Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 831

Chapter 831 A Young Monster Hunter Meeting With His Internet Friend In Real Life


A bitter expression immediately appeared on the face of the young man.

Just because I’ve taken an extra glance at you in the crowd~

Cough, no, that wasn’t it.

Just because I wrote a post about you online~
Someone came to my house with the excuse of checking my water meter~
Forcing me to write a 10,000-character-long review for the whole day~
And making me fall into the hell of criticism~

After Apocalypse War’s trailer came out, the young man wrote a review only for the sake of thrashing Evil General Mingyue’s character. However, that very same evening, someone came to his house with the excuse of checking his water meter.

Still, the strange thing was that these people that came to check his water meter didn’t really arrest him in the end. On the other hand, they even rewarded him with a pile of glowing red banknotes.

Then, just as he was wondering if the brain of the opposite party had some problems… he discovered that this was indeed the case.

Soon after, that man that seemed to be in a bad mood told the young man to write a 10,000-character-long review about Evil General Mingyue’s character. If he successfully completed the task, he would get a reward like the one he’d just received. But if he didn’t… there would be serious consequences.

That evening, the young man kept writing for the whole night.

However, he was ultimately unable to complete the task. After all, Evil General Mingyue had appeared in the trailer in just one scene. Aside from that, the only other materials available were his stage pictures attached to the list of the actors.

What could he possibly write in an essay based merely on two pictures?

When students in school had to look at pictures and write what they thought about them, the length of the composition would be around 500 characters at most.

Therefore, he was absolutely unable to write a 10,000-character-long review with so little information.

Thereupon, when that person that seemed to be in a bad mood came over the next day, the young man failed to provide him the draft of the review.

As such, the young man made a proposition to the other party. He asked if he could watch the movie before writing another review about Evil General Mingyuethe objective was to gain a deeper understanding of his character first.

His request was rather reasonable.

Although that man that seemed to be in a bad mood looked rather scary, it turned out that he was actually open to persuasion.

He, too, felt that the request of the young man was reasonable.

Thereupon, the very first day the movie was screened, that man that seemed to be in a bad mood personally accompanied the young man to the movie theater and bought tickets for two seats in a good position.

The duo sat side by side and watched Apocalypse War.

After they finished watching the movie…

“Now, you shouldn’t have any problem writing a 10,000-character-long review about Evil General Mingyue, right?” that man that seemed to be in a bad mood asked.

The young man patted his chest, and said, “There shouldn’t be any problem now. After watching the movie, I have a lot of things that I want to write about Evil General Mingyue. I will write something as soon as we head back!”

But after he had said this sentence, the body of the young man stiffened.

What the hell!?

He had just finished watching Apocalypse War at this time, and his body was still in that special state where he’d been accompanying Ling Ye and fighting against Evil General Mingyue alongside him.

However, after he carefully thought about how Evil General Mingyue made his appearance, he felt that his impression of the general was becoming more and more indistinct.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t remember the plot… it was only his impression of Evil General Mingyue’s character that was getting blurry.

The young man was dumbfounded!

How can that be? Is it possible that I was under too much pressure, and the more I’m trying to keep every detail in mind, the more I’m forgetting it?

But the scariest thing was that all his memories related to Evil General Mingyue were getting more and more indistinct as time passed by!

The young man had started panicking.

“What are you thinking about?” That man that seemed to be in a bad mood, but was actually rather easy-going, asked.

“Nothing, nothing. Let’s head back. I will immediately start writing the review,” the young man quickly replied.

He had to get back as soon as possible. Otherwise, all his memories related to Evil General Mingyue might disappear!

Dammit, if I had known earlier, I would have brought a notebook with me and taken notes while watching the movie!

In the meantime.

In a movie theater next to the Yellow Mountain.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen were sitting side by side and watching the movie.

Although they had already watched the movie during that premiere exclusive to the Nine Provinces Number One Group, watching it alongside ordinary people in the movie theater had a special flavor to it.

In addition, Song Shuhang was eager to know what the audience thought of the movie.

Did they have a favorable opinion of it, or a negative one?

Although he wasn’t interested in becoming an actor… this was the first movie he had ever shot, and he hoped that people would like it.

Thereupon, after using the shapeshifting brooch to slightly alter his appearance, Song Shuhang sneaked into the theater together with Su Clan’s Sixteen.

After the movie came to an end…

Innumerable people gasped with admiration, and a lot of them planned to watch the movie one more time, or even several more times.

Song Shuhang leaned against the seat, very satisfied in his heart.

Su Clan’s Sixteen stroked the hair behind her ear, and said. “It seems everyone liked it.”

“Mm-hmm.” Song Shuhang agreed. Of course, if comments such as ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng died too quickly, he deserved worse’ or ‘I really hoped that Senior Brother Gao Sheng would die in a more tragic way’ had been removed, the outcome would have been much better.

“Shuhang,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said in a soft voice, “the movie is over, and in two more days, I will follow Seven and head to the place he prepared for me to transcend the heavenly tribulation. There, I’ll try to transcend my tribulation one more time.”

