Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Actually I Was Deceiving You


Thats impossible! Your sealing techniques are just too bad! Previously, you were unable to seal me even while I was sleeping, let alone now that Im in an active state. Therefore, lets just stop here, Senior White Two said earnestly.

Actually, Senior White Two was regretting what he had done This time, he had thoroughly enraged the ball of liquid metal, making it go berserk and unable to let go of this matter. Therefore, he didnt even have the time to take a nap.

But even if he somewhat regretted it, he would still choose to ruin the plans of the ball of liquid metal if he had the opportunity to go back in time and make the choice again!

After all, his heart would get filled with joy whenever he saw the angry appearance of the ball of liquid metal. The Netherworld Realm was such a boring place, and making the ball of liquid metal seethe with anger was his only source of enjoyment.

The more the opposite party was angry, sad, and in a wretched state, the happier he would get.

But after fighting for a while, Senior White Two got bored and didnt want to continue anymore, since he lacked the motivation.

Therefore, he suggested, How about taking a break? If we continue like this, things will keep getting more and more boring! Therefore, isnt it better to take a short break? I can even tell you a few jokes during the halftime to make you happy.

Only if you obediently allow me to seal you will I be happy, the ball of liquid metal said bitterly.

Senior White Two deeply pondered for a moment, and then said, How are you planning to seal me? And does this place where you are planning to seal me have a personal space I can use? In addition, can I come out for a stroll once in a while? Even if I like sleeping, Ill get bored if I sleep too much. Therefore, I would like to come out sometimes to relax. Then, it would be better if the place were a little big because I would like to spin a cocoon and sleep in it. I didnt have the opportunity to spin one after getting my hands on the demodragon medicine yet.

Ball of liquid metal.

Right, for how many years are you planning to seal me? Can we not exceed 200 years? The quality of my sleep hasnt been too good recently, and I would automatically wake up after sleeping for around 180 years. It must be because Im getting old, and I dont feel like sleeping that much, Senior White Two added.

Go to hell! the ball of liquid metal roared, and rushed forward once more.

Billions of metallic fists exploded from its body, overshadowing the entire world and heading toward Senior White Two.

Sword ArtLight Speed Sword! Senior White Two casually brandished his jet-black sword, warding off all those metallic fists.

As such, the two of them engaged in close combat once again.

However, although the ball of liquid metal seemed to have gone berserk, it was quietly directing the battle toward a certain place.

In that place was a secret entrance to the world of the black lotus it had prepared beforehand.

As long as they could get to that area, it would be able to use a sealing technique to seal this damnable White inside the world of the black lotus.

At that time, it would be the only king of the Netherworld Realm!

After becoming the sole ruler of the Netherworld Realm, there were many things it wanted to do, and it could influence the main world through the Netherworld Realm.

I can do it, I refuse to disappear! I went through so much trouble to become an eternal and indestructible being how can I disappear just like that?!the ball of liquid metal thought to itself.

The more it thought about this matter, the redder its eyes became. Afterward, it crazily attacked Senior White Two again.

What a stubborn fellow. It wont even give me an opportunity to negotiate! Senior White Two said helplessly.

Actually, negotiating was a good thing because not everything could be solved through violence. Sometimes, it was possible to solve the matter with just a few words, reaching an agreement with the opposite party.

After that, you would be happy, I would be happy, everyone would be happy.

Unfortunately, the ball of liquid metal had gone crazy and didnt even give him the opportunity to negotiate and to keep fighting like this wasnt an option, either!

So boring~

As expected, Ill have to look for that little friend Song Shuhang again and drag him into that infinite make-up test dimension where he can tell me a few jokes.

However, I didnt obtain any good information as of late that I can use to carry out a transaction with him!

Indeed Senior White Two was a person of principle, and he firmly stood by the principle of equal exchange! Although he himself would often decide what was equal and what wasnt.

For example, each time he pulled Song Shuhang into that infinite make-up test dimension, he would use information in exchange for his jokes to complete the transaction. However, he still had yet to hear a good joke even after all these transactions.

Hmm, perhaps I can use some item in exchange for little friend Song Shuhangs jokes? For example, the seeds of the Sinful Black Lotus that the ball of liquid metal cultivated?

The taste of those seeds wasnt bad, and one would even obtain a demonic technique after eating them.

That day Senior White Two barged into the place where the ball of liquid metal was cultivating its Sinful Black Lotus, he conveniently took away a handful of lotus seeds. After all, they were something that belonged to the enemy and thus spoils of war.

Although he was unable to directly enter the main world and give the seeds of the Sinful Black Lotus to Song Shuhang, he could use the same method hed used to carry out the transaction for the demodragon medicine and send one of his subordinates to complete the transaction with Song Shuhang in his stead.

