Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Still Too Young

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu


The blockhead had no idea what dodging was, and the demon vanquishing staff hit him dead in the center.

The demon vanquishing staff had the powers of the ‘demon slaying lightning technique’ incorporated within it, and the young monster hunter promptly activated it.

After the staff hit the blockhead, the radiance of lightning exploded. The demonic energy entwining the body of the blockhead was unable to resist the power of the ‘demon slaying lightning technique’, and its defenses were quickly broken through.

The crackling sound of lightning echoed.

The ordinary people present couldn’t see the demon vanquishing staff or the young monster hunter. They only saw the radiance of lightning exploding from the back of the blockhead.

Why had lightning suddenly appeared behind that blockhead?

Was it possible… that the blockhead was actually a robot?

This thought flashed through the minds of several people.

After all, only a robot that had gone out of control could possibly have the strength to overturn so many vehicles… Still, was the current level of technology already high enough to create lifelike robots such as this?

In addition, that blockhead could even salivate…

Wait a moment… was it possible that it was a half-human and half-mechanical monstrosity… a cyborg?

“Aaaaah~” the blockhead called out in pain. His back was now charred black. In addition, he got knocked to the ground again.

However, the expression of the young monster hunter was now even more serious.

The attack of the demon vanquishing staff had clearly broken through the defenses of the evil energy, directly hitting the physical body of the blockhead.

And yet, the attack was only able to give the opposite party a superficial wound. Although the back of the blockhead looked bruised and lacerated, the wound wasn’t serious.

For his defense to be this abnormal, is it possible that the monster bloodline this guy had was that of a tortoise? The young monster hunter ridiculed in his heart.

But right at this time, the beaten up and aching blockhead went berserk again. His cat-like eyes became crimson red. Then, he rolled on the ground and crawled up again, gasping for breath and charging toward the young monster hunter one more time.

This time, the blockhead was thoroughly enraged, and pounced toward the young monster hunter like a wild beast.

This time, he absolutely wouldn’t let the matter rest, and would surely catch the young monster hunter, tearing him to pieces.

The young monster hunter started running again, luring the blockhead away.

However, while luring the enemy away, the young monster hunter started to get somewhat uneasy.

Now, he was unsure if he could still defeat this blockhead. Although the opposite party didn’t have any skill, he had high defense and a lot of hit points. Coupled with that great physical strength, it was quite a headache.

Even after taking out his demon vanquishing staff, he was only able to give the opposite party a superficial wound.

Now, he could only try using his strongest attack, the ‘demon slaying arrow’, as well as his ultimate attack, the ‘monster vanquishing spear’, and see if they had any effect on the blockhead.

Anyway, just in this fashion, the blockhead ran after the young monster hunter with all his might, getting farther and farther away. This time, he didn’t turn his head back, and quickly disappeared on the horizon.

At this time, the drivers in Tianzuo Avenue had the expressions of people that had just survived a disaster.

However, the drivers of the overturned vehicles had bitter expressions on their faces. That blockhead, the culprit that had overturned their cars, had run away just like that… the uncles from the police had yet to come over, and the culprit had already run away, disappearing without leaving a trace.

Would the police even be able to catch that guy?

That dangerous guy had to be arrested at all costs and thrown into a supermax prison. He had to rot in there for a long time!

Actually, due to the continuous reports from the drivers of the overturned vehicles, the police had immediately set out and was currently on their way to the crime scene.

The young monster hunter nimbly ran, planning to lure the blockhead to an uninhabited area.

However, the whole place was thriving, and there were people everywhere. It was very difficult to find an uninhabited area.

“How come there are people everywhere!” The young monster hunter forced a smile. It was his first time coming to this place close to Wenzhou City’s Baijing Street, and he had no idea in which area the density of people was low.

“Roar~” At this time, the blockhead in the rear was getting faster and faster. However, even more importantly… the monster binding chain tying him up wouldn’t restrain him for long—most of it had been already corroded by the energy of the Netherworld.

If the monster binding chain was thoroughly corroded, the speed of the blockhead would surely increase by another notch.

“It’s a pity… if I could activate the monster hunter space, everything would be fine,” the young monster hunter muttered to himself. Unfortunately, he was only at the Second Stage Realm, and was alone on top of that. He couldn’t easily activate the monster hunter space.

While in deep thought, he finally saw a relatively spacious river bank alongside a small river. There were very few people there, and it was an open area.

I’ll get rid of that blockhead in that place, the young monster hunter thought to himself.

At the same time, he continuously rubbed his hands, with a pure silver arrow appearing between his hands. Actually, since the time the blockhead had started chasing after him, he had been secretly preparing his big move!

This attack was one of the strongest at his disposal—the demon slaying arrow. It was very effective when dealing with monsters with high defense.

“Roar~” In the rear, that blockhead seemed to have an innate high affinity with the energy of the Netherworld Realm. Under the influence of the energy of the Netherworld Realm, he was getting stronger and stronger as time passed by.

The young monster hunter had also noticed this point. “I must end this battle quickly!”

If the blockhead became any stronger, he really wouldn’t have any way of dealing with him.

He suddenly stopped and then turned around, aiming at the head of the blockhead with the pure silver demon slaying arrow.

Of course, it would have been better to subdue or capture the guy alive. However, the young monster hunter simply lacked the skills to capture the enemy alive.