“Sixteen, you will definitely transcend your tribulation this time around,” Song Shuhang said resolutely. After all, the result of Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s divination was usually very accurate!

Su Clan’s Sixteen narrowed her eyes into a smile, and said, “Mm-hmm! This time, I made thorough preparations, and there shouldn’t be any problem.”

“By the time you transcend your tribulation, my term should have started as well… we will meet in the Jiangnan area at the appointed time. Perhaps we will make it in time to catch up for the battle between Senior Northern River and Immortal Master Copper Trigram scheduled at the beginning of the next month,” Song Shuhang replied.

His university was about to start… ah~ this eventful summer vacation really made one feel reluctant to part with it!

Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled and nodded. “Hmm!”

All the spectators around them left one after another.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen also got up and left the hall, walking side by side.

At this time, in a movie theater in Wenzhou City.

A young man wearing a short-sleeved shirt and with arms full of tattoos had a content expression on his face. “It was a really good movie. In particular, when I saw those cultivators cutting down the monsters, my blood started boiling!”

After saying this much, the young man took out his mobile phone and started fiddling with it, logging into his chat account.

From the display of the phone, it could be seen that the chat ID of the young man was [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director].

In addition, there were several people with strange and crazy names in his friend list.

For example, East China Sea’s Scaly Monster, Lake Hua’s Crucian Carp Spirit, Northeast Region’s Tiger Monster, Changbai Mountain’s Flower Monster, Dragon King of the Well, Resentful Soul of the Toilet, and so on.

There were all sorts of monstrous and devilish friends in the list.

This young man was a member of that group of monster hunters that had bravely stepped forward to help Song Shuhang back when he suffered the attack of the stallion spirit and the sea urchin warriors.

Afterward, that group of fearless and stubborn monster hunters decided to charge toward Young Master Phoenix Slayer, who was likewise a ‘monster’. As a result, Young Master Phoenix Slayer mercilessly beat them up and threw them into a small boat, letting them run their own course.

From the looks of it, they got out of it safely and managed to survive.

Hmm, now that the movie is over… I’d better head to the Jiangnan area. Evil aura has appeared in that place, and as a monster hunter, I can’t sit back and do nothing. Unfortunately, I don’t know the origin of the monsters that have appeared in the Jiangnan area this time. I have no way of adding them to my friend list and getting information out of them,the young monster hunter thought to himself.

Afterward, he stretched out his hand and swept over a certain group called: [Group of monsters that has been taken care of already].

An ID that went by the name of ‘Valiant Sea Urchin Warrior 8th Year, 59th Class, 32nd Number’ had been moved here already.

This ‘Valiant Sea Urchin Warrior 8th Year, 59th Class, 32nd Number’ was a member of that group of sea urchin warriors that had casually attacked Song Shuhang alongside the stallion spirit. At this time, this specific sea urchin warrior had been already reunited with its ancestors.

The young monster hunter kept fiddling with his phone.

When he thought of the Jiangnan area, he remembered about one of his Internet friends.

He had come to know the other party while they were playing games, and their ID was ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’. Afterward, the belated chuuni disease of that guy suddenly flared up, and he started changing his ID every day. A different name for each day of the week, it was rather funny.

From what the young monster hunter knew, Stressed by a Mountain of Books had been admitted to the prestigious Jiangnan University.

Such being the case, he could perhaps get in touch with him while heading to the Jiangnan area to kill those demons this time. The two of them had been friends for quite some time, but had never met. Now then, what was the appearance of the opposite party?

“It would be better if the opposite party were a pretty girl… isn’t this plot really popular nowadays? People meet online and start chatting, becoming good brothers. Then, when they meet each other, they discover that the opposite party was a pretty girl and fall in love. Wait, no, no. These thoughts are too scary. Stressed by a Mountain of Books sounds like the nickname of a man.” [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] shook his head and drove these crazy thoughts out of his head.

Then, he stretched out his hand and pressed on Song Shuhang’s ID, sending him a quick message: “Stressed by a Mountain of Books, your university should start in a while, right? Where are you now? Right, in a few days, I might head to the Jiangnan area to have some fun!”

Very soon, Song Shuhang replied: “I’m close to the Yellow Mountain at this moment, and I will head back to my home in Wenzhou City tomorrow to prepare the luggage. Then, I will head to Jiangnan University Town to register. When are you heading to the Jiangnan area? Let’s meet! I will try my best to show you around.”

The young monster hunter blinked his eyes after reading the reply. Could there really be such a coincidence?

Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ home was in Wenzhou City?

Right now, the young monster hunter was also in Wenzhou City!

Thereupon, [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] quickly replied: “What a coincidence, I’m also in Wenzhou City right now, watching Apocalypse War in XXX Theater! I just finished watching it, and it turned out to be a very good movie. Anyway, at what time are you coming back? I will wait for you in Wenzhou, and we can head to the Jiangnan area together, what do you think?”

After all, there were monsters causing trouble in the Jiangnan area at this moment, and this Stressed by a Mountain of Books was just an ordinary man. What to do if he met those monsters while heading there?

The young monster hunter thought that it was his responsibility to protect from harm this Internet friend whom he had gotten close to after playing video games together.