the person who bought them had placed an order for even more of these medicinal ingredients, the shopkeeper is in the middle of importing them. If your friend is in a rush for them, then seize this opportunity to place an order, and you may be able to make it in time for when they the goods are imported.

Thank you, Yangde. Song Shuhang received the addresses of the four medicine shops, and his gaze shifted to the address of Yuan Long Medicinal Drug Store. They just sold some yesterday, then ordered a larger quantity.

These four uncommon herbs were rarely used by people and even if they used it, they would only use one or two of these four types.

To order all four and in large quantity meant that there was over a seventy percent chance that it was the Altar Master.

A lead has been found!

Youre welcome, remember that when the sports competition ends, the Ten Fragrances Fish Head! Once Li Yangde thought of that restaurant that served fish heads, his mouth was filled with saliva.

Itll be all on me, I assure you that youll have your fill. Yangde, I need to contact the shopkeeper of this medicine shop immediately. No, I better make a trip to his shop right away. If I dont come back tonight, you guys need not wait for me. Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Its that urgent? Li Yangde smiled and waved, Go early and return early then.

Song Shuhang then waved goodbye to Tubo and the others, kept the paper with the addresses, and quickly left the racetrack. He wasnt even interested about attending the awards ceremony.

Li Yangde scratched his head, For him to rush like this, is it for a close friend?

Soon after Song Shuhang left, Lu Fei and the other ladies walked towards Tubo and the others.

She looked over the guys, and couldnt find Shuhang. Puzzled, she asked, Eh? Wheres Student Shuhang?

That brat Shuhang had to attend to a matter and left first. Does Student Lu Fei need him for something? Tubo moved over and replied with a serious face.

Nothing, I just wanted to congratulate him. Although the overall result hasnt been revealed, I believe that Student Shuhang is the champion of the 5km run. Lu Fei generously smiled.

As she spoke, she constantly waved her white and soft little hands. Its so hot, Grandpa Sun is exceedingly passionate today. This made her reminisce the feeling of freeloading the cool air around Song Shuhang. It was a hundred times more comfortable than air-conditioning!

Therefore, at least during this scorching summer, she had to find a way to stick to Shuhang all the time, and perhaps they can breakup during winter?

That brat Shuhang had some urgent matters to attend to, so he left school. I believe that he would be very happy receiving Student Lu Feis congratulations. Gao Moumou pushed up his spectacles, and said, In addition, Shuhang also said that when the sports competition ends, he would treat everybody to Ten Fragrances Fish Head to celebrate. Student Lu Fei, would you be free to join us?

Li Yangde gave him a thumbs up in his heart: Gao Moumou, what you just did was damn amazing!

Eh? Can I go too? Lu Fei had a face of astonishment, then she said with a refreshed smile, Sure, call me when the time comes, Ill definitely go.

Then it is decided. Gao Moumou pushed his spectacles. Shuhang, big brother can only help you this much.


Shuhang first returned to the dormitory, and carefully retrieved Great Master Tong Xuans black iron flying sword. This sword was incorporeal and invisible to others, and was perfect for sneak attacks. Perhaps it might be of use in this trip.

Next, he brought a bottle of Body Tempering Liquid, and the Secluded Grain Pill which had only been used once.

The Body Tempering Liquid wasnt only used for cultivating. In critical moments, it could also be used to replenish strength. The Secluded Grain Pill was able to provide the nutrition to survive at any time as well.

After packing these things, he picked up something that was as big as a flashlight. This was the stun baton which had been modified by Tubo. Its effectiveness was unknown, but having it would make Shuhang feel more at ease.

Lastly, he carefully picked up the talismans which Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master had sent as aid. These twenty talismans were like a compass, allowing Shuhang whose heart felt like it was in a rough sea to maintain calmness when he ends up facing the Altar Master.

In this trip, his main objective was to find the tracks of the Altar Master, and confirm the enemys location.

If the enemy was in a bad state, and theres an opportunity to take him down, then he would grab it and eliminate him.

With the talismans from Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master, even if Shuhang failed, he would at least be able to preserve his life.

If he fails, then he would use the spirit ghost as a reward, and ask the seniors in the group for help. Either way, the Altar Master and his gang must be destroyed!
No matter what, he was at an undefeatable position. Since he cant lose, then he should strive for the most perfect victory!