Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Caucasian Monk And The Site Of The Strange Train Accident
Chapter 82: Caucasian monk and the site of the strange train accident
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Once they arrived at Jing Li Plaza Station, the father in white shirt nodded in appreciation to Shuhang, then stood near the exit in preparation to get off the train at the next stop.

He originally wanted to leave Shuhang a name card, but he dropped that thought as he had only intended to go on a leisure trip with his family and thus didnt have any name cards with him. Besides, strangers who come into contact with each other by chance wouldnt end up meeting again usually.

There were less people getting on at Jing Li Plaza Station, once the doors opened, people on the train got off, and people on the platform got on.

The last person that entered the cabin was a tall and bald white man, he was incredibly eye-catching.

White baldies were not a rare sight, but baldies that had neat six dots jieba were truly a rare sight.

[TL: ???? six dots jieba are the burn marks that buddhist monks put on their head.]

This was a genuine Caucasian monk, he was over two meters tall with a shiny bald head. Under this blistering hot weather, he was even wearing a thick monk robes, completely wrapping up his body. In his hands was a string of buddhist beads, he mumbled to himself, seeming very professional.

Is becoming a monk a very profitable profession now? Even foreigners come to snatch such a job?

Its said that foreign monks are very educated, for him to come from overseas, with the great distance, his popularity must be amazing, right?

When the people on the train saw the Caucasian monk, they spontaneously took some distance from him. Its such a hot day that they felt hot just from looking at his attire. If they stayed near him, theyd feel heat hitting their faces!

Song Shuhang unintentionally gazed at the Caucasian monk, this person didnt just have tall stature, he had much more qi and blood than ordinary folks. Furthermore, his mental energy was so formidable that it was scary. Through the alertness state, Song Shuhang could make out the disparity in mental energy between him and the monk. If Song Shuhangs current mental energy was like a little light bulb, then the Caucasian monks mental energy was like a huge searchlight!

However, the monk didnt seem to be able to control his powerful mental energy, and let it loose all over his surroundings.

This fellow isnt an ordinary person, is he also a cultivator?

Song Shuhang made a conjecture inside.

He once again shut his eyes and entered the alertness state to conceal his aura. He didnt want to reveal his identity as a cultivator as he did not have any great strength at the moment. He was deeply aware of the troubles that would come if he was exposed now.

After entering the train, the Caucasian monk looked all around him, seemingly looking for something in the cabin, and his eyebrow tightly knit together.

After that, he didnt make any more movements, he just quietly stood in the cabin while repeatedly reciting scriptures in Mandarin. He pronounced his words clearly, this foreigners Chinese was at least level eight.

The train slowly began to move, and the passengers couldnt help but slightly sway along with the acceleration of the train.

From Jing Li Plaza Station to the next station in the suburbs, the distance was about 4.4km away, and therefore was a comparatively further station. Furthermore, the tracks were all laid underground. Due to the many twists and turns, the train couldnt run at high speeds in this stretch of the track, and it would take about thirteen minutes to reach the next station.

The father in white shirt carefully hugged his daughter, but the little girl who was sleeping soundly seemed a little uneasy as she fidgeted around, probably because she had lost Song Shuhang, the human air-conditioner.

The young mother waved her small fair hands to fan her daughter in an attempt to disperse the heat surrounding her. Just like the train station, the trains cabin was incredibly warm due to the crowd.

After six minutes of train journey.

Song Shuhang suddenly creased his brows, and steadily took up the horse stance.

Immediately after, the train violently swayed, the grab handles flung up and down, smacking into each other.

The passengers tried their best to grab onto the handles beside them, but they still swayed from side to side. Some people who didnt stand firm fell to the ground, Wu whaa, whats going on!

Damn! In the past, going through the bends on the track has never been this rushed!

Ah ah ah! The young mother fell down on her butt beside Song Shuhang, and her eyes became moist as her butt hurt really bad.

The father in white shirt also moved two steps back, he wasnt able to steady his feet, and also tumbled.

Song Shuhang shifted two steps forward, and pushed the back of the man in white shirt. He used softness, an application of the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique.

