Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Its Not Me Who Is In The Wrong The World Is

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Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “Little friend Shuhang, Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire is very busy lately. The scholarly faction is now forced to deal with all those matters it neglected earlier, and Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire has no time to get online. Such being the case, little friend Shuhang should keep that prisoner locked up for now. After I’m finished taking care of a few matters, I’ll make a trip to Wenzhou City, and you can leave the prisoner to me at that time.”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain had yet to change his nickname. From the looks of it, he sure was tired lately.

Song Shuhang replied, “Very well. Senior Yellow Mountain, I’ll wait for you in Wenzhou City, then.”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “In addition, little friend Shuhang, you can also try to beat up that prisoner to get some useful information out of him.”

Song Shuhang said, “I see~ I’ll give it a try.”

Song Shuhang hadn’t studied techniques to extract information out of prisoners. In addition, that fierce-looking middle-aged man seemed unafraid of death. He was definitely a tough nut to rack.

Such being the case… should he consider going online and studying the ten great tortures used during the Qing Dynasty?


Around ten minutes later.

Song Shuhang managed to obtain quite a few bits of information from that middle-aged man.

And no, he hadn’t looked for some special technique to extract information online.

After Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu surrounded the middle-aged man, hitting him for a while, the guy became somewhat muddle-headed.

As a consequence, he snapped out of that state of constant ‘aggressiveness’. Now, his snake-like pupils weren’t filled with murderous intent, but panic.

Upon seeing the situation, Song Shuhang had a sudden idea, and tried to ask the man a few questions… and the man unexpectedly replied truthfully.

Song Shuhang quickly understood what had happened. From the looks of it, the middle-aged man was dauntless and unafraid of death because he had been influenced by the energy of the Netherworld Realm, temporarily ending up in this unusual state.

Now that the middle-aged had snapped out of it, he had reverted to his true self.


The middle-aged man quickly revealed everything he knew.

His name was Zhao Shuibao, and he was 38 years old this year.

To sum things up, he was a rather eccentric person, and his motto was: It’s not me who is in the wrong, the world is!

It turned out that these shameful lines he’d said before were actually his motto.

He believed that the world wasn’t a fair place, and since the day he had been born, the world had been treating him unjustly. Whether it was during school or later when he started working, he felt that his life hadn’t been easy.

Since the Heavens weren’t helping him, he could only rely on his own effort!

When he was 33 years old, Zhao Shuibao followed the suggestion of a fellow villager and decided to do something big—they were going to do something that would earn them a lot of benefits at no cost!

Of course, the two of them weren’t planning to rob a bank or anything of the sort. After all, they lacked the skills and strength to do so.

Zhao Shuibao’s fellow villager said that he had set his eyes on a good place… There, a very rich old man was living all alone. Zhao Shuibao’s fellow villager had never seen the children of that old man, nor his relatives.

As if that wasn’t enough, he discovered that the old man was someone that liked to stay at home and rarely went out. Each time he got out, he would buy a lot of articles for daily use and then shut himself in the house. Sometimes, he would stay inside for 10-15 days, and other times even more than half a year.

In all China, only the house of the old man was such an easy target to obtain a great fortune!

That very day, Zhao Shuibao and his fellow villagers grabbed second-hand equipment and weapons they’d bought in the supermarket and went to assault the house of that old man in the quiet of the night.

Then, in the early hours of the next day, Zhao Shuibao and his fellow villager were found on the grass beside a highway a dozen kilometers away from there.

Both he and his fellow villager wore tattered clothes and were covered with cuts and bruises.

In addition, the duo discovered that they had no memory of the events that took place the previous night!

But the scariest thing was that he and his fellow villager caught a strange disease since that night…

Just like babies, the two of them were unable to control their excretory system. Since that day, both he and his fellow villager had to rely on diapers for grown-ups to pass their days.

But even if the duo could rely on diapers, that terrible smell made everyone avoid them. After they got out of home, all the people in the surroundings would stay far from them and avoid them.

Those days really made them fall into despair.

Zhao Shuibao and his fellow villager suspected that it was the doing of that eccentric ‘stay-at-home old man’.

As such, a month later, he and his fellow villager tried to probe the place of that ‘stay-at-home old man’.

However, they didn’t find the old man this time, and the scariest thing was that when they asked the neighbors about the old man, all of them were baffled… because none of them remembered about that old man with no children or relatives that’d once lived here.

Zhao Shuibao and his fellow villager were frightened out of their wits.

The duo had tried to gain an advantage, only to end up worse.

Not only did Zhao Shuibao and his fellow villager fail to obtain a good sum, but they even ended up paying a huge price.

The two of them needed diapers every day, and as the expenses slowly accumulated, they turned into a significant amount of money. Beyond that, it became very difficult for them to find a job due to the stench they were constantly emanating.

The duo could only try to look for work online to make some money and keep living.

Just in this fashion, Zhao Shuibao lived in this state until he turned thirty-eight.

