Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 832

Chapter 832 The Invitation Card To Doudou's Wedding


After seeing [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director]’s reply, the corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched. That guy was unexpectedly inside a movie theater in Wenzhou City, watching Apocalypse War?

And right at this moment, the comments of the people that had just finished watching the movie reached Song Shuhang’s ears.

“My blood started boiling during the final scene! What a wonderful performance!”

“However… Senior Brother Gao Sheng came out clean in the end. It doesn’t make any sense!”

“I feel the same. I even thought that he would surrender to the demons and then tragically die in the hands of the main character, Ling Ye.”

“Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die several times before we are satisfied! Now then, will this movie have a sequel? If the answer is yes, can the final boss be Senior Brother Gao Sheng coming back to life as a demon? It will be fabulous!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

All the people that had finished watching the movie hoped that Senior Brother Gao Sheng would die a few more times. Such being the case, should Shuhangwho was the actor playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s rolereally meet in real life this [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] guy, who had likewise just finished watching Apocalypse War?

After seeing him, the opposite party wasn’t going to shout something like, ‘F*ck, you were actually Senior Brother Gao Sheng?!’ and then some slogan like ‘For Sparta!’ or ‘We will never be slaves!’ before charging toward him and punching him to death?

In that case, it was perhaps better to see what [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] thought of Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s character before meeting him in real life…

Thereupon, Song Shuhang replied, “What a coincidence! I also just finished watching Apocalypse War together with a friend. Right… Mental Hospital’s Director, what do you think of Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s character?”

Song Shuhang decided that he would immediately refuse to meet with the opposite party in real life if he said that ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng should have died several times’ or something similar.

The two of them would stay Internet friends forever and never meet face-to-face!

The young monster hunter received Song Shuhang’s message.

“Tsk, interesting. From the looks of it, Stressed by a Mountain of Books has a favorable impression of Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s character, huh?” The young monster hunter guessed.

After all, he had played video games with Song Shuhang for quite some time and chatted with him quite a bit. Therefore, it took him just a glance to see the hidden meaning behind Song Shuhang’s message.

Did Stressed by a Mountain of Books decide to take Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s side because he saw too many spectators wronging this character?

After pondering for a moment, the young monster hunter decided to play along and comfort his friend. Thereupon, he replied, “Well, about Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s character… in the beginning, he indeed did some nasty stuff, but in the end, in order to protect the future of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, he bravely stepped forward and decided to cover the retreating disciples and block the demons. Although his character wasn’t perfect, he was willing to shoulder the responsibility when push came to shove. Not too shabby, I’d say.”

After sending this message, the young monster hunter quickly received Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ reply. “Ahaha, exactly what you would expect from my friend Mental Hospital’s Director. While observing, you didn’t stop at the surface like the others, but went right to the crux! Anyway, let’s not talk about the movie… since you are in Wenzhou City, wait for me there. I’ll return home tomorrow around noon. We can meet in Baijing Street, my house is there. I’ll invite you to my place.”

The young monster hunter replied, “Alright. In that case, I’ll look for a place where I can stay today, and we’ll meet in Wenzhou City’s Baijing Street tomorrow at noon.”

Stressed by a Mountain of Books replied, “Okay, let’s meet tomorrow!”

The young monster hunter put his mobile phone away, and the corner of his mouth rose. Even after so many years, Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ disposition had hardly changed. Hopefully, they would be able to keep chatting as they did online even during their real life meeting.

“As your friend, I willat the very leastmake sure that you safely reach the Jiangnan area,” the young monster hunter said in a soft voice.

After saying this much, he got up and left the movie theater.

But before leaving the hall, the young monster hunter clenched his right fist and gently waved it. “As expected, Senior Brother Gao Sheng really deserved to die!”

In the meantime.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen had returned to True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s movie company.

The majority of the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had happily left the company after attending the premiere of the movie.

The members of the group that had participated in the filming of the movie this time obtained a lot of good things. For example, all the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld they had gathered during the filming had been exchanged for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus with the White Cloud Academy and then distributed amidst the fellow daoists that had participated in the movie’s production.

In addition, Venerable White had also prepared a few gifts for the members of the group that had participated in the shooting of the movie. Beyond that, he also agreed to bring every member to those ancient ruins that belonged to Immortal Cheng Lin.

Not only the ruins contained the speech of an Immortal, there was also a secret healing technique engraved in its innermost part.

Although it looked like a rather simple healing technique at first glance, six whole walls were used to engrave it. As one might guess, it was far from being simple, and there was a chance that Immortal Cheng Lin’s way to immortality was concealed within.

After seeing that Song Shuhang and Sixteen had come back, True Monarch Yellow Mountain waved at them. “Shuhang, Little Sixteen, you have returned.”

“Senior Yellow Mountain, is something the matter?” Song Shuhang asked.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain smiled and passed them two gift boxes. “This is a gift for you two. It’s the remuneration that Fellow Daoist White prepared for all the actors.”

“Remuneration?” Song Shuhang took the gift box and opened it.

Inside were two thread-bound books.