Actually, as long as he was a little careless and made a mistake, that blockhead would tear him into pieces on the stop…

“I wish for no evil to exist in the world!” the young monster hunter said in a soft voice.

The demon slaying arrow shot out, as fast as lightning.

As before, the blockhead didn’t dodge, and even if he had the intention of dodging, there was nothing he could do against this kind of speed.

The demon slaying arrow ruthlessly pricked the energy of the Netherworld twining around his body.

Lightning flashed again, and the defense the energy of the Netherworld had created was instantly pierced through.

In the next moment, the demon slaying arrow pierced the head of the blockhead, with the whole silver arrow sinking into his forehead.

Soon after, the blockhead fell to the ground with a loud boom. His limbs continuously twitched, and he would be unable to get up again.

“It’s over,” the young monster hunter muttered to himself.

Luckily, the demon slaying arrow turned out to be effective. Otherwise, he would have had no choice but to take out the ‘monster vanquishing spear’. But given his current strength, he would have to lie in bed for half a year after using the monster vanquishing spear once.

Even after the arrow hit him, the blockhead was still twitching. He had yet to thoroughly die.

The young monster hunter held the demon vanquishing staff in his hand and cautiously approached the opposite party. If the blockhead hadn’t really died, he could perhaps try to capture him alive.

If he could get in contact with some high-ranking senior monster hunter, they could perhaps purify the energy of the Netherworld on the body of this blockhead…

Then, just as the young monster hunter arrived in a range of three meters from the blockhead, he felt that something had entangled his foot.

Something had suddenly drilled out of the ground, twining around his foot.

The young monster hunter subconsciously jumped backward.

At the same time, he saw the thing that had entangled his foot… it was the monster binding chain that he had used to tie up the blockhead earlier! At this time, the monster binding chain had turned jet-black, and it had started attacking the monster hunter, its master!

Had the monster binding chain been corrupted?!

“Is the foul energy of the Netherworld Realm really this powerful?” The young monster hunter couldn’t believe his eyes. In the past, he had followed his seniors and dealt with the demons of the Netherworld Realm.

Although the foul energy of the Netherworld had the power to contaminate the myriad things in the world, its effects were absolutely not as exaggerated as those of the evil energy entwining the body of this blockhead. In just a short period of time, it had managed to transform the monster binding chain into an evil magical treasure!

The energy of the Netherworld Realm entwining the body of this blockhead was far from being ordinary!


After getting corrupted, the monster binding chain was filled with the energy of the Netherworld. It hissed toward the young monster hunter just like a poisonous snake.

The young monster hunter continuously retreated and used the demon vanquishing staff in his hand to ward off the monster binding chain.

The monster binding chain was acting as though it had intelligence, and it directly entwined itself around the demon vanquishing staff, attacking the monster hunter like a snake.

“F*ck.” The young monster hunter quickly operated the true qi in his body, and lightning exploded from the demon vanquishing staff.

“Bang, bang, bang~”

The energy of the Netherworld inside the monster binding chain was burst open by the lightning. After the black monster binding chain lost the support of the evil energy, it fell to the ground.

And right at this time, the young monster hunter noticed with the corner of his eye that the blockhead was unexpectedly struggling to get up again.

The demon slaying arrow was still deeply embedded in his forehead, and both his eyes were bloodshot, with a ferocious expression in them.

He was half-squatting on the ground and had the posture of a sprinter ready to dash forward.

In the next moment, the blockhead madly dashed toward the young monster hunter.

The distance between the two of them was too small—only around five meters. After two steps, the blockhead was already in front of the young monster hunter.

The young monster hunter could only wield his demon vanquishing staff and stimulate the true qi in his body with all his strength to resist the impact.


The young monster hunter felt as if he had been hit by a truck going at a speed of over 150 km/h—he was directly sent flying.

The arm holding the demon vanquishing staff immediately became completely numb. If not for the protection of the true qi, both his hands might have been crippled.

The young monster hunter clenched his teeth, and said, “Dammit, this guy became even stronger.”

However, the blockhead wasn’t done with his attack just yet. While running forward with all his might, he caught up to the young monster hunter, who was still flying upside down. Afterward, his huge body jumped upward, finally pinning the young monster hunter to the ground.

“Huff, huff, huff…” The blockhead gasped for breath. His eyes became even redder, and saliva flowed out of his mouth.

The thin monster hunter was unable to move after getting pinned beneath the body of the blockhead. Even after operating the true qi inside his body at full power, he was unable to cast off the huge body of the big fellow.

It seemed his life was about to come to an end.

The young monster hunter was in despair. He was too young and had been naive.

Had it been an experienced monster hunter, they wouldn’t have thought about capturing the target alive after hitting them with the demon slaying arrow. They would have directly gone for the kill.

The young monster hunter had been too naive and ended up suffering the counterattack of the blockhead.

“Hoooowl!” the blockhead howled, very satisfied. Then, he opened his mouth wide and shot toward the young monster hunter.

After getting contaminated with the energy of the Netherworld Realm, that blockhead was slowly turning into a creature similar to the demons of the Netherworld.

When it came to the demons of the Netherworld, they would either bring human cultivators back to the Netherworld Realm as sex slaves or eat them up to increase their strength and recover their energy.

Of course, this blockhead had no intention of copulating with this young monster hunter, and only wanted to eat him up.

But right at this time… the composed figure of a grown-up man quietly appeared behind the blockhead, gently hitting him with his palm.