Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 827

Chapter 827 Fellow Daoist When The Bright Moon Appears Seems Happy


“Yo, what’s the deal with this Apocalypse War? In just one day, it got so many positive reviews? I’m pretty sure someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes! The people behind the movie must have requested their flooding army to leave behind all these positive reviews! Look at how I leave some negative ones now!”

But before leaving the negative review, they had no choice but to look at the trailer first. After all, even if they wanted to leave a negative review, they couldn’t randomly leave one, and at least had to know what they were talking about. Otherwise, they would be looked down on as brainless idiots.

Thereupon, many people that had similar thoughts opened the trailer of the movie.

“Eh? This is Director Jacob’s movie? Is this the real Director Jacob or someone impersonating him?”

“Let’s take a look at the genre first… eh? A movie with an apocalyptic setting? In addition, it’s not the usual movie with superheroes, but has cultivation elements instead?”

“Apocalyptic setting plus cultivation elements? Sounds good! No, wait a moment. I mean, it really deserves a negative review!”

“Let’s take another look… tsk, they added so many exaggerated special effects? Still, I have to say that these special effects are rather impressive.”

“Is it possible that they allocated all the money reserved for the special effects to this trailer? Damn, it truly deserves a wave of negative reviews. I bet 50 cents that all those that got tricked by this trailer and will go to the cinema to watch the movie will be able to enjoy only a few cool special effects. The special effects in the rest of the movie are probably nothing special!”

“I finished watching the trailer, and I actually found it pretty cool. Aside from that Senior Brother Gao Sheng, who should just die, I can’t find anything else that deserves to be criticized. But it can’t be helped… after all, the trailer was pretty short.”

“Such being the case, it’s time to attack the actors. Let’s take a look at them.”

“There are so many actors, but not a single one that is famous? Here is a good point for a negative review.”

“However, they are all very good-looking, excellent. Since they are so good-looking, I will also support this movie as well and go to the cinema to watch it F*ck, what am I even saying?”

“Despicable, they are using a honey trap to lure us in. I bet that all the stage pictures of these actors were photoshopped! Their appearance in the movie should be much worse compared to these stage picturesthe same as that recent movie where the female lead looked beautiful on the cover but looked terrible in the actual movie. Needless to say, this point is more than enough to leave a wave of negative reviews.”

In the eyes of this group of people, this short 150-second-long trailer was enough to leave a negative review. And even if they didn’t find anything worth criticizing, they would keep digging until they found an excuse to leave a bad review.

One couldn’t look down on them; these guys were professional haters.

The Internet was, relatively speaking, a place ruled by freedom of speech. As long as you didn’t seek death in big way, there wouldn’t be suspicious uncles barging into your house on the pretext of checking the water meter, supply water, or giving you some money.

Slowly, places such as forums or websites where people could discuss movies had appeared on the web.

At first, people would casually chat or discuss new movies that had just come out or were on the verge of getting screened.

It was unknown when it started, but whenever the trailer of a movie was released, there would always be a bunch of people that would step forward and take note of the weak points of the movie and thoroughly criticize it.

However, it was something that couldn’t be avoided.

First, it was difficult to please everybody. Even if it was the most classic world-class movie, it wouldn’t be able to satisfy everybody’s tastes. What some people considered delicious food was perhaps just some badly cooked stuff according to someone else.

Second, the expectations that people had were getting higher and higher. Things were no more like in the past, when one just had to grab two experts and have them fight for 20-30 minutes in a martial arts movie to make the audience happy. Recently, a lot of movies were getting screened, and the plot and the feelings they were giving off were unable to satisfy the audience.

In addition, all sorts of trash movies had started to make their appearance as well, and the audience was rather tired of it.

Anyway, in most cases, if one didn’t like a movie or found it bador straight up trashthey would just give it a negative review and leave it at that.

However, there were some people that didn’t care if the movie was good or bad, and whenever they saw a movie that was getting a lot of hype and positive reviews, they would get the urge to criticize it or leave bad comments about it.

In Yellow Mountain’s Movie Making Company Ltd.

Doudou had been turned into slimy Doudou, and was now stuffed in a transparent flower vase. After Doudou sent in the group Dharma King Creation’s version of the [Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain], True Monarch Yellow Mountain brought him to Young Master Phoenix Slayer and had him turned into a slime that was then stuffed into that transparent flower vase and placed in the company.

Some fellow daoists that had nothing to do had decided to stay in True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s company and wait there for the premiere of the movie, which would take place four days later.

Since they were bored, during the past few days, the fellow daoists had been discussing profound principles or what they had recently learned during their training.

Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears was doing two things at the same time. He was fiddling with his mobile phone while discussing profound principles with the other fellow daoists.

He was looking for comments related to Apocalypse War in all major movie-related forums.

Actually, most of the comments made his liver ache. Amidst the myriad comments, only a handful mentioned himthe biggest villain of the movie.

Even if someone was praising him, they would also write that they couldn’t remember his appearance.

