Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 840

Chapter 840

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“Ma, I’m back,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Mama Song glanced at her son and nodded. Afterward, her gaze fell on the small monk and the two small lolis, Shi and Zhu, standing next to Song Shuhang.

“Eh? Little master, you came to visit us again.” Mama Song looked at Little Guoguo and smiled kindly.

“Hello, auntie.” The small monk joined his palms together and greeted her.

The small monk looked especially lovable when acting all serious.

Song Shuhang felt that not even he, the biological son, ever had the honor of being smiled at like that by his mother!

Soon after, Mama Song took a look at the two cute little girls next to the small monk. Then, she looked at Senior Sister Ye Si, who was standing beside Song Shuhang. After seeing Senior Sister Ye Si, Mama Song’s imagination started to run wild.

If Song Shuhang got married to this girl someday in the future and had a boy, the kid would probably look as cute as this small monk, right? And if they gave birth to a girl, they’d better give birth to a pair of twins. It would be rather amusing to see the girls follow them around like these two little ones!

“Hello, auntie. I’m Ye Si,” Senior Sister Ye Si said with a smile.

Senio Sister Ye Si’s greeting pulled Mama Song back to the real world.

“Hello to you too, Ye Si,” Mama Song said with a smile. Then, she brought everyone to the living room so that they could rest a bit. “Shuhang, did you eat on the way here?”

“No, we didn’t. At first, we were planning to have dinner on the train. But then, something unexpected happened, and we ended up coming home ahead of time,” Song Shuhang said.

“In that case, wait a moment. I’ll go prepare some food,” Mama Song said.


In the living room.

Song Shuhang lazily leaned against the sofa and fiddled with his mobile phone. Recently, whenever he had free time, he would look for jokes and the like so as to avoid being unprepared in case Senior White Two decided to suddenly pull him into that infinite make-up test dimension.

Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu, the three disobedient children, were watching cartoons. What they were watching was the 2019 edition of the Calabash Brothers. The plot was completely different from the original version of the Calabash Brothers that Song Shuhang saw when he was younger. Only God knew how the screenwriter had changed the plot…

Papa Song sat beside Song Shuhang, reading the newspaper and sizing up Ye Si, who sat on the opposite side.

At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si was chatting with Mama Song. Mama Song had prepared dinner long ago, and she only had to add everyone’s share of rice.

Thereupon, she pulled Senior Sister Ye Si over and started chatting about all sorts of topics.

In the beginning, it was somewhat difficult for the two of them to chat. After all, if we took into consideration the generation gap, the one between Mama Song and Senior Sister Ye Si was as deep as a bottomless pit.

But with Senior Sister Ye Si’s coordination, the content of the conversation between the two slowly improved…

Right at this time, Papa Song used his elbow to poke at Song Shuhang and quietly asked, “Shuhang, is the girl you brought back this time your girlfriend?”

Then, just as Song Shuhang was about to reply…

Coincidentally, Mama Song also couldn’t resist anymore and asked in a roundabout way, “Ye Si, how did you and our Shuhang came to know each other?”

Senior Sister Ye Si raised her head and looked at Song Shuhang, faintly smiling.

“Cough.” Song Shuhang cleared his throat, and replied to the question in Senior Sister Ye Si’s stead. “Ye Si and I met in a huge library. At that time, she was reading books in there, and I also happened to be there, reading books. Later, we started chatting, and we got to know each other that way. Then, as for the relationship between the two of us… we were about to become lovers previously.”

In most families, parents would urge their children, who were still going to school, to stay focused on their studies and get a good job. On the other hand, in Song Shuhang’s family… when Shuhang was still in high school, Mama Song was already using roundabout ways to tell him to bring home a pretty girlfriend.

After hearing these words, Mama Song said anxiously, “You were about to become lovers previously? What about now?”

Senior Sister Ye Si took the initiative to reply to this question. “Now… although we can’t become normal lovers anymore, our relationship is actually more intimate than that of ordinary lovers.”

“More intimate than lovers?” Mama Song blinked her eyes. Then, she joined her palms together, and said, “Did you two… how can I say it… uh, combine together?”

Song Shuhang was stunned. “Pfff~”

“Combine together? It’s referring to that , right?” Loli Shi said in a soft voice.

“Elder Sister, there is no mistaking. It’s precisely referring to that !” Loli Zhu replied.

The small monk blushed and closed his eyes, starting to chant buddhist scriptures.

Senior Sister Ye Si pondered for a moment, and replied, “Yes, we indeed combined together!” That two-head and four-arm form was pretty cool. If not for the fact that Papa Song and Mama Song were ordinary people, she would have shown them this form right away!

Papa Song put away the newspaper and looked at Ye Si, revealing a gentle smile. “Ye Si, you’ll be part of our family later.”

“Papa Song’s meaning is also my meaning,” Mama Song said with a smile.

Song Shuhang was stunned again. “Pfff~”

Papa Song poked Song Shuhang, and said, “Well done. Now, you should try your best to graduate and then get married. Back then, it was precisely this way that I got married to your mother. Still, you two should be a little careful before the marriage. Having children before the marriage is a big no!”

“…” Song Shuhang.


The next day, early in the morning.

Song Shuhang brought Ye Si, Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu along and left home.

He was preparing to bring Ye Si to the nearby Jiulong Street for a stroll and buy a few articles for daily use for the new semester while he was at it.

