Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 830

Chapter 830 The Easter Egg At The End Of The Movie


The old man from the Limitless Demon Sect still had some lingering fear while talking about the ‘rumored True Monarch White’.

“The rumored True Monarch White?” Daoist Priest Weiwei had a confused expression on his face. Up until now, he had practiced for a little more than 150 years… in other words, True Monarch White had gone into secluded meditation before Daoist Priest Weiwei had started practicing, and had come out just recently. Therefore, Daoist Priest Weiwei was unaware of the rumors surrounding True Monarch White.

The old man from the Limitless Demon Sect started recalling. “He’s… a very fearsome enemy.”

The old man recalled an event from several hundred years ago. Back then, he had still been a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, and he’d gone to explore some ruins that a wandering foreign expert had left behind alongside six other junior and senior brothers from the Limitless Demon Sect, also of the Spiritual Emperor rank.

However, their luck wasn’t too good. After exploring the ancient ruins, the group of seven people only found a bunch of trashy spirit stones, gaining next to nothing after wasting a large amount of time and effort there.

At that time, the senior brother leading the group suspected that someone else had barged into the ancient ruins, taking everything of value away before they could get there!

In addition, still according to the guess of that senior brother, that lucky fellow that beat them to it was probably still close by at that time!

The old man was unable to clearly remember how that overbearing senior brother had reached this conclusion…

But afterward, this senior brother led his several junior brothers and started to look for that lucky fellow by following their tracks!

After finding the opposite party, they would force them to hand over the treasures they had found in the ancient ruins. If the other party cooperated, they might even consider letting them live.

Anyway, that overbearing senior brother leading the group back then was really incredible.

In the end, the seven people really managed to find that lucky fellow that had barged into the ruins of the wandering foreign expert.

The person in question was precisely Fellow Daoist White, who had also been a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor in those days.

The overbearing senior brother stepped forwardas you might guess, very overbearinglyand told ‘Fellow Daoist White’ to hand over all the treasures he had found in the ancient ruins. Then, he also told him to become his concubine if he wanted to keep living.

And now… even the grass growing on the grave mound of that overbearing senior brother was fifteen centimeters tall.

These events had taken place a very long time ago, and the old man couldn’t remember the details very clearly. However, there was something he remembered very well.

At that time, the seven of them, all at the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm, had ganged up on the lone Fellow Daoist White. From the very start, he’d felt that their side would win without a doubt, only thinking how to divide the spoils of war after the deed was done.

At first, everything had gone according to their expectations. Both sides were at the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm, and if small realms were counted, the opposite party was a rank below them. When it came to fighting capacity, the opposite party was simply no match for them.

Since it was a seven versus one battle, Fellow Daoist White could only retreat in defeat again and again.

At last, the battlefield switched to a small island overseas.

Then, just as Fellow Daoist White was about to get defeated… the small island suddenly erupted.

Indeed, the small island erupted with a loud boom, just like a volcano. There was no omen or anything, it erupted just like that.

Afterward, of the seven Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors surrounding Fellow Daoist White, six had died on the spot, and only the old man survived.

Back then, he had been simply shocked. Cultivators of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor rank had died due to an eruption?! Just what kind of volcanic eruption was that?! Not even the heavenly tribulation had that kind of power!

Afterward, he saw Fellow Daoist White flying around the small island with an indifferent expression on his face. At last, he picked up some metallic and crystal-like object and left the place.

“Elder, do we still want to retaliate against him in this case?” Daoist Priest Weiwei asked.

“He attacked the ancestral land of our Limitless Demon Sect, and even if he didn’t storm inside, Venerable White must pay the price for what he did. Otherwise, the whole world of cultivators will think that our Limitless Demon Sect is weak and easily bullied,” the old man said in a grave tone.

Daoist Priest Weiwei said, “Elder, how do we want to retaliate against him?”

“First, we should track him down and find his whereabouts. In addition, aside from Venerable White, there is another person we must pay attention to,” the old man said in a grave tone. Then, while speaking, he took out the stage pictures of Apocalypse War and pointed at Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s picture. “The actor playing the role of this character named ‘Gao Sheng’ is someone the Hall Leader of the second hall, the Nine-eyed Kama Hall, is looking for. From what I’ve heard, this actor is a small cultivator of the Third Stage that has a very good relationship with Venerable White. If we want to find Venerable White’s whereabouts, we can start from this small cultivator.”

Daoist Priest Weiwei looked at the stage picture, and said, “The name of the actors is Tyrannical Saber… is that his daoist name?”

The several disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect silently nodded.

Their next duty would be to look for this small cultivator called ‘Tyrannical Saber’ and find his whereabouts. Then, they would find Venerable White through him.

As for how they were going to retaliate against them, they would have to wait for orders from the higher-ups!

“Boom, boom, boom~” The plot of the movie had already moved to the final battle.

The scenes of the final battle were even more heated than the tragic and heroic end of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

The gigantic ‘Heaven Devouring Cat’ and ‘Infernal Demonic Dog’ took the lead to start the fight.