Even the armor he was wearing got mentioned more than him.

While scrolling down, a few new comments appeared before his eyes.

They were all one-star negative reviews. The reviews were criticizing Apocalypse War from all points of view… they said that the actors wouldn’t be as good-looking as they appeared in the stage pictures, that the special effects of the real movie would be trash, that an apocalyptic setting combined with cultivation elements was a pile of steaming shiet, that Senior Brother Gao Sheng had to die, that this Director Jacob was just someone with the same name, and so on…

Well, if they wanted to criticize the movie, so be it. Which movie didn’t have negative reviews nowadays?

Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears was an experienced person. Anyway, when the time came, facts would speak louder than words. They would discover that the actors were more good-looking than how they appeared in the stage pictures, that the special effects were the real deal, that Senior Brother Gao Sheng indeed had to die, that Director Jacob was the real Director Jacob, and so on. Therefore, it was fine to ignore these comments since they would be forgotten after the screening of the movie.

While scrolling and scrolling, Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears’ saw another one-star review.

The title of the review was: [The other points got covered already by somebody else. Therefore, I’m here to talk about the villain of the movie, the commander of the demons, Evil General Mingyue.]

After Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears saw this review, his eyes lit up, and happiness welled up in his heart.

The content of the first paragraph of the one-star review was: [Everybody should take a look at the trailer again. When that Evil General Mingyue made his appearance, that black armor he was wearing really gave off a chuuni aura. After seeing it, I felt really embarrassed, and even my cancer flared up. Then, let’s not talk about that huge sword he was carrying around! How was that attire suitable for a big villain?! He looked like a clown!]

After reading this much, Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears was somewhat disgruntled.Why is he commenting about the armor? Criticize me,me!

After that came the second paragraph of the negative review… Evil General Mingyue’s character was being criticized starting from his hairstyle!

Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears furrowed his brows.

Then, the third paragraph of the negative review… Evil General Mingyue’s character was being criticized starting from the few attacks he made after making his appearance.

Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears furrowed his brows even more.

Then… the last paragraph of the negative review: [Lastly, as we can see, the portrayal of Evil General Mingyue’s character was a complete failure! Although this character is supposed to be the villain, I can’t even remember him after watching this 150-second-long trailer several times. When I earnestly took a look at the actor playing Evil General Mingyue’s role, I discovered that the actor was very handsome, but this role was so bad that it made him become invisible. I’ve never seen such a badly designed character! Negative review!]

Right at this time… Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears nodded, satisfied.

Although this comment was a one-star negative review, ‘Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears’ felt warmth in his heart.

The last time he had felt this warmth was when Northern River’s Loose Cultivator had looked at a note and pronounced his daoist name correctly!

It was a very good feeling.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer looked at ‘Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears’ and, somewhat worried, asked, “Scholar Drunken Sun, is everything alright? If you don’t feel well, do you want to rest first?”

“Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, thank you for your concern, but I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me. Anyway, I want to make a call first,” Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears said in a low voice.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer gently smiled. “If you are fine, all the better. Still, if Scholar Drunken Heaven feels tired, I advise having some rest. Health is very important.”

Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears returned the smile and grabbed his mobile phone, leaving the place where the fellow daoist were discussing profound principles.

Then, he quickly gave a call to his various junior brothers, telling them to help him with a small matter.

Two hours later.

China, Yiyang area.

A young man was sitting in front of the computer, bored, and swinging to and fro with his chair.

He felt very bored recently, and nothing exciting was happening in his life.

After finishing school, he had become a very ordinary office worker.

Then, he had started playing video games less and less… he didn’t have that much energy to invest in this hobby anymore. In addition, it wasn’t like when he was in school and could just call his friends to play togetherthat passion was now missing. Slowly, he had stopped playing triple-A games and would only play League of Legends and so on once in a while, but it was just a handful of games.

Before, he’d also liked watching movies. But now, the number of movies he found pleasing to the eye was getting less and less. Therefore, since he was super bored, he had developed a bad habit.

Regardless of the movie, he would try his best to find something bad about it and then go online to leave a one-star negative review. Moreover, he would give a lot of reasons for it. He was nothing like those brainless haters.

For example, today, he gave a one-star negative review to that Apocalypse War moviewhich had a pretty incredible trailercriticizing the invisible character Evil General Mingyue.

But after leaving the review, he started to get bored again.

“What should I do now? Ah, perhaps it’s time to look for a girlfriend.” The young man started to indulge in flights of fancy.

But right at this time, someone knocked on his doorthe doorbell was actually broken.

“Who is it?” the young man asked.

“Hello, we have come here to check the water meter.” A magnetic voice was transmitted from outside.

The young man said, “My water meter is outside, okay?”

“It was a joke. We are from Fengshou Express Delivery. Open the door and receive your package,” the voice outside continued.

“Scram. I didn’t buy anything online recently. How can there be a package for me?” the young man said angrily.

“You are the one that forced my hand, blast the door open!” The voice outside echoed, likewise angry.