The father in white shirt managed to stabilize himself, then turned around to gently say to Shuhang with gratitude, Thank you.

Youre welcome the swaying hasnt ended, be careful. Song Shuhang replied.

In the state of alertness, his five senses were incredibly sensitive. The train was braking in an emergency, which caused the cabins to violently sway. This type of violent shaking wasnt going to just happen in one wave, and it would keep persisting till the train stops.

Could it be that something happened at the front?

Right as this thought appeared in his mind, *bang bang bang~* the train shook even more intensely, the whole cabin was shaking.

At the same time, there was the sound of the trains emergency alarm.

All of the lights in the train died out, the passengers fell down like dominoes, and many people were sent flying. They knocked into the walls of the cabin, and wailed from the pain.

Under such circumstances, Song Shuhang was only barely able to stand firm himself.

The young mother who had fallen onto the ground cried out in fear, and was dragged about by the inertia. The father in white shirt grabbed the handle because of Shuhangs advice, but the inertia was still too great, he wasnt able to hold on to it and tumbled to the side.

The little girl flew out of her fathers embrace, she opened her eyes and was filled with fright.

Seeing this situation, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand in a claw shape to grab hold of the little girls clothes. At the same time, his wrist lightly jolted, using a technique to stop the inertia on the little girls body, he placed the fearful little loli into his embrace.

The train was totally dark, everywhere Song Shuhang could see was blanketed with darkness. The little loli stuck onto his bosoms without moving. Although she was frightened, she was intelligent enough not to cry.

Whats going on?

Is it a derailment? Or has the train flipped? Ouch, it really hurts. Someone cried out in fear.

Help me, my body is being wedged it hurts and I cant move.

No *cough cough*, I must be dreaming. A hurt passenger tried to deny reality from the pain.

Dont put your weight on me get off me! My ribs are broken~

In the surroundings, there were crying sounds, fearful voices, painful wails, causing the trains cabin to become even more chaotic.

Someone took out a phone while trembling, and used the flashlight function on the phone to illuminate the cabin. Once the light was on, there was even more sounds of fright.

What a bloody scene, is this the shooting venue for a horror movie?

There was blood everywhere, because of the bloodstains from knocking around, the whole train was painted red by it. It made the train seem like hell. There were also several windows which were broken, passengers who sat by the windows were hit by many fragments of glass, and they powerlessly leaned against the wall, unable to move. There was even someone who was penetrated by a large fragment of glass, and lied on the ground, it was unknown if this person was dead or alive.

Many people were bruised and bleeding, and futilely tried to stem the bleeding with their hands. As they lacked the survival knowledge in a moment of crisis, the passengers were at a loss as to what to do.

Oww The passenger who had turned on his phones flashlight quickly turned it off, and made retching sounds.

The white shirt man fell onto the ground, other than the sprain on his arm, he was fine. The young mothers back hit the seat, and she was crying from the pain, luckily, she wasnt hurt in any other way. The two looked towards their daughter who was hugged by Song Shuhang, and sighed a breath of relief.

Song Shuhang looked at this scene which looked like it came out of hell, yet he creased his brows.

Strange. He was puzzled inside. The swaying of the cabins wasnt this strong, was it?

Even the windows were shattered? Furthermore, there was even someone who was penetrated by the glass? The most exaggerated part was that half of the train was covered in blood! Just how much blood was needed to make this happen?

Even derailments and the train flipping over didnt have such great killing power.

If the cabin has such killing power from just a few shakes, would this still be called a subway? You might as well call this an express train to hell!

Shit! The tall Caucasian monk stood up from the ground, moving aside all obstacles around him like a tall black bear.

He looked at his surroundings which were covered in fresh blood, and sneered.

Next, he pulled apart the prayer beads, formed a buddhist hand seal, and recited scripture in Mandarin loudly and clearly.

The loud voice reverberated all over the cabin, suppressing all the cries of the injured.

Whats this westerner reciting?

It seems to be a exorcism scripture?

Has he gone mad! Things have already become like this, and hes still chasing away ghosts here?
The tall Caucasian monk ignored these abuses, and continued to read the scriptures out loud.