Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 835

Chapter 835


“We are just taking a walk around, and it’s not like we are doing something bad,” the small monk said.

If the opposite party was a morally upright cultivator, they wouldn’t have to worry about getting harmed… and even if the opposite party was an evil cultivator, there shouldn’t be any problem as long as they were careful enough. However, in case something unexpected really happened, the small monk had at his disposal a life-saving magical treasure as well as another treasure he could use to summon over Senior Brother Three Realms.

The slightly older girl was still somewhat worried, and said, “I’m still of the idea that it’s better not to give rise to further complications.”

However, the small monk and her younger sister had already set out, heading toward the compartments ahead. Therefore, the slightly older girl could only sigh and chase after them. After all, she was the oldest one among the three of them, and it was her duty to look after her younger sister and the small monk.

After passing through two compartments, the three mean children arrived in Song Shuhang’s compartment.

“What a good smell!” The slightly younger girl sniffed the aroma, and her belly started to grumble. This aroma was even better than the smell of dishes that immortal chefs in the sect used to prepare.

“The fluctuation of spiritual qi came from that place this is right ahead of us!” the small monk said in a soft voice. “Be careful. Remember, we are just passing through the compartment, and we don’t want to attract the attention of that senior.”

Just as they were discussing, the sound of someone’s mobile phone ringing was transmitted from ahead. Since the seats were blocking their sight, the small monk and the two girls couldn’t see to whom the mobile phone belonged.

However, the place from where the ringtone echoed… seemed to be the same place where spiritual energy fluctuated earlier.

As such, the small monk and the two girlsone older and one youngercouldn’t help but perk up their ears and concentrate their attention to that place.

But right at this time, a voice that the small monk found very familiar echoed from that place ahead of them.

“Hello, Senior Brother Three Realms? Is something the matter?”

“Ah? What? Little Guoguo ran away from home again? Pfff~ this time, he even brought away two important guests of your temple?”

“No, Guoguo didn’t come to look for me. I just left Senior Yellow Mountain’s place, and I’m heading to Wenzhou City as we speak. Guoguo has yet to contact me.”

“Alright, got it. If Guoguo gets in touch with me, I’ll immediately tell you about it. Don’t worry, I absolutely won’t let him run away.”

“Good, good, everything is clear… if he really dares to cause trouble, I’ll give him a lesson on Senior Brother’s behalf. Feel relieved, I won’t show him any mercy.”

“Of course, of course… mean children definitely need a good spanking! Anyway, I understand the situation, bye bye~”

After hearing these words, the face of the small monk immediately whitened.

“Let’s go back,” the small monk said via lip language to the two girls.

Afterward, the trio cautiously left the compartment and headed to adjacent one.

They had managed to escape a calamity!

The small monk heaved a huge sigh of relief.

“Little Guoguo, were you acquainted with that mister talking on the phone?” the slightly older girl asked out of curiosity. The two girls had also heard the content of the call of that mister.

That mister had repeatedly mentioned the name ‘Guoguo’, as well as the name ‘Senior Brother Three Realms’. Therefore, Guoguo should definitely know him.

“Yes, I know him,” the small monk said with a nod. “He’s that ‘Senior Brother Song Shuhang’ I’ve mentioned earlier. Under normal circumstances, he’s a very good and kind senior brother. When we set out for this trip to the Jiangnan areasince the very beginningI thought of getting in touch with him first since he studies at Jiangnan University.”

“In that case, why are you avoiding him now?” the two girls, one younger and one older, asked out of curiosity.

Little Guoguo rubbed his face, and explained, “Senior Brother Shuhang is a very good person overall, and he really cares about me. However, he has a very wicked hobby. Whenever he sees disobedient children, he will start spanking their butts without mercy. It’s simply terrifying! Therefore, we absolutely can’t get discovered. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!”

A moment ago, he heard Song Shuhang guarantee Senior Brother Three Realms that he would give him a good lesson, and he also said that mean children deserved a good spanking. As such, Guoguo was very scared at the moment.

In addition, he still remembered that small video that Doudou showed him back in the days… in that video, Song Shuhang flew into a rage, and shouted, “Bastard! You’re purposely trying to anger me, aren’t you?! I told you to behave and stay at home, but you actually ran away! Do my words count for nothing?! And that PS… PS your sister! Hemorrhoids or not, wait till I catch you. I’ll spank you till you shiet all over the place!”

Spank you till you shiet all over the place… spank you till you shiet all over the place…

Absolutely frightening.

When the two girls heard Little Guoguo’s words, their small faces immediately turned red.

As coincidence would have it, just as they were discussing, Apocalypse War’s trailer played on the screen mounted in the compartment of the train.

The first scene was precisely the one where Senior Brother Gao Sheng was beating up Ling Ye.

Guoguo pointed at ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng’ on the screen, who currently had a ferocious expression on his face and was cruelly oppressing Ling Ye, and said in a low voice, “Do you see that Senior Brother Gao Sheng? Earlier, I told you that most of the actors starring in this movie were seniors I knew… and that Senior Brother Gao Sheng is none other than Senior Brother Shuhang!”

The two girls raised their heads, looking at Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s scary countenance.

In the next moment, they both crazily shook their heads, totally frightened out of their wits.

Little Guoguo put on a self-important look, and said, “Therefore, we have to be careful and avoid Senior Brother Shuhang. He’s too scary.”

“Agreed,” the slightly older girl said with a nod.

“Agreed,” the slightly younger girl also agreed.