Then, at noon, he would go meet his Internet friend [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director].

If everything proceeded according to his plans, he would leave for the Jiangnan area in the afternoon.


Soon after Song Shuhang brought the large group of people along and left home, his good neighbor Li Yun dropped by for a visit.

“Ah? Little friend Song Shuhang went out early in the morning?” Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was dumbfounded. Yesterday, when he heard that Song Shuhang was coming back, he was in high spirits. His state of mind while sitting in meditation was excellent, and he practiced directly up until now.

But when he happily went to visit Song Shuhang’s place, he got the news that he had left already…

Is it possible that there is no fate between me and the enlightenment stone? As expected, it’s better if I just return to the Penniless Thief Sect and start practicing for good, increasing the strength of my ‘Emptying Miracle Hands’ by a notch… after that, I’ll go to True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s immortal cave and sweep it clean to wash away the shame from the past, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist thought to himself.

Just as his mood had gotten a turn for the worse, Mama Song said, “Shuhang went shopping with a bunch of friends, and he should come back soon. Therefore, do you want to wait here?”

After hearing these words, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s eyes immediately lit up. “In that case, I’ll trouble you.”

“Li Yun, you are too courteous,” the nearby Papa Song said with a smile.


Jiulong Street was a thriving shopping street.

Song Shuhang brought along Ye Si and the others and visited several shops, buying a few articles for daily use.

The three disobedient children closely followed after Song Shuhang and didn’t leave by so much as an inch. At this time, they had already thoroughly discarded the notion of running away. After all, Senior Sister Ye Si was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, and they had no chance of running away from her.

And right at this time, Senior Sister Ye Si was getting brainwashed by all sorts of ads.

[Good news, good news, big good news! Hello, dear customers. Due to the shop closing soon, we decided to sell all the high-quality leather shoes in stock at very low prices, we are literally selling at a loss! Everything is ‘buy one and get one free’, buy one and get one free! We aren’t even interested in making money, we just want to empty our stock! You don’t have to worry about the quality, you only have to worry about not being able to recognize it! You can choose whichever pair you want, they are all included in the promotion ‘buy one and get one free’! We are truly selling at a loss, and at the lowest price possible at that!]

Senior Sister Ye Si grabbed Song Shuhang’s hand, and said excitedly, “Shuhang, Shuhang, did you hear? There are selling at a loss! Buy one and get one free! Should we go take a look?”

“Ye Si, don’t be in a hurry.” Song Shuhang calmly looked at that shop. “Actually, that shop started doing business around the time I got in high school. Then, after doing business for around half a year, they started with this, ‘the shop is about to close’, ‘selling at a loss’, ‘buy one and get one free’ thing. In other words, the shop is about to close since three years ago.”

“Is that the case?” Senior Sister Ye Si opened her eyes wide. “But if that’s the case, are there still people buying the shoes in the shop?”

“Definitely… after all, this is the thriving Jiulong Street, and the number of people that come here shopping is very large. As such, there are surely a lot of new people that come here every day,” Song Shuhang said.

Senior Sister Ye Si silently nodded her head. “Their schemes are truly deep.”

Song Shuhang laughed.

Actually, it was nothing but an overused old formula.

A true deep scheme consisted in ‘killing without showing the blood’, quietly emptying the wallet of the customer after giving them a few discounts.


Half an hour later.

Song Shuhang brought Ye Si to a shop with female clothing.

Most of the clothes Ye Si had were immortal ones. Although pleasing to the eye, they weren’t really suited for everyday life.

Therefore, Song Shuhang decided to buy a few normal sets of female clothing for her.

Shi and Zhu accompanied Ye Si and went to choose the clothes.

Song Shuhang and Guoguo sat on the chairs of the resting area of the shop, relaxing a bit.

Perhaps because he drank too much earlier, Song Shuhang felt like going to the bathroom. Thereupon, he said to Guoguo, “Guoguo, you wait here for Ye Si and the others. I’m going to the nearby bathroom. Right, don’t try to run away!”

Guoguo nodded his head. There was no way he would dare to run when a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor like Senior Sister Ye Si was around!


Also in Jiulong Street.

A young monster hunter had hurried to this place close to Baijing Street very early since he was planning to meet with his Internet friend ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ later at noon.

Anyway, since there was still some time left before their meeting, the young monster hunter decided to take a stroll in the famous Jiulong Street, which was adjacent to Baijing Street.

Perhaps because he drank and ate too much along the way, the young monster hunter now felt like going to the bathroom.

Thereupon, he casually found a hotel called ‘Full Moon Tower’ and got inside to borrow their bathroom.

But after entering into the bathroom on the ground floor…

The eyes of the young monster hunter suddenly lit up.

Guess what he had seen?

He saw a man wearing big sunglasses ahead of him!

The eyesight of the young monster hunter was very good, and even if the opposite party was wearing sunglasses, it took him but a glance to determine his real identity.

There was no mistaking it… The opposite party was none other than the actor interpreting Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s role, the greatest villain in the ❮Apocalypse War❯ movie that was screened yesterday!

At this time, Scholar Drunken Tyrant had already cried himself to sleep.

Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die! the younger monster hunter shouted inwardly.

Thereupon, he took out his mobile phone and started recording a small video.

His plan was to put a gunnysack on the head of the actor playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s role… of course, it was nothing but a prank. He was a monster hunter, and he wouldn’t harm ordinary people!