After thinking up to this point, Senior White Two got somewhat distracted.

Of course, he hadnt stopped fighting back. He was simply doing two things at the same timewhile fighting against the ball of liquid metal, he had projected part of his consciousness into that infinite make-up test dimension, preparing to drag Song Shuhang to that special space as well.

After arriving in the familiar infinite make-up test dimension, Senior White Two tried to summon over Song Shuhangs consciousness.

But this time, he was unable to summon him over. Actually, he couldnt even detect his presence.

Strange, just what is happening? Senior White Two said in puzzlement.

Was it possible that that youngster called Song Shuhang had died?

Sigh, humans are such fragile creatures! They die just like that, with no warning whatsoever! Senior White Two faintly sighed.

He had found this entertaining human with much difficulty, but now he had died just like that!

After sighing, Senior White Two pulled his consciousness out of that infinite make-up test dimension.

But just as his consciousness was leaving, he thought of another possibility. Perhaps that youngster named Song Shuhang hadnt died, but entered some interesting ruins, secret realm, or forbidden areathat would produce a similar effect and prevent him from summoning him over here.

Although he had a black glow shining on his forehead, he didnt look like someone that would die a premature death. Such being the case, Ill try to summon him again the next time, Senior White Two said in a soft voice.

After he finished his sentence, his consciousness returned to his main body in the Netherworld Realm.

Ah! Now, he had fallen in a disadvantageous position!

Doing two things at the same time while facing an enemy that was as strong as him wasnt easy.

Although the ball of liquid metal was a balls-busting entity most of the times, in the end, it was someone truly equal to Senior White Two.

The two of them were evenly matched under normal circumstances.

Therefore, when Senior White Two decided to do two things at the same time, he was forced to retreat in defeat again and again.

Die! the ball of liquid metal roared.

Sigh, since the start of the battle up until now, you have been shouting the words die, Im going to kill you, go to hell again and again. Can you change your lines a little? Senior White Two said.

The ball of liquid metal froze for a moment, and then shouted, White, you are finished! This whole matter is ending!

Senior White Two.

Seal! Right at this time, the ball of liquid metal stretched out its thousand arms.

The numerous arms covered the entire world.

Those thousand arms quickly made several hand seals, with the sealing technique getting completed in an instant.

In the next moment, Senior White Twos body was teleported away, forcefully moved to a certain place.

The ball of liquid metal appeared in front of him. :fiendish_grin: White, this time, youd better be obedient and stay sealed here!

Whats this place? Its similar to the Netherworld Realm, but at the same time different. Oh, I remember now! This must be the world of the black lotus! Senior White Two said.

Correct, its precisely that place. From now on, youll stay in the world of the black lotus, forever sealed here! the ball of liquid metal said smugly.

Senior White Two said, Forever sealed here?

:complacent_smile: White, you lost. In addition, I need to tell you something Ive been deceiving you all along. My sealing techniques are incredibly powerful, and they are one of my strong points. Earlier, you felt that my sealing techniques were weak because I was deliberately making them look bad! the ball of liquid metal said.

You scheming testicle, Senior White Two said.

You can say whatever you want, I dont care. This matter is over. From today onwards, Im the sole ruler of the Netherworld Realm, and you wont be able to interfere with my plans again. After it had said this much, the ball of liquid metal disappeared from the world of the black lotus.

Senior White Two gently shook his head, and then shrugged his shoulders.

Then, he calmly took out that vial of demodragon medicine.

At this point, he might as well stay in this world of the black lotus for a while.

First, he was planning to drink the vial of demodragon medicine and spin a cocoon to see if it was really that comfortable to sleep in.

It had been a long time since he had slept for a thousand years in a row.

After drinking the vial of demodragon medicine, Senior White Two looked for a suitable place in the world of the black lotus and started to happily spin his cocoon, seemingly very skilled in this aspect.

Recently, he had studied how to spin a cocoon with several demons of the Netherworld that were capable of spinning one.

The act of spinning a cocoon wasnt difficult, and he had easily learned it after witnessing it a few times.

Speaking of which, that world of the golden lotus in the main world was taken over by the people of the scholarly faction after I passed that information to Song Shuhang, right? Such being the case, Im probably unable to get inside the world of the golden lotus from hereSenior White Two thought to himself.

If he could become the new master of the world of the black lotus, and then have Song Shuhang open the channel between this world and the world of the scholarly faction would he be able to enter the main world through the world of the golden lotus of the scholarly faction?

Hmm, the first half of the plan was feasible.

But the second half not so much. The people of the scholarly faction hated the demons of the Netherworld Realm to the bone and since he was the boss of the Netherworld Realm, there was no way the scholarly faction would let him enter their world of the golden lotus.

What a worrisome matter!