“Hehehe.” But right at this time, a burst of faint laughter was transmitted from behind Guoguo.

Guoguo’s body immediately stiffened.

“It seems I’m having auditory hallucinations. Let’s quickly leave this place and return to our seats.” Guoguo tried to appear calm.

But in the next moment, two powerful fists caught his temples from both sides and made an effort to ‘drill’ into his head.

“Painful, painful, painful, painful, painful~” Guoguo called out pitifully.

After seeing this scene, the two girls were so scared that they jumped to one side, trembling like two small chicks.

Song Shuhang looked at the bald head caught between his fists and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

Earlier, when he was on the phone with Senior Brother Three Realms, he hadn’t detected Guoguo’s presence.

But after he went into the other compartment, the small monk started telling the two girls about how scary this Senior Brother Song Shuhang, who liked spanking people until they shat all over the place, was…

And as coincidence would have it, all these words were heard by Senior Sister Ye Si, who was hiding inside Song Shuhang’s body. Speaking of which, Song Shuhang discovered that he had been careless and hadn’t bought a ticket for the train. He had actually brought Senior Sister Ye Si on the train without buying a ticket for her… ahahaha!

Anyway, Ye Si heard the discussion between Guoguo and the two girls. At the end of the day, she was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, and it was a piece of cake for her to hear what people in the adjacent compartments were talking about.

After she heard someone mention Song Shuhang’s name, she immediately told him about it.

After hearing the news, Song Shuhang got curious and decided to see which acquaintance was riding the same train as him.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang saw Guoguo’s little bald head, as well as the two cute girls standing next to him, one older and one younger.

According to the information Senior Brother Three Realms provided him during the call earlier, these two cute girls should be the honored guests that Guoguo abducted this time.

How to explain this… if there was fate between them, people would meet even if they were thousands of miles apart. And if there wasn’t fate between them, they wouldn’t meet no matter how close they were.

From the looks of it, there was a lot of fate between him and Guoguo. He just finished talking with Senior Brother Three Realms on the phone, and he already bumped into the small monk.

Song Shuhang sized up the two girls, and the two girls also stared at Song Shuhang.

After a short moment, the slightly older girl seemingly remembered something very scary.

Her face turned red, but she still firmly kept off in front of her younger sister while saying to Song Shuhang, “Senior Brother Song, if… if you really have to spank us until we shiet all over the place, please let off my younger sister! I’ll accept double the punishment in her stead!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

In the next moment, he angrily shouted, “Guoguo!”

At the same time, he put even more strength in the fists drilling into Guoguo’s temples.

“Painful, painful, painful! Senior Brother Shuhang, please, let me go. It’s so painful that my head is about to explode!” Guoguo wept bitterly.

But right at this time, a pleasant-sounding sound echoed in the train. They had reached the next train stop.

Song Shuhang let off the teary Guoguo and said to the three mean children, “Did you three bring along some luggage?”

The slightly older girl shook her head.

“Very good… in that case, follow me!” Song Shuhang clenched his teeth, and said, “In addition, I don’t have the hobby of spanking people until they shiet all over the place!”

However, I’m really considering spanking Guoguo until he shiets all over the place when we get back!

Afterward, Song Shuhang brought the three mean children along and returned to his seat, moving his suitcase to one side.

Inside the suitcase were some local specialties of the Yellow Mountain area. During this summer vacation, he had been away from home for the most part. Thereupon, he’d decided to buy some local products for his parents while he was at it and bring them back as a gift.

The little girl sitting in the adjacent seat blinked her eyes, and asked in not very standard Mandarin, “Elder brother, are you getting off the train?”

The lotus flower Song Shuhang had gifted her earlier had been already carefully stored inside a transparent box. As such, when the source of that alluring aroma disappeared, the smell likewise disappeared from the compartment.

At first, Song Shuhang thought that the girl would be unable to resist it, and would end up eating the lotus flowerthat lotus flower was just another type of food in the end. But he hadn’t expected that the little girl would be able to resist the urge.

Song Shuhang gently patted the head of the little girl. “Yes, elder brother will get off at the next train stop. You obediently ride the train and don’t run around, alright?”

“Thank you, elder brother. In addition, I’m not a three years old child. I’m already four years old this year, and I won’t heedlessly run around,” the little girl replied.

Next to her, the young mother revealed a smiling face.

Song Shuhang laughed and then turned his head around, staring at Guoguo and the others.

This was the difference between other families’ cute lolis and one’s own family’s mean children!

Did you see that?!

The little girl from the other family is just four years old and is already this well-behaved, making people feel like hugging her and bringing her back home. Can you three mean children not make the people around you worry all the times?

The small monk had a calm expression on his face as he joined his palms together, starting to chant the name of Buddha.

The slightly older girl had a shy expression, and the slightly younger girl a confused one.

After bidding farewell to the mother-daughter pair sitting next to him, Song Shuhang got off the train alongside the three mean children.

Along the way, the three mean children kept sizing up Song Shuhang. The trio was trying to determine Song Shuhang’s realm. If Senior Brother Song’s strength wasn’t that high, they could perhaps try to run away.

From what Guoguo remembered, Senior Brother Song Shuhang had just advanced to the Second Stage Realm back then… but judging from the pressure the small monk felt at this moment, he found that Song Shuhan’s aura was more similar to the aura of those senior brothers of the Third Stage Realm.

Was it possible that Senior Brother Song Shuhang had quietly advanced in realm during the time they spent apart?