Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 825

Chapter 825


Of course! Senior Sister Ye Si said as she drilled out of Song Shuhangs body.

Then, she arrived next to that transparent tank that had the size of a truck, and said, First, we have to put enough spirit stones here.

As she was speaking, she stretched out her hand and patted on the top of the tank. In the next moment, the lid of the transparent tank, which had the size of the door of a vehicle, automatically opened.

The device was quite ingenious. It was indeed worthy of being something you would find in the dwelling of an Immortal. Even after so many years, the lid didnt get stuck the quality was excellent, and none of the key parts got rusty.

How many spirit stones do we have to put there? Venerable White asked.

You can put in as many as you want. Usually, the spirit stones we used were all of the Fifth Stage. After filling the tank to the brim, the device can keep working for around 500 years. Its very cost-effective, Senior Sister Ye Si said.

Venerable White said, Thats not a problem. Ill provide the spirit stones.

As such, Senior White opened his spatial equipment and threw some spirit stones of the Fifth and Sixth Stage inside, enough to fill half of the tank.

Hmm I dont have too many spirits stones of the Fifth and Sixth Stage with me at the moment. Lets just use these for now. Ill fill it to the brim later, Venerable White said.

This number is more than enough. Ye Si covered the truck-sized transparent tank with the lid and then embraced it, spinning it around once to firmly secure it to the base.

Along with the tank getting secured, a big stick made of crystal popped out from the top of the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator.

That thing was probably the lever to activate the mechanism.

But just as the crystal lever appeared before his eyes, Song Shuhang felt that there was something wrong with it.

The problem lay in the shape of the item the top part of the lever was straight, but when the whole thing appeared before his eyes, Shuhang discovered that it was actually a huge, Z-shaped handle. Its shape was similar to the starting handle of a hand-guided tractor, just somewhat bigger.

Dont tell me that this ancient device with a crappy name but wondrous effects is the same as a hand-guided tractor, and one has to insert the handle somewhere and then rotate it with all their strength?

If that was really how it was activated it was simply too eye-blinding!

This thing is a starting handle, and as long as you insert it in this hole over here and rotate it with all your mightall the while holding this other switchyoull be able to activate the device, Senior Sister Ye Si explained.

Song Shuhang.

It was really a starting handle!

Venerable White was very happy. Its really the same as a hand-guided tractor! Let me, let me.

Thereupon, Senior White took the huge starting handle from Ye Sis hands and inserted it into the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator.

Senior Sister Ye Si helped to hold the thing down so that they could start it, while Senior White happily rotated the handle.

One revolution, two revolutions Senior White was very skilled in performing this action.

Rumble, rumble, rumble~

That familiar rumbling sound echoed.

The 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator was successfully switched on.

Venerable White asked, Are things settled?

Yes, everything is settled. Now, we only have to wait for the spring water to come out, Senior Sister Ye Si replied.

Around ten breaths later.

The rumbling sound of the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator finally died down, and only a nearly imperceptible rumbling sound was left.

However, the spring water had yet to come out.

Ye Si, is there still something missing? For example, the mouth of the spring? Song Shuhang asked.

Dont worry, its not ready yet. In the past, I remember Pavilion Master Chu mentioning that there was a formation inside the generator that could draw in the various elements in the world and convert them into spring water, Senior Sister Ye Si replied. But after pondering for a moment, she also added, But if you wish to speed up the process, you can add some spring water that contains spiritual energy into this part of the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator over herethe spring water will act as a conductor.

While speaking, Ye Si gently tapped a certain place of the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator, and a bucket-sized container suddenly popped out.

Spring water that contains spiritual energy? Here I come! Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and rubbed the container a little.

A thought flashed through his mind, and some spring water was picked up from the living spring in his Heart Aperture and brought over.

In the next moment, a layer of spring water had appeared at the bottom of the container.

Is that enough? Song Shuhang asked.

His voice had hardly faded that the living spring at the bottom of the container seemingly started getting absorbed. Ye Si quickly stretched out her hand and pushed the container back into the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator.

In the next moment, a large amount of spiritual water gushed out from the top of the 21st Centurys Spiritual Spring Generator.

Song Shuhang and the others were unable to dodge and could only get soaked in the spiritual spring.

Ye Si said, This living spring of yours is a pretty good conductor.

Venerable White didnt try to dodge. Instead, he stretched out his hand and tapped in the air, with a fist-sized mass of spiritual water arriving in front of him. Then, he touched this mass of spiritual water and started examining it.

The quality of the spiritual spring is pretty good, and it contains a lot of vitality. No wonder people said that frequently drinking the water of the Jade Lake could increase ones lifespan. With the water of the Jade Lake in hand, it would require half the effort to obtain double the benefits while growing spirit plants. Hmm, perhaps I should try transplanting over here the medicine in my several herbal gardens, Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang bathed in the spiritual spring and felt refreshed.

However, he noticed that the effects of this spiritual spring were no match for the living spring that the nucleus in his Heart Aperture had evolved into.

He felt that the spring water of the Jade Lake was like a weakened version of the living spring. However, the volume of water that this other source could produce was much higher than his living springs.

