Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 829

Chapter 829 There Is No Mistaking It Its Definitely Him


Although we were in 2019 already, the spectators didnt have much faith in the special effects of this movie that their own country had produced. They only hoped that the special effects wouldnt turn into utter shiet after the first few scenes of the movie.

However, Apocalypse War was able to draw everyones attention as soon as it started.

The first scene consisted in a shot taken from an elevated position. In the scene, beautiful buildings that resembled the dwellings of immortals slowly appeared before everyones eyes. The constructions looked incredible, just as if they had come out of a painting.

Strange mist curled up as gentle music echoed in the background. This scene alone was enough to capture the hearts of the spectators. Director Jacob was truly good at his job, and totally deserved his title of a world-class director.

Did they use computer-generated imagery for this scene? It feels so lifelike, said someone in a low voice.

They might have applied computer-generated imagery to a base model. But to obtain such a realistic picture, they must have invited a world-class team specialized in special effects The friend nearby was also unsure.

The scene zoomed in, and then switched to a martial arts platform.

Ah, the martial arts stage looked rather familiar!

Wasnt this scene the one where Senior Brother Gao Sheng was beating up the main character Ling Ye in the trailer? Was the movie starting directly with that scene? This straightforward?

A lot of people secretly clenched their fists, and shouted inwardly,Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!

Several people had entered the cinema while chanting this very same sentence.

The scene on the martial arts stage started to unfold before their eyes.

The elder of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, the Eight-Armed Sword Sage, stood in place with his arms crossed and a cold expression on his face. He was just standing there and doing nothing, yet he gave everyone the feeling of being someone impartial.

A crowd of ordinary disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect was calmly standing at the edge of the stage and discussing in low voices.

Afterward, the main character Ling Ye arrived on the martial arts stage. He had a firm expression on his face and looked fearless. The light blue regulation daoist robe he wore looked as if it had been made just for him!

Ling Yes long black hair fluttered in the wind as he arrived, step after step, on the martial arts stage.

The scene was different from the edited version of the trailer. These full-length shots made sure to perfectly highlight the elegance and qualities of the main character Ling Ye.

Anyway, his outward appearance in the movie was at least ten times better compared to the trailers!

The spectators in the hall even forgot to breathe.

Who said that the actor wasnt going to look that good in the movie? It was utter nonsense! In the movie, Ling Ye is a hundred times more attractive compared to the stage pictures! someone whispered in a low a voice.

Later, Ill drown with spit whomever said that!

I think I fell in love again today. Mom, please give me a slap to wake me up!

After Papa Song and Mama Song saw the enthusiasm of the people in the hall, they cautiously lowered their heads. Crazy fanboys were truly dangerous. At this time, they were really worried about their son!

During the next few days, Senior Brother Gao Sheng was surely going to climb to the top of the list of the most hated characters!

He would probably even have his tailor-made background music when making his appearance.

Anyway, Senior Brother Gao Sheng also wore a light blue daoist robe when he appeared.

He gazed at the main character Ling Ye and smiled coldly. Ling Ye, you have finally stopped hiding, and decided to accept my challenge, huh?

Behind Senior Brother Gao Sheng were also two of his lackey junior brothers, who were closely following behind him. Senior Brother, today we must give Ling Ye a good lesson and let him know how terrifying you can be.

Indeed. He wont dare to go against Senior Brothers wishes ever again from today onwards!

Senior Brother Gao Sheng coldly snorted, and said, Ling Ye, this time, Ill beat you so badly that you wont be able to get out of bed for a whole month.

Killing intent immediately filled the theaters hall. It was the combination of the killing intent of the nearly 300 people seated in the hall, and all of it was directed at Senior Brother Gao Sheng.

Next was the scene where Senior Brother Gao Sheng savagely beat up the main character Ling Ye, which obviously gained him the hate of many.

Anyway, whether one hated or liked the characters, they had to admit that the fight was truly explosive.

When Ling Ye and Senior Brother Gao Sheng started fighting, each of their moves had considerable strength behind; they absolutely werent faking it!

Director Jacob didnt leave out a single scene of this explosive fight. At most, he adjusted the angle a little to make the scene have more impact.

The fighting scene wasnt long, and the duo exchanged at most thirty blows.

However, the explosive fighting scene had immediately set the hearts of the audience ablaze when combined with the background music, making their passion explode.

After those thirty moves, Ling Ye turned out to be at a disadvantage. His daoist robe was cut open, with blood spilling out and dyeing it red.

Some of the spectators took deep breaths, just if Senior Brother Gao Shengs blade had directly cut their hearts when it slashed Ling Ye.

The corner of Senior Brother Gao Shengs mouth rose into a cold smile as he said, Ling Ye, is that all youve got? You are simply too weak. Both you and your blade!

Ling Ye didnt reply, and just gasped for breath. He tightly held the steel saber in his hands, beads of sweat continuously streaming down his cheeks.

Do you know something? I really like this unyielding disposition of yours. Since you refuse to admit defeat, I can only let you suffer some more. The corner of Senior Brother Gao Shengs mouth rose upward.

Afterward, he dashed toward Ling Ye and launched a fierce attack against him, beating him black and blue.

The brutal beating continued for a whole twenty seconds!

The spectators found these twenty seconds longer than a century. Unexpectedly, someone as cruel as Senior Brother Gao Sheng existed in the world!

Luckily, the Eight-Armed Sword Sage finally stepped in and put an end to the fight.