Then, five days ago, Zhao Shuibao’s life greatly changed… Everything happened when he casually picked up a black ring.

After he wore the ring, the ring suddenly disappeared, transforming into a burst of black energy that poured into his body.

In the next moment, his body suddenly recovered, and he didn’t have to use those diapers for grown-ups anymore.

Beyond that, when the black energy poured into his body, he discovered that some memories he had long forgotten were now coming back to his mind!

These memories were very scary.

To sum it up, the content of the memories consisted in two Lv. 0 Crooks trying to attack a Lv. Max Boss.

In the next moment, the Lv. Max Boss beat up the two Lv. 0 Crooks in all kinds of fancy ways.

These ways were truly fancy, to the point that he used up to a hundred different ways to beat them up—with no repetition.

Then, just as the two Lv. 0 Crooks were about to die, the other party fed them medicinal pills to treat their wounds, continuing to beat them up as they recovered.

After that, when the two Lv. 0 Crooks finally each lost control over their bladder and rectum, the Lv. Max Boss was satisfied and swaggered off after sealing their memories.

When he recovered these memories, Zhao Shuibao was so scared that he almost wet himself on the spot.

There were unexpectedly superhuman beings such as that old man in the world? As if that wasn’t enough, he and his fellow villager had even decided to go bother that old fogey… The fact that they were still alive was a miracle itself!

Anyway, soon after, a gentle voice started getting transmitted alongside that black energy.

Zhao Shuibao was unable to understand what the gentle voice was saying, but when he listened to the words of the voice, he felt his negative emotions getting stronger.

The conviction that it wasn’t him who was in the wrong but the world kept getting stronger and stronger in Zhao Shuibao’s mind.

All the pain he’d experienced during the past few years was the fault of human cultivators. If not for that old human cultivator, he wouldn’t have had to wear diapers all these years.

It was the fault of this unjust world.

As such, all human cultivators had to die!

This strange thought took root in Zhao Shuibao’s mind, not going away for a very long time.

Along with this thought getting stronger, the energy of the Netherworld Realm entwining his body also got stronger, starting to transform his whole being.

The first ones to change were his eyes—both his pupils turned into those of a snake, allowing him to look very far and lock onto distant targets.

Then, as the gentle voice kept poisoning his mind, Zhao Shuibao started taking action.

With the support of the energy of the Netherworld Realm, Zhao Shuibao started hovering in the sky.

His objective was to find human cultivators and kill them… or just die in their hands.

These were the only thoughts in his mind.

Luckily—or unluckily—he found his prey soon after he started floating in the sky. This prey consisted in none other than Song Shuhang, Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu, who were sitting on Ye Si’s golden book.

The following plot involved Zhao Shuibao, a Lv. 1 Demonic Crook, encountering this group made up by one Lv.5 Boss, one Lv. 3 Hitman, and three Lv.1 Small Crooks.

As a result, the poor Lv. 1 Crook Zhao Shuibao was beaten to death again.


After hearing the story, Song Shuhang said, “A black ring that disappeared after he wore it. Then, a strange voice that quietly poisoned his mind started to echo in his ears… After both facts are taken into account, no matter how one looks at it, it can’t be a coincidence.”

Ye Si nodded, and said, “Hmm… for now, let’s keep paying attention to this matter and see if something similar happened in other parts of China. If it’s an isolated case, perhaps this guy was just unlucky to pick up a magical treasure of the Netherworld Realm. But if there are other similar cases, it’s definitely a plot of the Netherworld Realm.”

“Let’s just wait for True Monarch Yellow Mountain to come over to Wenzhou City. We’ll hand over this guy to him at that time. Senior Yellow Mountain should have the means to obtain even more information from him,” Song Shuhang said.

With his body transformed by the energy of the Netherworld Realm, Zhao Shuibao himself was a big source of information. One should be able to obtain useful info after thoroughly examining his body.

The Netherworld Realm spent so much effort and time to cultivate an ordinary human being like Zhao Shuibao… Just what did they want to do?

Were they researching a method to transform human beings into demons of the Netherworld Realm?

Or perhaps something was going to happen after Zhao Shuibao had killed some human cultivator or was killed by them?

Song Shuhang was very concerned about the orders that Zhao Shuibao ‘received’ after his mind was poisoned.


At dusk.

Wenzhou City, Baijing Street, Song Shuhang’s house.

Ye Si and Song Shuhang reached the destination without a hitch.

Before landing, she used an illusory technique to conceal the cage and Zhao Shuibao, making him also faint while she was at it.

After all preparations were complete, Song Shuhang rang the doorbell.

“Coming~” Mama Song’s voice echoed from inside.

Then, as she opened the door, Mama Song saw Ye Si’s artful smile and charming little face, as well as her son’s foolish expression.

Her son had changed female companion again!

Recently, Shuhang had brought home different girls each time he came back. As if that wasn’t enough, every one of those girls was very pretty. There was definitely something wrong with this situation!

Mama Song was now slightly worried.