In certain aspects, the city that the Heavenly Emperor built back then turned out to be rather similar to the small world that the golden lotus had created.

Now, its time for us to leave this place, Venerable White said, very satisfied.

This time, they had made a huge profit while going out to blow up the ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect, casually picking up and collecting the Jade Lake Realm.

Venerable White looked at Song Shuhang and Sixteen, and asked, Right. Sixteen, Shuhang, we agreed that we would divide the Jade Lake Realm between ourselves earlier, but now, the whole place has become my personal possession. Therefore, do you want to convert your share into spirit stones or some other type of treasure?

After going on a trip with Venerable White, one would always get a few benefitsalthough the benefits would be often accompanied by mortal danger.

For example, Song Shuhang was almost chopped to pieces by those female guards during this trip to the Jade Lake. In addition, they met an evildoer of the Seventh Stage like Demon Venerable Lushan Street, as well as that ferocious beast made of evil energy.

However, one would obtain huge rewards if they could survive the calamities coming their way. After all, the key to success lay in taking risks!

Still, I feel that there is something wrong with this situation! After a careful look, if the key to success really lay in taking risks regardless of the female guards, Demon Venerable Lushan Street, or that ferocious beast made of evil energy, they didnt pose any real threat to me and Sixteen! Although the guards of the Jade Lake launched a fierce attack against me, they were secretly holding back and had no intention of killing me. As for Demon Venerable Lushan Street, Venerable White beat him to death as soon as he appeared. And if we are talking about that ferocious beast made of evil energy, it played the role of a tragic character from beginning to end!

Usually, the higher the danger one encountered while traveling with Senior White, the larger the reward they would receive.

But this time, they had managed to get the whole Jade Lake Realm while encountering little to no danger.

This went against the principles of cultivation!

Was it possible that the saying [the key to wealth lay in taking risks] took a weird turn this time and they first got the wealth first, while the risks would have to wait for later?

Is it possible that the real risks are lying in ambush, ready to strike me and Su Clans Sixteen at any time?

Song Shuhang couldnt help but keep his eyes open.

After all, the super-duper good divination that that blue-haired female cultivatorwhich he suspected was Senior Copper Trigram in disguisehad foretold had yet to come true. In addition, after that bitter lesson learned in the world of the golden lotus, Song Shuhang was more careful about the things happening around him.

No matter what he was doing, he always made preparations in case things took a turn for the worse.

He had to be prepared for all eventualities!

Su Clans Sixteen beckoned with her hand, and said, Senior White, you dont have to worry about my share. After all, I didnt do much to help.

Venerable White patted Sixteens shoulder, and said, Sixteen, there is no need to stand on ceremony. Everyone present will have a share; thats how Ive always distributed the rewards with the other fellow daoists. In addition, who said that you didnt help? For example, when you explored the Jade Lake Realm and controlled the teapot spirit, you helped me. You and Shuhang dont have to refuse. The profit made from collecting the Jade Lake Realm will be divided among the three of us. Such being the case Sixteen, do you want to convert your part of the share into spirit stones, or do you want to go to one of my treasure houses later and get a treasure of equal value?

Venerable Whites nouveau riches aura made it impossible for those present to refuse his offer.

Su Clans Sixteen pondered for a moment, and said, In that case, Ill exchange it for a treasure of equal value.

Very well. Next, Venerable White looked at Song Shuhang, and said, Now, its your turn, little friend Shuhang.

Then, just as Song Shuhang was about to reply

Venerable White used his right fist to gently pat the palm of the left hand, saying, As for your share, its better to convert it into spirit stones. Ill deduct it from the spirit stones you owe me, alright?

Song Shuhang silently nodded his head.

Senior White was his biggest creditor!

He owed him all those spirit stones of the Eighth and Ninth Stage that filled his spatial equipment, as well as the ones that the nucleus in his body absorbed through the lotus flower it projected earlier.

Song Shuhang was unsure if he could repay this huge debt during his lifetime.

Ah~ after the debt had accumulated to a certain point, one wouldnt have to worry about it anymore!

At this time, in the main world. East Africa, in a rift valley amidst a volcanic belt.

A figure calmly sat inside a crater, faintly visible within the poisonous mist released by the volcano.

At this time, the figure sitting amidst the poisonous mist suddenly raised its head, and an uncanny radiance flashed through its red eyes. The Jade Lake Realm!

The originally dead silent Jade Lake Realm had been revived.

After a short moment, the figure lowered its head.

Its not Cheng Lin. Cheng Lin already died in my hands. In addition, the person that revived the Jade Lake Realm wasnt her. Their aura is completely different, the figure muttered to itself.

In the dense mist, the countless eyes on its barely visible arms blinked.

Did someone find the Jade Lake Realm by chance and revived it?

This person was really lucky and unlucky at the same time.

In the past, the original master of the Jade Lake Realm, the Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin, had offended a lot of people. A lot of them were still alive, living on in degradation like this person in the volcano.

Anyway, since those guys couldnt retaliate against Cheng Lin anymore, they would find someone else to vent their anger. If they discovered that someone had inherited the Jade Lake Realm, they might make their move, obliterating the Jade Lake Realm alongside the new master of that place.

Hehe The figure laughed mockingly.