Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 822

Chapter 822 The Ingenious Plan Of The Ball Of Liquid Metal


Aside from the marvelous ability to prolong ones life, the living spring had another property it was very tasty.

Song Shuhang believed that something had gone wrong when the living spring in his Heart Aperture took shape.

Why were the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus able to prolong ones life and grant an extraordinary skill to whomever ate them, while the nucleus in his Heart Aperturewhich had transformed into a living spring after absorbing a large quantity of energy of the Netherworldonly turned out to be tasty?

Song Shuhang didnt flip the table only because the living spring in his Heart Aperture had, at the very least, the decency of not spurting out of his body like those lotus seeds.

Anyway the fact that he now possessed this living spring capable of prolonging ones life was still something worth celebrating.

In addition, compared to the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, it was far more convenient to take this spring water home and make his parents and friends drink it.

After all, aside from prolonging ones life, the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus would also grant an extraordinary skill to whomever ate them.

If Papa Song suddenly turned into Super Song after eating a lotus seed, it would be rather awkward.

After getting his hands on the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, Song Shuhang was thinking of finding a place similar to those holiday residences in Venerable Whites possession and eventually have his parents move there. Afterward, he would slowly tell them about the world of cultivators and make them eat the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus.

But now that he had gotten his hands on this living spring, he could make his parents drink it directly, increasing their lifespan by 50 years without any side effect.

Beyond that, the taste of this spring water was pretty good. Such being the case, would Immortal Fairy Bie Xue be interested in this living spring as well?

Su Clans Sixteen took the glass, and said, This aura is very similar to the aura of seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus!

Indeed. They are almost the same thing, after all, Song Shuhang replied.

Does that mean that this spring water also has the ability to prolong ones life? Su Clans Sixteen asked.

Song Shuhang replied, Exactly. In addition, its effects dont overlap with the effects of the Virtuous Golden Lotus!

In that case, can it also grant to whomever drinks it an extraordinary skill? Su Clans Sixteen asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang said, In your opinion?

He found it hard to say out loud that other than prolonging ones life, it was just very tasty.

Su Clans Sixteen gently smiled and drank the living spring in the glass.

Just like when she ate the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, Su Clans Sixteen felt the vitality in her body rise after drinking this living spring. Her lifespan had now increased by another 50 years.

If we count the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus she ate in the White Cloud Academy, her lifespan had increased by a hundred years within just a few days.

Afterward, she carefully examined her body to find other changes.

After a short moment, she raised her head in puzzlement, and asked Song Shuhang, That was it?

Song Shuhang deeply sighed, a little sad, and then said, Hmm, that was it.

So this spring water doesnt have any other effect aside from prolonging ones life? Su Clans Sixteen asked in puzzlement.

Didnt you find it very tasty? Song Shuhang asked in return.

Su Clans Sixteen looked at Song Shuhang and was speechless.

Song Shuhang said, Sixteen, dont look at me with that gaze full of pity! After all, its not like I can decide the properties of the living spring. When I got that delicious Lotus Blossoming Tongue skillas well as those Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds derived from itI already felt like crying. Now, I even got my hands on this very tasty living spring. If things continue like this, I can single-handedly prepare a table of immortal dishes. Such a scene feels both beautiful and tragic.

Su Clans Sixteen said, Dont blame me for not reminding you, stop setting up these random flags!

Song Shuhang.

But right at this time, the monster willow took a step forward and poked Song Shuhang with her tree branches.

Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at Qing Wu in puzzlement.

The monster willow passed Song Shuhang a cup, and said, Venerable White ordered me to bring him some of that living spring that Fairy Sixteen drank earlier. He smelled its aroma from afar.

Song Shuhang.

Indeed, aside from Immortal Fairy Bie Xue possibly liking this living spring in his Heart Aperture, Senior White was another person that might like it.

Perhaps, in the future, he could sell him this spring water to repay the debt?

Thereupon, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the cup the monster tree Qing Wu was holding, filling the cup with this living spring that Shuhang had personally brewed.

During the whole time, the monster willow Qing Wu made sure to keep some distance between her and Song Shuhang. After all, the energy of the Netherworld in her body hadnt been completely purified yet. Therefore, she didnt dare to get too close while facing Song Shuhang, who was protected by that layer of light of virtue.

After the cup was filled, the monster tree Qing Wu carefully held it and flew to Venerable Whites side. Without them realizing, this monster tree had wholeheartedly accepted her life as Venerable Whites monster pet.

Was she subdued by Venerable Whites charm?

The monster tree Qing Wu seemed to be a naturally gifted maidservant. If she managed to assume human form one day, perhaps she would start taking care of Venerable Whites food, lodging, and so onmaybe even to the point that Venerable White would only have to open his mouth to be fed and hold out his arms to be dressed?

Twenty minutes later.

Sigh, how long is it going to take to get rid of that ferocious beast condensed from the evil energy of the Netherworld? Song Shuhang gazed, somewhat bored, toward Demon Venerable Lushan Street and the ferocious beast that were engaged in a great battle.

Although the speed at which the golden lotus was absorbing the energy of the Netherworld was getting faster and faster, the volume of that ferocious beast was simply too big. Even after draining its energy for so long, they hadnt been able to take care of it. At this time, the ferocious beast had three-fifths of its original size left.