One of the books was called Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques, while the other Encyclopedia of Basic Sealing Techniques of the Five Elements. Both books appeared to be hand-written copies.

Earlier, Venerable White had suggested Song Shuhang to learn sealing techniques in case of emergency.

Sealing techniques were, after all, one of the fundamental skills that a cultivator had to learn. Later, after the level of Song Shuhang’s sealing techniques had reached a high enough level, he would be able to seal the ‘mana-restoring lotus flower’ that the nucleus in his body could create on his own.

This gift really suited Song Shuhang.

“Thank you, Senior Yellow Mountain. Right, where is Senior White?” Song Shuhang asked.

Why was it True Monarch Yellow Mountain that was handing out the gifts?

“Venerable White received a text message from Venerable Spirit Butterfly earlier. Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s chief disciple, Liu Jianyi, carelessly fell into that ‘Secret Realm of Slowness’ when he went there to take out Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless. Therefore, Venerable Spirit Butterfly had no choice but to ask Venerable White for help, requesting him to take Thrice Reckless and Liu Jianyi out of that place.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

At first, Venerable Spirit Butterfly thought of going there in person, personally getting Thrice Reckless and Liu Jianyi out of that place… but Soft Feather’s heavenly tribulation could descend at any time. Therefore, he was unable to find the time.

Song Shuhang nodded.So that’s what happened!

After all, some time ago, it was he who had replied to Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s messages on Senior White’s behalf. From what he remembered, Venerable Spirit Butterfly was planning to let Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber be the main character of an upcoming movie.

“Right. Before leaving, Fellow Daoist White said that if little friend Shuhang plans to return to Wenzhou City today, little friend should wait for him in Wenzhou. He will directly head to your house at the appointed time,” True Monarch Yellow Mountain added.

“Sure, no problem.” Song Shuhang nodded his head.

The nearby Su Clan’s Sixteen also opened her gift box.

Inside the gift box was Venerable White’s Meteor Sword.

“Eh? Senior White decided to gift Meteor Sword to Sixteen?” Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement. After all, what Sixteen practiced was the saber!

“No, he didn’t really gift it to me. More like lent it,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said with a smile. “The message Venerable White left says that Meteor Sword will help me transcend the heavenly tribulation. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best gift I could receive.”

If Sixteen failed to transcend the tribulation now that she had Meteor Sword, all the things that Seven had prepared, and that other magical treasure to transcend the tribulation she had gotten from Venerable White, one would truly be at a loss for words…

“So that was how it was…” Song Shuhang recalled the last time he transcended the tribulation. He had been lucky to get Venerable White’s Meteor Sword’s help back then!

“Right. Little friends, there is another thing I need to give you.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain laughed, and then gave a red invitation card to Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen.

“An invitation card?” Song Shuhang said as he opened the card.

It was the invitation card to a wedding.

The strange thing was that the ‘wedding date’ and ‘bridegroom’ rows were covered by a substance similar to the opaque covering used on scratchcards.

As for the ‘bride’ row, there was Doudou’s name written in there.

It was the invitation card to the wedding of the pekingese Doudou!

However, more importantly, Doudou’s name was written in the ‘bride’ row!

“Senior Yellow Mountain, Doudou is a female dog?” Song Shuhang asked out curiosity. He and Doudou had lived together for some time, and he knew for sure that Doudou had a little Doudou.

In addition, Doudou liked girls, dog girls, and he didn’t even let off cat girls.

Note: As long as the girl was named ‘Chu Chu’, he wouldn’t let her off regardless of her species.

But now, Song Shuhang discovered that Doudou’s name was written in the ‘bride’ row. Song Shuhang even checked repeatedly, and there was no mistaking it!

Earlier, he had indeed heard True Monarch Yellow Mountain mention that it was time for Doudou to marry a man…

…but Song Shuhang thought that True Monarch Yellow Mountain would give Doudou away to a female monster, making him marry into the wife’s household.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain wore a mysterious smile on his face. “The day of the wedding, Doudou will certainly be the bride. I can assure you about this much.”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

In the transparent flower vase behind them, the slimy Doudou fiercely shook.

“Senior Yellow Mountain, who is the bridegroom?” Su Clan’s Sixteen asked out of curiosity. Why was the row with the name of the bridegroom covered with that strange substance?

“Is it possible that it’s Senior Phoenix Slayer? After all, he’s known as Doudou’s nemesis, and he’s the best candidate to take Doudou as a wife,” Song Shuhang said.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain shook his head. “Although I would have liked very much to marry Doudou off to Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, the latter refused. Anyway, you don’t need to think too much about this. You don’t know the bridegroom. In addition, that thing on the invitation card isn’t coating, but a layer of magical ink. Since I haven’t decided the date of the wedding as of yet, I’ll manipulate the ink on the invitation card when I’ve made up my mind and make the correct date appear on the card. At that time, I’ll also notify everyone in the group. Little friend Shuhang, Little Sixteen, if you are free at that time, you are invited to attend Doudou’s wedding.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen and Song Shuhang first silently glanced at Doudou and then silently nodded.

At the same time, Doudou struggled even more fiercely, with the entire flower vase shaking violently.