Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Illusion
Chapter 83: Illusion
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Song Shuhang held onto the little loli, helped her father and mother settle down, then continued to watch the tall Caucasian monk.

He was able to sense that as the Caucasian monk recited the scripture, his enormous mental energy began to surge, like a wave rippling in all direction.

In the air, there was negative energy moving about the cabin which couldnt be seen by ordinary people, but facing the Caucasian monks surging mental energy, those negative energies immediately scattered like alarmed birds, flying out through the shattered windows, and towards the cabin up ahead.

A thought entered Song Shuhangs mind. Is it ghosts?

He hadnt even completed the heart acupoint for foundation building, not to mention the eyes acupoint, thus he couldnt see the ghosts. However, under the state of alertness, he was vaguely able to sense those mist-shaped negative energy.

Things like ghosts usually wouldnt enter crowded places like trains or buses, as such places would contain exuberant human qi.

The tremendous, exuberant human qi is a force thats extremely rich in yang, and could directly destroy some weaker ghosts. Even stronger ghosts dont like places which are too exuberant.

However, its an exception when disaster strikes in a crowded area. Instantaneously producing large amounts of fear, death, despair, hatred, these negative influences are what ghosts like eating the most, its their nourishment for growth. Especially the souls of the deceased who died by accident due to catastrophic accidents and pain, once the ghosts eat them up, they would become even stronger.

Some powerful ghosts could even forcefully take the souls of victims who are near death. This type of soul that is nearing death can strengthen the strength of ghosts even more!

Demons and monsters, break break break! The Caucasian monk evidently had skills, he loudly howled, surged his mental energy, and the cabins negative energy was instantly dispelled.

In a flash, the passengers who were hurling abuses were dumbfounded. Because, as the Caucasian monk finished reciting, the cabin instantly recovered its light. The shattered glass, fresh blood that covered the walls of the cabin, and passengers who were penetrated by the glass all disappeared.

Although the passengers in the cabin were hurt from falling, there werent any who were bleeding.

Was everything just now an illusion? All of the passengers were dumbfounded and at a complete loss.

Thats right, all of the scary and bloody scenes were an illusion created by the ghosts. It was all to make the people in the cabin more fearful and frightened, producing more negative energy of despair.

The ghosts all scurried away, but the skillful Caucasian monk wasnt satisfied with this outcome.

Shit! He once again scolded, then grabbed onto his prayer beads and chased after the ghosts at the cabin ahead.

After the trains emergency braking turned on the alarm, the independent open-close switches on every cabin door was unlocked. As long as one pulls down the switch by the door, the door could be opened.

The Caucasian monk proficiently pulled down the standalone switch, and chased after the ghosts who were scurrying away in the cabin ahead.

It was no coincidence that this strong Caucasian monk had taken the subway, he was chasing after the ghosts in the subway, intending to purify them.

Song Shuhang touched his pocket, inside was an Exorcism Talisman, an Armor Talisman and a Sword Talisman.

He had these three talismans on him just in case.

Hopefully he wont need to use these talismans, after all, the quantities of talismans he had were limited. Before meeting the Altar Master, every talisman he wasted would lower his odds of victory.

Hold on!

A thought flashed in Song Shuhangs mind.

The ghosts in the train might have something to do with Altar Master, right?

The Altar Master was also an evil path ghost practitioner, and the fact that the Yuan Long Medicine Store was a mere three train stations away! Is such a coincidence possible?


At this time, in the third section of the cabin behind Song Shuhangs, there were two considerably pale men together whispering to each other.

Motherf*cker, why has that Caucasian monk chased after us again? We definitely evaded him over a long distance, how sinister! A man who wore a business attire said with clenched teeth.

The other man, who wore an ordinary T-shirt rubbed his temples and bitterly said, It has already been two consecutive days the Suffering Spirit hadnt had a meal. If we still cant let the Suffering Spirit have its meal today, then when night comes well be worked overtime by the Altar Master as food for the Suffering Spirit.

Saying that, both men trembled.

