Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Vehicle Overturning Blockhead

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“F*ck, although he’s wearing those big sunglasses, that’s indeed Senior Brother Gao Sheng! Senior Brother Gao Sheng in the flesh!”

“The uploader is a madman. However, you still did well!”

“In this world, there are always some people ready to do the things that we lot don’t have the possibility to do! Let’s shout with all our might the slogan|—Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!”

“Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!”

“Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!” x128

Although the video had been uploaded not too long ago, the number of views was quickly increasing. Whether they were comments or bullet screen messages, they were both skyrocketing.

“Hmm, little friend Shuhang, it wasn’t I who uploaded the video online… Actually, I’ve never made a video before, and I’m just sharing it with you. Anyway, see you around, little friend Shuhang. ” Daluo Sect’s True Monarch Rain Moon also attached a smiling emoji to the message.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Of course, True Monarch Rain Moon couldn’t be the person that uploaded the video online… because the uploader was that guy that put a gunnysack over his head earlier!

True Monarch Rain Moon just happened to see the video online, and that was it.

True Monarch Rain Moon was someone that flooded very little in the group, and Song Shuhang had always thought that she was very busy and didn’t have the time to flood the chat group. But little did he expect that not only did she have the time to steal his vegetables, but also the time to watch video online…

Wait a moment, if True Monarch Rain Moon saw this video… what about the other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group?

Song Shuhang quickly opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

As expected, when she sent the link to the video to Song Shuhang, True Monarch Rain Moon sent it into the Nine Provinces Number One Group as well.

Now, all the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group knew that someone had put a gunnysack over Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s head…

At this time, several of the seniors that were online were chatting about this matter related to Senior Brother Gao Sheng and the gunnysack on his head.

From time to time, some of the seniors would even evilly tag Song Shuhang to pry some more info about this matter.

Song Shuhang expressionlessly closed the window of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, quietly ignoring all the seniors of the group that had started to tag him like crazy.

Now that he had become a hot topic among the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, there was no point in going there and debating. It was better to leave the conversation dry in the sun for around ten minutes and wait for the topic to shift to something else.

“Still, I feel that the light glowing between my eyebrows today must be jet-black!” Song Shuhang gently sighed.

Earlier, he’d tried to use the ‘Aura Detecting’ method he had learned from Su Clan’s Sixteen to catch a glimpse of the aura of the guy that put a gunnysack over his head.

However, the opposite party had very likely already left the hotel or had powerful aura concealing skills. As such, Song Shuhang was unable to find the whereabouts of the opposite party.

On another side, after he finished using the bathroom, [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] activated an invisibility rune and jumped from the window of the third floor of the hotel.

The young monster hunter possessed the strength of the Second Stage Realm, and he was still considered an expert among the younger generation of monster hunters. Jumping from the third floor of a building wasn’t something that could stop him.

I will have to meet ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ in Baijing Street in a short while… Such being the case, it’s better if I buy some food first and then simply wait for him somewhere in Baijing Street, the young monster hunter thought to himself.

Then, as he was dashing toward Baijing Street, his body suddenly stiffened.

“Monster qi… no, that’s not it. It should be the filthy aura of demon… wait, that’s not it, either. Is this the combination of monster qi and demon aura?” The young monster hunter furrowed his brows.

Next, he jumped up, heading toward that place where the monster qi and demon aura were coming from.

In the capacity of a monster hunter, vanquishing monsters and killing demons was something natural for him.

As the young monster hunter reached that place where monster qi and demon aura were coming from… what appeared before his eyes was a scene of chaos.

The place he was in right now was a new block adjacent to Jiulong Street—Tianzuo Avenue.

The volume of traffic here was very large.

At this time, at the street intersection where the traffic lights were placed.

A two meters tall big fellow with a foolish expression on his face had arrived, with large strides, next to the vehicles waiting before the red traffic lights.

Both his eyes had lost focus, and drool was continuously dripping from his mouth.

In the next moment, the two meters tall blockhead squatted down and grabbed the vehicles waiting before the red traffic lights, suddenly lifting them!

The heavy vehicles were turned over just like turtles!

The drivers of the overturned vehicles were dumbfounded at first. Then, they literally saw heaven and earth getting turned upside down.

After the initial surprise, the drivers either remained speechless or started screaming.

On the right-turn lane, the driver of the vehicle in the forefront position was a seasoned one, and narrowly avoided hitting the overturned vehicles. But the driver of the vehicle behind wasn’t equally lucky. The first vehicle that was overturned had blocked the lane, and in the rush, the vehicles behind directly bumped into it.

The scene was of complete chaos.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

More and more vehicles were overturned by that blockhead… At the same time, a lot of collisions had taken place in the right-turn lane.

At this time, the sounds of screams, howls, insults, and vehicles getting overturned had mixed together.

When the drivers of the vehicles in the rear saw the scene, they immediately thought of driving their vehicles away… However, the volume of traffic in Tianzuo Avenue was simply too high, and there were vehicles continually coming over from behind, blocking their escape route.

The line was getting longer and longer, and the drivers of the vehicles ahead that wanted to run away started cursing and swearing. In the meantime, the drivers of the vehicles in the rear that were continuously adding to the line were dumbfounded. The drivers of the overturned vehicles were yelling and shouting, and a female driver was so frightened that she had started crying.