Soon after, the gentle senior sister also made her appearance, starting to silently treat Ling Yes injuries. In the trailer, Senior Sister Murong Hua had appeared in only one scene, in which she was wearing bridal clothes.

The audience was unaware of the relationship between Senior Sister Murong Hua and the main character Ling Ye. But, from the looks of it, she was now going to be Ling Yes bride?

The gentle and beautiful Senior Sister Murong Hua immediately cured the restless hearts of the audience.

Ah~ Luckily, there was this beautiful senior sister!

Senior Sister Murong Hua, give me some love too!

I cant help but ridicule those people that criticized the movie. Whether it was Ling Ye or Senior Sister Murong Hua, or even the Eight-Armed Sword Sage and Senior Brother Gao Sheng, their looks were better compared to the stage pictures. Just based on this, it was worth it to buy the ticket! Some people had already decided that they would bump up and insult the posts criticizing the looks of the actors after returning home.

The plot of the movie kept unfolding. Next were some quick scenes where Senior Brother Gao Sheng threw Ling Ye to the ground and beat him up until he curled up in a fetal position.

The spectators gritted their teeth in anger.

Very soon, the first turning point of Ling Yes character arrived

Broken tree leaves fell one after another.

The scene switched to the lakeside of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

Ling Yes daoist robe fluttered in the wind, his sword qi surging. His momentum was incredible, and he looked like a celestial being brandishing his sword.

Soon after, the scene zoomed out, showing that another disciple wearing the daoist robe of the Immaterial Cloud Sect was hurrying over. It was Thrice Reckless Mad Saber playing the small role of that disciple called Ling Sen.

Senior Brother Ling Ye the situation is bad very bad! Ling Sen gasped for breath and ran over.

Ling Ye stopped practicing the sword, and said, Junior Brother Ling Sen, calm down. Slowly tell me what happened.

Senior Brother Ling Ye huff huff its bad! Senior Sister Murong Hua is about to get married to another man! Junior Brother Ling Sen said with an anxious expression on his face.

Senior Sister is about to get married to another man? Ling Ye stood rooted to the ground, and didnt come to his senses for a while.

The incredibly sad scene tugged at the hearts of the audience.

In the movie, Junior Brother Ling Sen said, Yes! I was told that the marriage would be held three days later!

Ling Ye said anxiously, Junior Brother Ling Sen, who is this person that Senior Sister Murong is going to marry?

Senior Sister is going to marry Senior Brother Feng Chuanzi! Ling Sen replied.

During this last scene, the camera switched to Ling Sens back, and even his words were altered.

In the original scene, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had sought death big time.

Unfortunately, it later became one of his biggest failures while seeking death.

Director Jacob only had to change the angle of the scene and the dubbing to let things continue without problems.

The plot of the movie slowly continued.

Actually, this movie had a very large probability of ending up as a failure if the actors and the director were changed to someone else.

That Senior Sister Murong Hua that had managed to cure the hearts of the spectators really ended up becoming someone elses wife.

In that instantafter Senior Brother Gao ShengSenior Brother Feng Chuanzi became the second character in the movie that absolutely had to die.

From time to time, there would be people chanting in a low voice the words: Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die, Feng Chuanzi must die.

Then, just as they were chanting

Senior Brother Feng Chuanzi really died!

In the battle that caused the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, Senior Brother Feng Chuanzi and Senior Sister Murong Hua headed to the afterworld hand in hand in one of the best performances of the movie. The scene touched the hearts of many people.

With his performance, Senior Brother Feng Chuanzi obtained the understanding and forgiveness of the spectators.


Senior Brother Gao Sheng also died.

And he died rather heroically!

Thirteen swords pierced through his body, yet he still gave his all to provide cover for the retreating disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect. In the end, he died in the hands of the demons together with his wife, Fan Bai.

He had come out clean?

In the end, Senior Brother Gao Sheng actually came out clean?

For some reason, the spectators were somewhat disappointed when they saw this ending. They really hoped that Senior Brother Gao Sheng would join the demons and then die in the hands of the main character Ling Ye!

Why had he come out clean with his heroic death?! They refused to accept it!

As expected if they wanted to criticize the movie, the death of Senior Brother Gao Shengs character was a good starting point.

Immediately after followed the plots of the female ghost Linger, of the Heaven Devouring Cat bringing the surviving disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect to look for Ling Ye, of Ling Ye finally awakening and leading the counterattack against the demonic army, etc..

Both comical and sad moments were present.

Then, the scene moved to the final battle.

On one side were Evil General Mingyue and the demonic beast, Infernal Demonic Dog, as well as countless other demons.

On the other side were Ling Ye and the guardian divine beast, Heaven Devouring Cat, as well as other humans that had joined them.

The spectators looked at the screen with rapt attention for the whole time. The raging battle, the ferocious demons, the explosive sword qi, and those magical techniques it felt as if each scene was really taking place in reality.

It didnt even feel like a movie it felt like a real event!

At this time, in a hall where the movie was being screened.

Several members of the Limitless Demon Sect were looking at the actors appearing in the movie with dark expressions on their faces.

Are you sure that the man that attacked our ancestral land is the main character of this movie, Ling Ye? an old man from the Limitless Demon Sect asked in a low voice.

Daoist Priest Weiwei pointed at Ling Ye on the screen, and said, There is no mistaking, its definitely him!

The old man gently nodded, and said, That man is the rumored True Monarch White now Venerable White.