The Suffering Spirit they mentioned was the angry ghost that was shuttling around the train, its said that the Altar Master spent decades of tremendous effort to coagulate an early stage ghost general, and its power was comparable to a 2nd Stage cultivator. The Altar Master had fostered it for many years, and it was one of the strongest angry ghosts under his belt.

Under ordinary circumstances, angry ghosts would be all sealed asleep in Yin places full of ghost qi. Not only do the ghost qi of places rich in Yin help to nurture the angry ghosts, but it also helps to decrease the daily consumption of the angry ghosts at the same time. However, after a long period of time, the angry ghosts would be in a state of weakness.

Therefore, whenever the Altar Master brings the angry ghosts out, he would find somewhere nearby to find food for the angry ghosts, to let it recover from its weakened state.

The two men were the basic members in-charge of bringing food to the angry ghosts. They would look for some disaster-stricken areas, or cemeteries to replenish the angry ghosts.

Yesterday, when they were letting the angry ghost Suffering Spirit eat in a cemetery, they bumped into a tall Caucasian monk. If it wasnt because they escaped in time, the Suffering Spirit that was in weakened state would have been purified by the tall Caucasian monk Just thinking about it scared them.

If the Suffering Spirit gets purified, the two of them would definitely want to cut their throats, theyll die more pleasantly that way!

It was an arduous task for them to have fled with the Suffering Spirit for such a long distance. They then found a train with a long track, and used ghost magic to bewilder the train driver to cause an artificial emergency braking incident. They were intending to create a disastrous scene for the Suffering Spirit to have a meal.

But they didnt expect that the Caucasian monk had actually chased after them!

Just how did we offend you? As a mighty person, cant you be magnanimous, see us as little shits and let us off?

This is the last hurrah, we can only stake it all. The businessman said and clenched his teeth.

If they still werent able to fill the the stomach of the angry ghost by today, the Altar Master would use ruthless methods to turn them into delicacies for the angry ghost. Since they were gonna die either way, they could only stake it all on the path of survival!

As long as we can delay that Caucasian monk and let the Suffering Spirit gather enough energy to emerge from its weakened state, that Caucasian monk would be dead meat! The other man in casual attire said and clenched his teeth.

Once they gathered their thoughts, the two men got up and walked towards the cabin ahead.

Every cabin in the train was still in a state of chaos, so the scene of the two men desperately rushing to the front was extremely conspicuous.

Very quickly, they passed the cabin where Song Shuhang was. It was a pity that they didnt notice Song Shuhang who was under the cover of the mental energy alertness state.

Their strength was low and they were in the hundred days foundation building phase. Furthermore, as they used low-grade foundation building techniques, wasnt aided by the Body Tempering Liquid and were too old, their hundred days of foundation building was incomplete despite having been in progress for many years.

To control the ghost general Suffering Spirit, they depended on the temporary magic treasure given to them by Altar Master.

The two hurriedly dashed past Song Shuhangs cabin, pursuing the Caucasian monk.

When the two ran some distance away, Song Shuhang opened his eyes, Its another two cultivators.

Furthermore, the two men had qi and blood which were way beyond ordinary people, and they possessed negative energy like the ghost. This means that they were related to the ghost.

Its unexpected that just from overshooting my stop by carrying a little lady, something like that would happen.

Should I go check out whats happening ahead?

Song Shuhang inwardly spoke.

On the other side, the tall Caucasian monk had already caught up with the angry ghost.

The angry ghost had sucked up quite a lot of negative energy, and regained some strength. At this time, it used illusion magic to envelop the three frontmost cabins, creating a terrifying illusion to cause terror and despair to the passengers.

All it needed to do was to recover its strength a little more, and it could use illusions to push the passengers into an impasse, and force one of those who have weak willpower to commit suicide, and itll swallow their soul!

Found it! At this time, the bald Caucasian monk revealed his brilliant smile and white teeth, You need not flee, I have already cultivated to the level of heavenly eyes (eyes acupoint). No demon can escape under my sight, let me purify you!
With that said, he took out a buddhist scripture from his robes, loudly recited its contents, and his deafening voice echoed throughout the cabins. Each and every word was pronounced in Mandarin accurately, which put many local Huaxia people to shame.