Some people started calling the police, while others tried to crawl out of their vehicles.

The vehicles in the adjacent lane accelerated in the hope of getting away from the blockhead. However, they only ended up making things more chaotic. The traffic in this intersection of Tianzuo Avenue was completely blocked in a very short time.

That two meters tall blockhead had a naive and foolish expression on his face as he was running through Tianzuo Avenue, overturning all the vehicles along the way.

It didn’t matter if it was a car, a minibus, or a small truck, everything was overturned.

After overturning and overturning, the blockhead finally arrived next to a bus.

Then, just as before, he squatted next to the bus and made an effort to overturn the vehicle.

However, the bus was somewhat heavy. After trying to overturn it for a while, the blockhead still failed. The blockhead was enraged… then, he blue veins on his hands swelled as he put even more effort into it. This time, the bus was actually lifted a bit.

The passenger in the bus had already run away, and the vehicle was empty. The drivers of the vehicles on the left side of the bus had likewise abandoned their beloved cars, fleeing for their life. After all, if the bus was overturned, their cars would be crushed to pieces!

Still… from where had this monstrous blockhead popped out?!

In a distant place, the young monster hunter looked at the scene and furrowed his brows.

Faint monster qi was indeed emanating from the body of the blockhead. The monster qi was very weak, possibly because the ancestors of that guy had the bloodline of some monster. However, such a weak monster bloodline should only cause that blockhead to be slightly stronger than the average man.

However, that wasn’t all… because there was also another type of foul and wicked energy that only cultivators could see on the body of the blockhead. The demonic energy was shuttling in and out of the body of the blockhead, transforming his constitution and stimulating the thin monster bloodline in his body.

“The energy of the Netherworld Realm…” The young monster hunter needed but a glance to recognize that foul and evil energy.

Luckily, it seemed that the transformation had just started… at this time, the blockhead had a lot of sheer physical strength, but his movements were rather clumsy.

As such, the monster hunter was confident in dealing with him if he used the monster hunter equipment he had with him.

“I can’t let this guy cause any more destruction…” The young monster hunter clenched his teeth and dashed toward the blockhead.

At this time, he was still invisible, and ordinary people couldn’t see him.

“Go!” He took out the monster binding chain and threw it toward the blockhead.

The monster binding chain sensed the monster qi in the body of the opposite party and firmly tied up the blockhead.

“Aaaaaah~” After discovering that he was tied up, the blockhead started shouting and struggling. At the same time, his action of lifting the bus came to a stop.

The young monster hunter seized the opportunity to get closer to the blockhead. He operated all the true qi in his body and kicked.


The blockhead was kicked to the ground. However, the dense demonic energy twining around his body automatically protected him. The full-power kick of the young monster hunter was unable to cause the slightest harm to the blockhead.

And that wasn’t all… the dense demonic energy twining his body even started to corrode the monster binding chain binding his body.

“F*ck.” The young monster hunter couldn’t help but curse. With that kick just now, he wanted to kick the blockhead away from the traffic lane so that he wouldn’t get ordinary people involved.

But little did he expected that his full-power kick would only throw the blockhead to the ground.

“Aaaaah!” The tears, snot, and drool of the blockhead dripped all over.

It seemed that the pure demonic energy entwining his body had been stimulated. The demonic energy started to condense, and two streams of energy poured into the eyes of the blockhead.

The pupils of the blockhead became similar to those of a cat.

After his eyes transformed, the blockhead could finally ‘see’ the young monster hunter, who was currently invisible. Then, he discovered that the other end of the chain binding him was in the hand of the young monster hunter.

That guy was definitely an enemy!

“Aaaah~” The blockhead started to roll on the ground and got up. Then, he lowered his head and charged toward the young monster hunter.

Under the empowerment of his great physical strength and evil energy of the Netherworld, his speed was getting faster and faster as he was running over.

If they got hit, even a cultivator of the Second Stage might be unable to withstand the blow.

However, the eyes of the young monster hunter lit up when he saw this scene.

He quickly took the lead and started running, and the blockhead chased after him like a bull with bloodshot eyes.

Just like that… keep chasing after me, keep following me! the young monster hunter thought to himself.

In the eyes of ordinary people, that blockhead that was overturning vehicles had seemingly been unable to lift the bus and had actually stumbled to the ground. After that, he went berserk and started randomly running around.

All the people present heaved a sigh of relief.

The fact that the blockhead had run away was definitely something good…

However, just as the crowd was rejoicing, the far-off blockhead suddenly turned around and returned to Tianzuo Avenue.

After pursuing the monster hunter for a while and discovering that he was unable to catch the opposite party, he gave up and turned back, deciding to keep overturning vehicles.

If he couldn’t catch the opposite party, it was pointless to chase after them. This was the train of thought of the blockhead.

The young monster hunter felt his liver ache.

He could only clench his teeth and seize this opportunity to dash toward him again.

At the same time, he took out a three-sectioned staff from his waist area—which turned into a demon vanquishing staff after it was assembled—and used it to attack the back of the blockhead.