Take it easy and dont get anxious. However, the teapot spirit seems to be reaching its time limit, Su Clans Sixteen said.

The teapot spirit in the small teapot could be summoned three times per day for half an hour each time. However, one had to be careful and let the teapot spirit get some rest as well.

If it was summoned once again right after an intense battle, the teapot spirit would be in a weakened state.

In addition, if the teapot spirit was seriously injured, one had to immediately call it back so that it could recuperate from its wounds. Otherwise, it would die and if it died, it would die for real.

Su Clans Sixteen said, Well summon the teapot spirit again in a short while when the time is up. But if we fail to take care of this ferocious beast the next time as well, things will get troublesome.

Song Shuhang nodded his head. Demon Venerable Lushan Street and the huge beast were engaged in a fierce battle, and they had consumed a lot of energy. After twenty minutes of intense battle, Demon Venerable Lushan Streets momentum wasnt as strong as it was in the beginning.

After all, in his teapot spirit state, Demon Venerable Lushan Street was somewhat different from when hed possessed a physical body. At least when it came to the speed at which his energy was recovering, he was in a far worse state from when he had had a physical body.

It would be perfect if the absorption speed of the golden lotus could increase Song Shuhang said.

Although the absorption speed of this golden lotus that his nucleus had projected out of his chest was very fastand was getting faster and faster as time passed byit would be even better if it could be increased further.

The dream would be to suck dry that ferocious beast made of evil energy before Demon Venerable Lushan Street had completely exhausted his energy.

Song Shuhangs voice had hardly faded when a classic book flew out of his clothes.

The Writing of the Sage flew out on its own and transformed into a ten meters big book.

Immediately after, that Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brusha treasure of the Third Stage rankalso flew out of Song Shuhangs size-reducing purse.

This Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush was the reward Song Shuhang had received after completing, with great difficulty, his test the first time hed been dragged to that infinite make-up test dimension.

The Writing of the Sage opened and projected a piece of golden text in the air.

Afterward, an invisible hand grabbed the Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush and started to write according to the golden text the Writing of the Sage had projected in the air.

Whenever a character of this ancient text was written down, it would transform into a huge golden sword that would dash toward that ferocious beast made of evil energy.

These huge golden swords were the manifestation of the righteousness in the world, and they were the natural enemy of the demons of the Netherworld and other creatures birthed from evil.

The sword slashed down, cutting off a small piece of the huge body of the evil beast.

When that small piece was cut off from the main body, the golden lotus instantly devoured it.

When something was too big, it couldnt be eaten properly, but if it was cut into small pieces, it would become much easier to eat. What happened in this case was very similar.

Just as the characters of that golden text in the sky were written down, they would transform into huge golden swords that would rain down on that ferocious beast made of evil energy, continuously cutting off parts of its body.

Within this short period, the speed at which the golden lotus was absorbing the energy of the beast increased by 50%.

Luckily, the brain of that ferocious beast made of evil energy wasnt too developed. Otherwise, it would have surely filed a complaint against Song Shuhang using cheats.

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion, and said, I didnt think that the Writing of the Sage had this kind of ability!

It should be the will the Sage left behind in the Writing of the Sage. After all, this is something the Sage wrote with his own hands, Su Clans Sixteen said.

All the energy of the Netherworld was moved to the nucleus in Song Shuhangs body after getting absorbed.

The living spring in Song Shuhangs Heart Aperture was getting bigger and bigger.

In addition, he didnt know if it was just his misconception, but Song Shuhang felt as if the nucleus in his body had started giving birth to the embryonic form of a small world!

The Virtuous Golden Lotus of the scholarly faction had created a small world only after maturing, with its body bursting open in the process. However, it seemed that the nucleus in Song Shuhangs body had directly skipped this step

Still, Song Shuhang wasnt too knowledgeable in this field, and he wasnt sure if things were really like this.

But if the nucleus in his body wasnt going to burst open, it was surely a good deed. Perhaps one day Song Shuhang, too, would have his portable world or dimension like those main characters in novels?

At this time, in the Netherworld Realm.

Senior White Two and the ball of liquid metal were still fighting. These two different rulers of the Netherworld Realm sure were having a good time.

All the area in a circumference of five million kilometers had become a forbidden zone. No demon dared to enter this area for fear of getting shredded to pieces due to the shock waves generated by this fight between the two rulers.

Whenever a ruler got angry, the ground would be littered with corpses.

Im going to kill you! The ball of liquid metal was still mad.

Senior White Two said, So boring! For how long have we fought already? I feel that its going to be very boring if we keep going on like this. How about giving my handsome face some face and signing a truce?

:angry_smile: In your dreams! You want a truce after destroying the plan Ive been carrying out for the past tens of thousands of years?! Today, one of us will fall! the ball of liquid metal roared.

But we cant die while in the Netherworld Realm. You cant kill me, Senior White Two said.

The ball of liquid metal gritted its teeth, and said, :sneer: But I can still seal you!

It was looking for an opportunity to seal Senior White Two into that damnable world of the black lotus!