Ling Ye held his treasured sword in hand and pointed it at Evil General Mingyue.

The sword qi, the light of magical treasures, and all those magical techniques… everything looked real. It didn’t even feel as if they were using special effects!

The battle was very fast-paced, and the scenes changed swiftly and orderly.

Cultivators and demons fell continuously…

The pressing rhythm of the music was like a war drum, shaking the hearts of the audience.

In addition, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had used a few little tricks during the scene of this final battle, hiding several small illusory formations in the various frames.

The effect of these illusory formations was very weak. Beyond that, the movie was currently being rebroadcast, and the spectators weren’t watching it in person. Therefore, this effect was only comparable to weak hypnotism.

Still, when the effects of these simple illusory formations were combined with the tailor-made background music the spectators felt as if they were witnessing the scene of the final battle in person.

They felt as if they had really entered the movie and were seeing things from a special angle, personally experiencing the great battle.

This type of effect made them feel intoxicated.

This final battle alone is enough for the movie to exceed the monetary value of the ticket!All the ordinary people watching the movie thought the same thing.

It had been completely worth it!

No, even more than that!

“Roar~” At this time in the movie, the Heaven Devouring Cat tore off the ten heads of the Infernal Demonic Dog and swallowed it down!

And right at this moment… the low-level illusory techniques, the music, and the plot meshed together and reached a perfect balance.

All the spectators felt as if they were standing next to the colossal Heaven Devouring Cat and watching as the guardian divine beast of the Immaterial Cloud Sect devoured the Infernal Demonic Dog, seeing with their very own eyes the futile struggle of the Infernal Demonic Dog!

Next, an even bigger ‘Easter egg’ made its appearance.

The final scene of the battle consisted in Ling Ye and other ten human experts fighting against the final boss Evil General Mingyue.

After the low-level illusory techniques, the music, and the plot meshed together and reached a perfect balance, the ordinary people watching the movie felt as if they were really standing next to the main character Ling Ye.

They felt as if they had reincarnated into those ten human cultivators and were helping the main character, Ling Ye, fight against the final boss, Evil General Mingyue!

Under the extreme stimulation, they all felt as if their heart wasn’t their own anymore and was about to jump out of their chest.

The final battle lasted a whole ten minutes, and unlike other movies, the entire process was very neatly done. All actions were full of momentum and not sloppy.

For example, even that battle between Senior Brother Gao Sheng and Ling Ye at the start of the movie that had set the heart of the audience ablaze consisted of thirty moves only, not even three minutes of screening time!

This ten-minute-long scene was surely the longest fight in the movie.

There was no useless talk or bullshiet. During the fight, it felt as though the two parties couldn’t coexist. It was no longer hate between individuals… it was a battle for the survival of their own race.

Magical techniques, sword qi, saber intent, martial skills… although they all looked beautiful, none of them seemed superfluous!

Ten minutes later…

The final boss was defeated. Ling Ye was seriously injured and was standing up with the support of his sword. As for the ten experts that had aided him in this battle against Evil General Mingyue, more than half had died.

At this moment, the movie entered into its final stage, and the music also became gentler…

The hypnotic effect that the low-level illusory techniques and music had caused disappeared.

The spectators watching the movie heaved a sigh of relief and weakly lay in their seats. They felt as if they had really accompanied Ling Ye and fought against the final boss, Evil General Mingyue, with all their might.

Their heart was still beating fast, but not too fast, either. This was also something the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group took care of so as to avoid people getting too excited and getting a heart attack under the hypnotic effects of the final battle.

The movie finally came to an end… and the credits appeared.

“It was a good movie.”

“It exceeded my expectations, that final scene in particular. Just how did they shoot that part? Damn, even my legs have become somewhat soft due to the excitement.”

“I felt as if I was really standing next to the main character Ling Ye!”

“Same here. I felt as if I had taken the place one of the ten human experts. I cannot put into words the marvelous and uninhibited feeling of brandishing the sword and shooting out sword qi. With the sword in hand, I slashed down countless demons, wishing only to keep fighting! Anyway… I want to see if there is a ticket available for the next show. I want to fight shoulder to shoulder with Ling Ye again!”

“I was smart and booked the ticket for the show three days from now.”

“Three days from now? There wasn’t any ticket for tomorrow’s show? Or the day after tomorrow?”

“They are already booked. Actually, if you aren’t fast enough, even the tickets for the show that takes place three days from now might be gone. In addition, I was truly quick-witted because I booked tickets for the morning, noon, and evening show! Three days from now, I’ll accompany Ling Ye for the whole day!”

At this time, in a certain hall in the Yiyang area where the movie was being screened.

A young man was also looking at the end credits with an excited expression on his face.

However, the voice of a person that seemed to be in a bad mood suddenly brought him back to reality. “Now that you’ve finished watching the movie, you can earnestly write a 10,000-character-long review about Evil General Mingyue’s character, right?”