Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Underground Wrestling Match
Chapter 84: Underground wrestling match
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As the Caucasian monk recited the scripture, a dull golden light appeared on the surface of the buddhist scripture in his hands. It was stately and holy, and it was visible to the eyes of ordinary people.

But if there was a cultivator who had their eyes acupoints opened present, they would be able to see the Caucasian monks powerful mental energy drawing out the contents of the buddhist scripture, with the scriptures words turning into small golden talismans that were the size of fingernails, pouring out towards the angry ghost like a tsunami.

The illusion that ghost general Suffering Spirit had placed faced against the scriptures talismans, and was immediately blown away like smoke. It rapidly receded.

The illusion was removed bit by bit, and the passengers in the cabin were still in a confused state. As they had been enveloped in the illusion for too long, they were different from Song Shuhangs cabin, and had a portion of their energy stripped away by the Suffering Spirit, so they were still in a blurred state.

*Squeak* The ghost general Suffering Spirit issued a sharp sound, and hurriedly retreated. It went through a lot of trouble to recover a bit of strength, but now that it was all taken away by the Caucasian monk, its body was even weaker now than before.

If it continues like this, in half an hour it would be purified by the Caucasian monk and turned into ash.

Foreign devil who deserves a thousand stabs! When the two men who rushed over saw this scene, their hearts nearly burst.

The businessman breathed in hard, and in the next moment all of the muscles on his body bulged, causing the originally fitting shirt look extremely tight. If it wasnt because his skin color remained the same, he would look like he was undergoing the hulks transformation.

The transformation made him even more muscular than the Caucasian monk, but he was still slightly shorter. Next, the businessman charged towards the Caucasian monk like a tank.

In his path, the passengers who were in the way were knocked flying

On the other hand, his companion cooperated well with him, in the moment before the businessman transformed, he took out eight needle-shaped things, and threw them at the cameras in the train, breaking them all.

Even though they were ghost cultivators of the evil path, they didnt want to brazenly reveal themselves to tons of people. As for the passengers in the cabin, they were in a state of blur, and werent a problem.

After breaking the cameras, the casually dressed man held onto a magic treasure which was made of bone, and began to control the ghost general Suffering Spirit.

The ghost generals intellect wasnt high, in a free state, it was only able to bring out sixty percent of its true strength. If there was someone controlling it, its killing power would increase by many times.

The casual man used the bone material magic treasure to control Bitter Spirit, stopping it from going head-on against the Caucasian monk, avoiding it from wasting energy. The ghost general actively recalled the energy used for creating the illusion, and waited for an opportunity to strike.

At the same time, the casual man took out a small bottle, this bottle contained the ashes of a low level flame ghost.

The so-called flame ghost referred to angry ghosts that died by fire, a direct opposite of water ghosts. The manufacturing of flame ghosts required martial artists who contained exuberant qi and blood, who suffer great injustice and die by being burned alive, only then would there be a possibility of it forming.

The low level flame ghosts had extremely low intelligence, and only know how to fight like a mad dog. However, through its ashes, one can control which target it attacks.

Once the bottle was opened, the flame ghost leaped out of it. A low level angry ghost like the flame ghost had no fixed shape, it was just a heap of ghostly fire, but it was quick.

The casual man used its bones ashes to order it to attack the Caucasian monk.

The flame ghost fiercely yelled, and attacked in that direction. Its speed was many times faster than the transformed businessman, it began later but arrived first, and attacked the back of the Caucasian monk one step earlier.

The Caucasian monk sensed the impending attack from the flame ghost, he revealed a disdainful smile, but didnt stop reciting the scripture.


The flame ghost struck the Caucasian monk.

However, the Caucasian monk didnt even lose a single hair(completely unhurt), though he didnt have any.

At this time, there was a thick golden light between the flame ghost and Caucasian monk, totally blocking the flame ghosts attack!

Once this layer of golden light shone, it was like the heaven and earth was telling the world about this Caucasian monks virtuous achievements. The light of virtuous achievement protected his body, and no evil can touch him!

Motherf*cker, just how many angry spirits and departed spirits has this Caucasian monk purified in this lifetime?

The casual man was extremely shocked inside.

It must be known that one must transport a hundred departed souls to receive virtuous achievement; transporting a thousand, one would receive the light protection of virtuous achievement. For this Caucasian monks thick light of virtuous achievement, he must have transported at least ten thousand or more souls, right?

Its exactly because he had the protection of virtuous achievement that he generously allowed ordinary ghosts and demons attack all it wants as he just stood there. He knew that he wouldnt be harmed at all.

Damn, why do you have to be so hardworking as a Caucasian monk? Even local monks dont have virtuous achievements like you, right? Right now, in the whole of Huaxia there should be very few senior monks who have transported over ten thousand souls, right?

The casual man controlled the flame ghost, allowing it to return. The enemys light of virtuous achievement was this thick, ordinary ghosts didnt have any use at all, bringing them out was just embarrassing himself.

However it was too late.

Its easy to come, but hard to leave. The Caucasian monk loudly recited scripture, and seven talismans transformed from scriptures entangled the flame ghost, revolving around its body.

In a moment, the flame ghosts fire was extinguished, revealing an illusory image of a resolute looking man.

The illusory man originally had a malevolent face, but as the gold talismans revolved, he quickly turned peaceful. He looked at the Caucasian monk with a free smile, then his body turned into grains of light, and he dissipated.


The bottle which held the flame ghosts bone ashes which the man was holding onto shattered, and the bone ashes contained inside fell onto the ground.

*Roar! At this time, the transformed businessman finally reached the Caucasian monks side, and charged over like a black bear.

The Caucasian monk remained motionless, he stood there to receive the businessmans bear-like charge.


After his transformation, the businessmans muscles werent just for show. With one hit, he managed to push the bigger Caucasian Monk into continuous retreat. He even had to stop his chanting of the scriptures.

Ah! The businessmans attack went off without a hitch. Taking advantage of Caucasian Monks moment of unsteadiness, he charged with both fists towards Caucasian Monk like a crazed bull.

Caucasian Monk smacked his lips together, but a happy smile showed on his face: Youre really a noob, youre just a new bee.

In the middle of his attack, the businessman felt rather puzzled by those words.

You just took the initiative to attack me! Caucasian Monk looked proud of himself as he said: So, I can return the attack now. Shifu said before, this is called legitimate self-defense!

Having said so, Caucasian Monk clapped his hands: Fly away, faggot!

After that, the businessman was easily swatted away, just like a housefly, and he landed heavily against the train wall.

This Caucasian Monk wasnt just well-versed in Chinese, he was even able to understand some web slang Although it was really old slang from over a decade ago. However, you couldnt deny that this guy was really good at Chinese!

If only I had known earlier that there was someone behind that angry ghost. So this is what they call, if you dont remove grass right down to its roots, itll revive again the next spring! Im going to kill the two of you! Caucasian Monk was immensely proud of himself, he took on the starting pose of a fist technique and said: Come at me, you new bees!

A good day to our audience, welcome to our Jiangnan Metros final free fighting competition 5th block.

Lets take a look at our competitors for both sides now.

Our home contestant is wearing a thick monks robe, with six dots on his head, the Caucasian monk!

Our away contestants are the two wearing a black western suit and a plain t-shirt. Thats right, this is a 2v1 final battle! Its unfair, but since this is a free fighting competition, having no rules is our biggest rule!

And now the competition has begun!

The away contestant Black Western Suit Guy has started attacking first, what a beautiful blow! It looks like it could cause a hundred points of damage!

However, the home contestant wasnt able to avoid the attack! Yes, Caucasian Monk has just taken the blow! Not only that, hes taken completely no damage at all! Although this is only the first exchange, we can see that both parties are indeed very strong.

Black Western Suit has just started attacking again- this time its a double punch!

Beautiful! The home contestant Caucasian Monk just blocked that double blow.

Caucasian Monk is counter-attacking now. Its his first attack- and hes using the True Gorilla Swatting Flies technique!

Wonderful, 1000 points damage! Black Western Suit has been sent flying- he hit the car wall and hes not moving.

He has 10 seconds to stand up. If he doesnt stand up after 10 seconds, then hes disqualified from this match!

10, 9, 8 4, 3!

Ohhhh, the away contestant Black Western Suit Guy has just struggled to stand up. Hes standing up with sheer willpower! This time, hes standing together with his companion, T-shirt Guy.

The competition has just entered a fiery stage. Just whos going to win this competition and clinch the final victory? Lets remain vigilant and watch!